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Part 214: Mission 55 - Shine Forevermore, Our Planet - Part 3

Location: Bandock – Interior

: What is this place…?! Am I in the Bandock’s core?!
: An intruder…a human from Earth…3rd planet of the Solar System…?
: That voice…so you’re that smug guy who showed up and started yacking back there!
: You are Kappei Jin…?
: Who the hell are you?! The Gaizock’s boss?!
: I am simply Computer Doll nº 8, created by the beings of the Gaizock world.
: You’re just some computer?!
: Correct. I was designed to respond to life forms with malice within them.
: So, what, the Gaizock are actually just another crazy system like the Zeravire?!
: No, the Genocidron System has lost control and drifted from its original purpose.
: Whereas my decision to exterminate the Earthlings was based on my regular directives.
: Say what?!
: Once… the world of your ancestors, Beal, was similarly filled with evil. Thus, I purged it.
: Afterwards, I entered a deep slumber. However, another world was detected overflowing with malice, causing me to awaken: your world.
So you’re saying that humans…that all of us are evil, is that it?!
: They are selfish beings who hate, lie and kill one another. It’s not possible to deem them to be “good”.
: They’re a threat to the peace and stability of the universe… I was created by the Gaizock precisely to remove such life forms.
: You’re wrong! Humans are good people!
: Then why do the Naturals hate the Coordinators?
: !
: Why do Shagia and Olba Frost curse the world’s very existence? Why did Sirius d’Alicia choose to awaken as a Fallen Angel? Why did Professor Kazami betray you?
: That’s—!
: People transform their own kin into weapons and take the lives of others with the press of a button. They do so without any hesitation. Why?
: Why did the Bloody Valentine occur? Why was REQUIEM fired? Why did the Black History come to be?
: All these events happened by the hands of the beings who live in this planet called Earth.
: But it’s only some humans who are like that! You can’t just tag everyone as evil!
: Have you really been fighting us because of this crazy logic?!
: Then, tell me: why have you opposed me?
: To protect Earth!
: Did the earthlings as you to do so?
: Earth’s our world! We HAVE to keep it safe!
: So you’re defending it for your own sake?
: No!
: You’ve suffered and you’ve hurt throughout these struggles, no? Will the malicious beings of Earth be grateful for that?
: Sh-shut up!
: None of the beings of Earth would welcome your victory with open arms. The fact that no one stands here to help you proves it.
: You’re wrong! I know you’re wrong!
: Do you think there’s even one being on this malice-ridden planet who appreciates what you and your family have done?
: You have been deceived to fight and I shall now remove the restriction placed within your mind.

: Ah…aaah….it…it’s cold, dad…
: What…what happened…?
: …
: You…what did you do to me…?!

: AAH!
: I have removed the effects of the hypnosis that enabled you forget your fear. You are no more than a common child now.

: S-stop! PLEASE!!
: S-someone…! Someone help me!
: Dad! Grandpa! Ichitaro! Anyone, please!!

: Aah…please…stop…I can’t take this…I’m scared…
: You and your friends have been sacrificed in the name of a meaningless battle for which you’ll never be thanked for.
: Stop…stop…
: The fear you’re feeling is a natural response. However, you had it hidden away and were made to fight.
: …No…
: You’re wrong…!
: I…I was serious about fighting! For Earth, my friends and for what’s important to me!
: It wasn’t worthless...or meaningless! We…we--!
: That’s right, Kappei!

: Uchuuta, Keiko…you’re alright…?
: We got a few scratches but yeah.
: Still, we have to keep on fighting – for all our loved ones!
: You’ve also had your fear sealed away? I’ll release you from this curse as well.
: S-stop! STOOOOOOOP!!
: It’s useless. You cannot do anything while terror grips your heart.
: Kappei!
: Are you...!
: I’m…so scared…
: But I’m sure that Hamamoto and the others… were even more… that’s why…that’s why, I…--!
: That’s why I won’t lose to you, Gaizock! NEVER!!
: Fool. You’ll die here.
: !

: The King Beal!
: They shielded us?!
: Aaaaah! Let’s go, Zambot Combination!!


: How?! How can you still fight?!
: You go around treating the lives of others like trash! As if you’d understand!
: Can you keep going, Kappei?!
: I’m Kappei Jin! I can’t give in to freaks like him!
: Is the Beal OK, Ichitaro?!
: Don’t worry about us! Go!
: Your resistance is remains futile. What can you possibly do by yourselves?
: Wrong! It’s not just the Jin Family that’s gonna fight you!

: You’re absolutely right, Kappei! None of us will surrender to some computer who has no grasp on the human heart!
: You’ve overcome your fear in order to fight. We’ll follow your lead!
: Gaizock… we’ll put an end to all of this, here and now!
: Computer Doll Nº 8! It’s time for you to realize that it is you, who spreads war across the universe, who’s the evil one!
: Hang in there, Kappei!
: Everyone here knows you can win this!
: You heard that, computer? There are loads of people who believe in us!
: And while there may certainly be bad people…there are far more good men and women on Earth!
: …My protectors, the ones who claim dominion over death itself…reborn when one who’d dare lay siege to the Bandock emerges…
: I now remove the seals of the Death Knights!

: So that’s the Gaizock’s ace in the hole, huh?
: He’s free to bring out anything he wishes! None can stop us now!
: Come on, Gaizock! I’ll keep fighting, no matter what you say – this is for my dear planet!

We stopped one automated genocidal robot army, time to stop the second!

These Gaizock grunts are really a formality.

They may have 20k HP, but everybody has max Will and Full SP.

It's kind of a slaughter.

Enemy phase was uneventful, by the way. And this is the turn I finish that slaughter.

Because I got a million Valors.

Repeat a few times.
Ah I remember when I first used this waay back on Stage 8. And here we are, finally ending the Gaizock.

Oh yeah, and Kappei's Will is set to 200.

Leads to amusing things.

I MAP two of them to death because I can.
I need to put Cynthia in the leader spot more often.

And just like that they're all gone. On to the enemy phase!

Oh yeah, I forgot about this. Oops.
Oh well nobody died!

Invincible Super Man Zambot 3
Computer Doll nº 8 - Bandock
Voiced by Takeshi Watabe

Squad Leader Bonus
* Hit Rate +30%, Critical Hit Rate +20%

Yeah. It's the Bandock which we've been dealing with all game. But this guy isn't even half the threat Butcher was. I mean, the only scary thing it has is the MAP. But we've dealt with it now and won't see it again. Time to hammer this machine down.

: Yet another man who’d persist in a meaningless struggle, disregarding the malice that lies in humans…
: I’m afraid so, you outdated computer!
: No matter how many times I’m hurt and betrayed, I’ll continue to love humanity!
: You’re no more than a sanctimonious mass of tech and I’ll put an end to you! I swear it on the sun which’ll illuminate Earth’s future!

: Jin Family. Just like Beal, in the past, Earth is now full to its brim with malice.
: And, so, it must be destroyed?! Talk about an arbitrary decision!
: You cannot be serious! Do you think you’ve the right to play God?!
: If you fancy yourself God, then you should be more benevolent to people.
: I’ve made the decision to destroy Earth in the interest of peace across the Universe.
: Humans aren’t bugs for you to sweep away and we won’t put up with your self-righteous logic!
: Even if that world is filled with malice, it’s still our home, Computer Doll!
: We’ll oppose you and make Earth a better place, even if slightly! You will not interfere!

And Gain hits Level 7 Oversense.

: Do you still not understand? There’s no point in this thankless struggle of yours.
: We’re not doing this to get props for others!
: That’s right! No one’s forced us to do this – we fight of our own free will!
: Even if I’m scared, I’m not letting your words bring me down!
: Take a look, Hamamoto! I will bring home this win!!
: I am defeated… victory is yours…
: However…this world remains ridden with malice. The risk you’ve taken upon yourselves in order to save it is ultimately—
: Shut UP! If you’re done then get outta my face right now!
: I don’t wanna listen to any more of your crap!
: Remember…your struggles are all…meaning…less…

: Like hell it’s meaningless! We…we’re…--!
: …We’ll prove that computer wrong. And, for that, we have to persevere in our struggles.
: So long as we have a world and people whom we wish to protect, there is meaning to what we do…. That’s what I believe in.
: And there were plenty of people who were moved by that Lacus’ song… hope is alive and well with them around.
: Kappei…you alright?
: You really were scared, huh…?
: Yeah… but I just couldn’t accept what that guy said… that’s why I kept fighting.
: And…I’m gonna keep going. This is why I joined ZEUTH.
: (Kappei… you’ve found meaning in your struggles by overcoming your fear.)
: (You’re no longer a child. Now you’re a grown warrior.)


: Grandpa, Queen Diana’s sending another message to the Federation and the Allied Army.
: Retrieve all units. We should also listen in on this.
: (The alien threat is now gone, so what could Lady Diana be up to…?)

Diana opens from the Soleil, declaring the alien threat eliminate after the help, and sacrifice, of many. Problem is, humanity’s domestic enemies are still pushing it straight down the path of the Black History and the world’s destruction.
“Thus, I now extend a request to the New Earth Federation, the Aprillius Allied Army and all other major powers, to gather and parley.”, she says. It is her hope that, with the mutual exchange of ideas, some agreement might be possible in order for us to avoid our end.
She warns the people that there are those who ridicule humans as foolish creatures and, truthfully, that evaluation is perfectly reasonable, face everything. However, she believes humanity can rise above that and wants to trust the leaders of all organizations to choose wisely what’s best for the future of everyone.