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Part 202: Mission 51 - Separation - Part 3

Turn 6

Right then. Time to take down the three remaining bosses.

Loran finally learns his final Spirit Command, Soul(50).

Gady cannot have the Alexandria sunk and quickly retreats.

And Kira's SEED starts up.

Now handle this with a special attack.
METEOR Saber is a combination attack between The Eternal and the Strike Freedom. This is big reason to deploy Lacus if you're using Kira and/or Athrun, as the Eternal has combination attacks with both units. One of them with the ∞ Justice is Athrun's main ALL attack now. See? Focused Attack wasn't wasted on him!

Tetsuya wipes out a squad and learns his final Spirit Command, Drive(50).

All that's left is this jerk.

Löwen rages at the thought of Edel's beautiful visage clouded over by his inability to swat a few flies.
Setsuko and Mel ask him to stop and consider what Edel’s doing: attempting to take over the world by controlling the people via manipulating UN. Isn’t he embarrassed to be such a person’s underling?!
Nope, he just fires back that we could never understand Edel’s noble designs: she, strong and wise, will guide the foolish masses!
As he leaves, it’s pretty dang clear that there’s no way to get through to the guy. Any trace of the man we knew is long gone, so all that’s left is to fight him for real.

: All enemy troops confirmed destroyed!
: Next is the relay station! All units, focus your fire on it!
: Ready all guns! FIRE!!


: Alright! That pipe’s all trashed up now!
: Easy, Jiron. The battle’s not over yet.
: There’s still the Archangel…what are they going to do?
: …We won’t try to make excuses for what we’ve done. However, we believe the world we desire is the same as yours.
: What are you getting at? That, while are methods differ, our objectives align?
: Even so, we can’t just forgive and forget everything you’ve done.
: Kira Yamato… your past deeds may have been grounded on conviction but it appears, unfortunately, that there are many in ZEUTH who have no intention of welcoming your group.
: That’s understandable…
: I’m sure those who lost loved ones because of my actions wouldn’t forgive me.
: …
: What will you do, then? Will you stop fighting due to that fear of being hated by others?
: I…I’ll keep moving onwards - alongside Athrun, Lacus…and everyone on the Archangel.
: Kira Yamato…
: …
: Captain! A fleet of ships is approaching this area!
: Now…?!

: The Gwadan…! Haman Karn?!
: So, it’s Axis after the revolutionaries?! All troops, prepare to intercept!
: Hold, ZEUTH. I am not here to fight you.
: What?
: My name is Haman Karn, Commander of Axis’ fleets.
: In the name of Mineva Zabi, we request to fight alongside the AEUG and ZEUTH.
: Axis wants to ally with us?!
: I’ve also heard that the AEUG’s commander, Quattro Bajeena, is with you.
: But, first things first, I’d like to parley. Is that fine?
: …
: (If Axis is trying to ally with ZEUTH, that means they’ve broken their own alliance with the Plants…)
: (Zaft will now…)
: …Arthur, set course for the Plants.
: Huh…?
: Didn’t you hear me? Set the course now.
: R-Roger!

*The Minerva starts heading off.*

: Where are you going, Talia?!
: The Minerva is going to rendezvous with the Zaft fleet.
: !
: Cpt. Gladys…
: These were Chairman Durandal’s orders. He also ordered me to open fire on ZEUTH.
: What?!
: I figured he would…
: But you’ve refused to do so, Cpt. Gladys?
: Only until now, though. From here on out, I’ll be acting as a Plant citizen…and a soldier of Zaft.
: Hold on, Captain! What are we supposed to do?!
: Shinn, Rey, Lunamaria…you must choose for yourselves whom you’ll fight with.
: That’s…
: Decide of your own accord – not as members of Zaft but as, first and foremost, Coordinators.
: This is not an order but my request as an individual.

: Shinn…
: I…
: There’s nothing to think. We are part of Zaft.
: Let’s go.

: Shinn…why aren’t you coming?!
: I…I don’t know…
Who’s just and who’s not…? What’s right and what’s wrong…? What should I do…?
: The Chairman will tell us what’s just. We need only believe in him and fight.
: But…but is that the right thing to do…? I’m not sure…
: There’s only one thing I can truly believe in…
: And that’s ZEUTH, isn’t it?
: Yes…
: I feel the same way…! We’ve been fighting together all this time…I trust them!
: …Onward, Minerva. Our destination’s the L5 Sector…
: Roger.
: Cpt. Gladys…
: Cpt. Bright, Lt. Quattro. Take good care of them.
: And I know I’m about to leave but I’ve a request: please listen to what the Archangel and Axis have to say.
: …
: We might, indeed, be twisted, foolish beings like Sirius said…
: But we are humans and I believe we’ve the strength and the wish to overcome any adversity.
: Cpt. Gladys…
: Please talk to each other before bias, hatred and past grievances cut off your future.
: We might not have needed to fight the Archangel had we done that.
: Very well…we’ll hear them out.
: Cpt. Gladys…you…
: I’ll fight my own battles…and, as a result, our paths now lead in separate directions…
: All units, join me in wishing a safe voyage to Cpt. Gladys and the Minerva crew.
: Thank you, Cpt. Bright. I’ll never forget the time I spent with all of you.
: Rey…
: Shinn…I won’t forgive you for this.

: Rey…
: He’s also decided his own path to follow…
: We misunderstood and, at times, even hated each other... but, in the end, we were all the same.
: Shinn…
: I made this choice…so, I won’t look back…
: I’ll just keep moving forward…together with everyone in ZEUTH…

Location: L2 Sector

In the leaders’ meeting, Quattro takes it that Haman doesn't agree with Zaidel or Durandal's way of doing things. She sniffs that Zaidel has utterly no clue what the real meaning of Newtypes is, despite how the space revolutionaries are defined by their championing of the Newtype Theory, Wong adds (he was with Haman).
When Holland asks, Jamil explains that the Newtype Theory is a philosophy in which Newtypes are believed to be the forerunners of a new breed of humanity and that all mankind ought to become Newtypes eventually.
Heizaemon asks if this implies that Newtype abilities are something you can develop with training but, no, Jamil says even now there are many questions surrounding what triggers the awakening. And though Newtypes are said to have heightened awareness and the ability to connect their minds, no one’s been able to pin down a concrete definition for what their powers entail.

Elchi asks if Tifa’s precognition falls into that and, indeed, Quattro confirms that it’s all pretty much the same thing as Newtype abilities in his own world. However, Wong says the Newtypes and the Theory itself are merely tools that Zaidel’s using to consolidate his influence and Quattro, inwardly, sees that he’s the kind of person Haman would despise the most.
When Bright asks, Wong says he sought Axis’ protection after Blex’ assassination and, no, he cannot confirm if Durandal was behind the whole thing. That said, Wong’s pretty sure that, had the AEUG persisted in its alliance with Zaft, they would’ve been assimilated by now.

: Nicely done, Char. I see you’re keeping your eyes open since you decided to break that alliance so quickly.
: Um…Char?
: Ah, excuse me. He goes by Quattro Bajeena now, doesn’t he?
: …
: Char Aznable…the orphan of Zeon Zum Deikun, proponent of Contolism.


Information Corner – Topic: Contolism
The belief that by humans moving their dwellings to space, a new breed of humanity called "Newtypes" suited to living there would arise. This belief, developed by Zeon Zum Deikun, galvanized the Spacenoids hostile to the Earth Federation.
To put this belief into practice, Zeon founded the independent Republic of Zeon at Side 3.
However, the effort of uniting the "Ere-ests", who believed that all of humanity should move to space and saw the Earth as something that needed to be preserved and left behind, and the "Side-ists" who believed each Side (Space Colony) should be its own independent nation, incurred ever greater wrath from the Earthnoids of the Federation. Eventually the two groups began to see each other as mutually incompatible and came to the brink of war.
Zeon sought to solve the Federation problem with words, but died with negotiations only half finished. Afterwards, the Zabi House construed Contolism to mean "Only the Spacenoids are the Chosen", and the movement's name changed to "Zeonism" as it provided the basis for the One Year War.


Information Corner - Topic: Zeon Zum Deikun
A politician who led the Spacenoids under the banner of Contolism. Founded the independent Republic of Zeon at Side 3.
Having foreseen the birth of the space-suited "Newtypes", he lobbied intensively for environmental protection for the Earth and renewal for mankind. Met with high-pressure tactics from the Federation's own politicians, he became convinced that a demonstration of the Spacenoid cause was in order.
At that moment, Zeon died and the nation was sundered by the followers of Degwin Sodo Zabi, who reorganized the republic into the Principality of Zeon. His people initiated a military buildup, and declared war on the Earth Federation.
This has led to growing speculation that it was the Zabi House who was responsible for Zeon’s death.

: Well, ain’t that something. The legendary Red Comet has been in front of us all along.
: I’m now Quattro Bajeena - nothing more, nothing less.

*Quattro takes off his shades.*

: Haman…surely you didn’t come here to mock me.
: …
: Tell us the reason why you turned your back on Zaft and Durandal.
: I’d rather not say anything right now. You’ll find out soon enough.
: But I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t believe any man fettered by his own ego or his own past has a right to change the world.
: …Was that directed at me?
: You’re free to think of it like that, depending on how much guilt you feel.
: Oi…I dunno what the story between you two is but don’t drag us into this little lovers’ tiff.
: Don’t talk as if you know anything. This man has long since stopped being involved with Axis.
: …
: Go and ascertain Durandal’s true intention with your own eyes and ears. Even I don’t fully understand his plans, really.
: So, ultimately, you’re not going to just tell us…
: Then, Cpt. Ramius…I’d like to hear what you and Ms. Lacus have on your mind.
: Honestly, we also don’t have anything tangible to prove that Durandal’s dangerous.
: While the Chairman’s overt actions could be deemed as somewhat extreme, they have also been approved by a significant number of people.
: Even that “fake songstress” business could just be tagged as normal politicking.
: Then, why is your group so suspicious of him?
: …We didn’t say anything during that broadcast but the actual Lacus was attacked by Coordinator assassins.
: You don’t mean…
: That the Chairman was behind that?
: There’s no evidence, unfortunately, so we couldn’t bring it up.
: Still, take a closer look around him and questions start to arise.
: For instance, the Chairman’s opponents have a habit of being quietly removed before they become a problem.
: Like with Lacus’ assassination attempt and what happened to Athrun?
: That’s why we can’t bring ourselves to trust him.
: As we said, we’ve been unable to acquire any hard proof. This suspicion hasn’t a strong enough basis to convince others but we can’t just disregard it as simple imagination.
: This applies not only to the Chairman but also to the New Federation.
: (So this is the real Lacus Clyne…)
: (Ah, I see it now…she has something that Durandal’s wary of. A dangerous woman, indeed.)
: We couldn’t endorse either of this world’s largest powers, so we had no choice but to act by ourselves.
: And that’s the reason for your seemingly inexplicable crusade…?
: Yes…
: It’d certainly be overly rash to start doubting the Chairman based solely on what you’ve told us…
: However, we’ve also seen examples of foul play on the Plants’ side. That said, even if we pooled those with your insinuations, it’d probably still not be enough to convince the people…
: But the fact remains that we also have some doubts that can’t simply be disregarded as mere speculation.
: And he did order Cpt. Gladys to destroy us. Even if the world sees him as a champion of justice, it’s clear he’s our enemy now.
: She’s right. Whatever society might think, we gotta fight back if he’s coming after us.
: That lack of inhibition is precisely why Durandal fears you.
: In other words, we’ve shown ourselves to be more active than he anticipated?
: That’s right. I guess he expected your group to simply be a convenient pawn.
: But then you started acting beyond his designs and now you’re something that needs to go.
: So his recall of the Minerva is something of a statement that there’ll be no more leniency.
: He’s marked you as a target, just like us.
: And you’d fight for peace unattached to any nation or organization, so we’d like to help.
: Understood, Cpt. Ramius. While we’re not going to approve of your past actions, our goals are the same right now.
: Thus, we should throw away our bias and past grievances and take each other’s hands.
: Cpt. Gladys’ words, hm?
: Her words cut me deep… We were thinking of getting along with the aliens and Coralians but always looked sideways at our fellow men.
: We’re just as guilty of that.
: She had to teach us how foolish it is to fight for your beliefs without even trying to talk things out first.
: But Cpt. Gladys isn’t with us anymore…
: She’s real stubborn... there was no need for her to be so loyal to Zaft after everything we’ve been through.
: I think it’s more loyalty to Durandal himself than to Zaft.
: Hah…never thought you would show such insight into the workings of the heart.
: …
: You’re right…as I am right now, I don’t deserve to speak of anyone’s heart.
: (Because of Reccoa…?)
: Well, it does not matter. I’ve been entrusted with watching over Axis, so your private issues are hardly my problem.
: Haman Karn. What will Axis do should we accept your proposal?
: If all of Axis forces were to engage the Zaft and Federal armies head-on, we’d simply have a war of attrition on our hands.
: However, since it’s clear who the leaders of both armies are, we can put a stop to the conflict if we just remove them.
: That’d be Durandal for Zaft, Scirocco, Dewey and Edel for the Federation.
: And judging from the troops defending the relay station today, it should be safe to assume that Logos was absorbed by the Federation.
: Their battle will likely end up as a major brawl. So, when it does, I propose that ZEUTH assaults the enemy command while Axis’ forces hit the flanks to disperse their other troops.
: But doesn’t that just mean we’d be doing all the heavy lifting for you?
: And what if I said that I’d be personally accompanying ZEUTH?
: What…?
: You should be aware of my capacity as a pilot, no?
: Naturally, I’m fine with being treated as just another pilot. I’m foisting a big risk onto you, so you’ll hear no complaints from me over such things.
: Well, damn… Looks like you ain’t just some viper.
: That does not mean that I’ll admit any insolence.
: Tch…what a difficult woman.
: Then, Haman Karn…Cpt. Ramius and Ms. Lacus…
: ZEUTH welcomes you. Let us fight together for our common goals.
: Thank you very much, Cpt. Bright.
: Heh…we could finally meet face to face, Desert Tiger.
: It wasn’t easy getting here but we’re all together now.
: Still, while the leaders may be OK with it, I wonder how the pilots will react…
: You don’t need to worry. We’re all setting out towards the same goal now…just like that Zaft boy who chose his own path.
: And now that the relay station’s destroyed and immediate threat as ceased…
: Our next goal is to descend on the moon…

: (Mayu...I left your cellphone back in my room at the Minerva…)
: (I won’t be able to hear your voice anymore...)
: Don’t worry about me, Kamille. I…staying with ZEUTH was my decision, so I’ve no regrets.
: And even if Rey said he wouldn’t forgive me, I believe he’ll understand someday…

*Athrun walks over.*

: And what will you do if you run into him in battle?
: …Then I’ll fight him. We both made our choices, so we’ll just keep on walking with our heads held high.
: And I’ll keep calling out to him until we reach an understanding.
: You’ve grown pretty strong, Shinn... had Kira and I been as you are now, things wouldn’t have needed to get as complicated as they did.
: Athrun...
: Meyrin...!
: I’m so sorry, sis... I made you worry so much…
: No, no, it’s fine…we’re back together again!
: You’re right…!
: Ah, I’m so glad things turned out alright for Lunamaria…
: Yeah…
(I wonder if there’ll be a day where we can laugh like that with Reccoa again…)
: Are you…Kamille Bidan?
: Ah-I am…and you’re?
: I’ll introduce you. Everyone, this is Kira Yamato.
: (It’s that guy from the Orb memorial… he was Kira Yamato…?)
: Kamille… Lt. Harry told me what you once said.
: Huh?
: “Right or wrong, you do what you must.”
: That’s what I said to Shinn…
: I pondered those words for a long time…and finally understood what I had to do.
: Turn battles upside down while acting like some big champion of justice?
: Shinn…
: It’s alright, Athrun… he’s entitled to say that after everything I’ve done.
: I faced away from the consequences of my actions simply because it was easier…
: And, so, that girl that meant so much to you was…
: Even I know these are just things that happen during war but…
: I don’t expect you to forgive me, nor am I going to ask you to…
: Eh…?
: This is what combat is like... However you try to justify it, you’re still hurting others.
: But I won’t stop, even if I end up hurting people… because this is the battle I chose to fight.
: I’ll press onwards, bearing the anger and the hatred of all those people within me.
: …I guess you’re human too…
: Huh…
: You were hurting but still kept fighting, like me, Kamille and everyone else.
: I remember...back when we met in the Orb memorial...
: You had such a sad look to you… Just like I did, I’m sure…
: …
: Hm, it’s strange…
: I didn’t realize when we were fighting but I can sympathize with you… we just had to actually talk to each other.
: I guess this is what Cpt. Gladys was talking about… the strength and the wish that people have.
: Amuro…
: People can understand each other… maybe that notion is a pipe dream but if no one even tries, then there might well be no hope for humanity.
: You’re right… I do feel like we can see eye-to-eye after having this talk.
: Same here.
: Shinn… when we met in Orb, you said those flowers would just be wiped out by people again and again...
: Why don’t we go and replant them, no matter how often they’re wiped out?
: Then that’s what we’ll be fighting for.
: Yeah…!

*Someone walks over.*

: Mind if I interrupt this?
: You’re--!!
: Neo Roanoke. I’m part of the Archangel crew now…and I’m here to apologize to you.
: How could you…! You promised me you wouldn’t make Stella fight and you did it anyway!
: …
: I didn’t give her back to you for that! You got her killed!
: I won’t make any excuses. If you want, I’ll accept whatever punishment you choose.
: I…
: I…I won’t attack someone out of hatred again…
: Boy…
: But I’ll never forgive what you did… you’re gonna have to carry that weight for the rest of your life.
: Just like me… and Kira.
: Shinn…
: I also made my share of errors… I’m sure there are people out there who won’t forgive me, either…
: We’re both the same…that’s why…
: I understand… and while I know it won’t make up for anything, I’ll also do everything I can in here.
: (I promise you, Stella… I’ll fight those warmongers alongside my new allies…and, someday, I’ll make sure that no other children suffer as you did…)
: (So, please…watch over us…)

Wait. What no. This isn't what happens at all! Rewind!

*Someone walks over.*

: Mind if I interrupt this? There’s someone who’s been waiting all this time…
: You’re--!!
: I-I’m LtCdr. Muu La Flaga…! Pleased to meet you!
: Have your memories returned, Muu?!
: Um, no…not exactly but—
: Neo Roanoke, how could you…! You promised me you wouldn’t make Stella fight and you did it anyway!
: I’m truly sorry for that! I can even kneel down before you! If you want to punch me, go on ahead!
: But hold your horses for just a second!

*Someone else walks over*

: Shinn!!
: !
: Shinn, It’s you! I got to see you again!
: Stella…Stella!!
: Looks like that went well, Cpt. Roanoke.
: Somehow… still, I couldn’t say no to a request from man who saved our lives.
: What does he mean, Banjou?
: We thought she’d died at the Chiram battle…
: I rescued her, along with Cpt. Roanoke here.
: I was tracking Logos’ activities at the time, so I pulled both their personal files.
: And that’s why you decided to bring Muu to the Archangel?
: I figured that’d be the best decision for Cpt. Roanoke as well.
: Yeah, well, I’m not complaining about it now…even though I still haven’t recovered my memories.
: However, unlike Master Roanoke’s minor injuries, Lady Stella’s life was in great danger.
: Fortunately, I’ve some knowledge of bodily modifications done on humans, so she was able to survive despite severe physical debilitation.
: Wow, you can do anything – a real superman.
: Whether or not that’s a good thing is a different matter.
: The bigger issue was psychological: Lady Stella’s mind was quite unstable for a while.
: She wasn’t in a condition where we could tell Shinn – or Athrun, for that matter – about her.
: So I made arrangements to leave her in Cpt. Roanoke’s care again while we were in Orb.
: Calming her down wasn’t easy, mind. These scars on my face really scared her at first.
: It kinda made me wonder if I was better looking with the mask on…
: Still, looked very happy.
: Aah, yeah…I was truly glad to find out she was alive.
: …
: Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I broke that promise. Give me your best shot, boy.
: No…it’s fine. I don’t wanna attack someone out of hatred again.
: But you do hate me. …It’s tough to hear that while staring you right in the eyes but you’re completely justified.
: Shinn... are you going to hurt Neo?
: No, I won’t. He helped save your life, after all.
: Boy…
: So, I forgive you. We’re going to be fighting together now, too.
: And I love both Shinn and Neo so I’ll fight for you both.
: Stella, you don’t need to do that anymore!
: Shinn…It was Stella’s wish to be with you again that helped her calm down.
: So let her do as she wants and I swear I’ll keep her safe this time.
: …No, protecting her is my job.
: I promised to do so back then.
: Shinn!
: I’m so happy for you two…
: And I’m happy to see you again, Four!
: (Sting, Auel, Rosamia… we’ve finally found where we belong…)

: …
: What’s wrong, sis? You look annoyed…
: I’m not…
: Don’t you worry, Lunamaria. Her love for Shinn is more like a sister’s love for her big brother.
: No way! Are you jealous of her, sis?!
: Shinn and Lunamaria quickly got closer to each other while you and Athrun were gone, you see.
: Hey, hold on, Fa! What are you talking about?!
: …Um…you don’t like me…?
: No, that’s not it…
: Let’s be friends, then.
: …Alright. You’re one of us starting today, so OK.
: Yay!
: (Rey, so much is happening…. we’ve made new allies but you’re no longer here with us...)
: (But I…I want us to understand each other. We need to do so before we end up fighting. )
: (So I wanna try talking to you… so we can walk the same path again…)

Location: Lunar Capital Genganam – White Palace

Meanwhile, Diana has told Agrippa that she's accepting Scirocco's invitation to D.O.M.E., whose seal he wants to break. She disagrees with most of what the man does, but can concur on one point: the truth of the Black History must be revealed.
Agrippa tells her she mustn't do it, unless she wants to plunge the world into even more dire warfare. What else could come of provoking the people's fighting instinct? Just look at what became of Gym after he got his hands on the Turn X!
Diana tells Agrippa that the people aren't that stupid, as she learned in spades on Earth. By ringing the warning bell about the Black History, she intends to bring everyone back to their senses.
Inwardly, Agrippa sees that what he feared has come to pass: not only did descend on Earth awakened that long-buried fighting spirit in their people, Diana even means to stimulate said instinct!
Diana means to head to D.O.M.E. as soon as she's contacted ZEUTH, and informs Agrippa Maintainer - custodian of the Moon Race's cryo sleep facilities - that he's coming with. Agrippa not listening, instead mulling that he tried to guarantee peace for the Moon Race by selling Diana to Scirocco, but never expected the rogue to try to break D.O.M.E.'s seal.
He steels himself for "emergency measures", in the interest of eternal peace for the Moon Race...

We're not done yet though! I just lost my best Battleship! On the plus side, we got two new characters to look at, and they're both great!

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Haman Karn - AMX-004 Qubeley
Voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara(Japanese), Valerie Howell(English)

* Newtype(Level 8) - Increases Hit and Evasion rates. The strength of the effect depends on the skill's level. Some weapons require this skill for use.
* Counter (Level 8) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase.
* Attack Again - If the Pilot's skill stat is 20 points or higher then the enemy, the pilot will perform a second attack. This second attack is considered a Support Attack and is effected by the Cooperative Attack skill.

Spirit Commands:
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Sense (20) - Casts both "Strike" and "Alert" on the caster.
* Guard(30) - The caster takes 1/4 damage from all attacks for one turn.
* Valor(40) - Multiplies the damage done by the units next attack by 2.
* Zeal(70) - Grants the caster's squad an extra action.

Squad Leader Bonus
* PLA Attacks do +20% more damage

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Stella Loussier - ZGMF-X88S Gaia
Voiced by Houko Kuwashima(Japanese), Lalainia Lindbjerg(English)

* Extended (Level 7) - Hit rate, critical chance, and evasion rate increased.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Counter (Level 7) - On the enemy phase, will sometimes attack before the enemy. Activation rate is determined by the skill stat.
* Backup Attack - Platoon attacks do 20% more damage.

Spirit Commands:
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Alert (10) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.
* Accel(20) - The caster's squad gains a one use +2 to movement.
* Valor(40) - Multiplies the damage done by the units next attack by 2.

Squad Leader Bonus
Squad Movement +1,

Secret Found!

Not one, but two secret units gotten this stage. First, we have Haman. She is, technically speaking, a secret unit. You can only aquire her and her Qubeley if you're on the ZEUTH route. As the ZEUTH route is secret, Haman by extenstion is.

As for Haman as a pilot? She's great. She's basically what happens if you shoved Quattro and Amuro together. She has Amuro's innate Attack Again and higher Newtype level, and Quattro's absoultely amazing Squad Leader Bonus. Even if you have bad taste and don't want to use one of the coolest UC Gundam characters as a Squad Leader... She. Knows. Zeal. Stick her with, I dunno, Renton or Garrod and laugh.

Now, for the second secret character. Stella!

Stella is one of the more involved secrets to get, and I've been working on unlocking her all game. Like Four, she relies on gathering a set number of points:

If, at the end of Stage 36 you had either 8 of these points, or 7 points and 28 or more Battle Masteries, then you recuit Stella after this stage, or at a later stage if you're on the ZAFT route. Incidentally, there was some other secret points that weren't mentioned earlier because it would have spoiled Stella's recruitment:

Stella is, obviously, a Setsuko Route exclusive. Now, as to how Stella actually plays. She's basicaly designed to bring her out to the leader position for a round when you need to get somewhere fast. Her Squad Leader Bonus and Accel mean she can get pretty far. Not to say she can't hit hard. With Extended she's going to crit a lot. Plus she has innate Backup attack. A High powered TRI to help out when rushing forward, and you have another great Sub-Leader unit.