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Part 204: Mission 52 - The Truth About the Black History - Part 2

: The way to REQUIEM is clear!
: Go, Garrod!
: Hold on, Tifa! I’m coming to get you!
: I don’t think so. REQUIEM has already finished its charging sequence!
: I’m detecting activity within REQUIEM! It’s going to fire!
: Damn it, we’re too late?!
: !

: Stopped?
: What’s going on?! Is something wrong with the generator?!
: D.O.M.E. stopped REQUIEM…
: Tifa Adill…
: Master Paptimus! The Space Revolutionary Army is incoming!
: Tch…at the worst possible moment…!

: REQUIEM’s inoperable! Seize D.O.M.E. immediately!
: The Goddess of Victory smiles upon those who control the Moon! We’ll crush the Federation!
: Damn you, Zaidel! Leading the troops in person, are you?!
: Is this going to turn into a battle between the Federation and the Revolutionaries…?!
: And here we are, stuck right in the middle!
: Damn it, I’m sick of all these three-way battles! (SRW.txt)
: Lower your weapons!
: Your Majesty…!
: I, by my name as Diana Soreil of the Moon, have an announcement to make!
: I am going to remove D.O.M.E.’s seal and shed light upon all of the Black History!
: Now…?!
: If you wish to know the truth, lower your weapons and come inside D.O.M.E.
: She’s inviting both us and the revolutionaries…?
: What do you think, Cpt. Bright?
: Continuing would just put us in a battle of attrition with them. Let’s do as she says.
: Understood. It’s also our wish to see the truth revealed.
: Any objections, Paptimus Scirocco?
: None, Diana Soreil.
: In fact, there’s someone in ZEUTH that I’d much like to see.
: Aah, Lady Diana… you’ll tear open the forbidden gates to help humanity…?!
: The truth of the Black History… it’ll finally be revealed…

: Tifa!
: Garrod…
: I…I… I always knew I’d see you again…!
: Thank you, Garrod… I also believed you’d come…
: Was it you who stopped REQUIEM?
: No, D.O.M.E. responded to me.
: The Newtype mind said to sleep in here…?
: Everything will be revealed soon. Please, follow me.
: Tifa…

: Welcome, everybody.
: I’m so glad you’re safe, Lady Diana…
: Ah, Kihel Heim. You were magnificent at the Orb proclamation.
: I made it this far precisely because I had to live up to your accomplishments.
: This is D.O.M.E.?
: There are videos projected all over the room… are they recordings of Earth’s history, stored in D.O.M.E.?
: I believe so.
: Paptimus Scirocco…!
: You, the boy I met in Gibraltar. Tell me your name.
: Camille Bidan.
: This’ll be a fine opportunity for you. Once you know humanity’s history of war, you should also understand the proper way to use your powers.
: You mustn’t follow in the footsteps of these fools who, while blessed with talent, squander and allow it to rot.
: …
: And yours is the “proper way”? Dominating humanity, manipulating them according to your whims?
: The ignorant masses need to be led. That’s the duty of a ruler.
: And you are that ruler, scum?
: Who knows? I’m a witness to history, merely using my strength to pave the way onwards.
: He thinks he’s just a bystander in all this?
: You and Durandal are cut from the same cloth. However, your unwillingness to take responsibility for anything makes you even more poisonous than him.
: …We’re in the presence of Her Majesty Diana, so I’ve no intention of starting a fight.
: Still, it seems clear to me that it’s impossible for us to reach an agreement.
: Coming here has already been worthwhile, if only to confirm that you need to be struck down.
: Oh, I’ll have to remember that – fine words from the Red Comet, the failed Newtype.
: This world moves by the hand of a few of geniuses. The bellowing of one such as you, who couldn’t attain that power, is meaningless to me.
: What a swollen ego… people like you are what caused this war…!
: So you cannot understand me, either? Truly a shame, Camille Bidan…

: …You’re Jamil Neate?
: Lancerow Dawell.
: This is our first time meeting face-to-face…
: Hm…
: Jamil Neate?! The man responsible for destroying the southern hemisphere during the 7th Space War 15 years ago…?!
: …
: The colony drops were the Space Revolutionary Army’s doing. You’ve some gall to run your mouth while glossing over that fact!
: Silence, Bloodman! That was due retribution for Earth’s usage of Newtypes’ powers as tools of war!
: D.O.M.E. is another example of this! Fools like you, who refused to acknowledge the innovation of mankind, dismantled the First Newtype down to the genetic level and incorporated him into this facility’s systems!
: Our predecessors created D.O.M.E. in order to prevent people from blindly idolizing Newtypes just like you are doing – by making them as taboo as the Black History!
: Newtypes are a revolution – humans baptized by space! Accept it!
: The President of the New Earth Federation and the Commander of the Space Revolutionary Army… both leaders in their organizations, yet devoid of rationality.
: This is more of a barking match between two dogs... not very pleasant to hear, hm?
: But aren’t Newtypes exactly like that Zaidel guy’s saying?
: Well, Tifa’s powers and Amuro’s perceptiveness are both amazing but…
: If this innovation of humanity means everyone must eventually become a Newtype, wouldn’t those who couldn’t do it end up left behind?
: I guess that’s just how it is in the Newtype Theory that Zaidel’s preaching.
: Hmm… then the old man’s a Newtype, too?
: …No…
: You can tell, Camille?
: No, it doesn’t matter whether he’s a Newtype or not…
: I simply can’t accept his views.
: That’s right, Camille Bidan. You look like you’ve got the right idea.
: Haman Karn…
: You must be sure that your talents aren’t wasted on fools.
: R-right…

: Accept it, Bloodman! Newtypes are the ones who must shoulder humanity’s future!
: Don’t make me laugh! Why aren’t there any Newtypes in your army, then?!
: In these past 15 years, not a single one of your underlings has awakened any powers!
: We’ll awaken once Newtypes rule humanity! That’s why the lowlives who live on Earth must be overthrown—
: Enough!
: Jamil…
: I’ve been trying to figure out who I am for all this time – and I still haven’t found that answer.
: But I’ll tell you this: Newtypes aren’t gods, nor are they a means to spread your doctrine!
: Much less a tool to be used by others!
: Rgh…!
: Cpt. Jamil, we’re all bound by the concept of “Newtypes”, just like you.
: Lt. Amuro…
: Newtypes and Non-Newtypes…there’s no point in that distinction.
: At the very least, the presence of that power has no bearing in deciding a person’s worth.
: You’d waste your powers just like that, Amuro Ray?
: The world will be destroyed by these fools unless superior men take the reins. You’d let that happen?
: There are other ways to overcome that issue.
: Everything will be answered shortly.
: The battle that ended the world…the Black History… once the people know the truth about it, they’ll realize their own foolhardiness.
: And I’m sure D.O.M.E. will tell you the meaning behind Newtypes.
: The consciousness of the First Newtype…
: Stop! Knowledge does not mean everything will be fine! Sometimes chaos may be born because of it!
: Settle down, Agrippa Maintainer…!
: Even if you unseal the Black History, humans ruled by their fighting instincts won’t be capable of comprehending what it entails!
: It’s already too late for the people gathered here! Knowledge and wisdom will avail them not!
: That’s merely your bias speaking.
: That’s enough outta you, guy! Where do you get off talking like we’re a bunch of morons?!
: We came all the way here to learn the truth and you’re not stopping us!
: You try whining again and Imma wreck those goggles along with your face.
: Ack…!
: Sure, we might a bunch of good-for-nothings who’re driven by our fighting spirit… but I’ll take that over being a coward who sticks his head in the sand at the first sign of trouble.
: Kch…!

: Tifa Adill, please contact D.O.M.E.’s mind.
: Yes…
: Tifa…
: Don’t worry, Garrod…have faith in me…
: Code input… By my name as Diana Soreil, let the seal be removed.
: D.O.M.E. … feel my mind once more and reveal everything to us.

: What?!
: The monitors all started playing videos of fights!
: These are…the battles of the Black History?
: No… that can’t be it! It’s showing the God Sigma right there!
: Baldios is also in this one!
: That’s the Gekko Go…and the Nirvash, too!
: It’s us…these videos are of ZEUTH fighting!
: What’s going on?! Weren’t the battles of the Black History the ones who got recorded into D.O.M.E.?
: Hold on…! If you look closely at these videos, a few things are different with that ZEUTH.
: The Aquarion and OverDevil are fighting the Fallen Angels together…
: It’s just like the legends...
: Then it’d be the Wings of the Sun piloting it? In that case, who’s got the King Gainer sitting right next to it?
: Not me…
: Our mechs have some small differences too!
: The video’s not very clear but it’s got this Mazinger I’ve never seen before!
: And that terrifying machine…it’s a Getter?
: Lady Diana…is this…
: I’m not certain either… however, these are the recordings stored into D.O.M.E.
: So it’s unquestionable the fact that they are representing the battles of 12000 years ago.
: What’s the meaning of all this, D.O.M.E.?! Please tell us!
: …Seekers of answers, the recordings you’re watching are a portion of a war that lasted hundreds of years.
: This is--!
: It wasn’t a hallucination… that was someone’s voice.
: This sensation… it’s a consciousness… a commingling of the minds of countless people…?!
: I am D.O.M.E. …those who were once called Newtypes.
: I recorded the events of the Black History and now observe humanity’s course…
: Um…are we dreaming…?
: This is too real to be a dream!
: Then, that voice just now…
: It really was D.O.M.E. …?
: That’s right.
: Tifa…
: D.O.M.E. recorded the battle that happened in the past – the Black History – and his mission is to convey it. He’s always maintained a neutral stance as an observer.
: But he still gave power to REQUIEM, didn’t he?
: No… that was precisely due to his neutrality.
: He’s no criteria to judge the merit of how his energy is used… neither good, nor bad…just neutral.
: But D.O.M.E. did listen to me and stopped REQUIEM. His mind decided to protect the lives of humans, even if it meant twisting his own mission.
: I may have grown weary of observing war...
: D.O.M.E. … please tell us what happened during the battles of the Black History.
: Such is my duty. All of those gathered here have a right to know.
: The truth about the Black History…it’s time for it to come to light…
: Over 12000 years ago… space-time was destroyed and a new world was born.
: The people called that event “Break the World”.
: Huh?!
: But isn’t that how we call the event that created our multi-dimensional world?!
: That wasn’t a year ago but over 12000?! What do you mean by that?!
: The recordings you’re seeing… those were made during the long battle that followed the Break the World.
: I finally understood now that I’ve met you. The records of the Black History events that lie within me… those are the outcome of your struggles.
: What?!
: At the root of the Black History battles… there was a group called ZEUTH.
: We’re the root of the Black History…?!
: So you’re saying that the Black History events occurred due to our continued fighting and, at the end, another Break happened and split up the worlds…?
: Hold up, we’re all here right now! How could we cause the Black History way back then?!
: It’s a paradox born of a time warp… it wasn’t just the S-1 people who traveled through time due to the Break the World!
: That’s correct.
: Professor…
: As we already know, at the final moments of the Black History, the world was split into various timelines that progressed separately.
: The world with the Fallen Angels, the world with D.O.M.E. and the world covered in Scub Coral…
: All those were merged together with the Emaanian, Universal Century and Cosmic Era worlds due to the dimensional quake (that’s the one from Kei’s bomb).
: Rather…they didn't just combine: they, essentially, transcended 12000 years and closed a time loop.
: A time loop?!
: Therefore, if this war continues, the Black History will begin, another Break will occur at the end and the worlds will carry on in separate timelines…
: At some point, another dimensional quake will break down the barriers of time and space, recreating this multi-dimensional world and repeating history anew.
: A self-contained cycle spanning thousands - possibly even tens of thousands – of years..
: The Black History… is the battle that’ll occur from here on out, which’ll end with the world’s destruction…

: Hilarious, isn’t it, Queen Diana?!
: You thought to warn the people by showing the foolishness of humanity’s past actions but you ended up revealing their future!
: Stop it, Professor!
: This is the truth! Our present is the Black History and we’re already en route to our destruction!
: I knew it…It’s all over… we’ve been stumbling towards our doom…
: Wrong…! I know we can change that future!
: She’s right, professor! We’ve already managed to stop Earth from becoming S-1!
: We won’t let the Black History be repeated…rather, we won’t let it occur in the first place!
: That’s rich but how about we stick to reality? Just look at those bickering fools over there – the Black History is inevitable.
: Urgh…!
: Are you suggesting we’ll cause the Black History?!
: His assessment is reasonable. And that’s precisely why a leader is needed to guide the people in a better direction.
: People trying to dominate others is exactly what causes wars! You still don’t get that?!
: Look at the recordings D.O.M.E. has shown us. Regardless of whether that was you or a parallel version of your group, the fact remains that it was ZEUTH which led to the Black History! You’ve no right to object!
: That’s…
: Humans can fix their mistakes. No one’s idiotic enough to keep walking towards their own destruction when they know it’s coming.
: That’s fine. I don’t want things to end either and if you say you’ll prevent the Black History, I’ll go on to try and save the world in my own way.
: We’ll do the same! This foolish war will be over once Newtypes rule society!
: Oi, cut it out! Do you even get what Newtypes are about?!
: Even if Newtypes can save the world, how do you figure it’s acceptable to wage war for it…?!
: Battles in the name of obtaining something… Human nature or not, there’s nothing to be gained from a war over Newtypes.
: D.O.M.E., you’re the First Newtype so please tell me: what are Newtypes? Are they an innovation of mankind?
: …There are those who revere Newtypes as gods, some who fear that power but try to manipulate it, some who once had this power and others who still do…
: They grasp at the word “Newtype” and use it even as a spark for conflicts, chasing the illusion that is this “innovation of mankind”.
: Newtypes are an illusion?!
: Impossible!
: Why would the First Newtype say something like that?!
: What are you, then?! Were you not appointed the scribe of the Black History because you were one of the chosen ones?!
: That was simply because of the power I…rather, the power we possessed.
: And that power isn’t an innovation of mankind? It’s not the power of someone who can be called a “New Type”?!
: I can see why you’d want to think that way…but, unfortunately, no.
: This power may be superhuman but an “innovation” is something different.
: …
: Quattro…
: I know. I’ll hear what he has to say.
: Once, all sense of value had been lost. We were all born amidst an endless war.
: Personally, I don’t know why I had this power. It may have simply been a mutation caused by that era.
: However, we became a glimmer of hope for a tired people - that is what the word “Newtype” was. And, so, the people who became shackled to that power clung to that word and continued to fight.
: So, the Newtypes won’t shape the future?
: It’s not up to a handful of people to shape the future. Our powers are not divine.
: You heard that, Zaidel?! The Newtype Theory is just an illusion!
: That said, I do not think men who only use power as a tool of war can shape the future either.
: Ngh…
: I still think we must place our trust in Newtypes! I won’t change my mind, whatever you say!
: And there’ll be no future for you as long as you remain that way.
: I…
: I need an answer as well.
: Jamil…
: 15 years ago, I was just a boy and I fought believing I was a Newtype… I saw time, felt the future…
: Are you saying that was all an illusion?! Tell me, please!
: Yes…it was all an illusion.
: !
: Whatever future you might have seen, it will not be real so long as you don’t make it so.
: …
: You should stop searching for Newtypes and, instead, work on building a new future yourselves.
: A new future…
: Yeah! Our new job is to stop the Black History from happening!
: You gotta stop looking back, Jamil.
: Holland…
: I know I ain’t got what it takes to talk big but we oughta do what we can.
: All for the future of this world, eh?
: Always remember: while the Black History is the past to me, it is the future to you.
: Which means we can change it.
: That’s right. Just as this young man has done…isn’t that right, Garrod Ran?
: Uh, me?
: You’ve changed the futures that Tifa foresaw many times over.
: I was just thinking of keeping her safe… I don’t have any special skills…
: It was that strong heart that gave you the strength to change the future. That intent, unfettered by anything, is the power by which you’ll create a new era.
: And that’s something everyone possesses – Newtype and common people alike.
: Then we can also help build the future?
: That is all up to you.
: Well, I’m up for it! We’re gonna pull it off, people!
: Hell yeah! Everything we’ve done would be for nothing if we don’t!
: We can shape our future with our own hands!
: That’s what we’ll fight for.
: Good…never forget that desire.
: One more thing, D.O.M.E. We heard that a Break occurred at the end of the Black History and the world was destroyed.
: Was that caused by the Coralians’ awakening?
: The advent of the Great Power…
: “Great Power”…! It’s what Alex and Schwarz spoke of!
: That’s dimensional power, right?
: I’m not certain either…but I’ll show you a recording made at the final moments of the Black History.

: What is this?!
: The whole sky’s… covered in a rainbow-colored light…
: That’s…!
: It’s the last recording stored in me.
: This is the advent of the Great Power?
: I don’t know…but there was a will behind it.
: A will…? The dimensional power was being controlled by someone?
: All I know is that the Great Power manifested as Earth lay on the verge of collapse due to the constant battles…
: The universe was reborn under new principles and each individual timeline started flowing.
: The Great Power…dimensional power…

: Wait, D.O.M.E.! What should we do to save humanity?! We need a concrete method!
: …
: If we cannot rely on Newtypes, then what can we do?!
: …
: Please, tell us! What should the revolutionaries believe in – what should we fight for?!
: Stop, commander…! If what we believed in was an illusion, then we ourselves must build something to believe in.
: Lancerow…
: I understand, Jamil… the future is what we should put our faith in and its creation is our mission.
: Yes…
: However, there are those who would not accept that…
: What’s wrong, D.O.M.E.?
: Some men have seized a portion of the energy I manage.
: Them…?!


: REQUIEM’s under attack?!
: We’ve got some of the top dogs of the Feds and revolutionaries in here! Who’s doing that?!
: Back to the ships, everyone! We’re sitting ducks here!
: We know what we gotta do now! No way we’re dying here!
: I’m going too…! Tifa, you should wait in the Argama!
: Wait, Garrod. My spirit will go with you.
: Tifa…
: I may not be able to ride on the Mobile Suit but I’ll still support you.
: I also want us to build a future together, so I’ll channel my wishes into strength for you to use.
: Alright…!

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