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Part 209: Mission 53 - Lunar Showdown - Part 3

So now God Sigma has a new attack. Big Wing has 100 more Base Power then Sigma Breast, much more range, and gives God Sigma a post-move ALL. It is, of course, still hideously expensive But since I have two other units that can inflict an Armor Down debuff now it's not near as necessary to start every boss with Sigma Breast. Just remember that 88 EN cost is after E Save.

I want these Zeravire gone, so Kei shaves off nearly 13,000 HP off one.

The stragglers will be gone by next turn.

And, of course, there's this shiny new attack I got last stage!

I send a MAP down this way. Techniclaly Gainer and company are in the Friendly Fire Zone, but Gainer and Sara are way to dodgy to be hit and Tekkouki is too tough to care much.

Sandman's taken quite a beating, so I heal him up.

Then more MAPing.

I've moved everyone a bit further south to force the Vegans to get closer to join up with the Zeravire.

And it worked!

Blowing up that one gets Talho another level of Lift Technique.

And then another one teaches Talho her final Spirt Command, Love(65).

Of course Vega will target Duke.

: The Vegan Empire’s Army is no more! Your title of Emperor means nothing!
: Silence, Duke Fleed! All I have left to live for is to snuff out your life!
: I need nothing else, not Rubina, not the Skull Moon Fortress!
: Then come on, Emperor Vega... but know that you're just one of many enemies I face!
: And that's why you're not going to be the one to kill me!

“I should have killed you before, Duke Fleed!”

“I won’t be deterred by that, King Vega!”

“King Vega! This ends here!”

Turn 5

Well there's a nice start.

Hi Gandal! Haven't seen you since Stage 5!

: Duke Fleed! Do you have any idea what you've put us through?
: But no more! We settle our long score today!
: Gandal! Lady Gandal! That's exactly how I feel!
: This is for all the destroyed worlds of the Vegan Empire, and for everyone that still wants peace!

I'm actually kind of sad he hasn't shown up more.

Because, come on, he's a giant blue man with a tiny woman living in his head.

In which when the tiny woman wants to talk, opens up his face like a door.

You just don't see that sort of wackiness in most modern anime.

And now he's dead.

With it, Kappei learns his final Spirit Command, Bonds(50). Which is an interesting choice. It totally fits Kappei at the end of his character arc, no doubt about it. Plus there's the fact that it's possible the player has put Zambot 3 in the back of Banjou's squad for easier Space Combination access, so this gives him some support elements. Over all, a good Spirit Command for Kappei to learn.

And Rubina learns her final Spirit Command too. It's Wish(60). So we have a third character with Wish+SP Regen! It's wonderful, I know.[/i]

Lady Gandal orders Gandal to escape immediately but he can’t and gets blown up.
Kouji can only hope we’ve seen the last of him and Vega adds revenge for him (them?) to the pile of reasons why he wants to kill us for. Fine by Duke, who’s more than willing to put him down if he won’t surrender.

Meanwhile I start just throwing out Valor/Soul boosted TRIs to wipe out the rest of the Zeravire. I have SP to spare.

So I meant to show off one of Sara's attacks here, but...

Gainer and Tekkouki were too good. Gainer hits Level 8 in Oversense.

Luna and Birin both get another level of Prevail.

Heizaemon too, getting his final Level of the skill.

And Kei's final Spirit Command is, to nobody's surprise, Love(60).

Darn it, these two jerks decide to snipe at Roger rather then move down come the enemy phase.

Turn 6

Well, in an awkward moment, I actually forgot to record the video of me blowing up those two jerks. It was funny too, since I had planned to feed one to a Love boosted Sandman, but then Kei went "Nope!" and oneshotted a 20,000 HP Battleship Midboss.

Here's what they had to say;

: If we can only take Godsigma, Lord Gagarn would rule the universe!
: I'm not going to let you waste the Professor's and my Trinity Energy like that!

When shot down:


“I can’t die!!” (He does.)

: Godsigma! Hand your power over to Lord Gagarn!
: We can't let Trinity Energy fall into the wrong hands!
: Now that Professor Kazami's lost it, we're the only ones who can protect it!

When shot down:


Dalton goes down with the standard amount of

Oh well, the important part is up, me blowing up Emperor Vega. First, I save so I can have a special Father/Daughter chat.

: Father... must we fight like this?
: If my daughter has joined the side of Duke Fleed, I have no daughter! Only an enemy!
: ...this is all I can do for you as your daughter... Father! No, Emperor Vega! I must stop you!
"Father... I'll face you of my own free will!"

And reload!

Vega himself isn't much different then he was way back on Stage 5. He's just a bit bulkier and higher leveled. Plus, he has a Barrier part on him, which is mildly annoying. Other then that, he's not too tough! Let's finally finish the last episode of Grendizer, which started all the way back at the start of the game!

: We've been butting heads for a real long time, Emperor Vega, but that ends today!
: Then come, Kouji Kabuto! For you and Duke Fleed to die at my hand is all I desire!

: I-I am the ruler of the Universe! The fearsome Emperor Vega of the Vegan Empire!
: For me to fall like this…GWAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

: Father… You wouldn’t understand even at the very end…
: What the Universe needs isn’t a ruler but allies who’d welcome a prosperous future together.
: Ruin was all that awaited an empire who couldn’t see that.

: All enemies confirmed destroyed!
: We managed to pull through…
: Not yet, captain! This fight isn’t over if we haven’t dealt with Kazami!
: He fled into the Skull Moon Base, Toshiya!
: Professor…You will not escape! We’re going to end this ourselves!

: Curse you, ZEUTH… how dare you push me to this point…!
: I need to get off the moon and rendezvous with the main fleet at Goma if I’m going to have my revenge on them…
: You’re not going anywhere!
: Hrm! You!
: Surrender, professor, and face the consequences for your crimes.
: Silence! You, a mere apprentice, dare to lecture me?!


: Professor! Drop your weapon!
: Stop this, professor! It’s me, the adorable Kiraken! (Brunom says: this is not a typo and he does say this in the original series. It’s become sort of memetic.)
: Silence! SILENCE!!

*BEAM! x3*

: Pull out your gun, Toshiya! Fire back!
: I…I can’t…I can’t shoot him…!
: AHAHAHA! And that’s your weakness! You cannot bring yourself to attack humans…especially those you know!
: I could never aspire to any true scientific breakthrough working alongside people held by such pointless notions!
: And it’s for that reason why you sold your soul to the devil, Professor?!
: What do I care about gods and devils?! I’m the greatest genius in the galaxy – the greatest genius in the Universe!!
: Enough!
: Will you shoot, Julie? Can you actually pull the trigger on your mentor?
: I can…!
: So, ultimately, your righteousness is just an act?! What a joke!
: Hrm…!
: Move, Julie! I’ll take the shot!
: Leave it to me! I’ll put him down!
: No…I’ll do it – I have to!
: Is that so, Julie? Then I’ll be taking you with me!!


: W-what?!
: Kazami…! This voyage to Hell is yours alone!
: Teral!
: Uuuuurgh! But I’m the greatest intellect in the Universe! How?!

*Kazami drops to the ground.*

: Sleep alongside your unfulfilled dreams, Kazami…
: Teral…
: Forgive me, Toshiya… but I could not bring myself to forgive this man.
: …We couldn’t either. Thanks, Teral…
: …This all feels like a nightmare… I can’t believe that kindly man would end like this…
: Rie…
: What happened to the professor who adopted me when I was an orphan…?
: He was obsessed with his research and the war twisted his spirit beyond recognition…
: At least that’s what I want to tell myself...
: Professor Kazami…you were just like Hugi Zeravire…
: Science has to be used for the betterment of mankind… without its guiding heart, research quickly devolves into wanton violence…
: I will not forget you, Professor Kazami… your intellect, your zeal…and your end…
: Goodbye, professor… We’ll fight on and watch over the Trinity Energy…
: Toshiya…
: Thanks, dad… we only pulled this off because of you guys and Teral.
: But we’ve lost many lives in the process...
: What about my parents? What about them?!
: Forgive me, Kiraken…
: They…
: I’m sorry…
: (Such a fruitless battle I’ve fought…)
: (We broke our prohibition on time travel and all that was born of it was suffering for the Earthlings…and the loss of my companions…)
: This isn’t your fault, Teral…
: Toshiya…
: What happened to the professor and with the Eldar’s future…it’s all because of war itself…
: So we have to fight on and put a stop to it.
: I’ve heard that the main force of the Skull Moon Alliance is massing at the Zeravire’s mobile fortress Goma.
: That’s where we’ll have our showdown with the aliens, then.
: I’ll accompany you. It’s my wish to do anything in my power to end this pointless conflict.
: In the name of the Eldar peoples and the subordinates who were killed by Gagarn’s greed… I’ll readily lay my life on the line to atone for what I’ve done.
: Roger that, Teral. We could use your help.
: Toshiya… I’ll be joining those people who helped you in battle and, together, we’ll wait for news of your victory.
: Leave it to me, dad. We will pull through and keep our future safe.

Fudou relates to Sandman that Hugi’s words were heard the world over and, from what Raven’s gathered, there’s widespread panic across Earth and the Colonies – way things are going, there's a real possibility that mankind might self-destruct before the aliens even strike.
That might’ve just been the point of Hugi’s transmission and Heizaemon fears the people’ll turn to the UN for information and will grow even more unnerved as the Black Charisma’s already pouring more fuel into the fire with his/her rumor mill.
Diana has an idea to get around this, though, and recommends we move back to the Moon Race’s capital of Genganam: she still has faith in human rationality and is willing to stake our future on it.

Location: Lunar Surface, Genganam – White Palace


To all who are watching this message, I am Diana Soreil of the moon. I’m certain you’re confused due to the aliens’ recent declaration but I feel the need to inform you of the war called “Black History”.
It’s the war that destroyed Earth in the past and similar legends to it can be found in several of the worlds which were combined into this one. I cannot tell you how it came about or how it ended at the moment but... I’d like for everyone who lives in this world to be aware of something concerning this ancient tragedy: we might well be following the path towards repeating it.
While conflict could certainly be the fate of humanity – and of this multi-dimensional world – I still believe that we can overcome this and shape a new future together. And you know what we must do in order to make it so, don’t you?
Now is the time we, as the inhabitants of the same world, must join hands and stand firmly against the storm – the alien threat is an ordeal humanity as a whole must face.
At the moment when we’re capable of seeing beyond our own interests and prevailing against this ordeal, that’s when we’ll truly be residents of the multi-dimensional world – and when we’ll be capable of forging a new age for ourselves.

: This is being transmitted the world over?
: If not everyone, I’m sure many people are seeing it over the UN.
: A very good show, Diana Soreil. That’s quite the sensible speech.
: Do I detect some slight sarcasm? Nevertheless, I’m honored that you’d praise our Queen.
: I apologize if that offended you, Cpt. Harry. I do admire her heartfelt words.
: As a matter of fact, it seems several of the world’s rulers are already declaring their support to Diana – including Chairman Durandal and the Federation’s new interim president.
: This response from the leaders is quite natural: opposing a call-to-arms against a known external invader would result in a major PR blow for them.
: And, so, humanity is banding together.
: …I don’t think it’ll be that simple, unfortunately.
: What do you mean?
: I’m quite sure that Durandal and Scirocco are plotting their next moves, despite this momentary cease-fire.
: Those two might even see the alien offensive as an opportunity.
: How can they think only of themselves while all of mankind’s in danger…?
: That’s just another side of humans, boy.
: And it’s truly regrettable…
: But, at the very least, the civilians have calmed down now.
: All that remains is to assault the alien invaders. If we lose, there’ll be no tomorrow for humanity.
: Your Majesty…excellent work.
: You look satisfied.
: I’m proud to be amongst her protectors of the Royal Guard. Why, that is precisely what allowed me to meet you in the first place, Kihel Heim.
: Thank you, Cpt. Harry.
: This position puts two women in my charge... or perhaps even more than that.
: And that makes you happy?
: Indeed.
: Will your eyes still be set on Queen Diana?
: My real eyes will be watching another Lady.
: I’m aware. Is that why you’re always wearing those sunglasses?
: Whaaa?! Is that really true, Cpt. Harry?!
: …
: You think all our sunglasses men are like that?
: Lt. Quattro, Cpt. Jamil and Olson? Really?
: That is true, ladies. You must be wary of men who hide how they truly feel.
: Roger that, Ms. Haman.

: I ask of everyone who’s watching: humanity must pool its strength together and prevail over the trials ahead.
: I have faith that the strength and the wishes of humans will create a better future.
: (And ZEUTH will pave the way as our vanguard.)

In Orb, some of the Diana Counter soldiers are having serious second thoughts in the wake of the broadcast. Cagalli allowed them to settle in Orb as a gesture of good will but now what? Will they continue to go around, trying to take the Earthlings’ lands?
Perhaps they don’t deserve to live in this world… just then Meeya shows up and prods them to stop brooding so much. She asks if they know about Exodus and paints a parallel between the Siberians and the Moon Race, both leaving their homes in search of a new place to live.
Their Exodus has always been to find their promised land with Diana and, without her here, this is no such thing. They are the Diana Counter and should live alongside their Queen, so they’re going to appeal with Phil to be reunited with her, in the name of fighting to create their new era - together!

The soldiers are all hyped and Meeya decides to sing a song for them. Ruble complains that she’s always singing where there’s no money to be made but Meeya considers she’s singing for 2 bucks.
She remembers that girl who sold her an orange at a loss way back when (Mission 16, Galia route) and now sees that it was Diana herself. So, as per her promise, she’ll now sing for the Moon Race’s Exodus.

That’s the end of that for Setsuko players but Rand gets one final Bazaar goodie:

Pala’s quite surprised to see that Genganam has its own Market and Enil asks why Garrod’s hauling around his preserved bouquet; seems like, with everything that’s been going on since the D.O.M.E. rescue, he’s still waiting for a proper chance to hand it to Tifa.
Witz tells him to just stop hesitating and go for it already but Garrod says he’s always gotten so nervous whenever he tried to do it. Roybea tells Witz to shush, considering how jittery he was when he gave Tonya a ring before our trip to space.
Witz is annoyed that Roybea saw that but, actually, Enil and Pala say that pretty much everyone saw it: Sochie, Gavane, Adette, Kouji, Maria, Boss… that said, Roybea confesses that he’s a bit jealous of the guy’s progress.

Just then, a little girl walks up, mesmerized at the sight of real flowers: many Spacenoids never see genuine flowers in their lifetime, what with how rare they are up here.
Garrod sees that the girl’s pretty taken with them, so he lets her keep it. As thanks him and runs off with a huge smile, Pala asks what about Tifa. Garrod figures he’ll have plenty of times to get her presents during the rest of their lives so it’ll be fine.
Diana walks over and commends his attitude, making the Garrod get all bashful of being praised by the Queen. Regardless, Diana wants to offer him something on behalf of the Moon Race.
He'll gladly accept whatever she has to offer and she figures he might just find it useful in the battles to come.

And it’ll be very useful, indeed, because the Soul of Steel is a Haro for Super Robots (Mobility +30, Weapon Hit Rate +25, Weapon Crit Rate +30, Armor +250)!
This is the last of Rand’s secret parts and it’ll suit any of our Supers, especially dodgier ones like Gravion and Baldios. Here’s the path we took to get it: