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Part 230: Mission 60 - Prologue - 1st Half

Setsuko Route Chapter 60 Intermission posted:

So last time on Super Robot Wars Z: We got ready to start the Dimensional Repair. Now, I actually did the last main update for the game for this thread. However, I'd like to offer one last thing before Brunom finishes the game. A final list of my Top 20 Aces, as well as some thoughts on them. So, let's see which of the units I had made the grade!

1. Setsuko Ohara - 226 Kills

As to be expected, the protagonist of the game is real good! Setsuko's come a long, long way from her somewhat weak and fragile Virgola 3. A gradual series of upgrades built her up into something great. Not to mention a ton of flexibility just from her two innate abilities. SP Regen is fantastic, and she was a constant help with her innate Support Attack. Plus, her Squad Leader Bonus is stupid good, giving her one of the best Tri Attacks in the game. The MAP and hilarious Zeal antics was just the icing on the cake.

2. Roger Smith - 176 Kills

Well this was a surprise! Roger just suddenly jumped up to the top aces really quickly near the end of the game. Though, I had mentioned way back at the start when we first got him that Big O is one of the best Super Robots in the game. Well, I can safely say this proves it.

3. Talia Gladys - 165 Kills
The Minerva isn't really that much better then the other battleships in the game. For me, it was simply an issue of availability. I've had her with me almost all game. And she's had the most convenient to use ALLs and MAP for much of it. So I used it, and this snowballed with more PP to make her better so she got even more kills.

Even so, I love you Talia.

4. Amuro Ray - 162 Kills

Ah, Amuro. Like Talia, he wasn't ever the strongest boss killer really. I built him to be really good at killing grunts, permently sticking him in the Dijeh and focusing on his innate Attack Again. Lacking Soul, he never did much damage to bosses. But that's fine, I had other boss killers.

5. Shinn Asuka - 147 Killls

Like this guy! Shinn's probably the best Real Pilot for pure single target damage in the game. This means he’s the best Boss fighter for Reals because, holy crap, can he put out the damage. He got so many kills simply due to him being that good at killing things and me having him for almost the entire game. You did good Shinn, you did good.

6. Renton Thurston - 147 Kills

Seven Swell is the most broken over powered attack in the series.

7. Quattro Bajeena - 142 Kills

Quattro’s great pilot who lacks a good canon unit. So...I gave him a good one! And he turned out real good. Lacking Hit&Away didn't make much of a difference, since Funnels could snipe everywhere ever as is, so you know.

8. Kei Katsuragi - 140 Kills
Probably the best mook killer in the game thanks to his absurd Squad Leader Bonus. He's not a half bad boss killer once you get Olson either. Really, the only reason he isn't higher on the list is because I don't have him for half the game.

9. Bright Noa - 136 Kills
Same situation as Talia, really. Inertia and availability counts for a lot, admittedly. Still, his MAP came in handy and his ALL being ammo based made it a bit more flexible then most battleships.

10. Duke Fleed - 131 Kills

I have to admit, I didn't find Duke particularly exciting at first. A bog standard Super Robot with the biggest thing setting him apart was his innate Support Attack. But then by chance I noticed that he had a Skill stat comparable to Amuro and Kei. So I taught him Attack Again, and he became a monster. Amusingly enough, this meant that for the rest of the game Grendizer spent almost all of its time in the Flying Saucer form. Since that meant I could use Space Thunder for the follow up attack.

11. Loran Cehack - 130 Kills

Loran's like Setsuko in that he started out kind of weak, but had utility in his innate Support Attack. Also like Setsuko, he gets gradual upgrades and becomes great as the game goes on. The Loran/∀ situation is kind of like an inverse of the Quattro/Hyaku Shiki one in which the ∀ is a great Mobile Suit, but Loran's just average for much of the game. No wonder a lot of people give it to Quattro. Fortunately, once you hit endgame Loran's stats start jumping up a ton.

12. Toshiya Dan - 127 Kills

Oh, Toshiya I like you. God Sigma may not be the best Super Robot in the game, but it's arguably the most reliable. Very tough with a high Blocking rate, and of course Trinity Charge means that Energy was never once an issue with it. Plus for a large part of the game, it was my main source of Armor Down, and when other sources came I got Big Wing! I've never seen God Sigma, but I like the machine.

13. Kamille Bidan - 126 Kills

And we see the third member of the Suffering Real Robot Lead Trio! (Setsuko, Shinn, Kamille. ) all the way down here. The main issue with why Kamille isn't as high as the other two is that he simply takes longer to get going. The Impulse is Squad Leader capable throughout the entire game, unlike the Gundam Mk. II. Still, he's been there and he's plenty strong. Still, he gets Soul which means by endgame he's a facewrecker.

14. Kappei Jin - 123 Kills

Kappei is a funny unit. Zambot 3 has basically been the baseline I've compared all the other Super Robots in the game I get to. Seriously, he's almost entirely standard. That isn't to say he's bad. He's been reliable and pretty good at punching enemies in. Pity that once Banjou learned Soul I just kind of made him a Subleader.

15. Toga Tenkuuji - 123 Kills

Big O may be the strongest Super Robot in the game but I'd say that Gravion/Sol Gravion is my favorite. Just the sheer number of pilots to play around with - plus being really strong over the entire game - I just had a lot of fun with this guy. Plus, I loved the Gravion parts of the plot. Finally, you know, Obari. Gotta love Obari.

16. Garrod Ran - 118 Kills

I think Garrod is the only unit I'm sad about not having on Setsuko's route splits. Because I love the Gundam X. I love the Double X. I love their themes. I love their animations, I love blasting things with the Satellite Cannon. The G-Bits are fun too.

17. Tetsuya Tsugugi - 117 Kills

I built Tetsuya to be a grunt slayer, unlike Kouji's boss killer build. It worked pretty well. With Double Burning Fire and Thunder Break, once Mazin Power kicked in even Wide Formation couldn't save them.

18. Marin Raygun - 116 Kills

Having arguably the most spammable ALL of the Super Robots in Thunder Flash, Marin was pretty good. Again, availabilty is probably the only reason he isn't higher up on the list. Plus, his story in this game makes me really want to watch Baldios.

19 - Kouji Kabuto - 114 Kills
He may not have been built as a grunt killer, but hey, Double Burning Fire is that Stupid Good.

20 - Kira Yamato - 110 Kills

I may not have had Kira around much, but the Strike Freedom is a good unit. Having an aimable MAP is handy, and is probably the bulk of the kills I got for him.

So there we have it. I've had a lot of fun playing this game, and a lot of fun (and work) LPing it. I now pass the torch to Brunom, to play the final stage and finish it all.

Have fun with that, enjoy the absolutely insane final stage.

Here we are, folks, after slightly over 2 years, the finale of the main game! Last time we killed Löwen and Schlan and recruited Ziene into our team, before Quattro yelled at the world to quit being sheep and listening to everything THE MAN says.
Next step in our master plan is to rescue Eureka (thus, Renton is deploying as an event unit) and then get the Dimensional Repair rolling. Here’s how we’re going:

As when she was a boss, Ziene isn’t the sturdiest unit around and her spirits are more support oriented but, on the flip side, her MAPW is very good and she was a powerful ALL and TRI attack, so we can switch her in when needed.

I always like to max out the protagonist mech when the finale comes around.

Oh and I accidentally did this too. I would have noticed but I was too busy laughing maniacally.

Off we go!

Location: Nocis

: How can this be… Edel Bernal’s been lying to us all along…?
: What’s wrong with you?! Do you actually believe those terrorists?!
: But… they showed so many pictures as proof…
: Those’re all phony, I bet – CG or something!
: But, in that case, it’s possible that the things the Federation’s shown us were also fakes.
: You’re being tricked! Edel would never lie to us! Why can’t you see that?!
: I don’t want to accept it either… I mean, if that’s all true, everything I’ve believed in thus far would come crashing down…
: But, still, I want to know what’s real…! I want the truth, in order for us to decide what should be done!
: Edel Bernal will tell us what’s true or not! And, besides, even if what the terrorists said is the truth, I can’t go along with that “Dimensional Repair” nonsense!
: Why should we take that dangerous gamble when all we need to stabilize the world is to destroy the Coralians?!
: But you heard what they said about those taken by the warps living inside the Coral… my wife and child could be in there…
: !
: And, if that’s the case, I absolutely cannot accept the extermination of the Scub Coral!
: But…
: We’re wasting our time with this bickering. Whatever dispute’s going on at the top of society, it’s got nothing to do with us.
: Regardless of whether it’s ZEUTH or Edel speaking, only fools accept the official statements.
: The truth is always within the shadows… Yes…the Black Charisma has it.
: You’re still buying into the UN’s gossip?!
: What about it?
: I'm done letting random, second-hand information manipulate me…! We all want to figure out what’s real for ourselves!
: Well, it shouldn’t be long before Edel and ZEUTH settle that matter. She’s taken a big PR loss with this, so she’ll certainly try to crush them all.
: Today at 23:00…that’s our time limit…
: That’s when the Dimensional Repair will begin… when everyone’s wishes will build a new future…

*People run over!*

: Hey, you! Political gatherings are forbidden within city limits! Disperse immediately!
: The army and the government should be focusing on releasing a statement regarding ZEUTH’s declaration rather than prohibiting anything!
: He’s right! If what they’re saying is really a lie, then we want you to show some proof!
: P-pipe down! Why should the government even bother to respond to terrorists?!
: It’s all one huge ploy and BrigGen. Edel will take decisive action against them!
: She’ll suppress dissenting opinions by force? Is that how Edel Bernal actually does things?!
: Sh-shut it! Keep this up and I’ll arrest you for treason!

*Someone else comes over.

: Do you really think that’s the right thing to do?
: What did you say?!
: You saw ZEUTH’s proclamation, did you not? Does your faith in BrigGen. Edel remain fully untouched even after that? If so, then I apologize for having said anything.
: …
: Still, you are denizens of this world first, soldiers second.
: Perhaps you could ponder what that Quattro Bajeena gentleman meant a bit more?
: …
: Whether that makes you happy or sad, we’re only half a day away from making the most important decision of our lives… the hour of the Dimensional Repair approaches.
: Until then, all humans should think well of everything that’s happened to this point.
: …You’re right…
: Let’s return to base and check ZEUTH’s proclamation in the UN again.
: Hey, hold on! Are you guys actually putting stock in ZEUTH?!
: We haven’t decided yet, which is why we’re going to review their claims.
: This is our world as well and I don’t care for the idea of entrusting someone else to choose its future for me.
: And if you do that, so what?! There’s no future for this messed-up world!
: The future is what BrigGen. Edel decides – we should just accept it! There’s no need to worry this much!
: You can think that way if you wish… but I want to decide my own future.
: I feel the same way… I apologize for my attitude just now.
: Don’t worry about it. We appreciate your comprehension.
: Looks like some of them got the message.
: An impressive display, Lily Borjano. You are certainly a singular woman.
: You seem to have grown humbler, Lord Gwen.
: Perhaps but I’m not finished yet. Regardless of whether Edel or ZEUTH emerges victorious, there’ll be more to come for the world and for myself.
: Even without the relics of the Black History, I plan to rise to the occasion. Indeed, the people who live in this chaotic world require leadership.
: Well, I wish you luck, Lord Gwen. But I’m certain that the world will change.
: A small piece of advice: leaders shouldn’t deign to think they can always sit on their ivory towers, looking down upon the rest of society.
: I’ll remember those words.
: (Laura…and ZEUTH… your final battle is at hand and, as another denizen of this world, I’ll also be rooting for you…)

Location: South Ameria – Orbital Elevator, UN Station

: It’s 13:30 right now… ten hours until we have to make contact with the Great Singularity…
: We’ve been streaming our reveal of the truth nonstop throughout the UN.
: This place’s the UN’s main hub for the entire world. They can’t pull the plug on us from terminals.
: Packing all that power in one place kinda backfires at times like this, huh?!
: Many thanks, Professor Theeh. It was only with your assistance that we could reveal everything to the whole world.
: NYOHOHOHO! Well, I swore to you guys that I’d help, so I had to bring my A-game!
: The information we provided also seems to have helped somewhat.
: Thanks, Kai. Your journalist group gave a nice boost to our transmission.
: Bringing the truth to the eyes of the masses is what we live for. It’s only natural that we’d jump at the opportunity.
: Word from the Emaanian caravans across the world says that doubt towards Edel is spreading throughout the people.
: That’s to be expected, considering all the evidence they saw.
: Still, there are a plenty of things that went way over their heads.
: Hm? Something bothering you about our win?
: Not exactly… what we said was true, yeah, but these folks changed their minds so easily. It just feels weird.
: Society lives every day uncertain of their future. The people are living as best they can but it’s natural that they’d grasp at any straws…
: The Lost Syndrome…
: Edel Bernal took advantage of that to seize control over the people’s minds – her actions cannot be excused.
: But I’d like to believe that the people can change their attitude.
: Hey, Quattro… Are ya gonna take responsibility for all them?
: …
: You riled up all those people. You ain’t gonna be able to run off after all this is done, ya know.
: ...I’m aware.
: Ah…?
: I can’t keep fleeing from my duty forever.
: I’ll go and face my past, just as you, Jamil and Sandman did.
: Your resolve speaks volumes.
: Heh…alright, we’ll trust ya to do good.
: (Very well, Char. If you’ve steeled your spirit, then I will be ready to face it directly.)
: (Mind, this does not mean I want that day to come…)

: It looks like there’s also a growing unrest in the Plants and Colonies after they’ve heard ZEUTH’s proclamation.
: Though, in their case, it’s best to see it as them raising their voices against Edel than in our support. Depending on how things go, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to mobilize their remaining troops to try and take her out.
: Still, their desire for peace is the same as the people of Earth.
: Tonight’s Dimensional Repair will mark the start of a new era for all of humanity and, so, it’s my wish for us all to discuss the future of our world once again.
: That is the essence behind our gathering the will of all humans.

: What’s the status on the Federation Army?
: Intel from Cpts. Jürgens and Henken says their forces across the planet have been split in half. Even the upper echelons are a rife with internal arguments.
: Which means they’re in no position to mobilize troops to retake this station.
: E-Easy there, cowboy! It’s WAY too soon to relax!
: Are you shaking, professor...?
: What’s gotten you so scared?
: Oh, I’m not scared! I’m shaking with excitement!
: Aah…?
: I’m 100000% sure that Lady Edel will come over...! Oooh, she must be crazy angry right about now!
: You mean she’s coming to deal with us in person?
: Wait a minute! If that makes you happy… then you really must be planning on stabbing us in the back!
: Nononono! I am helping you, I swear! Cross my heart and hope to die!
: And once Lady Edel finds out about that, she’s going to DESTROY me as punishment!
: Oh, joy to the world! The anticipation is killing me!
: This old fart’s too much for me…
: Scum… you’ve been serving Edel Bernal simply to indulge your own lust?
: Eheh… now you’re embarrassing me!
: ‘Course, I like that!
: …You’re insufferable…
: If Edel’s coming to attack us herself, then she’ll be bringing the Chimera’s trump card that Henken mentioned in his intel.
: It’s called Lemures! The ultimate, absolutely invincible, positively SUPER robot!
: Sounds like an impressive weapon.
: Of course it is! I made it!
: I put it together with tech from many different worlds! It is really, really strong! And Edel’s skill with it is also top notch – super-human even!
: So, she’s not just a skilled politician but also a skilled pilot...
: That may be the source of the vanity that led to her naming herself sovereign.
: Does it have any weaknesses?
: Nope! I told you: ultimate, absolutely invincible, positively SUPER robot!
: I wasn’t holding my breath for a good answer anyway.
: Then, professor... have you any information on who the Black Charisma truly is?
: That shifty person in the UN?
: Yes, tell us his or her identity…!
: D-don’t yell at meeee! If you do, I--!
: You’ll…?
: I'll fall head over heels for you, lady!
: Huh…?!
: Is he alright…?
: They say it’s a very fine line that separates genius and insanity…
: It doesn’t look like we’re going to get anything asking him about the Charisma.
: But, if our hunch is correct and Edel Bernal is the Black Charisma, we’ll have our chance to end all this very soon.
: She and her Lemures will make for a formidable foe.
: We’ve come this far, so all we can do is be ready to face whatever’s waiting ahead.
: If Edel’s bent on denying the Dimensional Repair out of her own greed, then we’ve no choice but to stand our ground.
: This station’ll be a battleground soon, so you let me handle reporting on what’s going on.
: The winner will get to chart the course of the world… though, really, we’d only be ushers.
: Yes… it’s the strength of every individual that’ll lead us onwards.
: However, our defeat at Edel’s hands would mean the truth and the future being smothered in darkness.
: Indeed. We have pierced the dark clouds that covered the world and opened a gap for light to seep through.
: If she comes to bury that small light in darkness once more, then we shall bear our swords in its defense.
: I believe everyone in ZEUTH shares your feelings.
: There’s still ten hours before the end. Our people must be reminiscing of the battles that led us to this point…
: No… they’re playing soccer.
: What…?


*Zwoooosh! GOAL!!*

: Hey! That’s not fair, Pierre! You can’t use your Element powers!
: Look again, Benkei! I didn’t use any special powers in that shot!
: But the ball WAS on fire there…
: This smell…! Are you implying the ball combusted from air friction?!
: Heheh... what can I say? I’m just that good.
: Damn it…! I thought he was going for a volley shot, not a straight-up power kick!
: Don’t you worry, Camille. I’m sure you can make a comeback with Ryou and Moondoggie on your team.
: Let’s do this, Pierre! My power and Doggie’s technique will leave your team in the dust!
: You’re gonna get a taste of my famous Panther Shot!
: Bring it on, you two! Imma show you guys what separates amateurs from a big-time pro!

: Pierre’s really going at it.
: Well, he is a professional player, so of course he’d get pumped up.
: I’m surprised Moondoggie’s so good, though.
: The way he speaks is a bit crass but, other than that, Doggie’s pretty much perfect!
: Ryouma and Doggie are working hard but Team A’s got Pierre, so I’d say their victory is likely.
: However, Pierre is pretty much carrying everyone else. The other team has a chance if they keep the ball from reaching him in the first place.
: Leave that to me, Julie! When it’s go-time against Team A, I’ll stick to him like glue!
: We know how obstinate you can be, so that sounds good.
: Yeah, just take a look at how long he kept grilling Marin.
: Hey! That was—
: All in the past, Raita. We’re counting on you to mark Pierre!
: Aye, aye!

: The Team C folks are really psyching themselves up.
: Even though they gotta go up against us, Team D, before the other guys!
: Um…should we really be playing right now? We’re just a few hours away from a battle to decide the fate of the entire planet…
: We ain’t playing…! This is a legit battle!
: Yeah… which means we don’t hold back!
: You two are getting WAY too into this!
: Hey, this tournament is to get us hyped for the big battle, so Team D’s gonna go for the gold!
: Give it everything you have, Master Eiji!
: We’ve already prepared some towels and sports drinks if need be.
: And know that there’ll be hell to pay if you lose with us cheering you on!
: Don’t worry. The Gran Knights will emerge victorious.
: …I hope.
: You seem to be having fun, Touga.
: I’m sure the Repair’s gonna go smoothly if we tackle it with this attitude!

* *

: And that’s the game! Victory goes to Team A with a 3-1 score!
: Crap…! I just needed a chance to bust out my Golden Falcon Shot and that’d been it!
: I don’t think so, Doggie. Yes, your technique is elegant but that alone will not carry the day.
: Hah… Sirius’ played just a lil’ bit and he’s already gettin’ the hang of it!
: Though I believe relying solely on strength, like a certain someone, would’ve made for an even more unsightly display.
: You what now?
: Alright, kids, calm down. How about you eat something to recover your energies before the next match?
: Ah, don’t mind if I do!
: Me too! I want some!
: Come on, then. We’ve made enough rice balls for everyone.
: Whoa, there’re so many of them! You made all these by yourselves?!
: Beauty, Reika and I helped too.
: Lunch is served everyone! Make sure you wash your hands!
: Hard to believe that we’re just a few hours away from deciding the entire future of Earth.
: Nothing we can do but keep going now. And if any enemy comes over, we hit ‘em with everything we’ve got.
: We’ll be leaving that fighting bit to you, Kappei.
: Our team’s gonna be helping Kai get pictures of your battle. You better bring home a win, you hear?
: You bet… Aki’s still waiting for a peaceful world, so I’ll do that for her and for Hamamoto, too.
: I’m sure nothing’ll defeat you so long as that resolve is there.
: Banjou…
: You’ve already grown into a fully-fledged warrior, Kappei.

This bit only shows up if you saved Aki, otherwise it skips to Uchuuta’s next line.

: Yeah but you’re like the sun, shining over everyone. I can’t really do that.
: My light’s just some random moonlight.
: Still, it’s the moon’s light that illuminates even the darkest nights.
: “The nights”…?
: That’s right. It is your struggles that’ll light the way for those lost in the darkness.
: Heheh… I guess being the moonlight ain’t a bad deal when you put it like that.
: You’re giving him too much props, Banjou. Keep saying stuff like that and it’s gonna go straight to his head.
: Hey, nobody asked you, Uchuuta!
: Thank you very much, Banjou. We might never have gotten this far without your support.
: Ah, you don’t need to thank me for anything. I was just poking my nose where it didn’t belong.
: I think I asked you before but why did you take care of us so much?
: Well… I think I might’ve been jealous of what you have.
: The multibillionaire is jealous of us? Of me?!
: You’ve friends and family… all things I never did.
: Banjou…
: My father more or less killed my mother and brother, you see.
: You lost your entire family…?
: Still, you’ve got friends now, don’t you, bro? Like us and Toppo!
: …Yes, you’re right about that.
: Which means we all gotta give that battle 100% - for Earth!
: Right…
: (Hold on, Aki… we’re gonna bring peace back to us…)
: (And once that’s done, let’s all get together again with Kouzuki, Michi and everyone else…)

Setsuko Version:

: You’re going back to Planet Fleed?
: Only after this battle’s over, of course.
: Are you sure that’s a good idea? It seems the Breaks caused a lot of anomalies to show up in outer space…
: That’s exactly why we believe we must return. From what Rubina’s told us, there are a handful of survivors from Planet Fleed.
: Ah, I get it…! Now that Emperor Vega’s gone, they might all decide to go home.
: And that’s why Maria and I decided to go back and help restore our planet.
: Could I possibly accompany you two on that voyage, Duke Fleed?
: If it’s what you want, by all means, Rubina.
: Are you alright with that, Hikaru? Daisuke and Princess Rubina…
: …Well, he’s the prince of Planet Fleed and I’m an earthling so…
: I don’t see that as a problem. What’s important is what you both feel.
: She’s right, Hikaru.
: Maria…
: I’m not taking any sides but I don’t see how the planet you were born in is any issue.
: Right, Kouji?
: Y-Yeah…
: But Hikaru should also have faith in herself. After all, she’s always been there to support Daisuke... right, Kouji?
: R-right…
: What’s the matter, Kouji? You’re more inarticulate than usual.

Rand version:

: Hmm… I can feel human warmth emanating from this food…
: It comes bearing the hopes of Umee, Hanae and all the other ladies in it.
: And soon we’re gonna be gathering everyone else’s hopes just like this, huh?
: You sound nervous, Kouji. That’s not like you.
: Nah, I’m just excited thinking of the new world that’s gonna come when we do the Dimensional Repair.
: And what kind of world are you hoping for, Kouji?
: I want to hear it, too!

Both sides:

: Um…that’s…well…
: Kabuto…! Don’t tell me you were hoping for a world where you didn’t have to choose one or another!
: E-easy there, Boss! This isn’t the time to be yelling stuff like that!
: Every person has free rein to decide on what world they want, so Kouji can do as he pleases.
: Tetsuya… you haven’t anything specific in mind?
: Hm, maybe…
: But I do know one thing: just having the freedom to wish for anything is already wonderful.
: And what kinda world do you want, Tetsuya? One without war?
: Whatever world is born of the Repair, I think any peace earned like that would be temporary. All I want is to survive in order to properly seize that peace with my own strength.
: That sounds just like you, Tetsuya.
: I’m just fulfilling my duty, like you, Daisuke.
: But my power alone can only do so much. I managed to defeat my foes only because I met all of you here on Earth.
: Daisuke…
: Hikaru, though this battle may end, I’d still like to ask for your help. Would that be alright?
: Huh?
: (Rand ver: Once the hostilities are over, Rubina, Maria and I are thinking of returning to Planet Fleed…and ) I’d like for you to see that land as well, Hikaru.
: I’d be happy to, Daisuke…
: Me too! I wanna go to Planet Fleed too!
: Hold it right there, Kabuto! You can’t talk about space travel and keep me out of it!
: This isn’t a leisure trip, you know!
: She’s right… it’ll be the start of a whole new battle.
: We have to wrap up this one and create our new world before any of that, though.
: Whatever world shows up, it won’t change who we are.
: Right; fighting to secure peace and a better future – that’s our mission.
: And we’ll strive with all our might, in the name of the entire world and its peoples.

: So, Daisuke’s going back to his own planet…
: What will you do, Marin?
: You don’t really need to go anywhere, since Earth’s already your ancestral home.
: Plus, you’re a member of the Blue Fixer, so you can’t just go AWOL.
: …But there are still millions of S-1-ians sleeping aboard the Algol… I can’t simply forget them and live here.
: Well…
: I’m sure there’s someplace that’ll take them in – they are humans after all.
: There’s been too much death on both sides for that to happen...
: Marin…you…
: Things don’t need to be set in stone yet, Marin.
: Toshiya…
: You might’ve made up your mind already but you oughta relax for now.
: He’s right. There’s no point in fretting over what tomorrow might hold if we botch the Dimensional Repair today.
: Heey, don’t jinx us! Even if you meant that as a joke, it don’t sound like it when it comes from your mouth!
: It’s far too late to get superstitious. We can only grin and bear whatever comes.
: …
: What, you still can’t get it off your head?
: It’s not something I can easily forget about.
: Alright, then how about this: we’ll lend a hand to you and the S-1-ians.
: Toshiya…
: We will not allow for the Trinity Energy to be used for evil. With that in mind, we figure we can set that energy as a boon for the entire universe.
: So don’t stress yourself out like that. Let’s deal with the problems right in front of us before tackling anything else.
: Alright…
: It goes without saying, but we’re on the same page as them.
: Raita, Oliver…
: We’ve entrusted you with both Baldios and our lives, Marin – ever since the day we first charged through subspace.
: Then let’s do this, Oliver, Raita. Let’s save our tomorrow with our own hands.