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Part 229: Mission 59 - Overpainted Tomorrow / World in Black - Part 3

Chapter 59 Part 3

Turn 6

So, it's time to take care of Löwen. He's the tougher of the two remaining Chimeras, with his Prevail and Super Robot.

Time to start surrounding him for the damage bonus!

Yay my Attack Again guys are good enough to Double most bosses!

And here's what happens when you have a 2L Super Robot with Attack Again and Soul.

: You're still alive, bitch? You're pretty hard to kill for someone so pathetic!
: Cpt. Löwen… I won't remember how kind you were once... because I have to defeat you!
: Drop that “tragic heroine” shtick! That was all an act to gain your trust!
: BrigGen. Edel is the heroine of this world and the only one we need! Every other female can go die!
: In fact, I'll kill them all myself!!

So did you know that Final Dynamic Special has a different Air to Ground animation?

So Löwen. You've done a lot of awful things. You betrayed us, you lied to ZEUTH the entire time as some kind of agent. You manipulated ZEUTH to try and get us to destroy ourselves, you personally betrayed Setsuko after gaining her friendship and trust, and have probably killed a lot of innocent people. But none of that is the worst sin you have commited.

No, the worst sin is keeping that MAP attack from me.

That I can never forgive. So I'm going to give you the worst possible death I can imagine for you.

You're going to be killed... by a Girl.

: This creep still wants to go?!
: That’s enough of your crap! You really think building a world without freedom is OK?!
: This is not about my likes and dislikes! This is simply what BrigGen. Edel’s decided!
: BrigGen. Edel is a goddess! She saved me when I was lost in the darkness and gave me a new life!

Setsuko Version:

: So you’ll comply with any of her commands? Even if that means taking the lives of others?!
: And what’s wrong with that, you bitch?!
: You’ve also let the words of those dead men guide your life!
: You’re wrong…!
: I am the Glory Star! I’m not fighting for what they wanted but for what I owe to them! This battle is my own - not an order, a request or a curse!
: Shut your mouth! How dare the likes of you lecture me!
: I can’t stand headstrong women like you and I will not tolerate you sullying BrigGen. Edel’s new world with your presence!!

Rand version:

: So you’re OK with whatever Edel tells you to do?!
: A guy like that ain’t a lion! You’re just a pet dog!
: Silence, The Crusher! And what’s wrong with that?!
: Someone who’s lived only to atone for his crimes has no right to lecture me!
: You’re wrong…!
: Mel…!
: My darling hasn’t been fighting for something so petty! He’s done it because that’s just who he is – THE HEAT!
: Shut your mouth, brat! I’m sick of your nonsense!

: My love for BrigGen. Edel will crush every single one of you!!
: There’s no way those twisted feelings of yours are love!
: When you love someone, you want others to be happy too!
: And if you don’t get that, then you ain’t got the right to use the word!
: You tell him, little Romeos! Give him what for!

*Beep, beep!*

: Hang in there, Löwen! Here, listen closely!
: Theeh?!

*Whisper, whisper.*

: …
: What’s the matter, Löwen?!
: Heh…heheheheh…
: Oi! What the hell?!
: Cpt. Löwen…

: What just happened there?!
: He went mad but…
: Löwen General… to think the man who caused us such trouble would end like that…
: Cpt. Löwen… you lived for Edel until your very last breath…
: Is this all you wanted to do with your life, damn it?!
: He clung to Edel in an attempt to heal some past suffering.
: His violence was simply another facet of his own weakness. There was no commitment or conviction there…
: Löwen…

: !
: What’s wrong, Tifa?!
: What he’s been suppressing inside his heart has burst forth...
: Löwen…

: I wanted to be like you… I despised and, yet, admired you…
: The hell’s with that sudden declaration of love?! This ain’t got nothing to do with us!
: “Love”…? Can such a trite word represent what I feel…?
: Löwen… amidst this rotten world, you believed…believed in BrigGen. Edel’s ideals with all your heart…
: I always envied that pure devotion of yours…
: What, that “cool-headed” shtick of yours was just an act?!
: Indeed, to hide the resignation that lies within me.
: But what choice did I have? What was I supposed to believe in amidst this corrupt society?
: I didn’t believe in anything… rather, I was afraid to do so… I assumed everything would fall apart sooner or later…
: And so I admired…admired Löwen’s devotion…
: Even though it was completely misplaced…?!
: There’s no such thing as right or wrong in this world. There is only belief.
: Thus, Löwen… I will be you. I’ll defeat them and become you!!

*Schlan casts Strike, Invincible and Zeal*

: He’s just like how I used to be…
: Shinn…
: You need to decide what’s right by yourself! There’s no living without that!
: I…we can’t lose to someone like that! This guy embodies everything that’s wrong with this world!
: This life of clinging to what others tell you is right, without even trying to find that by yourself…
: I…I cannot accept it…!
: Schlan! If you’re gonna ante up your life for Löwen and Edel…
: Then we’ll bring you down! I ain’t putting up with getting wrecked by someone who lives like you!
: Cpt. Schlan, if you’ll continue to let Cpt. Löwen and BrigGen. Edel’s will guide your hand in battle…
: Then we’ll have to strike you down! Life isn’t meant to be led like this!

So yeahhh... Schlan's gone crazy. This counts as a pilot swap and a new unit actually, which means that his will has reset. Which, uh, actually makes him a lot less dangerous. Normally an enemy with a Stunning MAP that suddenly casts Strike and Zeal would be super dangerous and priority one for taking down. But because Schlan's Will is back to the default, he doesn't have the Will to use it!

One last attack video to show off before going to the enemy phase. The Quebley's Funnels!

: Löwen... my Löwen... I'll fight ZEUTH in your stead.
: But... but what would victory even be worth if you aren't sharing it with me?

So there goes his Invincible and Zeal. Having accomplished little .

Turn 7

Nobody left but Schlan. Time to formally take down Chimera.


: Yow… that guy was gross up to the last second…
: You might come to understand him a bit after you’ve grown a bit more.
: It is a very fine line that separates hatred and affection…
: He lay at the mercy of those emotions until he, ultimately, even lost sight of who he was...
: Cpt. Schlan… were you happy like that…?
: Don’t say that, Mel. He chose how he wanted to live.
: And if we don’t like that way of life, then we gotta win this thing…!

: And you are done, Chimera!
: All enemy troops are confirmed destroyed!
: We…we did it!
: Hell, yeah! Now we can send our message to the world!
: Easy there…! There might still be some remaining Chimera personnel inside the base!
: Let’s break in there and take the place over on foot!
: Roger that! Here we go!!
: Waitwaitwaitwaaaaaaaait!!
: Gramps!
: Professor Theeh…!
: I surrender! Super surrender! Have mercyyyyy!
: He…he’s bowing to us…
: You got some balls, begging for mercy after everything you guys did!
: D-d-don’t get angry! Pretty please! I’ll do anything, I swear!!
: I can give you full control of the UN station! I can even help you out!
: What about the rest of the base personnel, Theeh Babel? Will they also have no qualms with surrendering?
: What other base personnel? With Löwen and co. down, there’s only lil’ old me!
: What?!
: The Chimera was only those three plus you…?
: Hehehe… surprised?
: What we lacked in numbers, we made up with tech and our love for Lady Edel!
: So just this buncha folks managed to screw up the whole world…?
: Even if they were taking advantage of the uncertainty spreading throughout society, it’s still very impressive.
: ...And they all had their fates distorted because of the Break...
: I can’t bring myself to feel much sympathy, though.
: Yeah, everyone’s gotta take the bad stuff that happens and move on.
: While they simply broke under it all.
: Still, that ain’t no excuse to try and take away others’ freedom and happiness.
: You impressed with us? Aw, shucks!
: We’re not impressed in a good way!
: You better buckle up, pops. We’re gonna work you to the bone!
: I LOVE YOOOUU! That’s A-OK with me!
: !
: Is that man alright…?
: OK, we’re countin’ on ya, gramps. Ya might as well go all-out to help us, then.
: (The energy coming from within my body is subsiding now that the battle’s ended…)

: Ziene!
: Back for more, miss?!
: ZEUTH, this is Captain Ziene Espio of the Chimera Squadron… I surrender myself to you.
: Really?!?
: You actually think we’re gonna fall for that?!
: You’re probably planning on destroying us from within, like Cpt. Löwen!
: We’ve had a lot of betrayals before. You can’t expect us to trust you just like that!
: But we also don’t have time to deal with you. Run off.
: …If you won’t accept my surrender, then just kill me. There’s no point in living if I can’t do something.
: Ziene…
: I know it’s a selfish request but... I want to save those living inside the Coral…
: You’d do that for your missing subordinates, huh?
: …It’s my duty as their commander.
: Zieny…
: …But we can’t well trust you.
: Holland…
: Yo, Rand, Setsuko. Y’all keep an eye on that girl.
: We ain’t got time to figure out what to do with her, so we’ll leave that for later.
: Y-yes, sir!
: That’s why the teens love ya, boss! You’re the best!
: Shut up! Y’all were the ones who started asking about her life’s story so, if she tries anything funny, you handle it.
: Roger…
: Aye, aye…
: …

: Alright, all preparations seem to be in order.
: The rest is up to you, Lt. Quattro.
: …
: Are you wondering how many people in this world know the name “Red Comet”?
: Amuro…
: I want to see not Char Aznable’s counterattack but the future your current self wants.
: Right…
: …And I am now simply Quattro Bajeena. No more and no less.
: Hmph… left the past behind, have you?
: The future that all humans hope for…
: We just need to complete the Dimensional Repair and it’ll come true.
: That’s assuming Dr. Bear’s plan works out, of course.
: Let’s keep on fighting and see that through.

Setsuko Version:

: Hey, Setsuko. What kind of future do you want?
: Huh?
: You gotta have some hopes and dreams of your own, right?
: I…

So here we see another choice to make. This ties into the ending, and helps determine how it all goes. The first choice is choosing to restore the world to how it was before Break the World. The second choice is choosing to leave things as they are, only with the dimensional walls stabilized, so that there's no risk of Collapse.

I pick the second choice.

: (I want the world to be stable and for people to be able to live their lives in peace…)
: (I’ll fight to make that happen, even if it costs me my life…)
: (And I’ll do so always bearing Chief and Toby’s hopes and the pride of the Glory Star within me…)

Rand Version:

: What do you want for the future, Rand?
: Hmm…
: Hah…don’t tell me you never thought about it?
: H-hey, I’m THE HEAT! Of course I did!
: (I can hear the gears in his head turning like crazy now.)
: I…yeah, I know…

*Same choice*

: (Well, this world ain’t bad if we can have it without the ghost of the Collapse hanging over us.)
: (Aah… whatever happens, I’m still a repairman. I’ll go on fixing stuff in any world I’m in.)
: (But, before that, we gotta get this world-wide repair job going…!)

: …People of the world. I apologize for the abruptness of this transmission.
: My name is Lt. Quattro Bajeena of ZEUTH. We have temporarily borrowed the UN’s main station in order to bring to light the hidden truth of everything that’s happened, from the birth of this multi-dimensional world until today.

: … from the birth of this multi-dimensional world until today.
: Some truth! The nerve of these terrorists!
: It’s a declaration of war against the world… was our hard-earned peace just a fleeting illusion…?
: Were BrigGen. Edel and the Chimera beaten by these men…?!


The first thing I’d like you to know concerns the birth of this world… the event known as Break the World. According to the fabricated information of the New Earth Federation, several people acknowledged it as being a result of Junius Seven falling onto Earth…
But the truth is that it was caused by an incident that happened in that world itself.
Still, the New Earth Federation needed something to foment hostility against the Spacenoids. So they hid and falsified the information of what happened. Concurrently, their control over the UN enabled them to distort the truth of what had been going on in the world in any way they saw fit.
You must all believe we are terrorists, bent on sowing chaos across society. It’s true that we have been solving problems via brute force and, thus, can’t well be called truly “correct”… But we have fought to this day believing that these battles needed to happen.
The images that you’re about to see represent both the story of our struggles as well as the truth of what happened in this world. Edel Bernal, controlling the Federation from the shadows, has been manipulating the actual lifeline of this world – information – according to her whims…
Now, you must all choose which you wish to believe is real: the truth that she’s distorted or the truth we’re about to transmit. Here it is…

: …So, this is the answer ZEUTH’s reached.
: They’ve decided to take up arms for every person in the world, just as we hoped they would.
: …
: What’s the matter, Mr. President?
: Maneesha… I owe you and them an apology.
: Huh? Why?
: Deep down, I didn’t truly trust them. I had planned on kidnapping Olson and Kei when the opportunity arose and forcing them to perform the Dimensional Repair.
: You were going to betray our alliance?
: But not anymore. With the location of the Great Singularity also pinpointed, I intend to entrust everything to them… or, rather, I’ve come to believe that the Dimensional Repair should be in the hands of all of this world’s denizens.
: I feel the same way, Mr. President. I now know I made the right decision when I trusted my sister that day.
: The Chiram’s scientists stipulate that we have until 23:00 tomorrow to perform the Dimensional Repair. Any more than that and they believe that Coralian girl will lose consciousness.
: We’re going to need some time to consolidate the will of all humans.
: Things will be running on a very tight schedule until that limit.
: One day… the future of Earth will be decided tomorrow…

: Hey, this picture…it’s from when they freed Japan!
: Hey, you’re right! There’s my bro, Tetsuya and everyone else fighting the Hundred Demons!
: Now everyone’ll know that it was ZEUTH that saved Japan!
: They’ll finally get some recognition for all the fighting they’ve been doing for the world!
: They’re not looking for anything of the sort, Danbei.
: ZEUTH has faced these battles simply because they believed it to be right – not for reward or recognition.
: All that’s left now is to execute Dr. Bear’s hypothesis.
: The united will of all humans… this’ll be the driving force behind the Dimensional Repair.
: You go, ZEUTH! We’re all rooting for you!

: You can count on us to take care of your home, Master Sandman.
: The entirety of the San Germain Castle’s Maid Corps. has faith in your victory and in our future.
: So, come back quick. We’ll have a party waiting for you!

: We’ve received images from Earth’s UN, Teral.
: Records of ZEUTH’s battles… these are of the showdown with the Skull Moon Alliance.
: While the major powers scuffled in the name of their self-interest, they’ve fought for all humans... I’d wager the populace did not know any of this.
: Do you think Earth’ll change with this revelation?
: Their change has already begun. I’m confident that it’s neither S-1 nor a galactic war that awaits this world in the future.
: (Marin… show me how hard you can fight to save your tomorrow.)

: My word…! So much of what they told us were Edel Bernal’s fabrications!
: I told you, didn’t I? ZEUTH would never have done those sorts of things.
: But the fault lies not with the Wise Men. People all over the world were manipulated by the UN’s misinformation.
: Extremely limited knowledge and the people’s anxiety to have answers… both those factors provided the basis to our current situation.
: But the truth is only one and, now, it’s been brought to the spotlight.
: Lady Meeya… what should we do?
: ZEUTH or General Edel… I don’t know which one to believe! (How about THE PEOPLE WHO KEPT YOU ALIVE?!)
: That’s for each person to decide. Isn’t that what that man with the sunglasses said?
: You’re right. We did this Exodus precisely to find our freedom.
: This decision cannot be entrusted to others, lest it be meaningless.
: Yes. Every person in the world should now have an Exodus of their heart.

: (Loran and Fran are both working so hard…)
: Hey, you… is this bread fresh?
: Y-yes…they just came off the oven!
: Ah, ZEUTH… Quite the impressive display.
: Do you know them?
: Something like that…
: Regardless, wrap that bread quickly. My brother’s waiting back home.
: Thank you for your purchase. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
: (Very well, ZEUTH. You go and do things your way.)
: (But, we will not give up. Remember that…)

What? You guys really thought a little thing like a direct hit from an orbital superweapon could kill them?

: Athrun, Kira…
: You look like you want to head over to the UN station yourself, Cagalli.
: But I cannot. While their battlefield is over there, mine is here in Orb. I will not flee from my duty again, no matter the situation.
: Just like they’re fighting in the name of the world at large, I’ll stand for my country and my people as their representative.
: (We’re counting on you, ZEUTH… Go with all our hope…)

: Very well done, ZEUTH.
: The truth they’ve revealed will have great impact on the people. It’ll force them to break away from their idealized image of Edel Bernal.
: But it is also possible that some people will continue to support her in order to shield themselves from that shock.
: There isn’t anything anyone can do about that.
: Mr. Taichirou…
: There is no more “right” and “wrong” now. It’s up to the people to simply make their choice. What ZEUTH’s done is give them the freedom to do so.
: …Perhaps. But I believe the people will choose what’s actually true.
: Me too.
: And then their wishes will be sent by ZEUTH into the Great Singularity.
: All will be decided at the moment the Skyfish dance. We, as individuals, must also pray for a better future.

: …So, they presented a choice to all humans.
: Honestly, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…
: It can’t be good. Master Johannes always said that the wingless are fools.
: Hey! How can you still be saying things like that?!
: Ahahaha! Jerome’s angry again!
: No, no, Futaba. You mustn’t jump to conclusions on things you haven’t seen yourself. Humans and angels are the same: there are foolish and there are smart ones.
: Alright, I understand.
: Looks like you, too, have seen the truth.
: GEN! You came back!
: Prepare yourself for a voyage, Futaba. You’ll be accompanying me.
: Huh? Where are we going?
: To the place where it all began… for both humans and angels.


…The images you’ve seen are the truth behind this world. Furthermore, we want you to know that there are also several human lives presently existing within the Scub Coral. These are all the people who were taken by the warps that started with the Break the World and ended being transported to the space between dimensions. Now they live in a different form.
However, as has been stated several times before, this world is entrenched in a deep crisis.
The multi-dimensional world and the Scub Coral... in order to safeguard both sides, we plan to perform a Dimensional Repair supported by the wishes of all humans. Our time limit is tomorrow at 23:00, standard time.
At that time, please look to the sky and wish for the world you want to live in. The Trapar will bear your thoughts to us and we’ll relay them to the Great Singularity.
Until that time tomorrow, so that all those who live in this world can decide their future, we’ll continue to broadcast the truth over the UN.
We now officially declare that we wish to repair space-time according to the will of all humans.

: That was quite the tour de force by Lt. Quattro.
: I had complete faith that he’d come through.
: He’s done his part, so next it’ll be up to you, Lt. Amuro.
: I understand. I’ll gather the wishes of all people from the Trapar.

: The Psycoframe… that’s quite the interesting gadget.
: The Trapar which carries human emotions and the Psycoframe which collects them…
: The ν Gundam and I will act as a medium, relaying humanity’s wishes to ZEUTH.
: It’ll be dangerous, though. While I can’t speak with absolute certainty as this isn’t my area of expertise, acting as a focus for the minds of so many people could potentially destroy your own…
: Still, I want also want to do everything I can. And, besides, I’ll have Kamille and Tifa helping.
: Being a Newtype simply means you’ve a power. But if this power can be a helpful force, then I want to give it that meaning… as just another citizen of this world.

In Setsuko’s route:


: Urgh!
: Victory is mine, Scarred Lion…
: Granted, you’re of no worth to me without your Sphere in hand.
: Damn it… how can I face Setsuko like this?!
: You don’t have to worry about that. The time of her reckoning is also at hand.
: !
: I’m headed there right now. So that I can thank her…so that I can claim her Sphere…
: …And so I can be myself.

In Rand’s route:


: Argh!
: Victory is mine, Sorrowful Maiden…
: Granted… this victory holds little significance as you’ve yet to awaken as a Sphere Bearer.
: Asakim Dowin…!
: Don’t worry. I won’t kill you just yet… there’s another place I need to be.
:: Indeed… I’ll give THE HEAT my most sincere thanks and claim his soul and his Sphere…
: …So that I can be myself.
: (Rand…this is all I can do… the rest is up to you…)

But, of course, we're not done yet. There's one last unit, and one last character in the game I need to cover.

Banpresto Original
Ziene Espio - Chaos Capra
Voiced by Rie Saito

* Support Attack (Level 4) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Cooperative Attack - Whenever the pilot performs a Support Attack, that attack will automatically be a critical hit.
* Support Defend (Level 4) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.

Spirit Commands:
* Alert (10) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.
* Attune(25) - Grants one Ally the effect of the "Strike" Spirit command.
* Rouse(30) - Increases the Will of all pilots in the Squad by 5
* Confuse(50) - All enemy hit rates halved for one turn.
* Love(65) - Casts Accel, Valor, Strike, Alert, Spirit, Luck, and Gain.

Squad Leader Bonus
+10% Hit Rate, +10% Evasion Rate

Secret Found!

Have either a minimum of 15 Ending Points, or 7 Ending Points and 46 Battle Masteries by the time you reach stage 59. Then fight Ziene, then fight her again with Setsuko or Rand, then Convince Ziene with Setsuko or Rand, then defeat her. She'll join up with you if you do this!

Ziene is, importantly for me, the last secret for the Setsuko Route. I have, officially, 100% completed this game.

As for Ziene as a unit? She's naturally pretty good if you want to use her for the last stage. She's a good Sub Leader. With innate Support Attack, Cooperative Attack , and Support Defend. Not to mention a great collection of Spirit Commands. Confuse, Attune, Rouse, and Love in the same package? It's great.

Not to mention the most important part of all.

Unlike Löwen, she brings along her MAP! It's wonderful.

Extra Dialogue

So there's natrually some extra dialogue for the stage that I missed. First, the last of the generic "Let's go fight the bad guys!" dialogue for the characters I couldn't deploy.


: To slowly creep in and make us capitulate by saying what everyone wants to hear... a silent invasion.
: And, in that case, we will fight in the place of all who want peace!


: I could say that what you've done is the worst form of oppression...
: Because the oppressed don't even realize they're being controlled!
: Well, that ends now! Y’all gonna pay for this!


: Outta my way! I'm taking back the truth y'all have been keeping to yourselves!
: We're gonna take all your lies apart, just you watch!

And, of course, Schlan has some dialogue if you fight him with Rand or Setsuko before he goes crazy.

Vs Rand
: An attack driven by pure emotion... I can hardly stand to look, Rand Travis.
: What's so hard to watch about putting our all into the fight, huh?
: Buddy, you're trying so hard you've gotta be keeping something locked inside.
: Don't you dare talk like you know me...!
: Don't know no bad guys, don't care to!.
: Here we come, Schlan! I'm gonna wrench your stone face until the tears come out!

Vs Setsuko

: Cpt. Schlan… I can't let you go after what you've done!
: You really feel that bad about trying to kill your friends?
: That alone has made my strategy worth the effort.
: You... what is it you think you did?
: Pure malice, a conviction so strong no one can break it.
: That will lead me to what I wanted...

Rand vs Löwen

: There you are, The Crusher! Just in time for us to settle who the true Lion is once and for all!
: Piss off, Löwen! You ain’t stand a chance against us!
: You insolent vermin! We’ll see how cheeky you are after I’ve gotten you writhing in pain!
: Alright, I tried…! So now you're gonna get what’s coming to ya!
: You're gonna get a hard lesson in why they used to call me the “The Crusher”!!
"What a letdown you are, Löwen! Imma have to beat that nature of yours into shape!"

But, of course, there's one little thing left. Namely. that Schlan died so fast I wasn't able to show off his other attack he uses after going crazy. Namely due to lack of will. And so, here I am to demonstrate it. And, with Sphere magic or dimension weirdness or something, here's Jerid back from the dead to serve as a punching bag!

Wait, wha-

Well, now it's time to move on to the final stage. I'll see you all later.