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Part 206: Mission 52 - The Truth About the Black History - Part 4

A Fury’d TRI from Baldios isn’t enough to score a triple kill against a wide formation…this one Bit survives with fucking 2 HP!
Fine, Aquarion teaches it not to use Windanium right after.

That’s a kill for Duke and Heizaemon each.

Eeeh…someone grab that thing before we leave.

Thank you.

And there goes that one.

Enemy Phase!

Hey, that works for me.

It’s free real state.

Ooh, a bonus.
Shamefully, that last one attacks Lacus and she misses.

Player Phase!

Before the montage, here’s that Frost Combination attack that I talked about before but they never used.

: So you want war, eh?! Well, we're not going to let you get it!
: We don't need your permission.
: The world owes us this and more, and no one will stop us from collecting.
: Drop the victim act! You can't make everyone else suffer just because you did!
: If you’re up for some war, we'll give you one right here!
It’d hurt…were it not a Mazinger on the receiving end.

Now, let’s wrap this mission up!

: Don't you see how selfish you're being?!
: I know people who really wanted to go on living but couldn’t! And, still, you...!
: We weren't even given the chance to live proper lives.
: We're simply sharing our suffering with the world that brought it on us. The likes of you won't stop us.
: You're just throwing a tantrum! You have the chance to live however you want! What's the point doing this?!
: You're alive and you'd better appreciate it!

: Y’all realize that the world ain’t got time for your games?!
: We’re sure Dewey Novak will stop the dimensional collapse from the Coralians' awakening.
: So we'll carry on our own war. A war for humans, in judgment of humans!
: Tch… how selfish do y’all gotta be before you’re happy?!
: We ain’t letting sniveling cowards like you have our world's future!

: Kei Katsuragi, the Singularity... if you asked, we would gladly accept you, and Cpt. Olson as well.
: Sorry, but I don't take passes from dudes.
: Though after how you've been holding a grudge against the world for something so stupid and petty, I wouldn't take you up if you were the hottest chicks on the planet.
: Then we have no use for you... and it will come back to haunt us if we let you live!
: You're not getting rid of me that easily! I'll pack you out of here first!

: Ya know, I had a rough childhood myself, but it doesn’t hold a candle to yours.
: Don't you dare compare what we went through to some hoodlum's petty brawls.
: Why not? You're trying to smash up whatever makes you unhappy... that's just what kids are like!
: You could never understand our agony! Our shame!
: Everyone’s gonna put up with pain in their lives!
: But if you're trying to add on to that pain, you've got somethin' loose!
: And my job is pounding it back into place! That's how I get repairs done! So buckle up!

: You've lost your humanity to your hatred!
: Maybe, but it wasn't our fault.
: We know whose it was, and we're going to destroy them all.
: You can't cause others sorrow to heal your own...
: I'll stop you! That's what I fight for... what the Glory Star fights for!

: A son of a royal family could never understand our pain.
: I sympathize with your hardships, but taking away others' happiness is no way to react!
: Silence! You have no right to judge us!
: You’re not unique! Everyone has some pain, some hardship that they've fought through and lived!
: I won't let you rob them of that chance because of your own personal troubles!

: You want war? Don't you realize how much suffering it'll cause?!
: Camille Bidan... you are awakening as a Newtype. You must be destroyed!
: Didn't you hear what D.O.M.E. said?
: We can't let the concept of Newtypes hold us back from progress!
: Oh, we're progressing. Through the destruction of the world, you see.
: The world will burn and then rise anew from the ashes. That's our goal!
: And so much will be lost forever... this world, all the lives in it! Why can't you see that?!

Camille attacking Frost Brothers (probably not exclusive): “Don’t you feel anything for all those who’ll die?!”
Olba taking damage from Newtypes: “Tch... did I underestimate Newtypes...?!”

: The Coralian girl is in that LFO!
: You mean Eureka...?!
: Hand her over, boy. Dewey Novak will put her to good use.
: ...
: No way! Eureka's not a thing you can just take!
: Try asking instead of trying to force things to go your way! I’m not letting you go on with this!

: I figured you bros had some stupid excuse, but just being pissed off and taking it out on everybody is worse than I coulda thought!
: You could never understand us!
: And I don’t wanna! You're taking your underdog shtick and making it a problem for everyone! I ain’t putting up with that crap!
: If you stand against us, then face your punishment!
: I’m done with your whining! Whatever y’all got to say, I ain’t listenin’!

: You and I are just like Zaidel and Bloodman...
: Bound by the illusion that is the Newtype, lost in a labyrinth of our own making.
: But we've found a way out.
: The way of revenge against the whole world.
: And so you’ll repeat the tragedies of 15 years…rather, the even greater tragedies of the Black History?!
: Jamil Neate, do you think you'll atone for your sins by stopping us?
: Wrong! All I want is to keep that disaster from repeating ever again!
: This is not about my past or Newtypes! I'll stop you as a citizen of this world!

Jamil attacking Shagia: “You’ll go no further, Shagia Frost!”
Shagia taking critical HP damage from Jamil: “Jamil Neate…have your powers returned?!”

: The Civilians who broke the iron grip of the Innocents? Arguably, you're all another byproduct of the Destiny Plan.
: Who cares? We’re not the ones full of hate trying to destroy the world!
: Only because you didn't know. If you had known where you had come from, you wouldn't be able to stand it.
: If knowing would have made me spiteful like you, I'd rather be stupid!
: We don't have time to nurse stupid grudges like you guys! We've got places to be!

: Let's cut to the chase. I don't care for you two.
: Nor we you.
: Or rather, we don't care for the world as a whole.
: So you're wrecking it, huh? That makes this easy. I’m putting you down!

: Your lives were turned in a direction you didn't want by factors you couldn't control... I can relate.
: What…?
: But I won't let that sink me into the darkness! I'll grasp my future my way!
: Banjou Haran. All this power at your disposal, and this is all you choose to use it on?!
: Well, not us! Our power is for revenge on the world that left us for trash!
: The only ones giving up on you two is you!
: That's the darkness you face, and Daitarn 3 will illuminate it!

: How long are you going to be held back by the past?! You won't gain anything destroying the world over some old grudge!
: That's not for you to decide!
: No matter how much the world changes, our pain stays with us! And, so, we’ll destroy everything!
: Looks like you're not listening! Well, then we're doing this the hard way!
: I don't care how much you hate this world! It's ours, and we're keeping it!

: Char Aznable... do you have the right to oppose us?
: What…?
: You're destined to destroy the world. Just like us.
: Yes…someday, the pain of failing as a Newtype will spur you down that path.
: I don't know what the future holds, but right now, I have to stop you.
: And I’ll do so not as Char Aznable... but as Quattro Bajeena!

: You've concentrated your hatred between yourselves!
: What?
: I know how that feels from when I shut in my room gaming all the time!
: You stopped considering other people and convinced yourselves you were the only ones that mattered!
: Then you let yourselves magnify each other's hate until you considered everyone else your enemies!
: Well analyzed. If you sympathize with us, then disarm.
: No! You need to get some perspective and then you might understand how pointless what you're doing is!

: I'm willing to take your suffering under consideration, you know.
: Are you offering to negotiate on behalf of the entire world?
: ...
: That'd be too much, no matter how talented you may be.
: We'll communicate our suffering to the world with power, not diplomacy.
: Understood... and you've certainly laid out your terms, as well.
: Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth... if power is your approach, I will respond in kind!

: Pathetic, both of you.
: We aren't after your pity.
: Pity? Don't be stupid.
: I have nothing but contempt for men who lash out at their misfortune before they'd lift a finger to change it.
: You think we're acting out?
: It doesn't matter what you think! All that matters is that you feel even a fraction of our pain!

: Durandal's little puppet... now you know what your hero is plotting!
: The Destiny Plan... society ruled by the genes...
: We'll have our revenge on him... on Gilbert Durandal, the man who twisted our destinies!
: I don't know if I still believe in the Chairman or not...
: But I do know that you're trying to start more war!
: And the reason I fight, the reason I'll fight you right now, is to stop that!

: Amuro Ray... as a Newtype, your destiny is to start the war that ends the world.
: What are you talking about?!
: Someone who feels inferior to you and your power will cover this world in flames.
: You know something about the Black History that D.O.M.E. didn't say?
: We have our own backer, and it seems like he wants the world to end too.
: Amuro Ray! You can never stop us... because you're the one of the pillars of that conflict!

: Marin Raygun, visitor from another planet. You know your battles have been meaningless, don't you?
: ...
: Earth and S-1 are the same planet, driven to hate and make war with itself across history.
: What can you call it but a tragedy?
: And I'm fighting precisely to end this ridiculous war!
: But it won't end... rather, we won't let it end!
: The war we wanted is just beginning!
: Then I'll stop you first! This pointless war has gone on more than long enough!

: We know all about you, Touga Tenkuuji. Raised as a machine of war, yes?
: !
: Your life twisted from the beginning, just like us. Come to our side.
: Silence! I have only pride in my position as a Gran Knight!
: I…we are the fang that bites in defense of the fangless! Nothing like you!
: Touga...
: So you've bought into Sandman's indoctrination? Then we have no use for you.
: Like we ever had any "use" for you jerks, trying to wreck everything out of spite!
: En guarde, Frost brothers! This world will not end while we stand!

: Pilot of a Turn Type! Your power is one of the forces that ended the Black History!
: You mean the Moonlight Butterfly…?
: Ignorance can be bliss. After all, you still don't know the true horror of your mech.
: Give us the Turn Type. We're far more worthy to wield it.
: Never!
: Maybe the White Doll does have a horrible power, but it's up to humans how to use it!
: And you'll use it for slaughter and murder... I won’t accept that!

This BGM auto-plays when you use the Moonlight Butterfly

: This entire planet is burning with the flames of war, and it's not enough for you?
: What others are doing is none of our concern.
: We don't care about any other human in the universe. We're going to destroy the world ourselves.
: You're going to take a lot of innocent lives and that's all you have to say?
: What you're doing would cause a tragedy a hundred times what you've been through! But we won't let it happen!

: Kira Yamato, the Super Coordinator...
: We know all about you, the very opposite of us.
: I'm me and that's all I am, with my powers or not!
: You can still find your own path! It's not too late!
: Oh, we already know. We're not like Rau le Creuset, doing destruction for its own sake.
: !
: Our future can begin after the world is destroyed... and we won't let anyone keep us from it!
: You're just like him after all! Trying to destroy the world for your own selfish reasons... I won't accept it!
: This world isn't yours or any one person's! It belongs to all of us!
Why don’t we take the time to appreciate Kira’s METEOR Full Burst‘s cut-in and its dynamic kill?
Also, Kira attacking Frost Bros: “Special powers or not…people are still people!”

But, really, let’s end this properly:

: I'm not buying it! Everyone here's been through hard times and made it out alive!
: It's no excuse to try and blow up the world just because you've got a problem!
: You would never understand our pain!
: As if anyone could!
: The world abandoned us... so we will end it in turn!

: Urgh!
: Brother!
: You’re done, Shagia! Now take it like a man!
: Silence, Garrod Ran! We will be the true victors! This whole world will burn!
: We will not stop until we have our revenge on everything that rejected us!
: Enough of that crap! The whole world didn’t reject you two!
: It was you who turned your back on it because it was easier!
: It’s far too late for you…! The war we so desired is already beginning!

: Damn it, they still haven’t given up?!
: That’s just how persistent they are. I’m sure we’re gonna see them again.
: And I’ll take ‘em on…! No way I’m putting up with that war of theirs!

: The Federation fleet that remained inside REQUIEM!
: Are they going to attack us…?!
: I’ve no intention of acting so foolishly.
: You understood D.O.M.E.’s story, then, Col. Scirocco?
: Indeed and, as I thought, humanity needs to be guided by a proper ruler in order to avert the Black History.
: Such a task is too great for a dreamer like Durandal.
: And you’re going to fill that position yourself, Paptimus Scirocco…?!
: At the very least, I won’t entrust the world to a group whose vision is as vague as yours.
: Why do you insist on looking down on everyone?!
: I’ll leave you be for today, ZEUTH. Keep up the hard work…for as long as you can.

: Paptimus Scirocco… we truly are incompatible with one another.
: He’s just as dangerous as Durandal, but in a different way.
: We’re not all that different in that we’re all concerned for mankind’s future. Still, I cannot accept a world where a few people have dominion over everyone else’s free will.
: Destiny Plan…a system where someone decides the fate of others…
: What a bunch of rubbish, isn’t it?
: Black Charisma?!
: Since when was he/she on the King Beal?!
: Oh, I guess you didn’t notice. I was also in D.O.M.E. throughout the whole thing.
: The reveal of the truth about the Black History is such a major occurrence, I just couldn’t miss it.
: You sneaky…! You’re going to tell us who you are and what you’re after!
: I’m afraid not. You see, I simply came in here to pick up that man.
: What?!
: Shall we go, Professor Kazami?
: Hm.
: Professor!

: That creep’s using even those crow mechs?!
: Just one of those isn’t a problem! Let’s bring it down!
: We can’t! The professor’s aboard!

*The Cornicus starts flying away.*

: Where do you wish to go, then, Professor?
: The New Federation? The Plants? The Ghingnham Fleet? I’ll take you wherever you like.
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: Hold on, Professor! We’re coming to save you!
: This does not concern you, Toshiya.
: What?!
: I’ve had enough of this group’s pointless notions of morality and justice getting in my way.
: I’m going someplace where my intellect will be properly appreciated!
: What are you talking about, Professor?!
: You still haven’t understood? The professor’s leaving you.
: That can’t be true!
: How does the Federation sound for you, Professor?
: Hmhmhm… they were, indeed, very appreciative of my Fallen Angel data.
: What?!
: Then the Federation getting their hands on the Fallen Angels’ power…
: That was you, Prof?!
: And you’ve finally figured it out, you imbeciles! This was all because you stopped my research!
: But, since I’m here, I’ll tell you a little something that you didn’t know about one of the worlds that were separated in the aftermath of the Black History!
: The Earthlings of that world used the Trinity Energy and went on to try and conquer the Galaxy!
: What?!
: Who told you that, Professor?!
: Teral did! He and the Eldar came from the future in order to strike down the earthlings who’d invade their world!
: Teral…and the Eldar are from the future…?!
: Black Charisma, take me to the Skull Moon Base.
: You’re not--!
: I am! I’ve no further attachment to Earth now that I know the truth of the Black History!
: As you wish. That’s actually convenient because I also have something to deliver to them.
: This is where I part ways with Earth while you’ll drown in its dark future, ZEUTH!

: Professor!!
: Professor…how could you betray us for the aliens…?

Back inside, Diana’s pondering with D.O.M.E. of how there are those who refuse to stop fighting despite the knowledge that it’ll cause the Black History. Thus, our people will have to fight THEM in order to end their warmongering.
It’s not ideal but everyone intends to do their best in order to protect and shape the future with our own hands. The D.O.M.E. decrees that Diana gets to be the new advocate of the Black History, saying that the day has finally come when it can rest after imparting the truth to someone.
He tells Tifa that his work is done and, now, he entrust everything to us and our newfound strength.

Lancerow tells Jamil that he intends to accompany him, preferring that to getting absorbed into the Zaft along with the rest of the revolutionaries now that their commander is dead.
He’s not willing to let Earth end up as Durandal wants or as another Black History either, so he figures tagging along with us is the best way to make that happen.

: Thank you, Lancerow. We’ve might’ve both lost most of our powers and ceased being Newtypes but…
: I believe, even as regular humans, we can still help protect our future and build a new world.
: Cpt. Jamil…
: Char Aznable… what I spoke of concerning the meaning of Newtypes was merely my own opinion.
: The fact that the Newtype Ideologists couldn’t bring themselves to question it was due to how bound they were to the curse of the word “Newtype”.
: You’re right and that's why I’ll keep trailing the path I believe in, regardless of what others might say.
: Good. I believe those who do so, unfettered by the curse, are the true Newtypes.
: And that is what’ll pave the way for an innovation of humanity?
: You must find that answer yourself.
: Thank you, D.O.M.E. Your words have filled me with courage.
: You are connected to Garrod and, for the first time, have accepted your powers. You even decided to become stronger.
: I don’t want the future we’ll live in to be a sad one.
: Tifa…
: And you still accept your powers?
: Powers or not, I’m still me. I want to live just as Renton and Eureka, accepting each other the way they are.
: Exactly… Newtypes and Non-Newtypes are the same: humans. You have also overcome the curse of that word.
: Yes…
: Diana Soreil… I believe in humanity…
: So do I… Sleep well, D.O.M.E.
: Thanks a lot. None of us are ever gonna forget this day.
: Garrod, Tifa…all of you… the old era is now over.
: I have faith that you’ll avert the Black History and create your future…

An analysis on Kazami’s room shows that he’s been leaking ZEUTH data for a while now, including not only the Fallen Angel info but also notes on our mechs’ specs and our strategy.
The Feds are the principal beneficiaries, making it odd to Minako that he didn't try to flee to them. Seems like he hasn’t turned his back on just us but on Earth as a whole and, as a fellow scientist, Marin sees that Kazami’s become so immersed in his research that he's lost his own heart along the way.
The reality of the impending dimensional collapse, and the Black History, probably accelerated his despair, and he's trying to assuage that the only way he knows how: through acquiring even greater scientific knowledge from the aliens.
Minako still finds it hard to believe considering how long we’d been working together to defend Earth’s peace and Kiraken figures the Charisma’s behind Kazami’s change of heart. Still, Julie figures this betrayal, not just of ZEUTH but of fundamental scientific ethics, deserves to be repaid with death regardless of his reasons.

Everyone’s surprised to hear this from who used to be the professor’s greatest admirer but, regardless, Julie says we need to prepare ourselves to do what’s necessary: Kazami’s just defected to the Skull Moon Alliance and he’s loaded with all our data. We will not beat the aliens unless he’s dealt with.
Regardless, with REQUIEM now silenced we’re making a beeline for the Skull Moon Base and the longer ZEUTH delays, the greater the damage from Kazami's defection will be. Toshiya recalls Teral saying that the Io POWs, including his father, are being held at Skull Moon: must he fight Kazami to set them free?
Inwardly, Julie ponders how his greatest ambition had been to become a greater scientist than Kazami. Still, this is hardly how he wanted things to end…

One last thing before we go and it’s in the Bazaar:

While rummaging around REQUIEM’s base, the team find loads of spare G-bits, apparently ready to function as the D.O.M.E.'s self-defense system.
Carris remembers how the Frost Brothers seized control of these autonomous weapons but it seems these were left behind – Jiron figures we might as well put them to use, then.
Astonaige says you can’t just flip a switch and send them off and Jamil explains that, by rights, these were made to be controlled via the Flash System. We could get them to work if we used said System but the problem is that our GX and DX are currently limited to the Satellite System only.
Kid thinks he has a way around that problem, though, and it involves this part he got from Cotsett: is that mystery box that we bought at the Zonder Epta bazaar and, wouldn’t you know it, the thing’s a control module for the Flash System!
Of course, Garrod isn’t a Newtype so he couldn’t trigger the thing even after it’s installed but Tifa’, having made her decision to help him in his battles, is ready to control the G-Bits from the ships for him.

And that’s the second reward for those Gundam X secret points: both the GX and DX get a new G-Bit attack and, goddamn, did they need to get this sooner. Now they have a powerful attack to use while waiting for the Satellite Cannon to charge!

The requirements for this are the same as recruiting Tifa and, if you’ve bought the Black Box F you’ll get it automatically once you check this Bazaar. If you’re a Setsuko player or haven’t gotten the Box for whatever reason, you’ll need 2 secret points + 50 Skill Points.

And now we’re finally done!