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Part 217: Mission 56 - Your Self, My Self - Part 3

Alright, first things first.

: Enough of this, Yzak! Are you actually going to follow the Chairman?!
: Answer me something first! Why do you always have to leave everyone else in the dark?!
: Wha-…
: You think all you have to do is fight and that’s it?! If you figure you’re in the right, then try explaining why to others, damn it!
: Have you learned nothing in these past two years?! Answer me, Athrun!
: …I’m sorry.
: Hmph… at least that sounded honest. You’ve no doubts about of what you’re doing right now, huh?
: Fine. I’ll trust you people.
: Yzak…!
: I’ll join Dearka and deal with the Feds in the surrounding areas!
: Don’t kill the Chairman, though. He has a lot of explaining to do.
: Understood… Don’t die, Yzak.
: Hah… who do you think you’re talking to?

: (Thank you, Yzak… I was just about to make the same mistake as before…)

And there we go, Yzak got to yell at his man-crush and now he’s off our hair.
Also, Athrun did have a pre-battle convo with him if only to say “Hey! Try convincing, stupid!”:

: Athrun... you...!
: Please, Yzak! You have to see the Chairman is just trying to lock the world away!
: If you really believe in something, why can't you say it?!
: And if you'd rather express it by force, force is what you'll get!

I set Shinn over here to see if we can’t bait Rey a wee bit closer while killing some more weak stuff.

Let’s deal with Scirocco’s ship now before he tries anything. Toshiya melts his armor and Diana is ready to tell him off.

I expected a bit more from a Love’d attack but whatever.

Roger follows it up and, then, Kei moves in for the kill.
This thing goes off like a firecracker once it’s shot down.

: The Dogosse Gier is finished…!

: Did we get him…?!
: No, not yet!

: To think I’d have to deploy The O... indeed, they’re foes to be respected.
: Scirocco’s taken to the field…!
: This frigid pressure’s coming from him…?!
: The fact that you possess the power to sense me yet can’t comprehend my ideals shows how irredeemable you are.
: Your arrogance is one of the reasons why space is at war!
: ZEUTH, I won’t let you lay a finger on him…!
: I’ll defend Master Paptimus with my life!
: Reccoa, Sarah…! They’re both under his spell…!
: You’re nothing but sentimental worms, incapable of grasping my genius. Now you’ll receive your due punishment!
: While you’re blind to the reality that’s right in front of you, Paptimus Scirocco!
: Enough nonsense, you impertinent brat! Your lives are but mere drops in the river of history and I’ll make you painfully aware of that!

Here we go, Scirocco’s out for real so let’s see what he’s packing:

The O (Paptimus Scirocco)
Pilot Skills
Squad Leader Bonus: Accuracy Rate +30%, Counterattacking damage +20%

Holy shit, how many accuracy and evasion bonuses do you need, guy?! Don’t even bother casting Focus: you’ll NEED Strike/Sense to reliably connect against Scirocco (dodging is also a crapshoot, even with Confuse on).
His attack power is humongous and he’s very likely to crit as his Skill stat has the absolute highest baseline across all bosses in the game, and, of course, everything else is also sky-high. Keep defensive spirits on when attacking or it’ll hurt like hell (thankfully, he can’t use his strongest TRI attack and he can only double with his second weakest move). All this is compounded by an S rating in space.
The good part is that while The O is quite bulky for an MS, Scirocco has no defenses outside of his dodginess which makes it simple to bring his 85k HP pool down. You gotta get rid of him as quickly as possible… which makes this a bit of a dick move:

Secret Alert!
These only matter to Setsuko players but, completionist that I am, I’ll be following along.

I can’t trigger Sarah’s convince option, mind, but here’s how it goes:

: Enough, Sarah! Don’t you realize how dangerous Scirocco is?!
: Master Paptimus is everything to me and that won’t change, no matter what you say!
: Why, Sarah?! Why him?!
: Katz…your kindness really made me happy…
: But I’ve met Master Paptimus before I met you and Camille.
: You can’t find meaning in your life unless it’s given by someone, just like Reccoa?!
: I don’t care what you think! I’ve dedicated my life to serving Master Paptimus!
: Sarah!
: We need to immobilize her unit, Katz! There’ll be no helping her if she goes on fighting like this!

Rand and Banjou finish off the western Gondwana.

We’ll get rid of Sarah first, opening with Marin.

Haman will follow it up to take out her squaddies.

There they go.

And there she goes, courtesy of Renton’s new supreme Skill (yes, he could double Scirocco).

: I-I can’t take much more…!
: Pull back, Sarah! I’ll take care of everything!
: Please forgive me, Master Paptimus…!

: Stop using her to carry out your agenda, Scirocco!
: You’re free to think that if you wish, Camille, but I am merely guiding her.
: Indeed…Sarah needs me, just as the world does.
: Get off your high horse! What you’re doing is keeping her in shackles!

Camille does have a pre-battle convo with her, though:

: Sarah! If you won't disarm, you'll leave me no choice!
: We're enemies! We have to fight to the death!
: I'm not going to kill somebody who isn't fighting of their own free will!
: !
: If you're just fighting for Scirocco, you're nothing more than a machine... I'll disable your weapons!


: Listen to me, Reccoa! Scirocco’s dangerous!
: I know that but he still needs me!
: He gave me what I never had in the Argama!
: And you can’t find happiness in your life unless it’s given to you?!
: Lt. Emma, you have no idea how I feel!
: You always were too much of a woman!
: That’s right and I’m here because I am a woman!
: I still don’t understand what’s this about men and women! But I know I don’t want to fight you, Ms. Reccoa!
: Fa… I’ve long since lost that sincerity you have…
: Reccoa…!
: It does not matter whether Scirocco is righteous or not! I’ve made a decision to live beside him!
: Reccoa…!
: Reccoa… if you won’t come to your senses, I’ll just cut the problem at its root!!

We’ll be leaving her be now but, like Sarah, Reccoa also had a battle convo:

: Reccoa! You're really going to fight us?
: I told you, Camille! This is my decision!
: So you support Scirocco's designs for the world?!
: I'm doing this myself, not for the world!
: I’ll never accept that kind of selfishness, Reccoa Londe!

As Sandman kills the last GOUF, Gainer weakens the final Nazca and Ryouma pounces onto it.

Right nearby, Lacus downs the final ZAKU and everyone else gets in position to deal with Scirocco.

Enemy Phase!

Rey’s surprisingly accurate, even with Confuse on.

: Athrun... you'll pay for betraying the faith the Chairman put in you!
: How can you be willing to live your life as the Chairman’s puppet?!
: My dream is a world under Gil's guidance! I won't let anyone stop him!

Neo doesn’t care about beams, Athrun gets lucky but Kira loses half his health.

Murrue actually dodges the Gondwana but then Talia gets close enough to attack.

: (Cpt. Gladys...)
: (Cpt. Ramius... I'm fighting for what I believe in, just like you.)

Murrue attacking Talia: “Target Zaft’s flagship! Sink it and victory is ours!”
Murrue taking small damage: Chandra “Damage minimal, systems all green!” Murrue “Stay on your toes! This isn’t all the Minerva’s capable of!”

Reccoa’s attack stops on Roger’s barrier while Kei manages to dodge a 60% hit from Scirocco (that’s 60% to hit WITH Confuse and Focus on… that’s how accurate he is).

Player Phase!

Before anything, let’s show off The O’s Hidden Arms attack from the safety of an Iron Wall’d unit.

: You talk a pretty picture, but we know what you're really doing is nothing but oppression!
: You can have our freedom over my dead body!
It looks so nice…

Now we go take out this sumbitch!

: You can't even put up a fight against me without bowing to Char? How sad, Haman!
: I decided I prefer a coward to a megalomaniac.
: You viper… you plan on manipulating him and setting yourself as ruler of the post-war world, no?
: Perhaps, if he’s degenerated into a man of that caliber...
: But it's hardly any of your business, since you won't be around to see it!
: Impertinent woman…! You'll be the one to die!

Haman attacking: “You’re finished, Scirocco!”
Scirocco attacking: “You wish to face me, Haman Karn?!”
Scirocco taking damage: “Curse you, Haman…! I’ll need to deal with this woman first!”

: Why don't you use all the power you've been blessed with for something good?
: You haven't the right to criticize the world I'm making, boy!
: I'm one of the people living in this one! I think I have the right to fight for my place to live!
: I refuse to accept what you’re doing! Someone who doesn't understand others' pain can’t be trusted with our world’s future!

Loran attacking: “You’re wrong if you think you can manipulate us!”
Scirocco attacking the Turn A: “I’m the one who’ll lead mankind over and beyond the Black History!”

: I know about you, Kira Yamato: the one known as the Super Coordinator.
: ...!
: You're the most powerful human in the world, but you're ultimately just another soldier. You can't see the big picture.
: Maybe, but even I can tell that there's nothing good you can do for the world!
: I'll fight you... in whatever way I can!

Kira attacking: “You see women as mere tools?! What’s wrong with you?!”

: If you believe imposing your selfish ideals unto others is what’s best for everyone...
: Then we’ll stand against you! What you’re trying to do will only spread sorrow throughout the world!

: Paptimus Scirocco! Now that you're here, we can settle this once and for all!
: You think you stand a chance of defeating me, Char?
: You're a pathetic excuse for a Newtype. Let me demonstrate the difference between us!
: That's the arrogance that will lead the world to destruction, Scirocco!
: If you can't defeat a single man like me, you're not worthy to guide the world!

Quattro attacking: “Prepare yourself, Paptimus Scirocco!”
Scirocco taking damage: “Your part has long since ended, Char!”
Some of Scirocco attack lines:

: You! You're the one responsible for spreading this war!
: I'm afraid the world isn't that simple. War is a necessity for any revolution to occur.
: I've heard it all! Were all the people who died – and those who will die – a necessity too?!
: People like you can’t make the world a better place! If you want a fight, I'll give you one!

Shinn attacking Scirocco: “Things won’t be going according to your plans, Scirocco!”

: Amuro Ray. Your greatest foolishness is not realizing the correct way to use your powers.
: Excuse me?
: You're wasting your abilities in the service of the masses. You'll be an ordinary soldier forever, never able to chart the course of humanity.
: My new world has no place for those who don't understand the purpose of Newtypes!
: That's wrong! Newtype or not is no way to weigh human lives!
: All you can do, a narcissist full of his own inborn power, is bring ruin to the world! And I will not stand for it, Paptimus Scirocco!

Amuro attacking:
Scirocco attacking: “This era does not need you, Amuro Ray!”

: The outcome of the Copernicus Summit was a shame, but I know I did all I could.
: If you insist on your foolishness, all there is left for me to do is face it, bearing faith in my law!

Roger attacking:

: Ya think you can get away with whatever if you say it's to save the world?
: Did ya even think of how many people’ll be sad in this new world of yours?!

Garrod attacking:

: All this war's happening because I set off that bomb, huh...?
: Damn it...! The world doesn't have time to deal with this!

: You've finally come out to fight with your own hands, Paptimus Scirocco!
: This is the only way I can impress my power upon your lot.
: I was hoping, if you felt my direct presence, you would give up your fight.
: Don't be ridiculous! Does your contempt for your fellow humans know no bounds?!
: I'm merely doing what I was born to do, Camille Bidan!
: To defy me is tantamount to spitting on the fate of this world itself!
: I've had enough of your arrogance! I'll put a stop to this war!

: Urk! The O has been beaten?!
: I won’t allow you to do as you please with the world, Paptimus Scirocco!
: I am simply a witness to history. Thus, I’ll watch far more peacefully than you would.
: You’re saying I’m not “peaceful”?
: Quite. You want the entire world to lay at the palm of your hand, don’t you?
: I just don’t want it to go down the wrong path!
: A man without vision guiding the world will only lead it astray!
: Silence, Scirocco! Your ideas for what lies ahead are hardly necessary!
: You damned viper…! Someone who’d capitalize on the war of others hasn’t what it takes to lead humanity!
: We don’t need people like you, ignorant to the pain of others, Paptimus Scirocco! This world will never be free from war as long as men like that are around!
: You dare reject the world I’m creating, Camille Bidan?!
: All you do is watch and manipulate people from the shadows!
: And I’m qualified to do so!
: In your arrogance, you reduce people to animals – to pawns!
: Enough of your mewling, brat!
: What you’re doing is the absolute worst thing a human can do to another!

: What is this pressure?! I can’t move?!
: Someone who uses war as a tool could never understand the power coursing through me, Scirocco!
: And the Zeta can bring this power to manifest itself!!

: You’re finished, Scirocco!!
: However…I’ll be taking your mind with me…Camille Bidan!!
: !

: Camille!
: Camille, are you alright?! Talk to me, Camille!!
: …I’m OK…
: Oh, Camille!
: (I saw Four…and not just her…) I felt so many souls giving me the strength to beat Scirocco…
: And… when he died, he tried to take me with him…
: But you’re still with us.
: Neither you, Fa nor anyone else are illusions or spirits… I guess I must still have things to do with this body.
: Camille…
: (That’s right, Camille… you still have a home to return to...and a future to help create.)
: (I’ll also place my faith in the possibilities you’ve shown me…)
: …
: Reccoa…
: Scirocco’s gone… I…

: Ms. Reccoa!
: Leave her be, Fa. She must find her own answers…