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Part 215: Mission 56 - Your Self, My Self - Part 1

Welcome back, folks. Last time we took out the Zeravire, putting an end to the alien invaders, and now Diana has called all of humanity’s leaders to slap them across the head and tell them to stop being idiots.
Will it work? Well, we still have 5 missions to go, so… it doesn’t look good. Still 18 slots and no event deployments, so here’s how we’re going:

FYI: even though there are no events, there are plenty of secrets so make sure you deploy Kira, Athrun and Shinn at least. Setsuko players will also want to deploy Camille.

Athrun laments Meer's death, figuring that it was he who started her down her unhappy path and should never have consented to what she was doing.
Kira tells him not to blame himself as there’s much we only realize in hindsight – hell, Kira himself admits that they could’ve bought into Durandal’s rhetoric had he not sent assassins after him and Lacus.
The problem is Durandal is insistent on deciding how other people, not just Lacus, should live according to his own whims. Those who refused were as marked as unneeded so, ultimately, none of them can allow such an arrogant man to remake the world.

Of course, Lacus reminds them that Durandal’s not the only man trying to seize control over everything and all of them should be coming to Copernicus to participate in Diana’s summit.
If it falls through, it’ll obviously mean that our people will have no choice but to take to the field again. That said, Kira’s ready to do what’s necessary if Durandal and the others leave us with no other choice.

Loran ponders the effect of Meer’s song over the hearts of so many people but Sochie sees its valued diminished since she died for it. Poe says, despite that, Meer wanted to lay whatever life she had left in one final song.
Harry adds that people always have a purpose in life and it seems that Meer’s, someone who had been living as someone else, was to finally sing a song of her own. Indeed, Poe says that the Diana Counter has also remembered their purpose so they’ve all returned to Diana’s command while Phil has been assigned the duty of watching over the Moon’s cities.
As for Poe, Diana has allowed her to keep working on the Soleil so she’ll be fighting alongside us for as long as we’re working together. Sochie’s a bit miffed, however, still remembering that Poe was the leader of the group that first attacked Vicinity and killed her father.

Kihel doesn’t want to dredge up the past but while Poe won’t make any excuses as a soldier, who was just doing her mission, she does ask for Sochie’s forgiveness as an individual. Sochie stares at her for a bit and agrees to let this be.
As Loran often said, nothing good comes out of letting hatred guide us and the fault behind her father’s death lies, first and foremost, in the horrors of war. Ergo, Sochie’ll redouble her efforts to see all this conflict brought to an end and extends a welcome to Poe if she feels the same way.
Poe thanks her and says she now understands what Diana saw in us.

Sochie and Poe have overcome their individual conflicts to fight together for peace and the same goes for Kira. He’s made several mistakes along his way but, thanks to all the things he learned from the people that he’s met, managed to steel his heart to do what's necessary.
Loran figures everyone in ZEUTH’s on that same page and while Shinn doesn’t think might makes right, he’s willing to bear the pain of following this path as there are things that can only be defended by fighting.
That said, Athrun and Kira tell him not to make the same mistake they did: if he runs into Rey out there in the battlefield, he should do everything he can to convey his feelings with words. That’s just what he’ll do as he still doesn’t want to take up arms against him.

It won’t be long until the meeting of the world’s leadership starts and Matthew’s annoyed that Stoner gets to be there to get the whole thing on record, still wearing his reporter hat and witnessing a key moment in world history…Hap’s more concerned with whom they’ve chosen as the mediator for the whole thing, though.
Regardless, Kei’s surprised that all these bigwigs actually came in the first place but Olson figures Diana’s timing left them with no choice, lest they turn public opinion completely against themselves.
Amuro sees deeper into the conflict, figuring it's a clash of individuals even more than a clash of ideologies. Said differently, it is a certain set of individuals who are ultimately behind the war – mind, he doesn’t mean that they’re the sole thing behind it but they’re certainly at the root of it all.
So, if we strike those individuals down, their respective organizations should capitulate in short order. Concentrating such power in one leader seems like poor management to Olson but there's no shortage of such people on the current world stage and Amuro figures these people agreed to this summit precisely because they wanted to confront their “rivals”.

Quattro has gone as ZEUTH's representative and Shaia has gone to represent both the Emaan and the Chiram.
Holland's gone too, which Hap figures is something of a preliminary skirmish against Dewey before things go down between them. Talho wonders if Holland will actually be able to have a conversation with the guy but both Renton and Jamil figures he’s managed to free himself from his past enough to at least do that.
Talho would like to think so but knows that Dewey’s always been a completely different matter as far as Holland’s concerned. Kei and Mimsy tell her to relax as worrying too much won’t be good for her baby and, on that note, Talho’s just reminded that there was something she wanted to speak with Mimsy about.
On the matter of the S-1 refugees, Marin’s reports that Aphrodia and Teral are hiding the Algol into subspace using a bit of its remaining energy and he can only hope the Earthlings won’t try to attack as its pretty much filled with only civilians now.
Raita’s ready to stand in their defense but Julie says this is another issue that hinges on the Copernicus Summit as humanity as a whole will need to decide what to do about the refugees.

One problem with this conference is that the Federation is at a major advantage, thanks to the disinformation on the UN.
The UN has it that the Feds were the ones who took out the Skull Moon Alliance, and that ZEUTH got in the way. This has the Chimera’s stench all over and Kei isn’t happy with their cheap tactics but Hap can’t argue with the results: all the civilians are seeing the Feds as their saviors now.
It may be that the UN, an ideal method for widespread thought control, is the Federation's true ultimate weapon. It won’t be long until the minds of many are fully indoctrinated by it and all we can do is trust in Quattro and the others to safeguard Earth’s future.

Location: Lunar Surface – Autonomous City of Copernicus, conference hall

Roger was the chosen mediator and encourages a free exchange of ideas and positions as the only way to eventually reach a solution for the crisis gripping the world.
Scirocco begins with a question for Diana: she’s here representing not just the Moon Race but also the independent nations of Orb and Fort Severn…but does she have the right to do so when she can’t even keep the Ghingnham Fleet under control? Diana protests that said fleet has already broken ties with the Moon Race and while she did invite Gym to be here, he unfortunately refused.
Scirocco sneers that her star power seems to avail her not against this “god of war”. Perhaps he was mistaken in choosing her as the queen of the next era?
Diana does not appreciate his sass, considering what they’re here for, and Haman interjects that the Feds have also lost control of the Frost Brothers so they shouldn’t deign to criticize others. Scirocco brands them as mere rebels, like Gym, and says they’ll be dealt with as such (the Federation doesn’t want pointless battles, you see).

On the subject of the Federation, Quattro does wish to know the reason for Edel’s, one of the group’s major leaders, absence which Dewey answers with the claim that she's got her hands full maintaining order on Earth. Quattro inwardly figures her focus isn’t on the politicking going on here but elsewhere, and Holland growls that “maintaining order” is a funny way to describe brainwashing the masses through info doctoring.
Roger warns him to watch his insinuations and Dewey, with his smug face, quips that Holland’s the funny one here.

Durandal, magnanimously, reminds everyone that humanity’s future is at stake here but Haman sniffs at his high-and-mighty attitude, considering how “careful” Zaft was during the Skull Moon Alliance’s invasion.
Durandal accedes that their response was tardy but says he had no intention of remaining passive as the aliens conquered mother Earth – the on-site crew decided to attack sooner than planned but they WERE going to deploy eventually.
When Quattro asks, Durandal figures mankind should be able to come together now that the demon and alien threats are gone. Indeed, he preaches harmony between all peoples, as he’s done since the start of the conflict.
Quattro finds that a flimsy justification for his secret alliance with the Chimera and his overly dramatic reveal of the Sage Council. Durandal says those were necessary actions and, as a result, they were able to sweep away part of the corruption nesting in the Federation.

Of course, that did nothing to stem the tide of war which Durandal describes as the responsibility of the new Federation leader, Scirocco. Scirocco says that was just par for the course as both Naturals and Earthnoids share a deep, mutual hatred with the Coordinators and Spacenoids and adds that it’s impossible for both sides to simply let bygones be bygones at such late a juncture.
With that in mind, Durandal has one final proposal: rather than both groups seek mutual destruction in war, they could simply acknowledge each side’s right to exist and agree to leave each other to their business. “Both groups take the same planet as their homeland and, yet, you’d suggest them ignore each other? That’s unnatural.”, Dewey objects. “That’d simply lead to the stagnation of humanity as a whole – I can't well approve such a method”, Scirocco adds.

Diana sighs that the Federation wants to keep fighting this badly but Scirocco objects that, no, they do not desire the extermination of the Spacenoids – Logos and the Blue Cosmos have long since been gone from command, after all.
As Durandal glares, Scirocco states that he simply believes that this harsh world needs order and stability in order for humanity to grow properly… which means, Quattro surmises, that he wants the Federation to dominate everything in order to pull that off.
Holland asks him to admit whether or not he also wants the moon and the colonies, given how messed up the Earth itself has become thanks to the Feds' bid to wipe out the Coralians. Dewey counters that their efforts are necessary for the continued existence of humanity and opposing it would simply lead the world towards the Dimensional Collapse.

Durandal agrees and takes it as all the more reason why they need to see that a perpetual cease-fire is made between their sides – if they can agree to that, he promises the Aprillius Allied Army’s support to the Coralian’s extermination. Haman stops him right there, as that cease-fire would simply give him the time to implement his Destiny Plan and Scirocco tells him to come clean as everyone here knows about it, and its results, from the Black History.
“I’ve also been informed of those two “Category F” men. However, they are simply examples of the Destiny Plan being misused.”, Durandal says. “And with you at the stirring wheel, everything will go perfectly. Is that what you’re implying?”, Scirocco counters.
Indeed, as Durandal believes that the source of all fighting, across the histories of every world, derives from the fact that people don’t know their role: by giving people the perfect role for their potential, they’ll bring the root of hostility under control.

Quattro doubts many humans could be satisfied with their course in life decided solely on their genetic code; Durandal concedes that some unrest is expected but says that everything will be fine once that is dealt with and, then, humanity will ascend to greater heights.
“Suppressing dissenting opinions through force is a crime against human dignity itself. To say nothing of the fact that deprivation of freedom in the name of "order" is nothing if not tyranny.”, Diana opposes.
Shaia adds her voice to the chorus, saying his plan would mean abandoning the very essence of life: it’s up to every person to live as they want and to make – or not – good use of their potential.
Durandal counters that people wouldn’t end up in Shaia’s situation if the system was in place – yes, he’s talking about her and Maneesha’s problems and, yes, he poked through her private life. The Destiny Plan would’ve chosen the perfect couples so there wouldn’t have been that love triagle over Maneesha’s husband.
Shaia takes it to mean that Durandal thinks she abandoned her life on Emaan for her sister’s benefit but tells him back that she never once thought her decision was something to be sad for – because that was the choice SHE herself made, with no one else’s input.

Scirocco loves to witness Durandal’s failure to convince this one woman and says it’s obvious he will be unable to calm the unrestful world – the only way to do that is by force.
Durandal hasn’t discarded that option, mind, and Diana inwardly wonders what could be the reason behind the Chairman’s unshakeable resolve.
Regardless, Scirocco admits, his methods notwithstanding, both him and Durandal are on the same page on the fact that humanity has no future without guidance: the only difference is that Durandal wants to do so via their genes while Scirocco figures a new genius is what’s necessary.
Neither Diana nor Quattro are buying either method, saying that one person should not be allowed to decide the course of the world on a whim. “Such is the answer of the great Zeon Deikun’s failure of a son?”, Scirocco quips while Quattro glares at him.

This talk of great fathers gets a smirk out of Dewey and, when Holland asks, says that any new King only has right to ascend to the throne by striking down the previous one. Holland asks if that’s why he killed their father but Dewey fires back that Holland’s just as guilty of killing their mother.
Holland says that wasn’t his fault but Dewey doesn’t see it: Holland took their mother’s life during labor. This “matricide” led their father to dub Holland the next King – the successor to the Novak household – all in accordance with what little Earth tradition remained to them.
So, Holland accuses, Dewey refused to accept that and went on to kill their father in the name of acquiring the same “right”: “Indeed. The Novak family brought the pilgrims back to the Promised Land and I am its leader.”, he says.

Holland isn’t impressed, considering the only thing that happened after Dewey’s patricide was that the other noble families tore their household apart and left them destitute. Regardless, Dewey says he’s become King by his own efforts, all in the name of saving this world.
Holland insists that, regardless of the Ageha Project, Adroc never wanted the Coralians to be exterminated but Dewey once again counters that their awakening will push us past the Limit of Questions and lead to the dimensional collapse – extermination is the only way to prevent it.
Holland’s not having it and, so, Scirocco asks how he suggests we deal with the Coralian threat… he’s not going to ask the world to hang on the chance we can reach an understanding with the things, is he? Holland doesn’t like his mocking tone but Durandal also isn’t inclined to bet the world’s fate on something so uncertain.

“My, you’re quite the prototypical hippie, hm? You criticize others with your sentimental rhetoric but fail to offer a single tangible solution.”, Scirocco laughs at Holland’s silence. Shaia tries reminding them that, in case communication with the Coralians fails, they can still do the Dimensional Repair to save the world.
Durandal, however, sees that as an even more extreme case of self-righteous oppression: when the Singularities touch the Great Singularity, they’ll be able to trigger the process but the problem is that, then, the Singularities ALONE will have the power to decide in which way space-time is rebuilt.
Is that not the greatest example of a few people arbitrarily deciding the course of the world, the very thing that Char was so fiercely opposing, Scirocco sniffs and Quattro can’t well think of a rebuttal.

Shaia suggests everyone work to build a perfect dimensional manipulator and, with that, perform the Dimensional Repair together but Dewey says there’s just not enough time to do that before the Collapse happens.
Besides, that tech is too much for mankind to handle, as the Second Break proved. Holland is adamant that he will not tolerate the Coralians’ destruction or Dewey’s arrogant methods and Dewey himself is getting annoyed by his “immature bellowing”.
Diana does point out that a lot of damage has been done to the Earth by attempts to get rid of the Coralians. Wouldn’t it be a much more reasonable policy to try to reason with them up until the very last minute? Holland agrees, especially since they’ve found Eureka’s partner.
“Eureka…that human-like thing has long since served its purpose”, Dewey scoffs and that does it for Holland. Before he can jump after Dewey, Roger yells at everyone to pipe down as he won’t tolerate any irrational outbursts.
The two brothers are at each other’s throats and Durandal sighs that it’s seemingly impossible for us to find common ground. That sounds to Scirocco like Durandal’s giving up and setting war as the only way to settle this (not that he was about to entrust a dreamer like Durandal with anything, mind).

Haman asks if Scirocco’s intent on setting himself as leader of the world but he swears he’s not that conceited and will absolutely retire once the world’s at peace.
Diana seems like the appropriate person to lead, he thinks, but she says that the very fact that he thinks he’s the right to make that call showcases his hubris. While an agreement is impossible, Durandal admits that both he and Scirocco already have a vision for the post-war.
“But what about you, Char Aznable?”, Scirocco asks. Ultimately, he’s a mere pilot and ZEUTH, while having much strength at its disposal, lacks a clearly defined goal - that makes them the truly dangerous force here.

Durandal agrees, pointing to our limited vision as what brought about the endless conflict of the Black History. Regardless, Quattro’s still unwilling to accept either of their plans: “Even if I cannot bring about a new age myself, others will certainly rise to make it so.”
Haman inwardly wonders if Char’s implying that he’d sacrifice himself for that…

Regardless, Scirocco and everyone else have had just about enough of this and, amidst the delegates’ glaring, Roger sees no choice but to end the summit. Shaia’s dejected that no agreement has been reached but Roger sighs that this is the reality when neither side is willing to accept the other.
With this option exhausted, the only one left is the foolish one: everyone’ll stick to their principles and see what prevails. Diana quietly swears to Meer and Teteth’s souls that she will not yield in this battle to secure a world where people can live freely.

Mel and Setsuko are dejected that things will be coming to blows after all, though Rand isn’t so surprised considering Roger’s negotiations usually end up breaking down.
He’s not blaming him for it, however, as things had long since gotten past the point where they could’ve defused it with words. Roger agrees, though he tells Dorothy he had no interest in things ending like this.
From where Stoner sat as a reporter, nothing but this outcome was possible, and Setsuko figures mankind as a whole has driven itself into this corner. Kouji and Rand, however, figure that’s where we come in: our job is to put things back to rights.
Dorothy deadpans that Rand’s as optimistic as ever and Mel says that’s one of his redeeming features. Setsuko herself is also willing to do what it takes, having long since steeled herself for this.

Regardless, the battle between the Federation, the Aprillius Allied Army and ZEUTH will start soon and Quattro says, in three hours’ time, we’ll begin our assault on Zaft’s mobile fortress Messiah which has reached Earth’s atmosphere.
The thing’s clearly Durandal's trump card and while Haman doesn’t know what it can do, they wouldn’t have moved it all the way here without something in mind. Quattro's not happy that this foolish battle was the only way out, but Amuro and Shinn tell him to cheer up: they've still got something worth fighting for, which is creating a world where everyone can live happily.

Kira and Camille agree as, even if this IS foolish, our minds are made up so he shouldn’t keep tormenting himself. Amuro figures Quattro already understood that, which is why he stood up to Scirocco in the summit.
Indeed, Quattro, as a member of ZEUTH, is still holding onto hope and, actually, he’s thinking of a way to potentially save the world… and the key to his plan will be Amuro and his Nu Gundam. No time to explain, though, as Beltorchika shows up and says Durandal’s running another world-wide broadcast.



…The Copernicus Summit, intended to safeguard this world’s future, has, unfortunately, ended unsuccessful. At this moment, my friends, I feel the same frustration and sorrow as you surging within me.
Why have things turned out like this…? Though I know there’s no point in pondering this, my heart still searches for an answer. In the previous world, I and my fellow humans suffered through war… and, at that time, we made a vow to never allow such a thing to be repeated.
However, despite that, the people refused to befriend their new neighbors. The flames of war were rekindled, raged out of control and now we once again experience the same pain.
How in the world were these foolish tragedies repeated? As I said before, one reason was, without a doubt, the Sage Council. They who hid the truth, cultivated enemies and disseminated fear in order to incite violence, all in the name of safeguarding their status and sating their own desires…
Thus, I denounced these men who thrived in the shadows of the various worlds…however, all that achieved in the New Federation was transferring its reins to someone else.
That is precisely why I’d like to say this: our greatest enemy is the greed that lies within each and every person. We must defeat and extricate ourselves from it as the quickest way to bring this conflict to an end.
…I now proclaim the start of the Destiny Plan, the final bulwark in defense of mankind’s future, and all those who oppose it shall be decisively struck down.

Mission 56 (ZEUTH) – Your Self, My Self

Over by Messiah, Durandal’s aide is reporting all preparations complete, with Yzak’s squad on standby. Durandal asks about the situation across the world and, while there is some disturbances here and there, most nations seem to be simply observing things play out.
Durandal sighs that such is the state of this world: the people are afraid of what the future may hold and wait for someone to tell them what to do. As for the nearby sectors in space, the aide reports Axis and AEUG troops are already running skirmishes at their flanks but the Federation is apparently biding their time.
This means ZEUTH will obviously be coming this way first while the Feds are probably waiting for us to open a gap in Zaft’s defenses before attacking. However, this is exactly what Duranda wants and he asks how preparations are going on “that”.
The techs still need a bit more time but it should be ready soon enough, the aide says. Sounds like they’ll be fighting to buy some time so, just in case, Durandal wants Talia called over as well.

Rey’s also present and Durandal professes his disappointment that no one at the summit was willing to listen to his appeal for harmony. He sighs that this never ends but Rey says Durandal had no choice face the others’ rejection of his words.
Hell, if Durandal had shown weakness now, the world would’ve been once more plunged into chaos: it’s unfortunate, but if this war continues, it’ll eventually bring about the Black History. Rey doesn’t want to allow the world to go down that path…even if he won’t be there to see it.
He vows to make the Destiny Plan a reality just as ZEUTH’s approach is detected: “And, so, the curtain rises upon the final battle of mankind…”, Durandal says.

: That’s the Messiah…?!
: They’ve brought some Gondwana-class carriers, too… they’re really going all-out here.
: But…
: (Rey and the Minerva haven’t deployed…?)
: We’ve no choice but to face them…
: Yeah, especially after everything it took to get here.
: It’s come down to fighting, after all… but we’re going to put an end to this today…!
: Right!
: Dreams and hopes for what the future might hold…these are what give people the power to live.
: Take those away for whatever reason, and humanity will be ruined, reduced to a life in stasis.
: And that ain’t no way to live!
: Yeah! I ain’t sympathizing with those bros but no way I’m putting up with that Destiny Plan!
: This battle is for the survival of both the world and the people.
: I won’t hold back! Let’s go!
: As beings who are alive, we must stand against what would destroy us: the dead world the Chairman desires.
: Right…!
: We’ve got the singing princess cheering us on, eh? Sounds good to me!
: We’ll keep walking with our heads held high. Such is the choice we made.
: (That’s right... we must seize our present if we’re to have a future.)
: All units, open fire! Break through their defensive line and bring down Durandal and his Messiah!
: Shinn…!
: Rey… this battle is my own choice! I won’t hesitate anymore!!

Mission Objective: Shoot down all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any allied ship shot down
Skill Point: Shoot down all enemies within 7 turns.
Got a long, long mission ahead of us and, just a heads-up, I won’t be going for this skill point. I absolutely COULD but, in the interest of maximizing boss dialogue, I’ll have to take the long way through this (not like I need any more skill points for stuff).
IF you want this skill point, however, you’ll need to prepare for the Federation’s eventual assault: enemies will be coming over by the SW and, especially, SE corners so I’d recommend setting some MAPWs beforehand (I like Renton on the SW because the spawns are in a wider area and Loran SE for that armor down money).
Were I rushing for the skill point, I’d send… Shinn, Kira, Banjou and the Dynamic bots up north, Renton, Rand, Kei and Gainer west/southwest and everyone else east/southeast (Aquarion doesn’t need to get as close, of course). Once the SW spawns are done, that group starts moving up as well to deal with whatever Zaft troops are left and, especially, the big carriers.
There’s a lot to do, so don’t be afraid to pass on this point on a first playthrough.

The new Gondwana is just a huge blob of HP (3L size!) which could’ve been a lot more bothersome had it a competent captain. These guys only have Commander L2, so it won’t have much longevity against people that ignore that size penalty.
It only has one, pre-movement ALL attack with 1-7 range which packs a punch, especially with that size, but it’s still only a suped-up Garuda.

So, let’s begin our advance. I’ll just spread my troops out willy-nilly since I’m not on a timer.

They have juuuust enough HP to survive being doubled by Gainer.
Sadly, we can’t just shoot at the exhaust port to insta-gib these Croudas, so Kira swoops in to finish the leader while Kei’s group nabs the rest.

I suppose losing the Zekes didn’t cost Durandal much as these revolutionaries are being surprisingly bulky.

Loran’ll handle it.

There it goes.
Toshiya takes one of the squaddies…..

By the by, Renton had an absurd amount of PP saved due to my Seven Swell shenanigans so he’s now dropped Prevail in exchange for Attack Again and a about +30 to his melee and skill stat.
There isn’t a single enemy in the game he can’t double attack – that’s including any and all bosses.

Kouji follows Rand’s jab for an easy kill.

Following Quattro’s barrage, Shinn moves in to see if he can’t finish off his Vertigo squad.

Turns out he can’t with morale this low… so Haman hops on over and blasts them all into oblivion.

Marin weakens, followed by Garrod downing this Crouda leader.

Touga can pulls this off by himself, though.


Enemy Phase!

That’s one weak target suiciding against Rand, Roger and Haman.

Renton gets one too because there’s just never enough blood on his hands (601 kills, the closest second being Kei at 423).

Things have moved way past the point where the International Court of Justice needs A Nirvash file. The thing already has an entire department dedicated to it.

Moving away from destructive forces of nature, Baldios and Duke trade blows with healthy Croudas.

Rand’s HP is starting to dip a bit, which means things start getting Crushed.

Here comes a Vertigo after Quattro and I realized we never saw its Beam Saber.
It’s actually pretty cool!

The Patoulias, of course, snipe at people. Most Zaft mooks stay put but this one had a bone to pick with Shinn.

Player Phase!

Moving on, Banjou takes of two Croudas and Hayato moves for the survivor.
Unlike other series, Hayato doesn’t get to run in space.

The western Patoulia barely survives Renton and Kei’s assault (would’ve died if I’d remembered to use Analyze).

Quattro’s weakened Vertigo group gets blasted by Roger and only the leader survives. It gets wrecked by Apollo.

Our ships can snipe down some low-HP mooks.

Like so.

Kira and Garrod clean up the survivors.

Nearby, this side’s Patoulia falls to Amuro, Toshiya and Loran.

Off goes Duke to do the same.

There we go.

With some help from Sandman’s glinting smile, Murrue takes out a Crouda and learns Love.

Those clever ZAKUs that tried their hand at Shinn eat a Thunder Flash for big damage all around. Shinn himself takes out the two survivors.

This actually pushes Lacus to get her battle face on before anyone else… I guess the empress is mad.

As Kouji wrecks a nearby Crouda, Rand moves to finish Murrue’s squad.

Easy money.

Now we’re getting this party rolling.

Bright wrecks one last Crouda and that’s it for the revolutionaries except for one lone Patoulia.

Enemy Phase!

Said Patoulia trades blows with Roger.

Gainer gets bugged by four ZAKUs while Shinn gets two ZAKUs and a GOUF. All of them are weakened.

This GOUF chooses a different target.

Then it proceeds to spit in the face of probability by connecting with 57% and dodging a 94%. Philistine.

One ZAKU gets a bit too close to Shinn and gets sliced in half, triggering SEED.

Loran gets jumped, countering with his trusty rifle.

“I’ll be an Ace if I bring down a Gundam!”? You gotta have eyes for that to happen, son.
Amuro tangles with 12 other MSs but only weakens them all… hey, he’s still rusty!

Player Phase!

Took you long enough.

As Loran blasts a weakened group of ZAKUs into oblivion, Diana spots easy prey.
That’s some pretty beam but why is it rainbow-colored when all other Mega Particle Cannons are purple, yellow or green?

Another of Amuro’s targets, this batch of GOUFs gets wrecked by Toshiya. Kill enough mooks or wait enough turns and the plot triggers.