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Part 218: Mission 56 - Your Self, My Self - Part 4

That’s one problem down, now for the next one. We’ll run Kira right into Rey’s face so he can’t use his DRAGOON and start fulfilling the secret.

: Kira Yamato! You're mine!
: Who are you? Who is that in there?
: You, of all people, should know...
: I'm... Rau le Creuset...
: !
: You're the product of all of man’s hopes and dreams, Kira Yamato...
: And that's why you must now die!
: Rau le Creuset...!
: You’ll disappear, together with us!
: What... how?! How are you still--?!
: We can't run from ourselves... and we can never take back our pasts!
: So I’ll bring an end to it all! The world and its people will return to what they should be!
: You... you're wrong!
: !
: You only ever had one life...
: And it's your life, not his!



: Rey! You have to listen to me!
: Enough, Shinn! You've betrayed the Chairman, which makes you my enemy... and I don't listen to enemies!
: Yes, I might fighting against ZAFT... but I... I don't want to fight you!

Now to wait a turn to try and convince him…

While that’s going on, everyone starts position closer to the Minerva – Aquarion and Gravion dispatch the last Gwadon.
Getter and Gainer also help whittle Rey’s HP down for when Shinn needs to destroy the Legend.

Enemy Phase!

Rey’s AI is hardwired to go after Kira, so they trade blows. Talia, meanwhile, is doing the same with Murrue.

Player Phase!

Let’s see now…

: Listen to me, Rey!
: You’ve all betrayed Zaft! And if you’ll stand against the Chairman, I’ll strike you down!
: You’re wrong, Rey! We never turned against the Plants or Zaft! We just can’t accept the Chairman’s methods!
: And that makes you my enemies…! Don’t expect any mercy!
: Are you actually OK with the Destiny Plan, Rey?!
: Didn’t you wish for a peaceful world, without war? The Chairman’s trying to make that world a reality.
: However, righteous that he is, you still refused to believe in him!
: I…
: There were so many things I didn’t understand… so I wanted to try and find answers for myself, as part of ZEUTH.
: Shinn…
: Honestly, I might still believe in the Chairman on some aspects…
: Just as I’m sure that some people in Zaft also have doubts about him but keep on fighting, like I did!
: And, yet, they’re still Zaft while you turned on us!
: No! What I want is for us to figure out what’s truly right together!
: So stop attacking and let’s talk this out, Rey!
: …I’m afraid I don’t have that kind of time. You see, I was born with shortened telomeres.
: Huh…
: I’m a clone – just like the late Rau le Creuset.
: Rau le Creuset… the man who tried to destroy the world because of his limited life-span as a clone…!
: He cursed his destiny, fought and died trying to destroy everything. But who was truly to blame?
: Rey…
: Beings like us and men like you, who’ve lost their loved ones to war… the world itself is to blame for creating such people.
: We must remake it all, so no more kids like us will be born…!
: How can there be peace with someone having control over the dreams and future of others?!
: Yes… a lot of awful things happened to me but I could still decide how I wanted to live my own life! I could think and judge for myself!
: You can’t let others decide what’s right for you, Rey! You need to understand that!
: …You’ve grown strong, Shinn…
: Rey…
: If the Chairman and I could look at things the way you do, perhaps we would be trailing a different path…
: But we’ve made our choice and our only option is to keep going, eliminating any who’d stand in our way!
: Then I’ll put a stop to you, Rey. I’ll do this because I’m your friend!!
: And then I want us to talk to each other again: about everything that’s happened…and what we’ll do from here on out!

Let’s fast forward to the next turn as now we just need to position ourselves while waiting for Shinn to get his move back.

: Rey…!
: There’s nothing more to be said. We’ve both chosen our paths, so all that’s left is to fight.
: But even if our paths are different, that doesn’t mean fighting’s our only option!
: I wanna talk to you some more, Rey, so I’ll have to shut you down!
: That’s what I’m fighting for!!

: Gil…I…

: Rey…
: He’s still alive, Shinn… don’t give up.
: You’ll get another chance to talk to him once this war’s over!
: Yeah… all the more reason why I’m putting an end to this!

Fast forward one more turn, as I couldn’t well fight the Minerva without Shinn taking part in it.
Time to wrap up this long-ass mission!

: A peace created by controlling people is no peace at all!
: And anyone who thinks that isn't one I want guiding the future! I'll fight all who would seal this world into darkness!

: You sat in your comfy place watching us fight the aliens, but now you want humans to fight?!
: We're not letting you take our world with that attitude!

: Cpt. Gladys, this battle is only going to lead our race into an even worse war!
: Lt. Amuro...
: That's Amuro Ray? Char Aznable's nemesis?
: Chairman Durandal, if you can hear me, you have to stop this!
: I can't. Besides, my victory would also put an end to the battle between you and the Red Comet.
: The battle between me and Char…?
: That's right. The two of you are the ones who will destroy the world... unless you disappear right now.
: Who’d ever be convinced by such arbitrary reasoning…?!
: Gilbert Durandal, there's no way a man like you can lead the world!

Amuro attacking: ”You seek to control even the people’s lives, Durandal?!”

: Don't you realize we're already heading into the Black History?
: If this war doesn't stop, humanity will end itself!

: I'll end this myself, Durandal.
: And gain the advantage for Axis, right, Haman?
: The existing order needs to crumble for a new one to arise.
: And you'll be the one to orchestrate that, Haman?
: That’s still to be decided …but only after this battle ends! You can't have this world, Durandal!

: We can't trust anyone with our planet who'd leave it in danger to win their own war!
: We won't let you sacrifice any more lives for your own greed!

: Oh, come on! What sounds good to you about taking away everyone's humanity and freedom?
: There's no peace that can come from that! I don't believe it!

: To live is to find your own path, your own way.
: If you don't value that, you're not worthy of leadership! And I'll keep you from it!

: No one person can shape the world to their own desires!
: A guide and a ruler are two different things and you need to understand that!

: You've come, Athrun...
: I'm here to fight for what I believe in. And that's not letting your plans take flight!
: I had a sense when I appointed you to FAITH... that it would come to this.
: Begone, Athrun. Nothing can stand in my way, no matter what I have to do.
: That's why we're not letting you take this world! I stood beside you once, and that's why I have to stop you now!

Athrun attacking:

: Please, stop this! We don't have time to waste!
: You can't reach them, Renton. All they can think about is fighting.
: Damn it! Why don't you understand? And the world's about to end!

: This war is leading us back into the Black History. To the mistake we're doomed to repeat...!
: I'll stop that if it costs me my life! It's my duty!

Jamil attacking:

: It won't take much. You just need to back off and the world will sort itself out.
: There’s something inherently wrong with a life that’s too methodical… imposing your ideas onto people, you might as well be killing them yourselves!

: Ya can cover it up in all the fancy words you want, but you ain’t foolin’ my nose!
: And my nose says this stinks! It stinks of making people suffer!

: Here you are, Kira Yamato...
: I'll put a stop to you, Chairman Durandal…! For everyone in the world!
: You're just a soldier. You may stop me, but you can't change the world.
: All you're doing is letting it sink even deeper into chaos.
: Your words won’t make me give in to doubt…! I've long since made up my mind on this!

Kira attacking:
Minerva attacking:

: This is all too complicated! Let me tell you what an idiot like me knows!
: What you're doing is oppressing everyone in the world, and I ain’t gonna take it!

: You're just pushing forward with your selfish plans, not thinking about all the people you're hurting!
: You're not remaking the world, you're just helping yourselves! Well, not anymore!

: That's... Camille?!
: Retreat, Cpt. Gladys! Or are you in support of the Destiny Plan too?
: ...
: So that's Camille Bidan…the young ace of the AEUG?
: Chairman Durandal! We could have unified the Earth peacefully if you'd used your talents correctly!
: You're too kind, Camille, but I'm not that talented at all.
: But that's no reason to come up with something like the Destiny Plan that would deny people their humanity!
: And if that's really your view, I'll stop you no matter what it takes!

Camille attacking: “I’ll never accept your plan, Gilbert Durandal!”

: Captain Gladys, you fought with us all that time! Why are you doing this now?
: Loran, I... I have a duty as a soldier of ZAFT.
: Just like yours to the Moon Race.
: That's why you're supporting the Destiny Plan? It'll rob people of the ability to live as humans!
: I won't accept that! I have to stop Chairman Durandal for all of mankind!

Loran attacking: “People deciding the fate of others…that’s horrible!”

: We've got a lot of jerks trying to change the world to their own dumbass ideas.
: I letting any of y’all take our freedom, no matter what you dress it up as!

Holland attacking: “I ain’t giving in to fate! I learned that from those kids!”

: Lacus Clyne. I always knew you'd oppose me.
: I suppose you didn't feel anything listening to Meer's last song.
: You're the one responsible for her pain. Your unyielding presence gave her an impossible dream.
: If you consider that justification for the Destiny Plan, you know why I oppose you.
: If your world has no place for dreams, it has no place for people to truly live!

Lacus attacking:
Durandal attacking: “It would’ve been best had you simply stayed as Plants’ songstress…”

: For people, for the world... you can't fool me with those platitudes!
: What humanity wants is peace and freedom! Definitely not a world ruled by one person!

: Capt. Gladys... if the Chairman’s aboard, I’ll have to sink the Minerva!
: Lt. Quattro...
: You cannot stop me as single ordinary pilot...
: Char Aznable, you have to die so the future world can thrive!
: I'll do all I can... and if I do die here, I was simply never meant for anything greater!
: Gilbert Durandal... You’re misusing the strength you possess, so I’m forced to strike you down!

Quattro attacking:

: Humanity needs a guide... not a ruler!
: You won't be either! What you're doing will only cause more suffering!

: Capt. Gladys, I...
: Here we are, Shinn...
: This is truly a shame, Shinn Asuka. I thought you and Rey would be by my side together.
: I... I'm doing this because I believe in it, not because anyone else decided!
: That's why I can't support the Destiny Plan if it'll take away everyone's humanity and freedom!
: If that's your decision... then I have no use for you.
: But I'm still alive! I'll keep being me, no matter what anyone says!
: If you can't handle that, Chairman Durandal... then I'll fight you!
Shinn attacking:

Before we end, here’s a list of a few other exclusive lines for people that didn’t attack:

: The Minerva’s badly damage! Further combat should be impossible!
: Urgh!

*The Minerva pulls back to Messiah.*

: Archangel, full speed ahead! We’ll immobilize the Minerva and capture the Chairman!

*The Archangel follows.*

: Talia…!
: I know! Ready the Tännhauser!
: Damn it, a trap?!
: Ready the Lohengrin! At least take them with us!
: You won’t touch the Archangel!

: Tännhauser, FIRE!!

: !
: That MS blocked the Tännhauser?!
: Col. Roanoke!
: I’m alright, Murrue! This time I really did make the impossible possible!
: Ah…
: I’m not going anywhere again!
: Muu…your memories are back?! (His name plate's changed, too)
: This’ll be over soon – we'll have to save our reunion proper until then.
: Understood, Muu.
: Neo…who’s Muu?
: That’s my real name, Stella… I’m not Neo anymore.
: I understand…but I’ll be fine! Shinn’s here to protect me!
: (That’s a relief. Shinn… I’m counting on you to succeed Neo Roanoke on this.)
: Captain! That last Tännhauser shot was all that Minerva had left!
: Withdraw the Minerva from the frontlines and escort the Chairman back to the Messiah! Afterwards, all hands are to abandon ship!
: Captain…?
: Sorry to lay this on you, Arthur, but take care of everyone.
: I have to go with him.
: Talia…
: And I won’t change my mind.
: Understood. Leave everything to me!

: The Minerva’s retreating?!
: I’ll go after them…!

: All federation and Allied Army troops destroyed! Combat in the surrounding region also seems to have stopped!
: The Messiah’s also fallen silent. Looks like they don’t have the power to keep fighting back.
: So, it’s over…
: No, not yet.
: …I’m going.
: Where, Shinn?!
: Rey’s still on the Messiah. I…I have to go after him!
: I’m coming with you, Shinn. I’m worried about Kira.

: Shinn, Athrun…be careful…

: Oi, that guy… he’s just rushing off again…?!
: Don’t say that. He’s also got a job to do.
: Commander Joule, I thank you for your assistance.
: …I just went and made a decision for myself, concerning what’d be best for the Plants and for the world…
: …There’re some units approaching…? Those are—

*The Palace Athene and Bolinoak Sammahn show up. Setsuko route only.*

: Reccoa and Sarah…
: …
: This is 2nd Lt. Reccoa Londe and MSgt. Sarah Zabiarov of the Titans.
: We’re here to surrender ourselves to ZEUTH.
: Reccoa Londe…

: It won’t be long before the battle outside is over…
: You’ve no more forces to fight with.
: I honestly did not expect you to come all the way here…
: Don’t move.
: You’d shoot me…? Would you actually do that?
: …
: Indeed, the Aprillius Allied Army’s defeated. However, that is also the case for the Federation.
: The correctness of his ideals notwithstanding, Scirocco was still an exceptional man. Without either one of us, the world will be lost to chaos.
: …
: Even should humanity eliminate the Coralians and go on living in this multi-dimensional world, all that awaits it is more self-destructive conflict.
: That world might well be the one of the Black History.
: …Perhaps. But we may also choose a different outcome – so long as this world allows us to do that!
: But no one will do so… or perhaps it’s best to say they can’t do so.
: People forget…and repeat their mistakes.
: Who is truly capable of declaring “we will never do such a thing or lead the world down this path again”?
: …
: None can. Not you, not Lacus Clyne, Diana Soreil nor the Red Comet.
: That’s…
: …I loved someone once.
: Ah…?
: However, we were genetically unable to conceive a child and, due to that, we ended up going our separate ways…
: I also had a friend. And he, cursing his destiny, went on to try and destroy the world in his hatred.
: Rau le Creuset…
: And so I realized: I needed to seize destiny with my own hands if I was to prevent the tragedies that befell us from occurring again.
: And that was the Destiny Plan…
: Correct. By truly knowing themselves, humanity could finally move towards greater heights. It is by their ignorance that humans are led by greed and, thus, society is ruled chaos.
: It’s no wonder you took this path if such was the conclusion you reached…
: …
: But there’s always something you can do…so long as you don’t give up and keep working! I learned that during these battles!
: And now I do believe we’re capable of understanding each other and changing for the better!
: Kira Yamato…
: That’s why I choose future! No matter how painful it can be, I cannot stand the thought of an unchanging world!
: How arrogant… as befits the “ultimate Coordinator”.
: You’re the arrogant one! I’m just another of the dwellers of this world, no different from the others! The same goes for Lacus!
: And because I understand that…I have to put you down!
: But I wonder which future the people want: yours or mine?
: Were you to kill me now, what would you do when the world once again falls to chaos?
: I’m ready to face what’s ahead.
: …
: I’ve changed along with the world. I’ll…go on fighting!

*Someone steps out of the shadows.*

: Gil…!
: Rey…! Shoot him – in the name of the future we both desire!
: …
: What are you waiting for…?! This is your duty!
: Gil…I…
: Rey, stop!!
: Shinn…
: You’re no one but yourself! You alone have say on how you want your life to be!
: Listen to me, Rey!
: !


: Ah…
: He shot him…
: …

: Rey…
: Gil…I’m so sorry… but his future is the one I…
: I see…
: Gilbert!
: Kira…he…!
: …
: I told you to leave here, Talia…
: But I’m the one who drove you to this…
: Please…perish the thought…
: Still, the Destiny Plan could’ve prevented ours and Rau’s misfortune from befalling others…
: …
: …The path you wish to tread…is not mine… You mustn’t accompany me any longer.
: You too, Rey…
: Gil…
: Talia…Athrun, Shinn…look after him…
: But I…
: Live life as best you can, Rey… You heard what Kira Yamato said, didn’t you?
: Aah…aaah…
: Let’s go, Rey… you’ve made a choice in how you want to live your life…
: Shinn…
: And if you ever need it, I’ll help you look for answers… just as Camille and ZEUTH did for me.
: Hm…
: This is where we truly part, Talia…
: Gilbert…
: Kira Yamato…Athrun, Shinn…
: …
: If you believe you can overcome destiny, then do so…
: Yes…
: But you must be careful…the Black Charisma’s—


: What’s going on?!
: That was…an attack from outside?!

: What was that?! Are there still more Fed troops?!
: No, that was a Satellite Cannon blast!

: Frost Brothers!
: Paptimus Scirocco, the one who tried to manipulate us, has died…!
: Gilbert Durandal! Your life is ours!
: Feel the weight of our anger and our hatred!!

: The Messiah’s command center!
: You bros still haven’t given up?!
: This was just our own little ceremony.
: One way or another, Messiah’s already finished.
: What?!
: ! I’m detecting a massive energy build-up coming from Earth’s shadow!
: What did you say?!
: That’s--!

Location: Ginga Go, Bridge

: Oratorio nº 8’s microwaves struck a direct hit on the Messiah.
: Furthermore, all troops engaged in combat in the surrounding area appear to have retreated.
: Scirocco kept them stalled for us… a shame that he didn’t last until the Oratorio was in place.
: Rerun the numbers for the Messiah drop trajectory. We cannot afford any mistakes on this one.
: Calculations complete. One more blast and the Messiah’s impact on the Command Cluster is certain.
: The Scub’s core has started to emerge in our world. That shock should have more than enough force to eliminate it.
: If we can successfully destroy the Command Cluster, our operation will be practically complete.
: (And once this battle’s over, Anemone will also be free to go… Then…)
: Now that the Aprillius Allied Army’s no more, I’d expect only “them” and ZEUTH to stand in our way.
: Troops are already being deployed to form a defensive perimeter around the ship and the Oratorio.
: Eliminate any and all interlopers. If need be, the Ginga Go will also enter the fray.
: Roger.
: We will now begin the final stage of the Coralian Extermination: Operation Nenokatas.
: Target the Messiah for another Oratorio nº 8 shot and drop it right onto the Command Cluster – the core of the Scub Coral.
: The drop point is the South Pole! It is there that the heart of the invading coral’s located!

: …Löwen and Schlan seem to have done their job quite nicely.
: Durandal and Scirocco are gone, leaving only Dewey…
: There are still two… three unknowns left. This should make for some good fun.
: Hmhm…hahaha…
: I wonder what will happen next…