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Part 203: Mission 52 - The Truth About the Black History - Part 1

Welcome back, folks. Last time we laid the groundwork for our upcoming REQUIEM assault and also managed to recruit another pink-haired girl who’s out to mess with Durandal. This time, Loran/Harry/Corin and Garrod/Pala/Jamil are deploying as events.
Due to upcoming dialogue, I needed to condense all my leaders into these 16 squads so here’s how we’re going:

Location: Lunar Outskirts – Gran Fortress, Hangar

Teral and Aphrodia are preparing to return to their respective peoples. As he asks Kouzuki to relay his best wishes to Toshiya and Kappei, Aphrodia tells Jane and Michi that she's still got a job to do: finding somewhere for all the S-1 refugees to live in peace.
Still, she knows space is vast so it’s likely there are several habitable worlds outside of Earth – at the very least she understands the folly of travelling through time to fight their own ancestors. She intends to fill Gattler in on the whole story and let him decide.

It’s time for her and Teral’s new battle to begin and this is as far as the Gran Fortress can take them – they’ll have to take a small shuttle to reach the Skull Moon Base – and Teral asks Raven to thank Sandman for his help. Furthermore, Raven tells them to be careful as the war between humans is growing fiercer around here.
Michi’s worried for Kappei but Kouzuki’s sure ZEUTH’ll pull through all this. Teral also believes in us, which is why he took it upon himself to do this.

: (Marin…you’re also headed to the moon, right?)
: (I want to see you again… to dispel the unease raging within me…)
: (I’d like to look into your fearless eyes once more, Marin...)

Location: Lunar Surface – REQUIEM, Control Room

Scirocco welcomes Diana and figures he should say the “pleased to meet you” that he didn’t get to say before – Diana quickly sees that he was well aware of her changing places with Kihel when they saw each other in Gibraltar.
He professes to be honored by her visit but Diana finds it strange that he’s here, considering she heard the base was under Logos command…or is he one of them? He explains to her that the radicals of Logos have all been dealt with, and the New Earth Federation has now brought everyone onto the same page in order to safeguard humanity’s future.
REQUIEM is a pretty big gun for a protective government to wield, Diana sniffs, but Scirocco claims that, to bring about said prosperous future, a “selection” amongst the population, and the power to execute it, is necessary. Surely a wise leader like Diana can understand that this is just how the world is, yes?
And, as such, he wants to release D.O.M.E.’s seal in a bid to acquire even greater power?

Agrippa implores him to reconsider as doing so would simply result in mankind’s destruction and while Scirocco can comprehend his wish for peace and quiet, he does wonder if someone who’s so unscrupulous with his methods has any right to criticize.
This pretty much confirms Diana’s suspicions that he was the one who tried to sell her off to the Federation but Agrippa presses the issue, reminding all that the Black History is a history of war. Unearthing its legacies and the truth about it would stimulate the people’s fighting spirit and bring about endless conflict!

Scirocco asks, then, if he has any other method for humanity to stand against aliens, Fallen Angels and all other foreign enemies. Agrippa says we should do it with the strength we currently have but, no can do, Scirocco says greater power is necessary in order to guide the world down the right path.
Indeed, whether you’re dealing with aliens or other humans, the only way to deal with incompatible beings is via strength. Inwardly, Agrippa is in a panic that, under his guise of rationality, Scirocco’s already lost control to his inner aggressiveness!
Diana says that, in order to access D.O.M.E., you need a person to act as a bridge to the thing’s mind and she’s heard that Scirocco abducted such a person from ZEUTH.

He’s impressed that she’s learned of that so quickly and summons Tifa, D.O.M.E.’s “maiden”.
She’s not looking too spritely and, when Diana asks, Scirocco says she needn’t worry as she’s just a bit dazed right now. Diana’s appalled that he’d mistreat her so in order to get what he wants but Scirocco swears they simply applied some hypnosis to get her to play ball.
He’s done nothing that could leave any long-term negative effects as both Tifa and Diana herself have to play the ever important role of being this world’s rulers. This takes Diana by surprise but before he can elaborate, Bloodman runs in saying that ZEUTH is incoming.
Djibril and Bask are already set to intercept, and Scirocco figures he'll be ready for a second REQUIEM shot by the time the combat finishes - take out the Plants and mankind is as good as theirs, Bloodman thinks.

Diana sniffs at this foolish puppet trying to bolster his political influence but Bloodman yells that she should’ve just stayed asleep on the moon instead of poking her nose into this world’s business. She reminds him what came of the Moon Race staying out of the 7th Space War of 15 years ago: the southern hemisphere of their homeland was once again razed to the ground.
She means to see that that never happens again by revealing the truth of the Black History, which puts her in partial agreement with Scirocco. That said, she criticizes his habit of looking on down everyone else and says any ideas someone like him has of “saving” the world would merely be his own egotism at work.

Nevertheless, Scirocco is confident that he has what it takes to do so but Diana is certain that humanity isn’t as foolish as he thinks. She's also certain that ZEUTH will stop REQUIEM, so Scirocco decides to postpone breaking the seal until after we and the Plants are dealt with.
ZEUTH’s defeat should make it clear who is fit to guide this world and, inwardly, Tifa tells Garrod to hurry…

Mission 52 (ZEUTH Route) - The Truth about the Black History

Scirocco has given the defenders a large posse of troops and Jamaican wonders if this is a vote of confidence in them. Hardly, Bask figures he’s trying to get them indebted to him in a ploy to reduce them to his dogs.
Still, Djibril says they can make a comeback so long as they survive this: he figures they can upset the balance between Scirocco, Dewey and Edel, and create an opening they can exploit. So, until that moment arrives, they’ll just have to endure.
Ian of the Girty Lue (remember him?) detects our approach and Djibril, if anything, is eager for Durandal’s requiem to be played before our stunned faces.

Corin is outraged to see the Forbidden Land marred by the massive REQUIEM structure and, under it, lies D.O.M.E.
Diana has come in person to break its seal and Tifa is nearby as well, awaiting rescue. Torres already detects an energy buildup in REQUIEM and Rie calculates about three minutes until it fires, so that’s our limit to break through the enemy’s perimeter and wreck the place.
Quattro suggests we focus our fire on the two flagships in order to scatter the remaining defenders.

: Roger that!
: Let’s do this, Shinn! We have to put an end to that thing!
: I might not be with Zaft anymore… but I’ll still do whatever I can to protect the people of the Plants…!
: All of their lives are now in our hands.

: ZEUTH, open fire! Bring down the enemy flagships within those three minutes!

Mission Objective: Shoot down the Alexandria and Girty Lue within three turns.
Mission Failure: Turn 4 reached, Loran, Garrod or any allied battleship shot down.
Skill Point: Destroy all other enemies before downing the two ships.

Easy, peasy. We start this with max morale and, even better, you don’t need to hold back on SP, so just go to town.
Of course, this is far too simple for an endgame mission so you can bet there’ll be more stuff happening – unlike your SP, make sure you don’t go too crazy with your EN usage.
Bust out valors and souls willy-nilly and tear through them within those three turns.

Everyone pops their movement boosts and we start charging in.

A good chunk of the troops Scirocco made available are Marasais backed by Hizacks which is hilarious at this point of the game.
Kei finishes off the Hizack that barely survived Yassaba’s hit.

Still a handful of Euclids around but they’re not a problem when our morale is this high.
Garrod and Amuro’s group take out all these survivors – Garrod learns Courage.

Let’s send Haman up top to do some work.
The Solar Aquarion’s PLA attack is one of the strongest around, did you know? Haman's leader bonus just makes it filthy powerful.

Gainer joins Haman up there and, again, only one Hizack survives (Katz is hitting surprisingly hard).

Kira, Athrun and Neo on the same team give an attack bonus to their TRI attack.
Sadly, only Neo leading gives a unique dialogue, as I found out after recording…

I never got around to using Corin’s Kapool but he’s out on it now, so this is a perfect chance to show off his ROCKET PUUUUUUUUNCH!
I love how he has to go and pick it up.

Enemy Phase!

All surviving Hizacks up top quickly die against the unstoppable wall that is our team.
More Haman, while we’re at it.

You don’t need me to tell you how this ended.

How about this?

Kouji dodging: “Welp, we would’ve been OK even if that hit”. He knows what’s up.
He also wrecks Kira’s weakened Euclid and takes a chunk off the closest Destroy.

Bask and Djibril are hanging back.

Player Phase!

By the way, the Girty Lue is absolutely unchanged since its appearance waaaaaay back at the start of the game. Ian’s leveled up, of course, but this is still very sad.
I guess Banpresto wanted to give everyone a chance to oneshot Djibril.

Bask was actually better in a Garuda because not only was it bulkier, it also had a Barrier Field equipped. None of that would’ve actually saved him, mind, what with us having free rein to blow our SP.

Oh, yeah, Abel is also here!
When you take away over half his HP…

Abel knows he’s not going to win like this. He's supposed to be special! How can he die in such a way?!
His fear of death starts hitting our Newtypes and, quickly, more Rasvhets show up. Jamil feels they’re being controlled via the Flash System, which means Abel has finally awakened as a Newtype.
The new Rasvhets join Abel’s squad and Haman’s rather impressed with a system that allows control of entire MSs via brainwaves. Carris tells her of their world’s Flash System, a byproduct of Newtype military application.
Sounds interesting… IF the pilot can actually make use of it, that is. Abel is overjoyed at his awakening but Olba, observing from within REQUIEM, sighs at how poorly timed it is.
Shagia figures it doesn’t matter, as the guy’s role has always been to keep us busy. Abel’s charging at us and Garrod sure isn’t willing to lose to someone who’d use Newtype powers just to wage war.

How about a Soul’d Super DRAGOON, Abel?

His squaddies and that unfortunate group of Marasais are wrecked, while everything else takes some nice damage.

Valored TRI attack. Death.

Again, with more Soul.


Marin keeps piling damage on the closest Destroy while Harry gets to work rapidly diminishing Euclid population.

Good enough for Haman to TRI everything into oblivion.
She has 6 shots of these and I bought her Focused Attack just for laughs.
If she had auto-accel as a bonus, Gain would’ve been trumped as my most reliable vice-leader.

Banjou and Kei quickly eat away 20k HP off his Destroy.

Bye, Abel.
I like the way you scream, boy.

Abel doesn’t understand how he could’ve lost after awakening as a Newtype and quickly explodes.
Amuro sighs at him thinking Newtype powers merely as something to be used for war and Jamil wants to believe there’s so much more to it.

Moving right along, the last of the Euclids gets wrecked by Gainer/Renton’s tag team.

Hrm…I honestly forgot what happened to these Windam’s leader.

I’m keeping this song on Shinn forever!

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Quick valored Iron Cutter from Kouji and Duke swoops in to finish the first Destroy. The second gets dropped by Touga.

Still some Hizacks left.

Chose the wrong formation…whoops! Still, Murrue and Lacus take the other one out with their weakest weapons.

Enemy Phase!

The last Hizack suicides against Baldios and here comes Ian.

: Blast you, ZEUTH! Letting you be was only a help to that accursed Scirocco!
: This is for Heaven's Base, and for Orb! We'll destroy you on our way to Scirocco!
I believe I’ll toy with you for now.

And Bask attacks one of the few units that can hit back at this range.

: Come if you dare, ZEUTH! The New Earth Federation will always uphold order!
: We will rid this world of anything that dares challenge its might, starting with you!

Kouji dodged, Tetsuya blocked everything with his Barrier Field and Joseph was the only one who actually took damage…something’s not right with this picture.

Player Phase!

I didn’t get a chance to show off Haman’s signature Funnels so I quickly restarted just to record this it:

Now, Bask is first on the chopping block and, after two attacks from Kei and Toshiya, he’s all primed for Camille.

Also keeping this song on him because I don’t like the other two!

: Keep going! The ship isn’t sunk yet! It can’t be!
: Uuurgh! DAMN IT ALL!!

: Farewell, Bask Ohm. I’ll take good care of yours and Jamitov’s Titans.

: This is the end…!
: No, not yet! I cannot die before I’ve destroyed Durandal, ZEUTH and Scirocco…!

: Much appreciated, Djibril. At the very least you made a useful distraction.
: Logos may be finished but I’ll fulfill your wish of eliminating Durandal.