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Part 201: Mission 51 - Separation - Part 2

Chapter 51 Part 2

Turn 4

The turn starts with Sara's Overskill starting up.

Anyways I'm going to go blow up Yazan now.

SECRET ALERT: Shoot down Yazan with Kamille.

: I've heard all about you! Rushing into any battle you can find and whatnot!
: I've wanted to spar with you for a while! Don't let me down, little bird!
: He... he enjoys fighting...?!
: The entire world’ll truly be in danger if we let him go...!

: One pilot standing for the entire AEUG, huh? Talk about moving up the corporate ladder!
: ...
: Still, I'm interested in your abilities as a pilot, not as a face man!
: Die, Quattro Bajeena!
: Even as a mere man, I can't afford to die here!

: Amuro Ray! Looks like you've gotten back into shape after coming to space!
: Now you're worth my time, White Shooting Star of the old Federation!
: He's... toying with me!

: Outta my way! We don't have time to deal with you!
: The ace of ZAFT, huh? You're getting to the station over my dead body, kiddo!
: That's just fine with me!
: Oh, I like you, kid! Your face’s got a date with my Hambrabi's fist!

This manages to get Kamille to learn Newtype Level 8. Roybea gets his Prevail-6 from it.

Incidentally, this makes Michiru my highest leveled character at the moment, being the first to hit Level 60.

Ramsus only has time to be appalled that he was defeated before ejecting Dunkel can’t control his unit anymore either and also ejects. Yazan, on the other hand...

: Very nice, Zeta! You really are a fun match!

: Stop treating war as your playground, bastard!!

: Kamille…!
: The Zeta’s…drawing strength from his will…?!

: What the hell?! I’m feeling intimidated by this kid?!
: Lives…lives are power! The power that sustains the Universe!
: How dare you toy with them!!

: Aaaargh! Ejecting!!

: Kamille…you…
: This is the Zeta’s—…the strength of Kamille’s will?
Why…why won’t anyone try to understand?!
Humanity will destroy itself before the collapse even happens!
: …

Secret Found!

By shooting down Yazan with Kamille on this stage, I've unlocked a substantial upgrade to the Zeta Gundam. First off, the Zeta gains the Biosensor ability. Bisosensor activates at 130 Will. It increases the units Mobility and Accuracy by 10. It also activates the Psychofield, a barrier that automatically blocks any attack below 2000 damage at the cost of 5 EN.

Furthermore, the Zeta gained two new attacks which are activated by the Biosensor. First, the Hyper Beam Saber. Which finally gives Kamille a stronger post move then his beam saber to use against grunts. Next, we have a new powerful finisher, the Waverider crash.

OK Lacus, let's see what you can do.

Well, not bad, I guess. She isn't exactly piloting the most high powered battleship, but SEED activiating will help I figure.

Faye learns her final level of Prevail as well as her final Spirit Command, Rouse(40).

Lancerow it's time for you to go, I think.

Lancerow can see why Durandal regards our power as a threat and Jamil wants him to understand that this is no time for us to be fighting each other.
Lancerow says, despite that, people are simply incapable of stopping – just like the two of them. He leaves but quietly tells him that we can’t make the same mistakes again and, if we keep going, all of humanity will once again experience the pain of 15 years ago.

And Gainer's Overskill kicks in.

If only he had double critted.

Sochie launches a Valor boosted Tri at Jerid.[/i]


: The Glory Star! I'm surprised you're still kicking!
: I have to carry on the pride of Toby and the Chief! I can't afford to die!
: Besides, if this is what the Titans have fallen to, I have to fight you!

This lets Birin learn her final Spirit Command, Valor(40).

Jerid can’t figure out why he can never win against Kamille and ZEUTH. But next will be different!
(One of these days you'll get Kamille's Pikachu Jerid. One of these days.)

More importantly, Mazin Power!

Rag gets her Sixth Level of Prevail.

Mauer, one of the few enemies in which Kei's Squad Leader Bonus downside comes into play.

Mauer’s mech is at its limits and she’s forced to eject as it blows up.

Torres detects more Federation troops coming over and, this time, it’s Löwen who shows up with a batch of mass-produced units. He says he owes us one for what we did to Schlan the other time.
When Gady asks, he says he’s here to give him a hand though he admits to Holland that, honestly, the Chimera don’t need the REQUIEM to emerge victorious. Banjou asks if this means they’ve an even greater weapon than that and Löwen offers to educate us on their ace in the hole…
“The Chimera’s trump card is…my unwavering LOYALTY to BrigGen. Edel!!”, he proudly yells.
No one’s taking that seriously but Löwen still means to kill us all for the crime of going beyond the role Edel gave us – all in the name of the new world to be ruled by her.
Mel and Setsuko both have a beef with him but he tells them both to shut up: “Don’t you two bitches dare speak my name! You are not even human and you should just go sit and cry in some corner!!”, he yells at them.
Seeing his fear shifted so much into hate still astounds Kei…it pretty much goes straight into “mental disease” territory, Roger figures.

As a final bonus for the turn, Adette's overskill activates.

Not much happens on the Enemy phase. They try their best to suck Grendizer dry, but I've learned how to manage Energy against suidical grunts by now.

Oh boy it happened! Big O Double Image dodged an attack!

The Mass Produced Chaos Leos move up, not many able to actually attack this round though.

Turn 5

Oh boy!

I don't have the time, nor inclination, to deal with all of Löwen's jerks.

And that solves that problem.

Time to deal with Reccoa, I think.

: Out of my way, Kamille! I don't have any mercy to spare, even for you!
Reccoa's Pressure is affecting me...
: Is she drawing this kind of power from her feelings for Paptimus Scirocco?

: Lt. Amuro, don't you see something wrong with the way Lt. Quattro is now?
: 2nd. Lt. Reccoa...
: He'd never have stepped up to be the AEUG's leader without Gen. Blex's testament.
: I don't see anything to follow in a man who's so ashamed of himself!

: Reccoa... you know I can't hold back against an enemy, no matter what!
: Shinn... some people wish they could be fearless, like you...
: But I can tell you've had to live with doubts, with pain.
: !
: Because I'm just like you! And now I've found my path... and it's not with ZEUTH!

: Please disarm, Ms. Reccoa! We don't have to fight each other!
: You're too kind, Loran... but kindness isn't enough to survive when you're a grown-up.
: I wasn't going to stop you from leaving ZEUTH... but why the Titans?!
: Because I found something to live for! Someone as great as your queen Diana Soreil!

Kamille sees that Reccoa’s on her last legs and begs her to surrender. Still, she says she’s a place to return to and it is not with us.
She retreats, leaving Quattro pensive and making Kamille wonder why this needed to happen.

Well that's some overkill right there.

Blowing up the crows got Atena her final Spirit Command, Valor(40).

Fa hits Level 3 of Newtype.

Now to take care of things down here.

That triggers Lacus's SEED... just when she's not going to be able to get much more attacking in.

They get blown up quickly.

Come enemy phase, some scratch damage lets Sara learn her final Spirit Command, Love(60). Thus she completes the reference to King Gainer Over.

Oh right, this guy. I still haven't forgiven you for not sharing that MAP attack.