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Part 224: Mission 58 - Memories - Part 2

OK… three OverDevils. I’d advise against rushing them because their morale’ll build very quickly from hits and, since everyone’s own morale (save Roger) is at baseline, you’re likely to get stonewalled by their Prevail. And then you get blasted with a MAPW.
They’ll be charging right in with Alex, mind, so you should start working on the nearby Bandits and Bonapartes to get your units going – at the very least, you can stop their advance by setting someone dodgy in their range.

No Skill point yet, so take this slow and steady. Mind, if you’re a big baby, you can skip everything by just destroying Alex – you’ll want to at least build some morale, mind!

Finally, let’s look at Alex:

Big Fau (Alex Rosewater)
Pilot Skills:
Alex’ Squad Leader Bonus: All weapons that aren’t point blank receive +1 to their range
Alex’ Voice Actor: Unshou Ishizuka (other known works: Fudou, Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, Mr. Satan in DBZ and many others)

Alex is…not that good a pilot, really. The Big Fau’s all about being bulky and strong, as you’ve come to expect from a Big, but he himself has nothing going for him. Alex’ stats are middling and his skill list is laughably lackluster.
Guard pairs well with the Big Fau, of course, but the lack of Prevail will really set him back. The OverDevils themselves are stronger and much better pilots.

The good part is that all mooks are set in center formation.

But, of course, the Bonapartes are rather bulky and sport 12k+ HP.
Kira and Garrod follow it up killing, respectively, the squaddies and then the leader.

Haman and Kouji’s combined TRIs destroy another pair of Archetypes, leaving Hayato to take the Bonaparte.

Moving along, careful to stay out of the OverDevils range.

Shinn weakens them further, leaving Apollo’s group to take both the leader and an Archetype down. The surviving squaddie gets downed by Kappei.

Toshiya surprises me with a massive TRI, oneshotting a Mahiroo.

Renton, as always, has a very important job to do so he needs to start building morale. I’m also trying to see if I can’t use him as bait.

Kei easily destroys all three.

Next, Duke starts work on this central Bonaparte squad, while Amuro falls just short of destroying another one in a double attack.

Fine, we’ll have Gravion follow up on Duke’s work for now.

It can’t handle two of these. Sandman’s also killed an Archetype and Camille dispatches the sole survivor.

Enemy Phase!

Two Bandit groups pester Loran, getting blasted for their troubles, while Toshiya’s weakened group suicides against Touga.

Oh no, you didn’t.

The bandit hangs on but his squaddies are shredded. The last clever Bandit decided to sneak around the back and attack the Glomar, which simply tanks with its barrier.

Two Bonaparte groups go after Kei and Toshiya and eat some ALL damage, while Amuro’s gives him a chance to finish the job.

A Destroy makes the mistake of attacking Kei, while all others snipe away at people.

Finally, the farthest OverDevils start homing in but the closest one aims for Touga.

I’m surprised it didn’t use OverFreeze since its morale is already almost maxed out.

Alex is slowly coming closer to Roger.

Player Phase!

Let’s get rid of this one right now since it’ll be blocking our advance towards the rear enemies. Renton’s doubled attack helps but, even with valor, damage is still less than ideal.
Kei and Gravion keep the pain going, with liberal Valor usage to offset that Prevail.

16k HP left…

And it survives with 1.5k HP.

Fine, a quick Arc Line and it’s gone.

Nearby, Toshiya’s wrecking an entire Bandit squad.

And here…

Were two Archetypes.

Duke and Loran, Shinn and Banjou tag-team two squads each.

That’s the ticket.

Keep building that morale, boy.

Easy money.

Amuro, followed by Gainer, leaves that clever Glomar-attacking squad near death. Shaia drops the leader just because.

This Destroy is outside any OverSkill AoE, so we’ll throw some units at it.

Much less troublesome when it’s being manned by a basic AI.

Same thing goes for the other side but this one is being covered by an OverDevil, so we gotta watch our range. Ryouma and Haman also contribute.

This would’ve helped before the attack…

Enemy Phase!

Rand and Kouji both keep piling on the damage on the Destroys.

The eastern Psyco snipes at Kouji but the western one chooses Marin.

Good, good.
The OverDevils snipe away at Duke and Marin but the one OverFreeze misses.

Alex is finally in range of Roger and this lets us see the Big Fau’s strongest weapon.
Sudden Impact: “Alex! Your pretense of godhood ends here!”
Alex taking little damage: “I suppose this is the limit of a Big driven by a stray.”

Player Phase!

We need to get rid of these other OverDevils and my eastern group has a lot less ranged attackers. So, I pop three Daunts are turn its OverSkill off.

It recovers that quickly but this allows Toshiya to get a nice hit in.

Now we snipe away with whoever’s available. Also, did you know that Rey’s in-battle lines shift now that he’s got his head together?

“I’m my own person, even with this power…!”

“And I’ll fight for the future I’ve chosen to believe in…!”

“Until my life fades away…!”

Goddamn, that was with valor!

Now that’s better.

After some help from Renton, it’s primed for Amuro.

One left!

Our people move in, Kouji, Duke and Tetsuya easily finishing off their side’s Destroy.

Nearby, Loran, Banjou and Touga whittle the Psyco down to a shred of health.

Perfect for Shinn.

…Or it would’ve been, had I not forgotten about the I-Field which reduced Luna and Harry’s support into the equivalent of a gentle breeze.
Fine, Camille moves over and finishes the job.

This last kill gets the Psycoframe running.

Shaia will be keeping Roger topped off while he holds Alex at bay. She was a bit behind on levels but is quickly catching up, learning a very welcome Confuse.

Other side, a valored TRI from Kei is some nice starting damage. This is followed by a valored Thunder Flash for another 14k damage.

What can you do with Soul going?

About the same Kei did. Good to know where things stand.

I wanted to give this kill to someone else but none of my remaining guys could do enough damage from outside the OverSkill range so off goes Roger to clean up this mess.
And they are all finally dead!

Now we begin clean-up, with Gainer weakening his side’s Destroy and triggering OverSkill.
Rand and Ryouma further cut it down to size.

Off you go, Garrod.
And I never realized that the G-Bits had a dynamic kill.

Thank you very much!

Enemy Phase!

Roger is still getting pestered by Alex but the Psyco also wants a piece of him.

Player Phase!

With some help from Gainer and Loran, Shinn takes the thing down and triggers SEED.

Now, let’s go and get rid of Alex!

Alex being attacked by BH unit: “You…Are you going to set the world ablaze once more?!

Bye, Alex.

: It can’t be…! How could it have ended like this…?! I…I…!
: The hell is that guy yelling about?!
: “Tomato”? Psh. With that white suit, you’re more like a rotten potato!
: It was unavoidable that such a realization would come to bear.
: You’re--!
: Black Charisma!

: What are you doing here?!
: I’m here to see you people, of course.
: What are you after?! Why are you following us around?!
: Patience. There’s something I must take care of first.
: Black Charisma! Have you come to help us?!
: I’m under no obligation to do so, Mr. Mayor. My role was limited to simply introducing you to Mr. Alex Rosewater.
: And, on that matter, I believe it is high time he understood his actual place in the world.
: What did you say?!
: You may hear it all directly from him.
: …
: Gordon Rosewater…
: Who’s that guy?
: The former president of Paradigm Corporation, author of Metropolis…and Alex’ father.
: That’s impossible... he was at the farm when...!
: Such disloyalty to your own father, Alex… you even set fire to his crops.
: All so you could crown yourself Paradigm City’s king.
: …
: You’re no more than a coward, dad!
: But I’m nothing like you and I’ve proven it! I’ll bring a new order to its world – I’ll be its new God!
: And, for that, you’d raise your hand against even your own father…?!
: Silence, Roger Smith! You’re just another rotten tomato!
: …
: “Tomato”…?
: What is he talking about?!
: Gordon Rosewater cultivated many "tomatoes" in a bid to resurrect the memories that lie within the genes.
: Those include the Negotiator, Alex Rosewater and us.
: The Union’s people…?
: Indeed, you useless attempt at artificial cultivation.
: My name is Vera Ronstadt. I used to be the Union’s leader.
: “Used to”?
: The Union is, for all intents and purposes, defunct. The result of a rebellion concocted by Alan Gabriel and the woman you call “Angel”.
: So that woman and Roger… are man-made people…?
: Paradigm City, a town that’s lost its memories… and I was created in order to bring said memories back to life…
: Roger…
: But, even if that is true, it does not change the fact that I am who I am.
: !
: The way by which you’ve been given life has no bearing in how you live as a person…!
: Right on! How you live is much more important than any reason behind your birth!
: I agree as well… this life is my own.
: My life… is not anyone’s tool.
: Negotiator… you are actually not one of my beloved tomatoes.
: Dad…
: And it was not I who wrote that book, Metropolis… It is a story that a dream commanded me put to paper…
: “A dream”…?
: That’d be the creator of Paradigm City: the one who gathered people from so many worlds and robbed them of their memories.
: Indeed… This city was created to serve as a model for new worlds.
: What do you mean by that?!
: It was all one enormous experiment, created by the Taiji… the apex of the Spheres.
: Asakim often used that word…Taiji…
: A long time ago… I hired you Roger…or, rather, I hired a Roger Smith who still had his memories.
: !
: If the world is a grand stage, then we, humans, are no more than actors playing our assigned roles on it. Nothing matters except our role… and memories are unnecessary for that.
: But why can’t there be someone who’s capable of changing those roles? “I want you to negotiate with the entity that’s directing the world.”, is what I asked of you.
: Me…when I still had my memories…
: That’s ridiculous! I will not accept such a thing!
: You, alone, are a true Dominus, Roger Smith?! I absolutely cannot acknowledge that as the truth!

: That man… he’s being consumed by the Big Fau…
: The same fate as Alan Gabriel…!
: Big Fau… Are you trying to absorb me into your systems…?
: But I am not like that pathetic reporter or that snickering cyborg. I am a true Dominus.
: This is the curse of The Bigs.
: (Big O… do you also wish to consume me…? If you did so, we would become one being, wouldn’t we…?)
: Roger Smith! I’ll gladly pay any price, so long as I can see you dead!
: Big Fau! I’ll give you all that I am! I know that’s what you want!
: Alex! I’ll set you free!
If you hadn’t unlocked Final Stage on mission 49, you’d get it here.

: Alex Rosewater!
: Gwen! Hand over your complete version of Metropolis!
: Never! This power is mine!
: Please stop, Lord Gwen…!
: I’m not finished, Negotiator! I am--!

: What?!
: Impossible! Has someone else entered the city without my permission?!

: Big O?!
: Those red and white Bigs too!
: And there are loads of them!!
: No… the Great Power has…!

: B-Big Fau! You… are you saying you're displeased with me?!

*Alex’ Big Fau starts charging ahead, towards…*

: No, stop! STOP, BIG FAU!
: S-stay back!!
: Laura!!

: Lord Gwen…
: So this is how it ends for a man who consigned all that he was towards sating his ambition…
: Lord Gwen… too much power will only invite destruction onto the world and the soul…
: Stay strong, Loran! There are still enemies about!
: Um… those ARE our enemies, right?
: Well… they don’t look like they to want to attack us right now…

Rand version:

: But that can change, depending on what you’ll do next.
: Asakim!
: It’s been a while, Rand. You, too, Mel.
: Hey! You don’t get to act that friendly with us, mister!
: Do you feel it, Mel? Can you sense the source of these beings’ power?


: Aah…!
: What’s wrong, Mel?!
: You and the Sphere are in the process of melding together and it should be telling you… these beings are the Taiji’s servants.

Setsuko version:

: But that can change, depending on what you’ll do next.
: Asakim Dowin!
: Setsuko… looks like your time is running short.
: Do you feel it, I wonder? Can you sense the source of these beings’ power?


: Urk…!
: Setsuko!
: You and the Sphere are in the process of melding together and it should be telling you… these beings are the Taiji’s servants.

: Is this also the work of Dimensional Power?
: “Dimensional Power”… that name is rather inadequate for what it truly is.
: It is the Primordial Power… Origin Law…
: The Black Charisma and Asakim are appearing together…!
: If Asakim’s not the face behind the mask, then it must be…
: The Origin Law is the manifestation of the Taiji’s will… the army that stands before you is also another of its facets.
: Their emergence is also described in this book, Metropolis.
: So it reads: “The Army of God, servants of the “great will”, descends upon the land at the terminus of the long age of conflict, the Black History… all is reduced to ash, marking the beginning of a new world…”.
: That’s what happened at the Black History’s Break…
: Then, this army’s arrival means we’re at that moment?!
: But why does the Charisma have that book?!
: I relieved Mr. Gwen of its possession. He wasn’t in any position to object.
: Consider it fair compensation for introducing him and Alex.
: Looks like you were after that thing from the start…!
: How much do you gotta piss us off before you’re happy?!
: But enough is enough. We’ll shatter your mask and you’ll tell us what you’re after!
: Can you really afford such a distraction with the Army of God standing right before you?
: Were you the one who set this Megadei Army in motion, Asakim?!
: No. I, myself, have been cursed by the Taiji so that is beyond me.
: Cursed…?
: Taiji… it is the fundamental principle behind the entire Universe. The will that governs the beginning and the end of all that exists.
: My soul has no freedom, as my very fate lies bound by the Taiji’s curse.
: Just like the Fallen Angels and that man who’s accompanying you.
: …
: Asakim Dowin… you’re also a transdimensional being…?
: The Fallen Angels received the Taiji’s curse one hundred million, two thousand years ago, when their universe lay on the verge of destruction.
: They were confined beyond the dimensions, into the infinite prison, and their memories were taken.
: Every 12000 years, within the progressively shifting universe… the Angels would emerge and repeat their battle again and again.
: They even fought with a different ZEUTH, 12000 years ago, in the age called “Black History” but those memories were also taken.
: An endlessly repeating war… that’s the nature of the Human/Fallen Angel conflict…
: Then this means Apollonius’ betrayal actually happened one hundred million, two thousand years ago?!
: But the Break the World opened a tear in the dimensions and that, in turn, changed the Fallen Angels.
: They managed to recover a portion of their memories and set out to create a new world themselves in order to break free from their cursed fate.
: Their memories were stolen… that’s just like…
: The residents of Paradigm City…!
: Not even the Taiji can make something that exists cease to do so. So what it does is erase memories and, thus, erase the proof that something was…
: That’s the reason for the lost memories…?!
: This city is a miniature garden built by the Taiji’s will… it is no more than a petri dish for the creation of new worlds.
: You mean that both this city and the lives of its citizens were all created as parts of an experiment?!
: That’s still a better situation than the cursed ones, I think.
: Thus, I seek to overthrow the Taiji itself and gain my freedom.
: It is for that reason that I’ve also engaged in the Holy War… the battle involving the 12 warriors of the Spheres.

Rand version:

: !
: You understand now, don’t you, Mel? It is the transdimensional conflict between the Sphere Bearers…
: Key…Sphere…lost fragments…and their heirs…the ultimate victor…will claim everything…
: Pull yourself together, Mel! This ain’t the time to be sleep-talkin’!
: I-I’m scared, Darling! Hold my hand!

: Wh-what?! Some memories are pouring into my head!
: The Scarred Lion, grieving for its fate, sheds tears of blood. The more pain you endure, the more you’ll grow as a Sphere Bearer.
: “Sphere Bearer”?!
: Yes… very soon, you’ll be worthy of participating in the Holy War. And that will make killing you worthwhile.
: Quit talking in riddles and just explain what’s what, damn it!
: All the physical and mental pain I caused was to mature you into a proper Bearer.
: Were I to defeat one that hadn’t awakened, the Sphere would simply vanish to another dimension and seek a new host. It would have no impact in deciding the Holy War’s ultimate victor.
: The Scarred Lion’s former Bearer never fully awakened, so the Sphere fled at the moment of his death. It arrived at your previous world and is now in your possession.
: That’s how the Gunleon ended up there…?!
: A Sphere normally assimilates their bearers but, this time, a human body assimilated IT. That was unexpected.
: The former Bearer rejected the Holy War to the end, so perhaps it was a result of that.
: Whatever. What you’re getting at is that since I’ve awakened as a Bearer, you’re finally ready to put all this to bed, ain’t it?
: Well, bring it on! Imma pay you back for all the good and bad, bro!
: That’s just like you, THE HEAT. I’m confident you could crush even fate itself.
: I don’t need ya pattin’ me on the back!

Setsuko version:

: !
: You should understand now, Setsuko. It is the transdimensional conflict between the Sphere Bearers…
: Key…Sphere…lost fragments…and their heirs…the ultimate victor…will claim everything…
: Hang in there, Setsuko! Focus!
: R-right…!
: Setsuko… you have finally reached the point where the Sorrowful Maiden will awaken.
: It won’t be long before you’re a fully-fledged Bearer, worthy of participating in the Holy War.
: And that will make killing you worthwhile.
: Have you’ve caused her such grief all because of this Holy War?!
: That’s right. Were I to defeat a Bearer that hadn’t awakened, the Sphere would simply vanish to another dimension and seek a new host. It would have no impact in deciding the Holy War’s ultimate victor.
: Then, Chief and Toby…it was all for that…?!
: The Sorrowful Maiden’s former Bearer never fully awakened, so the Sphere fled at the moment of her death. It arrived at your previous world, changed form and is now in your possession.
: The core of the Gunnery Carver…
: The military, noticing the energy it possessed, repurposed it as a weapon…!
: Asakim Dowin… You killed Chief and Toby just to trigger my awakening…!
: Whatever your reasons for it, I swear I’ll make you pay!!

: But, unfortunately, your awakening came far too late.
: The will of the Taiji has decided to restart this world. Thus, the Big army stirs.
: The will of the Taiji…Dimensional Power itself…! You mean it’s going to trigger a Break?!
: That’s right, chosen warrior of the Getter Rays.
: What…?
: Hold on! What about Eureka?!
: You don’t have to worry. It seems the Taiji only wishes to reset you, the Singularities.
: Yes… Your memories will vanish and you’ll become denizens of this city.
: What did you say?!
: We’ll become citizens of Paradigm City…?!
: I believe that’s the Taiji’s way of extending its hand out to you. I’d suggest you savor this blessing – you’ll be free from sorrow, pain and hardship, after all.
: In exchange for our memories!
: As Alex said, the lesser world is filled with chaos while this world has been granted eternal tranquility. You should be grateful to be offered a chance to live here.
: Though, I would, personally, refuse it.
: A world of eternal tranquility…
: You could certainly say it’s a paradise.
: We’ve been through so much pain and sorrow…
: And we could leave it all behind…
: What, then, Negotiator? The decision is yours.
: As per Gordon Rosewater’s request, hm? I understand…
: Roger…
: My answer is…

Ending Point Alert!
Choosing the first option, to abandon your memories and live in Paradigm City, will cost you 15 points.
We’ll get back to the effects of this later but, this time, we’ll want to see our duties fulfilled.

: …
: I don’t wanna forget about Eureka, Roger! No way in hell!
: Same here! Losing my memories would mean I’d forget everything about Aki, Hamamoto and the others!
: Do you want to make everything we’ve done for naught?!
: I’m with them! Those painful moments, the mistakes we made, are all part of the lives we led!
: Think, man! What was the reason why you left this city in the first place?!
: Is that the truth you found outside?!
: …
: There’s no need for you to hesitate. Weren’t you a dweller of this city from the start?
: And, so, he should come back and drag us along…?!
: Well, it is the natural decision - like raising an umbrella when you’re in the rain.
: You, too, deserve peace, ZEUTH... go, rest eternally in this city…
: No.
: …What did you just say?

: I said “no”.
: And the reason for that is…?
: They’ve already given you more than enough reasons.
: But, additionally, I’ve always been a free spirit.
: Roger!
: Some people like to stand in the rain without an umbrella and that’s fine… such is the essence of freedom.
: That is the choice of Roger Smith.
: Which means what we have to do is smash that Big army!
: Let’s do this, people! Doesn’t matter what enemy we’re up against, we just need to keep going!
: It’s useless. The will of the Taiji is already in motion.

Rand version:

: Zip it, Asakim! I dunno anything about your curse but you’re acting like a goddamn coward!
: !
: We’re all free people here! So we ain’t giving up until the last second!
: …Very well, THE HEAT. I’d also prefer if you emerged victorious.
: As proof, let me show you the key to the upcoming reset.

Setsuko version:

: Asakim…! What’s binding you is not the Taiji’s curse!
: In your resignation, you’ve given up on your very own freedom!
: !
: But we will not surrender – not while time remains!
: …Very well, Setsuko. I’m hoping you’ll emerge victorious as well.
: As proof, let me show you the key to the upcoming reset.

: …
: That’s…!
: Angel!
: Roger… I came into contact with the “great will” and cultivated my tomatoes, spurred by my belief that memories lay within people…
: But I was wrong. Memories do not necessarily lie in the people’s consciousness. This young lady herself is a memory.
: What?!
: She’s a proxy of the Taiji’s will… the "director" for this entire artificial city…
: Then we can win this if we take her out?!
: …
: But she’s… almost doll-like!
: It’s like her mind is gone…!
: …Let me handle her, my friends.
: Roger…! You’re not thinking of—?!
: I’m a negotiator. Do you understand what that means?
: Alright, Roger. We’ll clear the way.
: We’re counting on you to negotiate with her!
: Ya gotta bring home the goods, bro! There’s no brute-forcing your way through this if things go south!
: Leave it all to me!
: I wish you luck, ZEUTH…and Setsuko/THE HEAT…

: Hm, Asakim’s left…?
: Hey, you sit right there! We’ve got a truckload of stuff we wanna ask you about!
: I’m afraid that’s not possible. I’ve some final preparations to take care of, you see.
: But I’ll give you one piece of information by way of an apology: I estimate that this city will be reset in about 5 minutes. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

: “Final preparations”…?
: Black Charisma… is it “her” behind the mask, then…?
: Whatever. We gotta worry about backing up Roger right now!
: Right…! This can’t be the end for us!
: Five minutes remain… all will be decided in this window!
: We believe in you, Roger!
: Go get ‘er, Roger the Negotiator!

: …
: Let’s go, Roger.
: Hold on, Angel! I’m coming to parley with you – as a Negotiator!