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Part 213: Mission 55 - Shine Forevermore, Our Planet - Part 2

Chapter 55 Part 2

Turn 3

So Sandman joining back up refreshes Toga and Faye's HP, EN, and SP. Which is why I made sure to completely blow through it all on the first two turns.

The main issue with the Frost Brothers showing in in a desperate attempt to piss in our cereal again is their MAPW. Just mark the spots where they can hit.

The main issue with Gym is that he drags along two midbosses, and unlike the Frost Brothers, who spawn close to the rest of the enemies... he's back here in the corner.

Now, one might be tempted to simply ignore these jerks. After all, the objective hasn't changed. I need to defeat the Zeravire, then Goma, and the stage is done and I'll even get the Battle Mastery. But you know the game can't make things that simple.

Shoot down Ghingnham. +1 Ending Point
Shoot down Shagia. +1 Ending Point.
Shoot down Olba. +1 Ending Point.

Three Ending Points ride on shooting down these jackasses.

Time to start clearing the path.

Merrybell ejects, promising she won’t forgive us for this.

Sara hits Level 6 and Cynthia gets Level 7 Oversense.

The Qubeley has a really good Tri. It's 6 Range, 6 Ammo, and Post Move.

Shinn and Luna/Stella head down to help out with the Frost Brothers next turn.

In then proceed to plunge into the horde of Zeravire+Fallen Angel Guests.

In general it's best to ignore the G-Bits and Fallen Angels though. The Zeravire and bosses have priority.

Remember the Akatsuki's other frame? It can't fly, has bad Ground ratings. But it gets a good Space Rank, and access to this attack.

Meanwhile, Toga, Faye, and Sandman have their own Special TRI when together.

Here's a demonstration on what happens when you give a 2L Super Robot Attack Again.

And with that, it's on to the next turn.

Goma moves down. It won't be able to progress enough to get even close to the edge by this point.

The Fallen Angels are just kind of there.

And Gainer straight up oneshots this guy.

Goma only has two attacks. Here's one.

Turn 4

It's time to start taking out these jerks.

Actual correspondence between me and Brunom about the ending point for Stage 52:

Dr Pepper posted:

Man, getting that ending point was tricky.

Even with Fury I did too much damage to one thanks to one defending.

Then it hit me.

MAP Attacks! They can't defend from those and they don't have ALL Damage reduction, so I blasted them with Seven Swell, High Straight Turret, and Lohengrin until both were in Satellite Cannon Death range.

Brunom posted:

You do know that you can select different single targets for your main unit, yes? Just press R1 and you can hit one while ignoring the other.

Dr Pepper posted:


: Our battle has yet to end – not until we’ve sated this hatred!

: Oi, just how stubborn are these guys?!
: We’ll worry about them after dealing with Goma!

Oh yeah. When you defeat Gym or either Frost Brother, they just heal up instantly.

: No…! I will not die until I see the world end!

: Such tenacity…!
: Don’t worry about him right now! Focus only on stopping Goma!

And we're done with them.

Time to deal with the other jerk. Now, did you know that there's actually a special cut-in for using the Moonlight Butterfly on the Turn X? Well, here it is.

And Sochie levels up, getting Level 8 Prevail.

And here's the Zeta's strongest attack, Waverider Crash!

And Four hits her final level of Cyber-Newtype from it.

: AHAHAHAHA! You’ll have to do better than that to fell my Turn X!

: His fighting spirit’s this invigorated from the battle…?!
: We don’t have time for him! Focus on stopping Goma!

Back to dealing with the Zeravire.

It's not that hard.

I just start throwing out Valor boosted Tris and ALLs because I don't really care!

I leave enough weakened for counterkills on the enemy phase will handle the bulk of them. On to the final turn!

For the enemy phase, I just dodge and defend Fallen Angel, Moonrace, and G-Bit attacks. No point in wasting EN and Ammo countering them at this juncture.

Except for this douchebag.

Swesson’s taken more hits than he can take and is forced to run off.

Remember how Goma has two attacks?

This is the second.

Turn 5

I start by clearing out the last few remaining Zeravire.

I burn a Zeal cast to help speed things along.

But with the rest of them gone, it's time to take out Goma!

So let's get to work on this thing. Analyze and Daunt.

Gravion Zwei

* Prevail (Level 8) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.

Squad Leader Bonus
Immune to the Special Effects of weapons.

So Goma is somewhat like the Artifical Sun back on Stage 44. It's a big brick wall in which the main challenge is completing all the other objectives in time to beat it.
Of course, unlike the Artifical Sun, this has actually threatening attacks. The MAP version of Energy Wave is massive, and you saw how much damage it did. The other version is "just" a ridiculously powerful ALL Attack. And, of course, take a look at the size: freaking
It will take a ton of punishment and do a ton of damage in return. Also it has the most HP of any enemy thus far, to the point where the game doesn't even bother telling you how much until it's crossed the 100K HP threshold. But, of course, we're in endgame now. This sort of thing stopped being insurmountable long ago! Planet Sized monster aiming to consume the world? Bring it!

: What’s all this energy?!
: Look! More Zeravire are being sent out!

: So many…!
: We…We can’t fight these many at once!
: You can’t give up! Let doubt get the best of you and it’ll quickly drag you down!
: Easier said than done! There’s only so much anyone can do!
: I-Is this it for us and for Earth…?
: Hold on! Something else is coming!

: The Eternal…Lacus!
: ZEUTH…and soldiers of the Federation and the Aprillius Allied Army as well… Please lend us your ear.
: Lady Diana! The Soleil is back under her command!
: Diana! You’ll try to lead the people astray with your words once again?!
: No… I’m not the one who’ll be delivering this message.
: Everyone…please listen.
: Lacus Clyne?!
: (No…it’s Meer!)

: An unprecedented crisis is bearing down upon our world.
: Now, more than ever, is the time where people must look beyond their nations and organizations and join together in order to protect that which they hold dear.
: Please… listen to my voice and lend us your strength. For the sake of all the people who live on this Earth…
: Captain, why is she doing this?! She can’t—
: Lacus and Queen Diana have allowed it! Be quiet and watch!
: (We can never be anyone but ourselves.)
: (So, put your dreams to song. Do this for no one but yourself.)
: This world cannot be filled with any more pain and sorrow. I’ll sing…for peace…
: With faith that everyone’s strength and wishes can save the world…
: Lacus is singing…
: It’s beautiful…
: It bears her soul on every word…
: (Please…let my song touch their hearts…)

Location: Zaft Battleship

: With faith that everyone’s strength and wishes can save the world…
: Lacus Clyne is singing…
: Is that the real one? O the fake…?
: …That doesn’t really matter.
: Where are you going, Dearka?
: What good is Zaft if we stay put right now? I’m gonna go prod Yzak to get off his ass.

*Someone walks over*

: Hmph… I don’t need you to spur me into action.
: Ah, you’re finally ready to go?
: I’ll take full responsibility for this. Joule Squad, we’re launching!

: Minerva, prepare for takeoff!
: But the Chairman’s orders were to stay on standby…
: We’re already far too late for this. Hurry!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: (Shinn, Lunamaria… we’ll also do everything we can…)
: (You are our hope, so don’t give up…)

: The Minerva! Zaft’s on the move?!
: The Federation Army’s also coming!

: Target the Zeravire! Open fire!

: This is Talia Gladys, captain of the Zaft battleship Minerva.
: We’ll cooperate with the Federal troops and provide support for ZEUTH.
: You’re late for this party, lady!
: Our thanks, Cpt. Gladys.
: No…like Holland said, I admit that our response was much belated.
: Had her song not spurred us into action, this could well have ended terribly.
: My song touched them…
: That’s right. Your song moved all these people.
: More and more troops are gathering to support you!
: We’ll keep these Zeravire from you and deal with them ourselves!
: So you go and take care of the big guy!
: Shinn, Lunamaria. Fight well.
: Roger that, Cpt. Gladys!
: We’ll give this 110% - for all of humanity!
: All troops, encircle the Zeravire and drag them off this sector!
: We’ll do the same!

: The song bearing her life… it’s managed to rouse their hearts.
: Fools! That’s even Durandal’s imposter and they--!
: Olba, we must sever this problem at its root!

: You’d impede us, Lacus Clyne?!
: Why do you protect that fake?!
: Silence! Being 'fake' is what you did to yourselves! And so I cannot allow you to stop her singing!!
: Lacus…
: It is society that’s shunned us!
: And you were the ones who gave in to that! I ain’t letting people like you mess with our world!
: She’s singing not as Lacus Clyne but as just another person! This is her genuine, heartfelt song!
: Urk…!
: Away with you, seekers of destruction. And if you still wish to fight, I’ll take up arms against you as well.
: We’ll retreat for today, Diana Soreil.
: But we won’t forget this.

: Hmph… the Fallen Angels lost their will to fight as well?
: Ghingnham…!
: I must say, I’m impressed, Diana! Out of respect for what you’ve done, I’ll also stay my blade.
: But the Black History will happen, with or without the assistance of this broken machine! I’ll make it so!

: Is he seriously trying to bring about the end of the world?!
: Forget him. Our priority now is putting a stop to that evil planet.
: Lacus…Lady Diana…
: You’ve done well. Get some rest.
: Meer… your voice stirred the hearts of so many people.
: You’re not Lacus’ replacement. That was your own song.
: Thank you…Athrun…
: The wishes of all those people have been entrusted to us…!
: And we won’t let them go to waste! We’re winning this for them!

: Pool your strength together, everyone…!
: Milan, we’ll be joining them.
: Yes, your majesty. The Diana Counter stands at your command.
: Don’t forget, people: we’re fighting with hopes of so many people riding on our shoulders!
: Attack! Bring down Goma!
: (Did you hear me, Kappei? You’re also carrying the hopes of many.)

So we have another new Battleship. You know, just in case you didn't have enough in this game.

∀ Gundam
Diana Soreil - Soleil
Voiced by Rieko Takahashi
Milan Rex - Soleil Subpilot
Voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe

* Support Attack (Level 3) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Cooperative Attack - Whenever the pilot performs a Support Attack, that attack will automatically be a critical hit.
* SP Regen - Gains 10 SP at the start of each turn.
* Commander(Level 4) - Allies in an area (denoted by yellow squares when highlighting the character) have an increased hit and evasion rate. The size of the area and bonus increases by level.

Spirt Commands (Diana):
* Trust(20) - Restore 2500 HP to an ally.
* Cheer(30) - Grants one Ally Squad the effect of the "Gain" Spirit Command.
* Bless(50) - Grants one Ally Squad the effect of the "Luck" Spirit Command.
* Love(60) - Casts Accel, Valor, Strike, Alert, Spirit, Luck, and Gain.
* Wish(60) - Casts Luck, Gain, and Faith on an allied squad, and raises all pilots Will by 10.

Spirit Commands (Milan):
* Focus(20) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Vigor(20) - The caster regains 30% of Max HP.
* Strike (20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.
* Guard(30) - The caster takes 1/4 damage from all attacks for one turn.
* Renew(60) - Fully restores the selected unit's Energy and Ammunition.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Adjacent allies gain +10% attack power.

So, the Soliel can be compared to the Eternal. They're both battleships with Support heavy captains that have SP Regen. The differences between the two... Lacus has SEED which means her attacks will do a bit more damage, but that's balanced out by Diana's innate Cooperative Attack. Plus, Diana has Love which can come in handy in a pinch. Use either you want, or neither! It's not like the game doesn't throw a million battleships at you.

Back to saving the world from Goma.

Do it Toga, Eiji!

And from it Toga learns his final Spirit Command. Zeal(75) You know, just in case Sol Gravion wasn't crazy enough. Annnd since, you know, six pilots, I can save the bulk of Toga's SP for this!

: Goma’s stopped!
: But if you don’t fully destroy it, it’ll restore the damaged parts and keep going!

: Fellows of the Gran Knights! The time has come to unleash Gravion’s ultimate evolution!
: “Ultimate evolution”…?!
: Now, may it all come together as one!!
: Toga! Throw everything we’ve got at that thing!
: Let’s go, people! This will end it once and for all!!
Ultimate Gravion is a Combination Attack between God Σ Gravion and Sol Gravion. It's now both Gravion's strongest attack, and provides a good reason to stick Sandman in a squad with Toga.

: We did it... we did it! It’s a complete win for us!!
: No, it’s too soon to celebrate! We must go help Kappei’s team!
: Leave this sector to Lacus and I. Go after them.
: Ichitaro, what are Kappei and the Bandock’s position?!
: I’ve just pinged them! It looks like Kappei’s mounting an attack inside the Bandock!
: Then set a course for them!
: Hold on, Kappei! We’re coming right now!

: Lady Diana... Earth’s been saved, right...?
: Yes… thanks to your song touching so many…
: I…finally managed to sing from my heart…
: (She knew she was dying but still sang with all her remaining energy… she poured her life into those lyrics…)
: (She wanted to leave proof of the life she led… not as someone’s replacement but by putting her own feelings to song…)
: I’m such an idiot… I could’ve sung so much more… had I realized this…sooner…
: …
: Meer…
: Thank you so much, Lacus… for granting my selfish wish...
: I’ll never forget your song…and your heart…
: I only regret...
: I couldn’t…meet with Athrun again… and sing…just…for…him…