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Part 222: Mission 57 - Climactic Light - Part 4

: Got movement on radar! It’s that huge battleship!
: Looks like we lit a fire under them!

: …Where’s Dominic?
: He’s descended the ship without authorization in pursuit of The End.
: And it also seems that he’s taken a highly-classified document with him.
: It matters not. I’ve already instructed Anemone on what to do in the worst case scenario.
: Finally back, eh, Dewey!
: A small reward for overcoming the previous obstacles: I, the King, will personally face you in combat.
: You fancy yourself a King, Dewey Novak…?
: Very much so, Lt. Quattro...or should I call you Red Comet - that sad excuse of a man, incapable of surpassing his great father?
: I’ve become King of this chaotic world and not by birthright but by my own strength!
: None can stand up to me! Not Scirocco, not Durandal and certainly not you!
: I’m afraid such bombast only diminishes your majesty. This King has no clothes…!
: A man who cares not for his people isn’t fit to name himself “King”!
: And regardless of whether it was a tough decision for you or not, your choice to abdicate hope would mean burying humanity’s future!
: Then come! If you wish to claim kingship over the next era, you must kill the current sovereign!
: Disgusting. Indeed, the wingless ones have no right to live.
: Shut it! No one needs “permission” to live!
: I’m bringing you Fallen Angels down…for Baron!!
: …
: In three minutes’ time, the Oratorio will be in its ultimate firing position…! You cannot stop me, Holland, ZEUTH!
: Don’t ya underestimate us, Dewey! The Gekkostate and ZEUTH ain’t about to get scared over some two-bit boasting!
: Dewey Novak…
: Renton…!
: Three minutes... it all comes down to these three minutes...!
: But we’re not giving up! Not while there’s still some hope around!!

So here's the final part of the stage! We have to defeat Dewey within three turns. It's going to take two.

And we've got a new Aquarion pilot.

Aquarion of the Genesis
Rena Rune - Aquarion Delta
Voiced by Hiromi Satou(Japanese), Carrie Savage(English)

* ESP(Level 9) - Increased hit and evasion rates. Amount increased goes up with the level of the skill.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase
* SP Regen - Gains 10 SP at the start of each turn.

Spirit Commands:
* Scan(1) - Reveals an enemy squad's stats without having to fight them.
* Focus(15) - Increases hit and evasion rates by 30%
* Attune(25) - Grants one Ally the effect of the "Strike" Spirit command.
* Bless(50) - Grants one Ally Squad the effect of the "Luck" Spirit Command.
* Wish(60) - Casts Luck, Gain, and Faith on an allied squad, and raises all pilots Will by 10.

Squad Leader Bonus
+20% Evasion on the Enemy Phase

So Rena is unique in that unlike the other Element pilots, she can only be in the Assault Aquarion. And even then, only when you're using Set A on the regular Aquarion. As for Rena as a pilot, well, her stats are kind of bad but that's covered by the Element System. One helpful thing is that she's pretty dodgy with max ESP, Predict, and her Squad Leader Bonus. Plus she has Attune and Hope with SP Regen, which is handy.

So let's look at the three bosses we have now.

Aquarion of the Genesis
Otoha - Cherubim Sur Le Kubera
Voiced by Mako Hyoudou (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

* ESP(Level 9) - Increased hit and evasion rates. Amount increased goes up with the level of the skill.
* Support Attack (Level 4) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Support Defend (Level X) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* Cooperative Attack - Whenever the pilot performs a Support Attack, that attack will automatically be a critical hit.
* Double Movement - The pilot can act twice per turn.
* Predict - At 130 Will, hit, evasion and critical hit rate increase

Squad Leader Bonus
* Damage Received -20%

Speedbump! Moving on.

Aquarion of the Genesis
Touma - Cherubim Verlzeva
Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa(Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)

* ESP(Level 9) - Increased hit and evasion rates. Amount increased goes up with the level of the skill.
* Double Movement - The pilot can act twice per turn.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.
* Perfection - At 130 Will, Hit Rate, Evasion, and Critical Hit rate increased by 30%
* Attack Again - If the Pilot's skill stat is 20 points or higher then the enemy, the pilot will perform a second attack. This second attack is considered a Support Attack and is effected by the Cooperative Attack skill.

Squad Leader Bonus
* Hit Rate +20%

Touma's a bit of a threat. He can throw out up to four attacks at once if he targets a sap with low enough skill. Of course, both of them are strictly speaking optional. The stage ends when I defeat Dewey. However, there's a good reason not to ignore these two.

ENDING POINT ALERT: Shoot down Touma and Otoha. :+1 Ending Point

So even if they didn't have good parts, shooting them down is worth it for the Ending Point.

But then there's the main event... whoo boy.

Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN
Dewey Novak - Ginga Go
Voiced by Kōji Tsujitani (Japanese), Kim Strauss (English)

* Prevail (Level 9) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.
* Focused Attack - The damage penalty for performing ALL attacks on multiple units is reduced.
* Guard - At 130 Will the character will take 20% less damage.
* Commander(Level 4) - Allies in an area (denoted by yellow squares when highlighting the character) have an increased hit and evasion rate. The size of the area and bonus increases by level.

Squad Leader Bonus
Hit Rate +20%, Damage Taken -20%

Holy crap look at that. Dewey is yet another Brick Wall boss to make completing the stage while accomplishing everything harder. And he's the biggest brick wall of them all. Nearly One Hundred Thousand HP, maxed out Prevail, absurd Will gains, Guard, and a Squad Leader Bonus that makes him even tankier. Not to mention a pair of powerful ALL attacks that are even deadlier with his Focused Attack. Plus he has a bloody Hero’s Mark equipped. Which, combined with Prevail, he'll pretty much never not be critting once he crosses the half way mark for HP.

Moving on, I realized something annoying!

Rena taking a slot in the Assault Aquarion removed all of Aquarion Alpha's Post move attacks! While it greatly increased its range, and thus made it arguably better for using it as a squadmate and swapping it in for Support Attacks, it makes it much more annoying for using it as a Squad Leader like I have been.

So let's deal with Otoha now.

: Wings of the Sun! I will destroy you myself!
: How long are you gonna live in the past, huh?!
: We're fighting for the future, and you ain't taking it from us!

Cynthia learns her the 8th level of Oversense from that.

: Return to Atlandia, Otoha. Stand guard at the Tree of Life.
: Understood, Lord Touma.

: The Tree of Life… it is it that’ll create the new world…!
: By that, you mean…
: Remaking this one to fit the Fallen Angels, is that it?!
: So it’s those guys’ own version of the Dimensional Repair?
: Wingless ones… you’ll die along with the beings that dwell inbetween dimensions.
: The fertilization of the Tree of Life will bring forth new Angels… a new world.
: Ya think Imma let you use human lives to create your own crap world?!
: You’re going down, Touma, and then I’m bringing an axe to that Tree of Life!

So here's a mistake. I meant to repair the Gekko Go...

Instead I resupplied it! Ooops.

Then, come Enemy phase it comes back to bite me.

And then of course when I pick to just defend the Gekko Go's Double Image kicks in.

Then Touma does his thing.

: I am overjoyed to see you awakened, Wings of the Sun, and cross swords with your true self.
: Can it! We don't got time for you!
: There's no need to be hasty. The Tree of Life is pollinated by the true light of the Wings of the Sun, setting in motion the genesis of a new world…
: And, in that new world, we shall have an eternity to spend together.
: I don't get it, and I don't care! Y’all are not just ending this world!

Double Movement is almost a curse for these guys. Since they inevitably target Apollo he can just wreck them.

Second turn. Time to destroy Touma and Dewey.

And he is now in Kill Range.

It brings Apollo up to Level 64, teaching him his final Spirit Command, Zeal(70). Oh look. Another multipilot Super with plenty of Subpilots who has Zeal!

: You’re far too late, wingless ones. I now depart to watch over the Tree of Life from Atlandia.

: Damn it, we gotta get there too!
: Hold on, Apollo. We have to stop that huge weapon right now!
: Apollo, I know that fighting the Fallen Angels is important but the priority now protecting Earth!
: I got it! Let’s put this freak down in a hurry and go after Touma!

Now that the Side Quests are done. It's time to tear down this wall.


: Let's finish this, Dewey!
: Holland... what can one man possibly do?
: It ain't just "one man"! I got my friends here with me!
: And I've even got someone waiting for me to come back in one piece!
: Irrelevant. The fact that you care so much about such things tells me you don't stand a chance to surpass me.
: No one likes a sore loser, Dewey!
: Take a good look! Everything you've thrown away is on my side!
: They'll help me save the world from your evil plans!!
Holland cast Soul for that attack.

: Come and get me, Nirvash. We already have a replacement for you.
: Whichever one emerges victorious, the outcome will not change.
: This world will be saved by my hand...

: Dewey’s ship has stopped attacking!
: But it’s humongous… it’ll be very difficult for us to destroy it completely!

: They still had these many troops left?!
: I’m going in!

*Holland starts charging towards the Ginga Go*

: Holland!
: I’ll break in there with the 303 and commandeer the bridge!
: We’ll cover you, chief!
: Go and settle accounts with your past – for your future!
: Take care in there, man! Don’t forget that you still owe everyone a round!
: You got it!

: Holland, wait!
: Talho…!
: Don’t do it! If you kill Dewey, it’ll--!


: !
: Stay away! We will not let you harm the Colonel!
: Piss off, brats! This is between me and Dewey!
: …He’s right. All of you, stand down.
: But…!
: You’ll disobey a direct order?
: F-Forgive me!
: We’ll pray for your victory, Colonel…!

*The kids all run off.*

: …Those children were born cursing the world.
: …
: They who lost their homeland to war, who’ve had their very existence denied from the moment of their birth… children who fell into the shadows of humanity.
: And so, what, you took them in and raised them as your faithful pawns?!
: These unappreciated children were meant to be the foundation of a new world order.
: If you’ve thought that much about the future, why couldn’t you bring yourself to trust Eureka and Renton?!
: Because even with the Break the World, society has stayed the same!
: What?!
: The same rampant egotism! The same traditions and unchanging power hierarchy as the old world…! Even as the new multi-dimensional world, everything’s remained exactly as it was!
: However, by razing it all to the ground, a new order – a new society – may be born!
: You wanna destroy both the Coralians and the current society too?!
: And when the new order begins, humanity will at last break away from the bindings of the past!
: At that moment, human dignity will truly be safe!
: How can you talk about “human dignity”?! Have you even stopped to think of how many people died due to this mess you’ve made of the world?!
: ...I’ve expressed myself poorly.
: Huh?!
: What I’m doing is atoning for our sins. And through it, we’ll defend both humanity’s and this planet’s dignity! Why can’t you understand that?!
: Hah! The man who’s made it all the way to the top of the army isn’t measuring up at all!
: Millennia ago, as the Black History drew closer to its end, this planet was overrun by the Coralians!
: In our splintered-off universe, the planet our ancestors arrived at was devoid of its inherent order, its dignity long since destroyed past any possible recovery!
: And, then, society was engulfed in chaos once more! Why should this planet persist after being that far gone?!
: If you wanna die that badly, then do it on your own time!!
: : I’ve taken upon myself the fate of purging this corrupted world and defending its dignity!
: By doing so, I’ve become one with the world – with this very planet! Mine and the planet’s life are the same!
: Brother, you didn’t--!

: …Upon my death, the Compac Drive grafted into my body will issue one final command.
: If you wish to resist, then be my guest.

: !
: However, I’ll die together with this planet’s dignity! So, cry and scream to your heart’s content! This is the beginning of a brand new world!
: Brother, STOP!!


: …
: …I didn’t realize it in time…
: I couldn’t save my brother… it was all too late…

Back Outside…

: Stop, Holland! He’s trying to get himself killed!
: Why would he do that?!
: This isn’t good! The Oratorio’s activating!!
: You didn’t make it, Holland?!
: Eureka!
: Let’s go, Renton!

: This is…the area that Dewey told me about… the place where they dropped that fortress at… the Coralians’ core…
: What’s going to happen here…?
: …
: (…If I actually get to survive through this whole war… I’m going to buy a small mirror and practice smiling...)
: (I’ll practice over and over…all so I can see him again…)


: (…If I was allowed to live without hurting others… I’d let my hair blow in the wind, take one big step forward and set out to meet him with my head held high…)
: (…I want to live… so I can tell him how thankful I am…)

: You can tell him!
: !
: You can go on living – nobody’s ever said that you couldn’t!
: But it hurts so much! He isn’t with me anymore! It’s…it’s too much for me!!
: You’re wrong! I know for sure that he’ll come back to you!!
: Your feelings will certainly get through to him, Anemone.
: …No, Eureka… there’s no way they would…

: This is Atlandia?!
: This looks awful! The whole area’s falling apart!
: But… if something the size of Messiah fell here, I’d expect a whole lot more damage. What’s going on?
: There it is, Dominic! We’ve located The End!

: Anemone! ANEMONEEE!!

: Open the hatch! I’ve got Gulliver here with me, too!
: Dominic! Gulliver!

*Insert huge gust of wind here.*

: Damn it, he got kicked off his KLF!
: He’s gonna get blown away!
: Save him, Gulliver!!

: What?! How’s he not getting carried away inside that windstorm?!
: Y-You’ve saved me, Gulliver… your mass-control ability stopped the wind from taking me…

: Dominic!
: Anemone!


: Ah…aaah…
: Did the Messiah drop really destroy the Scub’s core?!
: What’s gonna happen to the world, then?!
: Dominic…
: If it goes according to the Colonel’s plan, the core’s destruction will send the Coralians on a rampage.
: Antibodies will spawn throughout the entire world but once their time limit is past, humanity will be safe…
: That doesn’t mean anything! Do you know how much death and destruction they’ll cause if it plays out like that?!
: Hold on, Renton! There’s something else over there!
: …Despite our best efforts, Atlandia suffered great damage from the fall of that large hunk of stone.
: Curse those interdimensional creatures… they’ve warped space-time and shielded everywhere but here from harm… for what…?
: …
: Regardless, the Tree of Life is safe. Let us create our new world now, before the awakening of those creatures.
: …The Wings of the Sun has been restored… its pollen, of a nature different from ours, fertilizes the Tree of Life… and, so, new Angels… and a new world will be born...
: We must also join with the Tree…
: Yes…absorbed by its roots, we shall become new seedlings.
: To the Tree of Life!
: !
: To the Tree of Life!

: Aaaah!!
: Ooooh!!
: The Fallen Angels…!
: They’re…turning into light…

: Lord Johannes and the others have joined with the Tree of Life…
: It’s beautiful… the holy harvest is finally at hand!
: Oh, but I must object!

: The demon of the butterfly wings!
: The Turn X cries out to me! It wants me to obliterate the Fallen Angels!

*Gym charges the Tree of Life!*

: !
: HAHAHAHA! I will not allow this self-serving genesis!

: Ah! You’re here, brother!
: The ∀ will put a stop to your Turn X!

*Loran runs in after Gym.*

: This Turn X is incredible! Just as ∀’s brother ought to be!!
: What happened?! Didn’t you take pride in helping Lady Diana?! Isn’t that what pushed you to hone your strength?!
: If it was Diana who gave me that pride, then it was also her who took it away!
: !
: Without one meager word of gratitude, she left us and descended unto Earth!
: Someone who rambles on about how he’s fighting for such a Queen or, worse, for this world, cannot best me!
: I can and I will!
: Victory comes to those who truly enjoy the thrill of combat!
: I will not give in to someone who's lost himself to battle!

*Beep, beep, beep.*

: That’s--!
: My Turn X shall now unleash its true power!

: Loran Cehak!

: The ∀’s power is running out of control?!
: AHAHAHA! And this power will summon the Black History once more and bring forth a new era!
: No! I won’t let it!!

: …The Tree of Life is withering away…!
: It cannot simply be due to the butterfly’s poison… was the pollen that fertilized it incomplete…?!
: It can’t be…! The Wings of the Sun had regained its true light! Wasn’t the Tree pollinated by that very light?!
: The hell do we care about that thing?!
: Touma! I swear on my honor, I will at the very least claim your head!
: …Go ahead, if you like… either way, this world is finished…
: What does that mean?!
: The roots of the Tree of Life stretch to the core forces of this planet and across the dimensional boundaries.
: If the tree withers away, those forces will surge forth…the dimensional boundaries will crumble and the dwellers inbetween the dimensions will emerge into this world unchecked.
: All the Coralians will awaken…?!

*Newtype flash.*

: This is…!
: I’m feeling a person’s will…somewhere…?
: Wait, it’s… countless minds, all merged together!
: It’s the Scub Coral… the Coralians…
: Then--!
: Is the dimensional collapse starting?!
: I-It’s a gigantic Break! It’s coming!

: No…but we’ve come so far…
: HAHAHAHAHA! This is quite the hilarious ending if I do say so myself! Still, I suppose it’s not a bad one!
: How can you--!

: This world…is finished…
: Are we just…too late…?
: !

: Aaah…!
: Eureka?!

: Aargh!
: Anemone! Your choker opened?!
: What’s going on, Dominic?! The same thing happened with Eureka’s choker!
: Ugh…aah…!
: Eureka! What are you doing?!
: Nirvash, please… take care of Renton…
: Where are you going?!

*Eureka jumps off the Nirvash and starts headed deeper into the crater*

: Is she gonna do something?!
: Is she trying to go back to where the Coralians are at?!
: Don’t go, Eureka! Didn’t we say we’d be together forever?!
: I…can’t keep that promise… I’m sorry, Renton…
: But I…I’ll keep you, our friends and this world safe…
: Eureka!!
: Goodbye…


: …That’s the goal of the Ageha Project?
: Yes… I’ve just finished reading this file: it’s Dewey’s stratagem for the entire thing…
: The destruction of the Command Cluster – the Coralians’ core – was merely step 1 of their extermination. It was theorized that destroying the core would result not just in Antibodies spawning but would also trigger the full awakening of the dormant Scub Coral.
: But that would push us past that Limit of Questions and trigger the dimensional collapse, no?!
: Yes, the dimensional collapse was on the verge of happening, in tandem with the destruction of the Fallen Angels’ Tree of Life.
: What stopped it was the surrogate Command Cluster.
: “Surrogate”…? You mean a replacement?
: Yes… it gave new order to the Coralians and maintained them asleep.
: Either me or Eureka were meant to turn into that…
: Yes… that’s why the Colonel told you to head to Atlandia.
: But, then, Eureka became the Command Cluster and interrupted the dimensional collapse…
: But this doesn’t make sense...I mean, I understand the part where if you destroy the core, the Coralians will awaken but...
: Why would Dewey destroy the Command Cluster in the first place if he was going to replace it with a new one? Even if he did that to stop the dimensional collapse from going through, I don’t see what he was going for with the Coralians.
: He wanted to exterminate them… that much is certain. The Colonel meant for this death to trigger a system embedded into Eureka and Anemone’s chokers.
: A system?
: Said system would send a self-destruct program to all the Coralians via the surrogate Commander Cluster.
: “Self-destruct”…?! Then the Coralians will be killed because Eureka became their core?!
: That’s why he needed to destroy the old Scub core. When Eureka fully replaces it, the Colonel’s plan will be complete.
: And that’ll likely mean Eureka ceasing to exist as well…but, with the extinction of the Coralians, our days of fearing the dimensional collapse would be over…
: That can’t happen…
: Anemone…?
: There are people…so many of them, living inside the Scub Coral…
: What?!
: Countless people, gathered from all the different worlds…
: (Everything had already come to a close when Eureka’s light faded out…)
: (But ZEUTH vanished… where the hell did they go…?)sn