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Part 220: Mission 57 - Climactic Light - Part 2

Chapter 57 - Climactic Light

Dewey muses that the royal crown he even killed his father to obtain turned out to be a jester's crown instead. The nobles, rulers of Promised Land, are simply used tradition to keep the people in line – it was all a sham.
The Ageha kids ponder that the old stories that their ancestors abandoned Earth to eventually arrive in the Promised Land were all lies, meant to hide the history whereupon the Coralians overran the planet.
Dewey confirms, adding that the scientific proof of all that came from Adroc and he’s inherited his cause: “In just a few more tens of minutes, it’ll all come to an end. At that moment, the world will be saved by my hand.”, Dewey proclaims. Dominic, inwardly, wonders if Anemone will also be able to live in peace afterwards.

She’s thinking of him, too, having sortied to this last battle without a word passing between them. Now, this late in the game, she finds herself wondering about all the things she should’ve told him… perhaps this is some self-punishment for it but there’s nothing that can be done anymore.
“If it’s possible to be reincarnated, I want to be born as someone better at this sort of thing… here I go again, punishing myself… that ship has long since sailed…”, she mulls.
This is interrupted when ZEUTH’s approach is detected and Dewey commands his troops to show us, dreamers, what reality is like.

: There you are, Holland.
: Dewey! This is your trump card in the extermination of the Coralians?!
: Unfortunately, no. The Oratorio nº 8 isn’t quite enough to do that. However, the energy unleashed by Messiah’s impact will be more than sufficient to destroy their core.
: You’re gonna drop it onto the surface?!
: Do you have any idea of how much damage that’ll cause to Earth?! It could potentially even make the planet uninhabitable!
: A small price to pay face all of mankind dying from the dimensional collapse.
: That’s not the point!
: Many lives have already been lost due to the Break the World and Second Break…
: My duty is to ensure that humanity and society endures, no matter how great a sacrifice it takes!
: So you’d throw away the chance of coexistence with the Coralians and paint yourself as the big savior?!
: Hell, them Antibodies only popped up because you provoked ‘em!
: We already have the location of their core… all that’s left now is to crush it!
: Where on Earth is he planning to drop Messiah?!
: We’re already analyzing Messiah’s trajectory – we’ll know soon enough!
: Still, wherever it’s headed, there’s no way we’re just gonna watch it go!
: Let’s do this, Eureka…! We can’t let hope be destroyed!
: Right!
: Captain… all of the Minerva’s crew is accounted for! It’s our wish to fight with ZEUTH under your command!
: …Even though I ordered you all to escape, hm?
: Erm…that’s…
: Thank you, Arthur. I’ll ignore this one bit of insubordination.
: (Gilbert… I swear to you that we will not give in. For as long as we’re alive, we’ll stand against those who’d try to wipe out all of our possibilities.)
: Dearka’s leading the troops against nearby forces, so we’ll focus on their command!
: Thank you, Yzak. We’ll be counting on you as well.
: Don’t get the wrong idea, Kira. I’m not helping you as a favor. All I’m here for is to defend the Plants and the world against any and all enemies!
: Commander Joule is quite the hot-head, huh…
: He hasn’t changed a bit…
: I’m afraid we’re gonna have to trash that bigass gun, Dewey! Right after we’ve sunk your ship!
: Please, Holland. Do not take me to be as sentimental as Scirocco and Durandal.

: He retreated?!
: Looks like he’s going to command his troops from the safety of the rear for as long as he can!
: For real?! That’s lame!
: Damn it, you coward! Come out here and fight like a man!
: But, to be honest, it is a reasonable tactic…!
: Choosing the optimal strategy, without acting on emotional impulse… I suppose that’s the strength of a man who knows what he’s after.
: Then we’re just gonna have to trash these mooks and go after him!
: Attack, quickly! We must stop Dewey Novak before the Oratorio’s second shot!
: Apollo…!
: Yeah… if Rena’s prediction is right, he’s coming over…!
: It’s time for us to settle accounts as well…!
: Here we go! These freaks ain’t taking this planet’s future!!

So we've hit the stage, but not the Battle Mastery. At the moment our objective is to just blow everything up!

Nothing happens on this turn. None of the enemies are within range, so I just move out my two teams.

Oh yeah, Ziene is here too. Hi Ziene!

A few reach Gainer, it doesn't amount to much for them.

: The results for Messiah’s trajectory have come in! Dewey’s trying to drop it onto the South Pole!
: The South Pole?! That’s where the Scub’s core is at?!
: …That land’s name is Atlandia…!
: !

: Brother!
: “Atlandia”…isn’t that the Fallen Angels’ home…?!
: We are not “fallen”! Atlandia is the beautiful metropolis where Angels dwell…!
: And the Scub’s core is in there?! What does that mean?!
: One hundred million and two thousand years ago, the Great Power transformed Atlandia into an everlasting prison.
: (There it is again…! He said 100002000 years ago and not 12000…!)
: That land was locked away between the dimensions and, therein, the Angels eagerly awaited the moment where they’d be free…
: : And the awakening of those creatures who, like us, dwell inbetween dimensions opened a seam in the fabric of the everlasting prison!
: The Coralians’ awakening enabled the Fallen Angel metropolis to appear in our world?!
: And to the Coralians, that area will be the gateway for them to enter here!
: Their awakening is hardly of any concern.
: However, wingless ones… I will not allow you to defile Atlandia!
: Are you going to help us stop the Oratorio, brother?!
: Nay, I am here to punish all of you wingless for your sins! Such is my duty as an Angel!
: So everyone’s your enemy, is that it?!
: Ya goddamn idiot! After all that’s happened, you’re still going on about that?!
: “After all that’s happened”…?
: The likes of you have no right to speak so!
: Heads up! We’ve got more incoming!
: That’s--!

: Ghingnham!
: The bros are there too!
: I must say, these brothers are rather fine men when you get to know them! They desire conflict above all, just like me!
: Do none of you care that the world’s going to be completely ruined?!
: I do not see it that way. While I may not comprehend the “why” behind the dimensional collapse, I know I would be unable to bring about the battles I desire if it came to pass.
: As the world falls to ruin, the people will succumb into despair over their foolishness.
: Yes…and that’s their punishment for rejecting us.
: Additionally, I do not believe fighting those Coralian creatures would make for an interesting bout.
: Therefore, we’ll take up arms against you!
: How can you still be yacking about stuff like that?!
: I don’t wanna admit it but they’re exactly what Sirius is talking about!
: The world isn’t made of just people like them, though!
: You’re wrong, Silvia! This society is based upon foolish people serving foolish rulers!
: Humans are unworthy of welcoming the new world!
: I think not, Fallen Angel!
: The Turn X is telling me to slaughter the lot of you and to bring about the Black History once more!
: Ooooh! This is bad! Really bad! This can’t go on!
: Fallen Angels, Turn Types and ZEUTH…! This battle is a recreation of the Black History!
: (And what awaits us beyond it is…)
: The battle 12000 years ago ended with all reduced to nothing, following the intervention of the Great Power…
: But, this time, it’ll be different! We’ll exterminate mankind and create our new world before any obstacles emerge!
: Enough with the speeches, Sirius! That’s always been your way of hiding how worried you are!
: What?!
: We may all be foolish… but unilaterally giving up on humanity makes you an even bigger fool!
: Wake up, Sirius! This won’t be the end for humans, Coralians or the world!
: You need to listen to what others have to say!
: People may laugh it off as a pipe-dream but I have faith in humans and Coralians! That’s why I’m trying to put an end to this battle!
: He’s right! You can’t take a look at just these petty, war-crazy people and go “well, everyone sucks”!
: What we want is a peaceful world, where no one has to be victimized! And we’ll fight until the last second to make it happen!
: Not even I could put the world back together if it gets trashed…!
: So what I’m gonna do is cut the source of the problem before it happens!
: That’s it, Darling! You can go full-on The Crusher for this!
: This world doesn’t need any more pain and sorrow!
: We’ll all fight for a better future, no matter the enemy!
: Well said, ZEUTH! Come! Show me how bright your fighting spirit truly burns!
: I will destroy it all – in the name of the Angels’ new world!
: Brother!
: Bring it on, Sirius! Imma pry your eyes open, even if I gotta make ‘em black first!
: …
: Fudou GEN…
: Say no more, Sandman...

So now the Battle Mastery comes up. By Turn 6 I need to beat the Frost Brothers, Gym, Anemone, and Sirius.

Turn 2

So let's get to it![/i]

: Everyone's fighting as hard as they can, even with all their sadness and pain!
: You're not gonna take their lives away! I won't let you!

: If their goal really is the end of the world...
: Then I won't hold anything back! I'll fight anyone who doesn't understand the value of life!

Oh hey Sweatson, you're still here I see.

: These people want the world to end...
: Stay with me, Eureka! You can't let them get to you!
: We're fighting for everyone who's still living out their lives! We can't lose!

: If this battle really is the Black History, we have no time to lose.
: Roger?
: If it goes on, something will happen... the one thing that musn't be allowed!

: What do you want the world to be destroyed for? There are a lot of people still living on it!
: If you can't see that, then get lost! You're the ones that need to be gone, not the world!

: The planet can't take much more of this war...!
: Even if humans want this destruction, I won't allow it!

: The Chairman always had Earth's future in his thoughts - he honestly tried to change it for the better!
: But what about you people?! I will not stand for people who only want to destroy!

: You have lost your hearts and now fight only for your own greed!
: I judge you... and now, I sentence you!

: Are ya even thinkin’ of all the human lives on the line here?
: I don't care what excuses ya got! Imma crush y’all to dust!

: Oi... all of them's got a bunch of crap for brains!
: There are plenty of good things in this world! If y'all can't see that, then I'm taking your pessimistic asses down!

: Listen here, we've kept this world from aliens and demons and we're not giving it to you now!
: Come on, all you baddies! This world’s filled with people and we won't let you take its future!

: They're not even like the Chairman. They don't even have a future in mind!
: All they want is war! Well, I'll stop them!

: Some who hate the world and some who want war... but they're all our enemies!
: Here we come! The world's not going to end while we're here!

: You don't understand how beautiful this world is and how precious are the lives of everyone on it?!
: I’m not about to hand over this planet's future to you!

: All these fools trying to sustain the fight for their own foolish ends...
: We won't let you destroy the world! If you want to so bad, you'll go through me first!

: You villains who cannot comprehend all the life this planet teams with...
: If you want to bring ruin to this world, I’ll stand ready to strike you down!

Oh yeah, come Enemy Phase, Gym will cast Strike.

Hi Marybell!
"Do you fear us, Lora Rolla?!"

Yeah, this is going to hurt.

And of course there's Enemy Infighting.

Aquarion's Element System starts up.

Finally, Sirius take some potshots At Apollo.

: Sirius! If you're gonna be this pigheaded, then I'm outta patience!
: A mutt like you even speaking to an Angel is blasphemy of the highest order.
: I will destroy you and erase all record of our ignoble past together!
: Even if that'd mean destroying the entire world, Brother?!
: It's all for the birth of the new world! Farewell, Silvia! Be erased along with my past!
: That ain't happenin'! Get over here, Sirius!

Turn 3

Let's deal with Marybell first.
"I despise you, Diana Soreil!"

Not many enemies my Attack Again users can't Double Attack by this point.

Witz learns his final level of Prevail from that.

Merrybell is aghast at her defeat, saying that she hasn’t played enough.
As she explodes, Harry commands Gym’s protégé, blind to the true meaning behind battles, to disappear from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, look here. Now you see them?

Now you don't! :Haw:

Shinn's SEED and Kouji's Mazin Power kick in from the rush of Will.

Go away Sweatson.

Swesson can’t believe his end would come here and, as he dies, Diana says that letting your fighting spirit guide your hand in battle will only call the destruction of the Black History onto oneself.
Those who do not understand that are unworthy of wielding power.

Pala having Spirit is always great.

Then we get the Assault Aquarion's Element System up and running.[/i]

: (Something is screaming from inside me...)
: (Does this mean the Sphere senses something?)

: You know the Black History and you still want destruction? Then there's no hope for you!
: I'll stop you! King Gainer won't end up as the "Devil's kin"!

That starts Sara's Overskill.

Remember, Talia knows Love.
It's good to have you back. Plus, Dizer Full Power and Gainers Overskill activate.[/i]

: If you would cast a dark cloud over the world's future, then we'll be the sun that parts it!
: In Daitarn 3's name, I will rid the world of your darkness!

I switch Reika to the lead for a round and cast Guard.

: Are you kidding me? You're really okay with the world going down the toilet?
: Well, it's not happening! We've got too many people waiting for us to let it end like that!

Holy crap that's without a crit and without a Valor cast.

: The Gran Knights will silence any evil that would seal the world in darkness!
: You bad guys better be ready! Gravion's about to bite in defense of the fangless!
: We will crush your evil ambitions!

Time to get the Biosensor rolling.

Then comes the enemy phase. Where not much of note happens until now.

: Die, DIE!! If I kill you, Dewey will...
: You can't do this! I can tell your heart doesn't really want to fight!
: Don't you dare try to touch my heart! You don't know a thing about me!
: Yes I do! I'm just like you!
: Eureka...
: It... it'll all be okay! You have someone waiting for you! You don't have to be alone!
: It's... too late... it's too late for anything!


Then Sirius goes fo Reika.[/i]
Sirius Attacking: Truly a shame... farewell, Reika...
Reika dodging Sirius: Stop this, Sirius! You mustn't raise your hand against other humans!
Reika attacking Sirius: Sirius! Don't stop believing in humanity!

Then it happens again, thanks to Sirius's Double Movement.

Turn 4

So guess what time it is?

If you guessed "Time to Satellite Cannon the Frost Brothers for the Last Time" you are correct!

First, a couple Soul Boosted Attacks to weaken them.

OK, there we go. It's time to finally be done with these jerks!

: Urk!
: GAAH!!
: You’re finished, Shagia, Olba!
: No! Nothing’s finished yet!

: G-bits…!
: Those two wanna go again?!
: This is not the end for our desired war!
: This world will burn and all of its people will taste the same despair we did!!
: We won’t surrender our future to you…!
: I’m done putting up with your bull! Everybody goes through hard times in their lives but they keep going!
: And you say that chip on your shoulder is enough reason to destroy the whole world?! Gimme a break!
: Someone like you could never understand our pain!
: How the hell could I?!
: This world has forsaken us… therefore, we’ll end it in turn!
: All humans are trying their best to live life to the fullest - to put the past behind them!
: And I…We won’t let you bring those mistakes back for a second run!!
: ! Garrod, pull back!
: What?!
: It’s…that man’s final--!

: Gilbert Durandal!
: You’d persecute us to the bitter end?!


: That GENESIS shot… it wasn’t aimed at us or Earth but at the brothers…
: I heard his last words…he said “Conquer your destiny”…
: The chairman’s...entrusted the future to us...
: Farewell, Gil…and thank you…
: (Shagia, Olba… we’ll go on fighting, believing in what the future holds.)
: (So goodbye… we won’t let fate break us…)