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Part 216: Mission 56 - Your Self, My Self - Part 2

: We’ve got ships approaching! It’s the Federation!
: All troops, scatter! Here they come!

: There are so many of them!
: The Feds really do have the upper hand in sheer numbers!
: Now is our chance…!
: Neo-GENESIS, standby! Target: Federation Fleet!
: !
: Everyone! Evasive maneuvers! The Messiah’s doing something! (your troops do reposition)
: Disappear…! Neo-GENESIS, fire!!

: Didn’t even care that his troops were around there? I gotta tip my hat to you, Gilbert Durandal!
: Damn it! How can Zaft have this much firepower?!
: So that’s the strength of the Messiah…Durandal’s little trump card…!
: It’s a miniaturized version of Jachin Due’s GENESIS…!
: If they’ve brought that fortress this close to Earth, then…
: The Chairman’s going to use that to attack his opponents on the surface?!
: That’s just like my…like Patrick Zala!
: It seems their preparations were ahead of our predictions.
: But there’s still time before it can fire again! We’ll claim victory within this window!
: The Federation’s moving to attack all of us at once!
: They lost a chunk of their folks but that fleet’s still huge! What’s the plan, Quattro?!
: Our goal is to put an end to this war. We must face both sides…!
: Are you too stubborn to grasp the situation you’re in, Char Aznable?
: Paptimus Scirocco…!
: Our struggles may be foolish but this war is far more so.
: We believe a better future lies beyond this battle, so we’ll persist!
: Whatever the enemy and however crappy the situation gets, we won’t give up!
: We’ll bring down Zaft, the Federation and this war itself!
: Shinn! Look at the Messiah!
: That’s--!

: The Minerva!
: And the Legend… Rey’s here, too!
: …
(from the Minerva): Soldier of the Aprillius Allied Army! Our victory here will signal the start of a new era for mankind!
: Chairman Durandal…! He’s come to the frontline himself?!
: He wants to bring all this to a close...!
: The guy’s got stones, just like Scirocco and Quattro!
: One last show from you, hm, Durandal?
: The Destiny Plan is the only way to subjugate human greed, the root of all conflict! The ultimate system by which to save humanity’s future!
: A system to manage society via the people’s genes… it’s finally being put into action…
: The Chairman’s actually serious about it…?
: War is a part of politics… you could say that the Chairman’s been fighting precisely for this moment…
: So the Destiny Plan is the true purpose of the Aprillius Allied Army…?
: (Gilbert…you’re…)
: It seems the Allied Army has been briefed on what the Destiny Plan entails.
: And Zaft and the revolutionaries are still supporting it…?!
: The Coordinators probably don’t mind, as they need only engineer their genes according to the Plan.
: So the thing’s practically a way for them to rule over the Naturals?!
: I guess so. Still, I doubt everyone supports this, even among the Coordinators.
: They may also have doubts within them but force themselves support this vision simply because it’s the Chairman’s.
: They’ve given up their self-determination…!
: The multi-dimensional world’s birthed a great anxiety within the people… that is what’s brought mankind to this point.
: We cannot yield to such men…! We swore to think for ourselves and to stop that society from becoming a reality!
: Then we’ll have to fight Cpt. Gladys in order to stop Durandal…?
: But…
: …There’s no other way.
: Accepting the Destiny Plan would mean the death of humanity… but those who do not obey will be killed.
: One way or another, the world would be finished.
: (Here you are, Lacus Clyne…and Kira Yamato.)
: Soldiers of the Aprillius Allied Army, mankind does not desire the future that the Chairman would guide them towards.
: If the pride of having fought, united, in the name of peace still remains within you, make way!
: …What are you gonna do, Yzak?
: …
: I’m just about done, you know? The idea of a world with this Destiny Plan running is sending chills down my spine.
: If something like that happened, there go all my chances of getting back with that Natural girl.
: Shut it! We’re all Zaft soldiers here!
: There are still plenty of Feds outside of Neo-GENESIS’ firing range, so all units head out and hold them off!
: You lead them, Dearka! I’m going to check what Kira’s group is all about!
: …Roger that. The rest is up to you, chief.

: Those people backed out…
: Looks like Lacus’ words had some effect.
: But there are still plenty we’ll have to fight!
: If they think what the Chairman’s saying is OK, then we’re just gonna have to slap ‘em back to reality!
: Right…! The world will never change if the people can’t think for themselves!
: (Rey…you need to understand that, too…!)
: Chairman, I’ll dispose of any enemies that approach the Minerva.
: Please do, Rey. Your targets are ZEUTH and Paptimus Scirocco.
: So, ultimately, you wish to personally bring an end to this. Why, Durandal…we truly are alike.
: However, there is no room in this world for two such geniuses! All units, open fire! Crush ZEUTH and Zaft’s flagship!
: Let’s go, Lt. Quattro…!
: …
: Char...
: Lt, you—
: Whoever wins this battle will be responsible for humanity’s fate and I stand ready to do everything that’s within my power…!
: But I’ll do so as just one other dweller of this world!

Here’s a quick look on what we have to contend with:

Jerid and Mauer are packing new Baund Docs and they’re quite bulkier than their old Byarlants. They can’t use their TRI, so the strongest attack available to them is a Scattering Mega Particle Cannon which is a 2-5 range, post-movement ALL attack.
They’re more dangerous than before thanks to this but we have plenty of experience dealing with them.

The real threat here is Scirocco in his swanky Dogosse Gier battleship. The thing has massive range with an ALL Mega Particle Cannon and you can bet it’ll hit everything forever thanks to Scirocco’s stacking Newtype, Genius and his leader bonus (Accuracy Rate +30%, Counterattacking damage +20%). Hell, he can even dodge with the thing.
It’s equipped with a MAPW High Mega Particle Cannon which also has long range, so you’re advised to approach at a diagonal angle. Thankfully, Scirocco still has no defensive skills whatsoever so keep Confuse running on approach and take that ship down quick.

Yazan’s crew the same as mission 51 and Löwen and Schlan, despite not saying anything in the previous scene, are also present and leading a squad over by the SW corner. They’re actually much weaker than on mission 47 (probably to account for all other bosses present), which is why you won’t need many folks here to take them out.
Have Renton nuke as many units as possible and let your SW team clear up the rest.

FINALLY, here’s two of the secrets were going to be tackling today:

Secret Alert!
Yeah, this’ll take a while. Also:
Much easier.

I set Renton to nuke Schlan and as many ships as possible, using his extra move to also double-attack about 70% of the guy’s HP away.

Deploy it!

That’s 21 enemies down!

Schlan quickly declares that he cannot continue and retreats. Touga expected much more of a fight from him and Eiji’s sure he’s up to something.
Olson sees that the Chimera apparently aren’t taking this seriously and Atena wonders why. Banjou ponders that Edel might be preparing for a decisive battle of her own.

Pretty much every other special system triggers after this.

Let’s get rid of Löwen, too, just to err on the side of caution.

I actually wanted Rand to get an attack in but Tetsuya is too strong.

Rand and Setsuko did have stuff to say if they attacked any of these two:

: Something's not right, darling! The Chimeras aren’t even trying!
: The hell…? Are they messing with us or something?

: None of their attacks are being threatening… are the Chimeras holding back?

Like Schlan, Löwen backs off easy which, again, strikes everyone as strange since this is supposed to be THE showdown.
Gain smells fish and Setsuko wonders if they’re conserving their forces for something else.

Back to work, the last Patoulia falls to Aquarion and Murrue, while Gainer starts hunting what’s left of the Chimera’s side.

Nearby, Duke greatly weakens this trio of Euclids. He dodges the counter by proccing double image (I gave him a Hyper Jammer).

The Gran Knights have a special TRI, too.
I didn’t mention before but Zaft’s mooks are now yacking so much about “Durandal this, Durandal that”.

For the sake of expedience, Rand and Ryouma TRI attack two wide squads: the surviving southwestern Marasai group and this batch of ZAKUs, respectively.
Both squad leaders are downed and Banjou takes another ZAKU.

This group had the bad luck of being in TRI formation near Roger.

Triple kill.

Kira blasts another group into oblivion while Shinn takes a leader ZAKU, weakening the rest.
Both kids are headed towards Scirocco’s crew.

Marin’ll finish the job.

Would’ve killed even at full HP.

Camille’s leading the charge against the Titans and falls just short of oneshotting a Byarlant.

Enemy Phase!

Amidst Zaft trying (and failing) to killsteal some weak Feds, this group decides to charge Rand.

The leader hangs on but the squaddies aren’t so lucky. Another weak ZAKU kamikazes against him.

I so wanted to have Shinn use his ALL here but his EN needs some conservation, so he just kills the leader.
The Nazca destroyers are trudging over and Garrod slaps one away.

The last SW Marasai dies to Banjou and these Euclids also play ball, attacking Duke.

There they all go.

Camille finishes his Byarlant and blasts the other trio of Euclids, while Loran tears a hole through this Messala group.

As Baldios oneshots a Marasai, this other batch has the better idea and attacks Bright.

Just 700 damage short. Bright’s also attacked by a second Marasai and Byarlant squad.

Finally, Roger trades blows with this Messala and leaves it barely hanging.

Mauer and Jerid, of course, go straight for Camille.

: Camille... our rivalry ends here!
: Do you honestly agree with Scirocco? You'd fight for him?!
: I'm going to command this whole army, and I don't care whose help I need to get there!
: But I've got to get you out of my way first... you've been a thorn in my side too many times!
: You're fighting a war that the fate of all humanity is going to turn on... on a grudge?!
: I don’t have time to waste on you! Move!
Here’s the Baund Doc strongest attack, since Jerid’s too dumb to deploy in TRI formation.

And here comes Yazan, busting out his new “Spider web” combined attack.

: It's a real blast getting to fight you with so much at stake, Camille!
: You’re just another person fighting for their own selfish desires!
: And what's wrong with that? War’s never going away, no matter who’s standing on top of the world!
: So I might as well just sit back and have fun!
: Damn it, this isn’t a game!!
It’s a whiff but the thing ends after the web connects anyway. The real danger of this attack is that it can stun, so watch it.

Both Agamemnon-class ships survived Renton’s nuke and one get pummeled by Kei. The other snipes away at Tetsuya.

And their turn finally ends, with Scirocco, Rey and Yzak coming closer. Talia is staying put.

Player Phase!

We start working on Scirocco’s cronies, starting with Mauer.

Following Haman’s salvo, Kira has a good MAPW set up.

Yum. That’s 10 mooks dead, including Jerid and Mauer’s squaddies.

Aaah, this is hardly the best set-up but anything to speed this up.

Six more kills, which Bright capitalizes on for another pair.

Now, to follow this up.
Trinity Wing is actually rather different when it doesn’t kill. Also, Yazan is at a loss for words when we cancelled his combo attack by killing his men.

Both Ramsus and Dunkel can’t go on and are forced to eject their exploding units.

Meanwhile, Baldios has left Mauer on her last legs and Roger moves in to seal the deal.

That’s three for three, Jerid!

: Jerid…don’t lose…


*Jerid casts Strike, Invincible and Vigor*

: You…you’ll pay for this, ZEUTH!
: You’ve taken everything from me! I’ll kill you all myself!!
: Jerid... you’re still going to keep fighting over a personal vendetta?!

Camille’s squad has other business, so we’ll have his buddy bring Yazan down.


: Argh! Damn it, ZEUTH! You sons of—

: There is no forgiveness for how you fought…! This world has no place for people who want war!
: Camille…

On the other side, Kei and Gain have just cleared away their last group of Euclids.

Renton’s wrecked one of the surviving Agamemnon and Tetsuya moves for the other.

This side’s almost all clear.

Diana follows up on Duke’s TRI and a GOUF squad is easily dropped. Nearby, while Rand destroys a weakened ZAKU, Ryouma takes away about 80% of this Nazca’s HP, which is finished off by Murrue.

Another Nazca, this one has been weakened by Lacus.

Garrod doesn’t even get to attack.

How about we give Faye a chance to shine?

Zaft status: jacked off.

Amuro switches over and cuts an Alexandria down to size.

Enemy Phase!

Garrod, Loran and Duke get attacked by one weakened Zaft mook each, scoring easy kills, while Murrue and Lacus trade blows with Nazca destroyers.

Bright himself is getting pestered by some Euclids who TRI him.

Ah, right, I had forgotten about you.

There goes his Invincible.

Huh…I thought he’d be going after Amuro’s group.

Player Phase!

Sure, sure.

Roger has a decente MAPW set up but Apollo’s group needs to get away first.

There goes half of Jerid’s health.

Everything dies, save for that Alexandria.

Bright and Diana finish off a couple of Gaplants.

On the other side, Duke weakens a Nazca and leaves it set for Sandman.
That dynamic finish is so adorable.

As people start clearing out other weakened mooks on the center and SW corner, I believe it’s time to worry about those Gondwanas.
I see some GuAIZ in there!
Rand lends an assist and this should go down next turn.

Jiron slaps Jerid around and Kira his second MAPW ammo, destroying the Alexandria.

Time for you to go, buddy-boy.

Amuro also learns Zeal!

: Camille! You’re my—

: (Jerid… what were you thinking at the end…?)
: (What was the point of fighting just to destroy me?)

Moving right along, Loran and Garrod wreck two more Gaplants. While Toshiya and Harry take shots at Scirocco.

Enemy Phase!

Sandman, Diana and Duke claim some weakened attackers while Rand trades blows with the Gondwana.

Yzak has finally gotten close enough where he can attack Kira but we just dodge. Elsewhere, this clever Alexandria through it could outsnipe Roger.


Rey’s getting rather close and the Minerva finally starts moving. Scirocco actually decides to move away from us, probably chasing the weakened Argama.

Player Phase!

Alright, I reckon this is enough for today. We’re about halfway through it all, so we’ll wrap everything up come next Saturday.

See you all then!