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Part 221: Mission 57 - Climactic Light - Part 3

Chapter 57 Part 2

So, I've been keeping Gym's Will down with Daunt casts. Why, you may ask?



The Turn X's version of the Moonlight Butterfly. A massive MAP that inflicts an armor down debuff to anything it doesn't just kill.

Meanwhile, up here I decide it's time for Anemone to leave.
Now, I didn't realize this when I decided to let Marin be hit by it, but this attack is nasty. It inflicts the Stun debuff, so Marin can't attack for the rest of the turn.

There's very few enemies Gainer can't Double Attack by this point.

: …No…
: That Black Nirvash is still working!
: Wait!
: Eureka…?
: Nirvash is saying that she’s in pain! He wants us to listen to the rider’s voice!
: He is...?!
: Dewey said...that I had to go that place...
: Goodbye…Dominic…

: Where is she going…?
: Is that girl…my replacement…?

That triggers Athrun's SEED.

Taking down the Fake Aquarions is simple enough by this point.

I love these guys.

I don't have time to deal with all the random grunts. So it's time for more MAPing! Not a lot of kills, but they're all in counterkill range now.

Shinn blowing up a Fallen Angel starts Adette's Overskill.

Come Enemy Phase, I have no doubt this would have ended badly for Haman if Gym wasn't Daunted.

And of course quite a few enemies target Marin. Thankfully Stun doesn't stop dodging or Double Image.

Turn 5

I don't have the SP to spare for any more Daunts. So it's time to take down Gym.

: Gym Ghingnham! By my name as Diana Soreil, I command you!
: Withdraw your soldiers and disarm at once!
: You have lost the right to command me, Diana!
: The very impertinence angers me!
: You're aiming to bring the Black History about! How dare you speak that way?!
: Even that is your responsibility! Stop me if you dare... by submitting your life!

"It'll all be over if I can strike down the idol that is Diana!"

"Are you that fond of Diana?!"

: We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past... I've fought to stop them!
: I will stand against any who'd nip the buds of hope, even if it takes my life!
"Ghingnham! If war is what you wish, I'll readily stand against you!"

You're next Gym. Say Hi to the Frost Brothers for me!

: Gym Ghingnham... I'll stop you and your Turn X!
: The boy in the ∀... accept my humble gratitude for awakening the Turn X to its potential!
: With that very power will I set the Black History on its correct course!
: That's not going to happen! Not as long as we're around!
: I'll make sure you can't fight anymore! This is for the whole Earth!

: HAHAHAHA! Neither the Turn X nor I are finished just yet!!
: You’ll keep fighting…?! Why do you want the Black History so?!
: There’s no reason to bring about Earth’s destruction!
: But there is! The people can no longer endure this life of complacency – of sitting idly by as time flows ever onward!
: Why do you say that?!
: Because of the Break the World! The destruction of space-time awakened the peoples’ fighting spirit and signaled the dawn of an era of war!
: Like hell it did!
: It’s true that conflicts did happen because of all the folks who got pulled into this world…!
: But there are still so many people who simply want peace!
: Then why did the Earthlings reject Diana’s homecoming?! Why did the Diana Counter rebel against their beloved leader?!
: It’s…
: That is the true nature of humans! A soul that desires war… it is the undeniable truth!
: Humanity will never be capable of extricating itself from conflict! Therefore, I’ll wipe out everything with the Turn X and bring about a new era…an era of war!
: An era where people can be true to themselves!

: Oh, no! He’s going down to Earth!
: Is he planning on using the Moonlight Butterfly to lay waste to it?!
: We cannot—
: Harry, Loran! Our priority now is to stop that enormous weapon! Pursuit of Ghingnham will have to wait!
: Yes, your majesty!
: (The Turn X…and the Moonlight Butterfly… the ∀ has to put an end to that power…!)

Presented without comment.

And the Fallen Angels are gone.

Come Enemy Phase, I don't think I've shown off this attack yet.

Turn 6

First, I'm going to take care of Ziene.

: Now's as good a time as any, The Crusher! Let's get this over with!
: Gimme a break! I ain't in the mood to tangle with ya with all this craziness going on!
: Answer me! Do the Chimeras really not care about the world ending?

: Now's as good a time as any, Setsuko! Let's get this over with!
: Does this mean that Chimera is willing to let the world end?
: Of course not! That's what we're backing Dewey Novak for!
: I'm not about to let a tragedy like the Break the World happen ever again!
: Ziene Espio, you...
: The world wants peace... and that's what I'm fighting for!
: Except for you! You, I’ll take out for him!

Ziene gives the same answer to both Setsuko and Mel's questions.

Setsuko and Mel both demand Ziene explain why the Chimeras aren’t fighting for real. She asks Mel what she’d do with that knowledge and the girl can’t well think of an answer (making Rand sigh that she should’ve just stayed mum if she’s just gonna let Ziene talk her down).
Regardless, Ziene says Setsuko and Mel should be more concerned with her bodies than anything else – the Spheres, growing ever closer to being completely fused with them, should be telling that the dimensional collapse is close at hand.
Ziene doesn’t think she’ll be seeing any of us again and laughs a goodbye to Setsuko and The Crusher. Mel can’t confirm if what she said is true but says that she has been feeling this numbness around her heart.
Emma is worried for Setsuko’s condition but she says that our sole priority now is stopping the Oratorio – for a few moments, however, her blindness kicks in and she begs her body to hold on for just a bit longer.

So Sirius has been a non-threat. He's mildly dodgy and has Double Movement, but can't really hurt Apollo or Reika that much since he's been using ALLs against two Super Robots with a barrier part equipped. So the Double Move just meant that Apollo got in twice the counters.

Now he's not even mildly dodgy!

It's time to punch the Stupid out of you, Sirius!
: No, not yet, Cherubim Mars! Our battle is still ongoing!
: Please stop, brother! Come back to us!
: I cannot!
: But…
: You have remembered your past life as Celianne but I’ve yet to do so myself.
: However, I feel a tremendously ancient sorrow within my heart… and, so, I need you!
: Brother!
: Come to me, Silvia! You’ll summon forth the memories of my past life!
: That’s enough of this, Sirius!
: You have to open your eyes, please!
:: I am an Angel! The words of wingless ones will not make me waver!
: Well, if you insist you’re a Fallen Angel, then I’m just gonna end this!
: Get ready, Sirius!
: Stop!
: Pops?!
: : You, who observe the Aquarion from the shadows. Reveal yourselves!

: Filthy wingless…! Touma’s vengeance was mere moments from being complete!
: “Vengeance”…?!
: : The hell does that mean, Touma?!
: Do you remember, Apollonius…? One hundred million, two thousand years ago… this was a different universe…
: Your left hand existed to hunt the humans, while your right hand existed to hold mine.
: We so loved each other that the morning sun itself envied us.
: : …
: …I remember… our love was such that even the beautiful blossoms blushed…
: Apollonius…!
: Celianne…!
: What the hell is going on?!
: The memories of their past lives have been invoked…?
: Then it’s Apollo and Silvia’s old selves that are speaking right now?!
: As I thought…even as a residual memory, you cannot bring yourself to forget Celianne…
: But how aware are you of Celianne’s true form…?
: …Her true form…?
: Celianne…her soul, unable to bear the weight of her sin, split itself in half…
: Huh…?!
: One half became you, while the other became the brother with whom your blood is shared… the fact that each of you possess one wing is the proof.
: !
: Impossible...! I’m Celianne?! That can’t be!
: I can see it clearly – there is no mistake.
: Celianne’s soul as divided into light and darkness: her bright, beautiful memories went to your sister, while the dark, dreadful memories of leading the world to its destruction went to you…
: Her dark memories...?!
: Those memories were too terrifying to bear… so you closed your heart to them…
: This isn’t possible! Wasn’t I supposed to be Apollonius…?!
: Am I not the Wings of the Sun?!
: You…? Hahahahahah…
: The Wings of the Sun is the mythical, compound life form that I love…it is Aquarion!
: !
: No way…!
: The Wings of the Sun--!
: Is Aquarion?!
: …
: Apollonius betrayed me and left Atlandia…
: But he returned, emerging in a new form at the land of the wingless… Aquarion, the Wings of the Sun…!
: The Wings of the Sun’s frighteningly beautiful light, alongside the Great Power, laid waste to Atlandia…
: One hundred million, two thousand years ago… such a beautiful light…
: From that moment onwards, we have been adrift in the cycle of universal death and rebirth, bound in the everlasting prison!
: Death and rebirth… everlasting prison…
: Their battle, a performance that repeated infinitely… the Fallen Angels would play their part and, once the show was over, they’d be stripped of their memories and put to sleep.
: And then, as the new stage was set… they’d emerge and depart once more… from the day their universe ended and into eternity…
: And now... you’ll pay for your betrayal, Apollonius!
: Touma! Were you trying to have Sirius die by Aquarion’s hands?!
: Pitiful wingless… you’re a prisoner to eternity, like us.
: And, thanks to you, my vengeance was foiled.
: That said, divided though her soul may be, losing Celianne would still be so painful… and I shall now bestow that pain onto you, Apollonius!

: Brother! Run!
: Let your tears flow as you drown in sorrow…!

: Urk!
: Brother!
: Aah…! Touma…!
: Hm… did you honestly think I would ever trust someone reborn as a vile wingless?
: Kch…
: Sirius!
: Run off, Sirius! We’ll handle this!
: Apollo…Reika… you still worry for my wellbeing…?
: What are you talking about?!
: Yeah, you’re our friend!
: …Forgive me.
: Sirius! The Elements aren’t the only ones who care for you!
: Yeah, didn’t we share all those meals and battles together?!
: Remember, Sirius! Remember your mission!
: My mission…
: Forgetting that is what’d truly make you no more than a traitor.
: !
: …Apollo, Silvia, lend me your strength! I shall strike down Touma!
: You got it! Let’s go, Silvia!
: I’m not Celianne anymore! I’m simply Silvia d’Alicia, heiress to one of Apollonius’ wings!

: Genesis Combination! GO! AQUARIOOOOOOOOOON!!


: That is the light…the true light…! You’ve fully resuscitated…Wings of the Sun.
: Damn it, I can’t just sit this one out! Reika, Tsugumi, let’s combine!
: B-but...! If Jun’s not taking part, I--!
: I guess there’s no choice…

: Quickly now, Reika, Pierre.
: You’ll help, Rena?!
: Alright! Thanks, Rena!

: Here goes! Spiritual!
: Combination.

: Aah…it’s marvelous…

: Jun, Tsugumi! You two are our backups!
: Roger that, Pierre!
: We’ll be rooting for you, Reika, Rena!

: I’ll face these nuisances. Master Touma, sate your thirst for vengeance on Apollonius.
: Apollo, we’re leaving that Fallen Angel to you guys!
: The stage is all set for your final battle! You gotta win!
: Who do you think you’re talking to?
: Ah, our puffed-up Sirius is back!
: And he’s even changed his clothes!
: Keep watching, you guys! We promise we’ll defeat him!
: Come, Wings of the Sun… let us enjoy our reunion… both Otoha and the Wingless are telling us so.
: Be silent, Touma! Humans and Fallen Angels…neither has any bearing here! All that matters is that you’ll fall by our hands!
: (But it’s still not enough…)

Aquarion addendum posted:

This isn’t mentioned in-game but it should be noted: what gave Aquarion, in ancient times, the title of Wings of the Sun in the first place is that fact that a part of Apollonius’ actual soul was grafted into the mech’s core crystal upon his death and it’s always been there – its presence is revealed by Touma in the finale.
This is what manifested to Apollo when he first got into the Vector Sol and the reason for that is because Apollo has a natural affinity with that soul, thus proving (*cough*) that he IS the reincarnation of the other part of Apollonius’ soul, as no one else would be able to interact with it so.
Since people stopped Kawamori from doing his thing, Touma never confirms it one way or another but I take it this is what he believes (else EVOL wouldn’t really happen the way it did…). Either way, Touma’s focus is more on the “actual” Apollonius that lies in Aquarion (when he called “Wings of the Sun” during battle, he was talking to the bot itself), which is why his revenge was to make Aquarion kill Sirius/Celianne.