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Part 225: Mission 58 - Memories - Part 3

Mission Objective: Roger reaches the designated spot within 5 turns after the arrival of the Bigs.
Mission Failure: Any allied battleship or Roger shot down; 6 turns pass on the timer.
Skill Point: Destroy all enemies before fulfilling the victory condition.
A skill point that can be rather simple or complicated, depending on how spent your resources coming into this. There are 24 Bigs and all of them have about 45k HP, meaning you’ve 5 turns to do over 1 million damage (thankfully, they’re all AI controlled and have no defensive abilities).
As you’d expect, valored/soul’d MAPWs are king here and that’s exactly what I’m going to do: Renton is headed into Big Fau-land while Loran and Kira will ride the frontier of Big O/Big Duo-territory. Once they’re blasted, our people spread out and go to town, throwing everything we have at them.
Make sure you keep Roger headed towards that marked spot, lest he get sidetracked and cannot make it in time.

I will not subject you guys to watching me take out all these big blobs of HP, mind. The Bigs cooperated and stayed relatively close, so the MAPWs hit a good bunch of them – after that, it was mostly cleanup.

Here we go!

: Our world and everyone inside the Scub… only way to save both is to do the Dimensional Repair…
: Bah, this isn’t the time to start overthinking things! First order of business is getting out of here!

: The Limit of Questions would trigger if all those lives within the Coral were unleashed…
: We must stop it from happening, which makes staying here out of the question…!

: All those countless minds I sensed within the Scub… they are, without a doubt, alive.
: I’ll stand in their defense and that’s why we’ll be leaving here!

: Life in a different form… existing together with the Scub Coral…
: If we’re going to defend them, our only option is to perform the Dimensional Repair…!

: Don’t hold back, Touga! Send all these borked mechs to the trash!
: Our struggles are still ongoing! We’ve no time to waste standing here!

: Through my battles, I’ve both earned something priceless and also carved my mark in the world!
: And I’ll stand against any who’d try to take that away!

: Great, Huge Power, whatever! I really can’t stand anything showing up and just riding roughshod over everyone else!
: I live life as I want and I’ll wrestle anyone who has a problem with that!

: Hold on, Eureka! We’re leaving this place soon and then we’re gonna get you back!
: You’re up, Roger! We’re betting everything on ya!

: Hurry up, Roger! We’ll pave the way for you!
: Just this once, I’ll put my chips on your negotiations! We’re counting on you!

: Let’s do this, Renton! I know Eureka’s also waiting for you!
: So we can’t let some crazy power get the better of us!

: (Lord Gwen… too much power only brings ruin to man…)
: (We’ll be using the strength we have for the good of the world… that’s why we’ll keep going…!)

: Everyone’s lives are riding on our shoulders… and that includes the people living within the Coral!
: As such, no matter how hard this path gets, we must keep treading it!


: Sis, Eureka… I’m gonna do it…!
: I promise, we’ll keep all those lives safe! So wait for me!

: Outta the way! We’ve got a whole bunch of people waiting for us inside that Coral!
: Hold on, Eureka! We’re gonna be coming over with Renton and giving you a ride home real soon!

: Get outta here! I ain’t got time to waste on y’all!
: Anyone who gets in the way gets their asses kicked! We’ve got some big stuff to do, ya know!!

: Peace isn’t something that can be given by others – you must earn it yourself!
: I will not allow you to use peace as justification for confining us in darkness!

: All those lives inside the Scub…
: Their safety also falls on us! We have to get out of this city!

: Our battle cannot end in a place like this!
: We have to keep fighting – not just for us and our world, but also to those that are living inside the Scub!

: Great Power…dimensional energy… I don’t understand its true essence but I still have something to say about all this…!
: Do you hear me, “Taiji”? It’s useless to try and stop us!
: Just as you cannot stop the rising sun, we’ll be breaking out of this place!

: Go, go, Darling! Trash all these guys in Big O’s way!
: Aye, aye! We’ve a world-sized repair job to do and anyone who tries messing with it gets a whupin’!
: Hang in there, Angel! Roger’s coming to get you right now!

: Eureka became the Command Cluster to save us from the dimensional collapse…
: And I’ll do everything in my power to get her back…!
: We’ll save both our world and the lives inside the Scub – that’s what we’re fighting for!

: (We can’t leave here even with a subspace warp…)
: (How can this place exist…?! Just what is the “Great Power” that’s mobilized this massive army…?!)

: Most of my memories aren’t all that good…
: But, even so, I can’t just throw them away! Not my memories of Mayu and of everything we’ve done!
: So, in order protect all that’s dear to me, I’ll keep fighting!

: The Great Power… Taiji… is Asakim trying to lay claim to this power…?
: Can one man actually obtain such supreme force…?!

: A Big O without Roger doesn’t stand a chance against us!
: Piss off, you color-coded creeps! You’re not messing with the Negotiator’s job!

: We’ve still got a job to do, so this can’t be the end for us!
: Wait up, Shirou! I swear I’m gonna come back to you!

: Paradigm City, a metropolis bereft of its memories…
: If there are any who’d disrupt this city, I’ll readily stand against them.
: I am a Negotiator and such is my duty!

: I don’ give a damn about “eternal tranquility” or whatever! We’ve got stuff to do!
: Set up those red, white and black mooks and keep ‘em coming! I’ll kick all their butts!

: Roger’s reached her!
: Go for it, Roger! This is the biggest negotiation of your life!
: The Big O’s detecting her as an enemy, though.
: Big O, wait. This one is for me to handle.

: …
: Angel… ! Memories are very precious to people’s lives!
: They give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we exist, and if we lose them, we have an unrelenting fear of uncertainty…!
: …
: But, please, listen to me! The people that are living here and now in the present are made of more than just memories of the past!
: I myself don’t even know who I am; I don’t have a single solitary memory about myself!
: But I most likely erased them of my own free will. I was the one who made that choice and I made it for myself - so I can live in the present and the future! Because I must go on believing that there is a “me”!
: …
: Angel! I know that I will never lose the “you” that is now a part of my memories!
: The “you” that met me and the conviction you had in what you felt you needed to do. The “you” that loved yourself more than anyone else ever could.
: I’ll never forget this woman named Angel who once loved herself, yet was filled with such a doubt!
: …Ro…ger…
: You must stop denying your own existence. You have to live as a human being.
: Roger…

: Roger the Negotiator…
: My name is Roger Smith. I perform a much needed job here, in this chaotic world.

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ


…To all those that are watching this transmission: I am Brigadier General Edel Bernal of the New Earth Federation Army and I am using the UN channels to send this message to every single one of you.
The dreadful Earthnoid/Spacenoid conflict has, at last, come to an end, with the death in combat of both sides’ leaders – Gilbert Durandal, who, based on his own hypothesis, sought to implant the genes of subjugation onto all of humanity, and Paptimus Scirocco, successor of the Sage Council, who sought to dominate humanity with his self-serving agenda.
I also confirm to you what is already being discussed in the UN: all enemies of mankind – the Coralians, aliens, Hundred Demon Empire and Fallen Angels – have been stuck down by the might of the Federation Army.
It is my deepest pleasure to announce the end of all hostilities and, as the newly-appointed commander-in-chief of the Federation Army, there is something I would like to convey to you all: humanity has overcome that terrible conflict and, now, what both it and this multi-dimensional world of ours requires is law and order.
I solemnly swear, in the name of the New Earth Federation, that we will grant all of mankind a peaceful life, without prejudice and discrimination.

: To all humans: I, Edel Bernal, declare our commitment to govern this society with law and order as our foundation.


: Edel Bernal has finally made her move.
: What a performance. That saintly smile… Why, she truly is Earth’s very own goddess.
: Any opposition will have no choice but to stay mum face her perfectly-crafted speech. Even should any armed resistance emerge, she has the entire Federation Army and, above all, the Lemures at her disposal.
: ...
: ...To be free is to not give
: Oh? It’s unlike you to let the words of others stir your heart.
: Haha, I suppose so… Regardless, this is where we part.
: I wish you well, Asakim Dowin.
: You, too. May the primordial light illuminate both our paths…