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Part 205: Mission 52 - The Truth About the Black History - Part 3

: Hey! Where are those attacks coming from?!
: Over there!

: The Frost Brothers!
: How are they using those G-Bits?!
: They might have been adapted for Newtypes but these are still human creations.
: D.O.M.E.’s self-defense system is now in our hands.

: Curse you, Frost Brothers! You wanted to seize D.O.M.E.’s power for yourselves?!
: Correct and that’s why we played at being such obedient hounds.
: You filthy Category-F’s! How dare you!
: Do not call us that…!
: Category-F…those who couldn’t become Newtypes… Now we begin our vengeance on everyone who persecuted us!
: Destroy them! The Space Revolutionary Army isn’t finished yet!
: We’ll eradicate both those who believe in and those who use Newtypes!
: Our war begins now!
: Glory to our world!


: A Satellite Cannon?!
: They’ve taken over not just the G-Bits but the power supply systems as well?!
: The hell is wrong with you?! Why did you destroy even your friends?!
: Friends? We’ve no such people.
: Bloodman was just another man who wouldn’t acknowledge our power.
: And then there’s Zaidel’s group, always so fascinated with Newtypes. Thus, we killed them all.
: If that’s your reason, it only makes you more of the people bound by the word “Newtype”!
: What’s the point of all this?! You’ll only accelerate the coming of the Black History!
: We know.
: And we want that destruction – we want the Black History to happen.
: Those bros also heard D.O.M.E.’s story?!
: Why?! If you know about all that, why do you still want it?!
: Because it’s our revenge – against society as a whole!
: None of you could understand the pain of never having your strength given proper value!
: Ah…!
: What’s wrong, Tifa?!
: I can feel the malice inside their hearts. Enough hatred to even destroy the world…
: The world?!
: Do not pry into other people’s hearts, Tifa Adill…!
: But why…?! How can you hate the world so much?!
: Our lives have been rejected from the moment we were born!
: And the fault lies with Gilbert Durandal!
: What?!
: What’s that supposed to mean?! Weren’t they from our world?!
: What’s Durandal got to do with them?!
: You’ve learned the truth about the Black History from D.O.M.E., have you not?
: The Black History is the final moments of this multi-dimensional world and OUR world was born in the aftermath of that.
: And it was a relic of said Black History that sealed our fate.
: A relic of the Black History…?!
: A system devised by Durandal that managed society via each person’s genes…
: The Destiny Plan.
: Managing society via the people’s genes?!
: The Plan sought to decide the peoples’ lives – their destiny, so to speak – according to the natural aptitudes associated with their genes.
: A utopia where everyone was assigned to their “ideal role” in life…a world without war or poverty…
: And, also, without any individual freedom!
: And that system existed in our world…?
: The UNE found an overview of the Destiny Plan and decided to experiment with it…
: They wanted to discover what genetic factors were required to trigger a Newtype’s awakening.
: And we were among the chosen subjects.
: Then, you’re also Newtypes…?
: …We do have the power to exchange thoughts with one another…
: However, as we grew, it became clear that that power was incompatible with the Flash System.
: And, just like that, we were called Category-F and branded as useless!
: The Destiny Plan warped our fate and we were despised because of the Newtypes!
: Destiny Plan… To think Chairman Durandal would devise such a thing…
: And that we’d be able to see two examples of what’ll happen after it’s set in motion…
: What do you mean, Haman?
: Durandal’s already planning on implementing that plan after the Federation’s dealt with.
: !
: A society ruled by genes… that’s the world he wants.
: And that’s why Axis broke away from him?
: You need only look at those brothers to see the potential negative effects of it all.
: Thus, we’ll have our revenge against both Durandal and this world that’s rejected us!
: This is why you guys hate everything?!
: You have no idea of the anguish of having power beyond regular humans and being completely disregarded!
: We’ve been humiliated! We’ve tasted despair! Only with this world’s destruction will that pain be healed!
: And from its ashes, a new order will be built!
: That is the proper future we desire!
: Like hell Imma put up with those selfish reasons of yours!
: We’ll deal with you later! First and foremost, we’re going to destroy REQUIEM and D.O.M.E.!
: There’s another microwave transmission system besides this one but the Newtype mind that sleeps here will die by our hand!

*The two brothers move closer to REQUIEM’s base.*

: Stop! Lady Diana’s in there!

*Loran moves to intercept.*

: The Turn Type’s coming, brother!
: It doesn’t matter! We’ll destroy REQUIEM before its power manifests!
: NO!!

: Argh!
: Those wings that sprouted on the White Doll neutralized the brothers’ beam?!
: “One day, the Queen of the Moon and I shall touch the truth together…and the butterfly shall fly towards the future.”
: That butterfly…
: Tifa’s prediction came true…
: Filthy demon! The Moonlight Butterfly system was activated?!
: “Moonlight Butterfly”…?!
: I remember…I remember!!
: That light was the Moonlight Butterfly! The light that led the Black History to its end!
: Indeed!

: The Turn X! Gym Ghingnham?!
: I’ve been waiting, dear brother! Waiting for the day where you’d awaken your true power!
: “Brother”…? “True power”…you mean that Moonlight Butterfly?
: And I’ll see that such power belongs to my Turn X!
: Ahahaha! Who are we fighting, Gym? ZEUTH or that bunch of dolls?
: Both, naturally! The Black History shown by Diana is just the world I desire!
: Fool! You saw those recordings and, yet, you still want war?!
: 15 years ago, I abided to Diana’s command and simply observed the battle between Earth and Space… This time, I’ll do as I please and I’ve acquired the power to do so!
: Gym Ghingnham… he’d also tread the path of destruction?
: You and Mr. Big Bad Samurai there need to cut it out!
: If you want war and destruction that badly…then you’re gonna answer to us!
: We’ll defeat anyone who desires conflict and avert the Black History!
: That’s what we’ve decided after everything we’ve learned!
: Very well! I’ll happily cross swords with anyone who’s willing!
: He’s…!
: To battle, Turn A! The Turn X shall also awaken with the data you hold!
: The Moonlight Butterfly… can it help me…?
: Garrod…
: Ah, I feel you…it’s like you’re sitting right next to me…!
: My mind will fight alongside you... so that we may build our future.
: Alright…! Let’s do this, Tifa!!

: This is the war we sought!
: Come, Olba! Ultimate victory will be ours!
: Those mistakes ain’t going to be repeated – we’re gonna keep our future safe!

Well, a whole lot happened, huh? Loran’s just gotten two versions of his Moonlight Butterfly: the first is that MAPW he used above which hits a huge area in front of him and the second is an ALL attack. Both weapons do massive damage and apply the Armor down debuff but are offset by HUGE EN costs (respectively, 130 and 100).
At the very least the Turn A’s also received an overall upgrade because of it, gaining +200 power to all weapons, +400 HP, +60 EN and +5 mobility.

Next, let’s check the fruits of our game-long efforts:

Tifa, while not riding in the DX, is a new telepathic sub-pilot!
She comes with SP Regen and even Newtype (X) L9 (making her the strongest Newtype around, as even Camille takes longer to get there).
Her spirit commands are Trust, Cheer, Bless, Rouse and Hope which means she’s debunked Lacus as the top supporter around!
Here are the steps we took to get her:
If you’ve four of these requirements (Rand only) or 2 + 40 Skill Points, Tifa’ll join at this point.
There’s still the matter of that Black Box F we bought after gathering four points but we’ll get to it later…

Bandit (Merrybell Gadget)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Accuracy Rate +20%
Merrybell’s voice actress: Rio Natsuki (other known works: Rio Mei Long in SRW Alpha/OGs, Lulu in Final Fantasy X/X-2, Nanami Jinnai in El-Hazard and several others).

Typical real robot mini-boss. The added HP Regen might give her a wee bit more resilience over stray attacks but Merrybell’s point is to deal big, accurate damage with her ALL and TRI attacks (thankfully, she’s in center formation).
Nothing you haven’t dealt with before.

Gym’s the same as he was back in Orb but the Frost Brothers, as you saw, now have a new Satellite Launcher MAPW: it has infinite range like our cannons but also pack a respectable 3-tile-wide area of effect. Thankfully, they won’t move so mark the column of tiles that’d be affected by their attack and make sure no one stays there.

And one last thing before we start:

Ending Point Alert!
Gym will charge at you from the get-go, so getting this point is good if only to get him off your hair.
Shagia and Olba’s squad is in Wide formation, so you need to spread your damage in order to get them both weakened enough to be killed by a good ALL (or MAP, if you want).
If necessary, you can use R1(or was it L1…? It’s one of those two) to toggle which unit in the enemy squad will be your primary target so you can weaken them both one at a time.

Everyone who still has their moves starts heading towards Gym’s posse (don’t worry about the brothers’ MAP right now because they need 130 morale to use it).

Enemy Phase!

The G-bits all start closing in (no post-movement attacks) and a few of Gym’s Mahiroos are in Loran’s range.

Repeat this thrice.

Oh, Swesson is here too.

: The Black History... impressive!
: But if an age of war is upon us, we warriors will rise to meet it! To arms!

I’ll take it!

Gym and Merrybell are still too far.

Player Phase!

We’ll start having some troops divert to the closest G-bits.
Nearby, Apollo also doubles another into submission.

And Amuro’s at Newtype L8 after this.

Don’t have time to waste on you, Swesson.

And there he goes.

He figures he let the rush of real combat get to his head. Either way, it’s fine: the Black History’s incoming, so he can have fun in the next bout.

Banjou and Murrue wrap up Amuro’s leftovers.

We’ll maintain a safe distance to draw Gym in and focus on whatever’s close.


Giving Roger an S-Adaptor makes him an engine of destruction.

Marin takes out the leader Mahiroo and Tetsuya moves in.

…I swear I didn’t max out my upgrades like I threatened during the OverDevil fight (they’re at 4 bars). Everyone’s just getting mad crits against low morale units.
Ryouma takes out the remaining squaddie.

Easy money. All Dynamic bots are ready to blast Gym if need be.

The Moon Race side should be covered well enough, so Touga’s dispatched after the G-Bits and Shinn joins him for another kill on Roger’s group.

Enemy Phase!

You trying to get into a long-range battle with Amuro, son?
Oooh, so close. Another one also tries sniping Apollo but…yeah.

Repeat this twice for Gainer, twice for Duke and they fall just barely short of kills.

Merrybell’s decided to hunt G-bits instead of playing ball…at least it lets me show off her Squeeze Arm attack.

: Hahahaha! You came all the way to the moon? Well, let's not waste a minute!
: I'm going to get as much fun out of my Bandit as I can!

And here he comes!

: Pilot of the Turn A! If you fear the Black History so, leave that machine and beg for your life!
: Please, enough! There's no reason for us to fight!
: Enough of your mewling, boy!
: Isn't it the traditional duty of the house of Ghingnham to protect the Moon Race’s rulers of the house Soreil?
: Why are you disobeying Lady Dianna's will?
: The nerve... the Turn A is a forbidden Mobile Suit! To destroy it is to defend Diana!
: A... a forbidden Mobile Suit?
: You're gonna listen to the enemy commander, Loran?!
: But what he said… could it be about the legend of the Promised Land?
: I’ll tell you one more thing: the Turn X nearly defeated the Turn A in the distant past!
: Even now, the scar on its breast aches to destroy the Turn A!
: You...
: We battle, Turn A! And in our battle, you will awaken the Turn X!

Gym attacking Loran: “Your mission has ended, Turn A!”
Loran dodging: “The Turn A and Turn X are resonating with each other?!”

Player Phase!

Hey, we’ve got this ready now.

I could kill other things but, screw it, let’s push Gym past his threshold!

I could have tried kill Gym with a strong enough support attack but that would be too much effort (he doesn’t have any useful goodies to drop, so it’d just be for the money and I’m loaded).

Total Ending Points: 16

: Not bad at all! This is far more enjoyable than our clash in Orb!
: Gym Ghingnham! Gather your men and pull back at once!
: The likes of a royal guard dares order me, Gym Ghingnham?!
: Then we’ll finish you off if that’s how you’re going to be!
: Seems to me you’re after the same thing as those bros – war! So we’re putting you down here and now!
: Hm…haste makes waste. This age of conflict – the Black History – has only just begun!
: But I’ll be bringing a souvenir back home with me today!
: And I bet you’re gonna say that souvenir’s our lives.
: Not at all…! What I want is…
: Oh no!
: Huh…?!

: What I want is your Moonlight Butterfly, Turn A!

*Gym charges after Loran.*

: What are you doing?!
: AHAHAHAHA! The data within you will fully awaken the Turn X’s functions!

*Beep, beep, beep.*

: That’s--!

: Stop, Gym Ghingnham! That’s the power that extinguished Earth’s civilization! It’s forbidden!
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: You saw it at the end of D.O.M.E.’s recording: the rainbow-colored light blanketing the sky!
: Those were nanomachines scattered by the Turn A – the Moonlight Butterfly System!
: Nanomachines?!
: Virus-sized machines that are programmed to execute specific actions.
: The Moonlight Butterfly consumed all: reducing Earth’s civilization to sand and assimilating it with the soil!
: The Earth was once left in ruins by the White Doll?
: And it was following that that the Great Power manifested and space-time was destroyed?!
: Its job finished, the White Doll went to sleep in Inglessa…
: The Promised Land is a forbidden land… no man must touch it… a demon sleeps in North Ameria…
: All those legends were referring to the White Doll?!
: The White Doll…the Turn A is such a machine…?
: Aye, and the Turn X – the Turn A’s older brother – is its overseer!
: We broke the seal of the Black History and even awakened the Moonlight Butterfly!
: All I wanted was to distance the Moon Race from conflict, to secure everlasting peace to it! This is the queen’s fault!
: Do you not realize how foolish it is to desire peace for yourself while shutting your eyes to the rest of the world?!
: The queen has long since awakened her own fighting spirit! Peace can only be protected by removing such people!
: And for that reason, you tried selling Her Majesty off to the Federation!
: Agrippa Maintainer!

*Ghingnham charges after Agrippa’s ship!*

: Ghingnham!
: For the crime of trying to pawn off the Queen, I, Gym Ghingnham, will lay judgment upon you, traitor!


: Agrippa…
: I’ve gotten what I came here for! Diana…and ZEUTH! We shall meet again!

: Gym Ghingnham…You’ll keep trailing that path despite knowing the truth of the Black History…?
: He could be useful if we play our cards right…
: A man who awakened the power of a Turn Type… he might certainly bring the Black History to its conclusion.
: I won’t allow it! I’m sure the White Doll’s— the Turn A’s power – can be used to help build our future!
: That’s right, Loran Cehack! That’s what warriors…what Gundams fight for!
: Then our own Gundams will fight to destroy exactly that.

Well, ain’t that something… we just can’t catch a break with this Black History business, hm?

Let’s keep clearing the way towards the bros. These G-Bits have positioned themselves nicely for a MAPW.

No kills but I wasn’t expecting any.

Toshiya does the same for this here batch.

Kei doesn’t care about full HPs, of course.

And there goes the leader. Banjou follows it up and takes one of the squaddies (the other baaaarely survives Kappei’s hit).

Rand’s still tearing shit up with his S-Adaptor.

Clean up after Kira, Marin.

Riea isn’t strong enough to pull it off but Enil does her job. The survivor falls to Garrod.

Same deal with Gainer’s group: Sara falls just short of a kill.
Loran takes that down.

Apollo moves on ahead, taking a G-bit to go. The important part was getting him out of the way…

That’s 5 kills for Bright.

Moving along, Gain jumps to the front and readies a TRI at Kira’s MAPees.

AGAIN, one survives!

Renton blazes across the field to dispatch this weakened Bit. Murrue takes one of the remaining squaddies.

Slow and steady.

The other one falls under concentrated Mazinger fire.

And Tetsuya learns Drive as his last spirit.

Dunno why I didn’t have Amuro in the lead here as that would’ve been an easy kill…

Enemy Phase!

Some bits, predictably, aim for the flimsy pink shit.

I saw that coming, though, and left Iron Wall turned on. That’s three kills for Lacus.

All other Bits waste their turn moving around or sniping at Tetsuya, Gunleon or Gravion. Shagia and Olba STILL won’t move.

Player Phase!

Screw it, we’re moving in! Shagia’s adjacent kill-zones are marked and we approach from the sides.

That’s very dead. Kei also effortlessly drops the squaddie.

As Shinn kills the distant Bit that tried sniping at Touga, Roger punches another into submission.

Lacus moves on ahead and, before joining her, Kira’ll provide a suitable sacrifice.

Not all that bloody but acceptable.