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Part 208: Mission 53 - Lunar Showdown - Part 2

Chapter 53 Part 2

Turn 4

Another turn, another Confuse casting.

Time to take down Kazami, I think!

: Professor Kazami, if you're our enemy now, you'd better not expect me to hold back!
: Heheheh! Kappei, what do you stand to gain by doing your service to the planet that's persecuted the Jin Family?
: !
: If you like, I could get you in the door to the Skull Moon. What do you say?
: I say can it! Like a worm like you could ever understand what we're fighting for!

: Tetsuya... no matter how good a warrior you are, you can't take on my whole army!
: I hope you don't think you can beat me just because you have my combat data.
: Because you're about to find out the hard way, that data's already obsolete! I sharpen my skills day by day!

: Banjou... or, should I say, The Storm! My deepest gratitude to you and Sandman for funding my research!
: If this battle is what I paid for, Professor Kazami, then I've made quite the miscalculation.
: Silence! Your part is to pay, not argue about results!
: It was my mistake to trust you, and my responsibility to fix that mistake...
: By stopping you!

: C'mon, Kazami! We'll make you feel what you did to that angel kid in stereo!
: Don't be ridiculous, Apollo! Or is all your hatred for the Fallen Angels a mere act?
: I'm not done with the Angels, but we're dealing with you first!
: And it's not gonna be just a slap for you, pops!

: Now this is just reprehensible, Professor Kazami. I'm afraid I have to hold you in contempt.
: Geniuses are always misunderstood. Your contempt means nothing to me!
: In other words, nothing I say can possibly affect you.
: It's really a shame, Professor Kazami... you seem to have lost your wisdom along with your intellect.
: Roger Smith, you dare--!
: I'm afraid there's only one response I can offer at this point. Brace yourself!

: Ryouma! The true power of the Getter Rays is out of Saotome's grasp! Hand Getter Robo over!
: What do you mean, Professor Kazami?!
: I can show you their full power... unlock all their potential!
: Professor Saotome dedicated his life to the Getter Rays!
: And we're certainly not letting a nutjob who's cast aside his heart have them... nor our planet!

: Professor Kazami... I've always looked up to your passion for your research!
: Then why interfere now? If I could unlock the power to be god or devil, I could save the Earth myself!
: Even if you can become a god or a devil, you've already lost your humanity!
: You won't be able to save a thing!

: Professor Kazami! You've lost your heart in your blind pursuit of science!
: My science is all I believe in! I certainly have no irrational feelings for the likes of you or Earth!
: If you've joined the Eldar, I'll fight you for what I believe in - this world and everyone who lives on it!

: Isn't this poetic, Marin? A man who adopted the Earth fighting a man who's left it behind!
: This planet being mine or yours doesn't matter to me!
: You've given up the Earth for your science, and I'm fighting Aldebaron for S-1's future! That's all!
: How dare you compare your idiocy to my dedication to my science?
: And I'll strike you down in the name of that science!

: Professor Kazami... I have nothing more to say to you.
: Indeed you don't. You should have just funded me quietly.
: I thought you had a zeal that would let us advance science. It seems like a dream now.
: I'll have my memories of that beauty at peace... by defeating you with my God ∑ Gravion!
: Rrgh! No robot with a name like that will stand against me!
“Hrm! There’s yet another God Sigma?!”

: A thug like you can't comprehend the Gunleon's potential! Hand it over!
: Professor Kazami, are you gonna give it to the aliens as a present?!
: I want to study the Gunleon! And you as well, Mel! Come with me!
: I'll learn about the Sphere's power, and then...
: On top of backstabbing the whole planet, you're going for theft and kidnapping too?
: You're so far gone even I don't know how to fix you!
: So all I can do is dismantle you and all our memories together!

: Hand over the Gunnery Carver, Setsuko!
: So, you realized that it's the source of the Virgola's energy...
: It's where the Sphere that Asakim Dowin so badly wants is stored!
: And that is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Dimensional Power!
: I don't know what the Sphere's power will lead to...
: But you can't have it! The Virgola and the Gunnery Carver are what I have to fight with!

Kazami’s not going down that easily and quickly heals up. The speed with which he’s recovering is way greater than any regular repair function, leading Julie to wonder if his ship is actively regenerating itself.
Indeed and it’s working via Dimensional Power: Trinity Energy is able to transcend time and space so, by using it, Kazami can draw out some of that juice for him to use. At the very least Marin has to admit that the guy’s a genius and Oliver’s worried that he’s truly invincible with that sort of stuff under his control.
Regardless, Kazami figures he’s waited long enough and it’s just about time for the base to blow up. He yells out that we’re going to disappear alongside the Skull Moon!

Inside, Jeela, Taichirou and Teral scramble to disable the base's self- destruct mechanism – once this is dealt with, they’ll just need to mop up the remaining enemies.
Gagarn and his men rush over to stop this and Dalton’s pissed that Teral also set free the remaining POWs after his escape. Teral is indignant that they’d blow up the base with all these innocents still in here but Gagarn sniffs that they were slated for termination anyway, so there was no point in worrying about them.
The generic prisoners aren’t happy with his blatant disregard for the lives of others but Gagarn is hardly willing to listen to their complaints – he’s the future ruler of the Universe, after all – and orders Dalton and Mesa to eliminate them.

: I won’t allow it! By my pride as an Eldar, I’ll defend these people with my life!
: Very well, Teral. You can die first!
: !


: Aah…!
: Jeela!
: Gah! She shielded him?! The next one won’t miss, though!
: Get him, people!
: We’ve got them outnumbered! Take them out!
: These worms--!
: What are you doing, Dalton? Fire! Kill them all!!

*Beam x3*

: Urgh!
: Don’t stop! Make them pay for all the people they’ve killed!

* YEAH!!*

: L-Lord Gagarn! We’re going to be overwhelmed!
: Pull back, quickly! I can’t possibly die in a place like this!
: Halt, Gagarn!
: I’ll remember this, Teral! After I’ve slaughtered the Earthlings, I’ll make sure to hunt you down!

*Gagarn, Dalton and Mesa run off.*

: Lord…Teral…
: Stay strong, Jeela! Gagarn’s run away!
: Don’t worry...the self-destruct system is…deactivated.
: Why, Jeela?! Why did you shield someone like me…?!
: I might have been to fool Gagarn…but I still betrayed you for a moment… this is atonement for that…
: Nonsense! Now that Leets is gone, you’re all I have left!
: No, my lord… many of the Eldar… are still waiting for you…
: Jeela…
: Lord Teral…watch over the Eldar’s…futu…re…

: Jeela…I will rescue our future… this, I swear to your soul.
: Cmdr. Teral…
: And Gagarn... I’ll strike you down with my own hands!

Back outside…

: The self-destruct system’s deactivated, Toshiya! You don’t have to worry about that anymore!
: Thanks a bunch, dad!
: Our victory came at a heavy cost… the rest is up to you, ZEUTH!
: Grrr! Then I’ll simply crush you personally!
: It’s now or never, Julie, Kiraken! Let’s use that!
: Aye, aye! Go for it, Toshiya!
: What is it that you think you’re doing?!

: Professor Kazami… the God Sigma doesn’t belong just to you anymore!
: We’ll show you an attack you’ve never thought possible!
: Come on, Professor!

: I-Impossible! How could you use the Big Wing like that…!
: That’s impossible…IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEE!!

: Professor Kazami… strength is magnified many times over by those who put it to use…
: Their life-threatening attack surpassed both your imagination and your science.
: Professor...
: I guess this is goodbye...
: No, not yet. He managed to eject before the explosion.
: He’s trying to get away?! We have to go after-
: Wait! There’s something else coming from the base!

: Eldar ships!
Running off now that Kazami and their self-destruct plan are gone, eh?
: Dalton, Mesa, I’m headed to rendezvous with the main fleet at Goma! Defeat God Sigma and claim the secrets of the Trinity Energy!
: Roger that, Lord Gagarn!
: That’s the Eldar Commander?!
: That creep’s leaving his mooks to deal with this while he bails!
: Silence, Earthlings! I’ll face you myself, should you actually make it to Goma!

: Just you wait, Gagarn…! We’ll be doing just that!
: Once we’re over, we’ll put everything to bed with you and your posse!
: And, for that, we cannot afford to be defeated here!
: Indeed! Fight for this planet’s future, warriors!