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Part 232: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 1

Mission 60 (Rand) - My Future, Your Future
Mission 60 (Setsuko) – My Future, Everyone’s Future

: …Hey, are you listening?
: What? Yeah.
: As I was saying, the content in music and movies or, rather, the memories we associate with the moment we saw or heard them…
: A whole lot of times, these things invoke memories of the relationships we had with others at a time when we saw or heard them, right?
: Whaat? Why did you start yacking about that outta the blue?
: Shush. I’m getting to the point.
: Either way…it could be said that memories don’t exist in a vacuum.
: They are a product of the environment that surrounds them… Do you know whose words these are?
: Kai Shiden’s?
: Mine.
: Ah, really--?
: All ZEUTH units and ships are in position.
: The Argama and remaining ships are preparing to break through the atmosphere.
: All units: we are three hours away from 23:00, whereupon we’ll make contact with the Great Singularity.
: Only three hours… it won’t be long before we decide the fate of the world…
: …
: …
: It is likely Edel Bernal will come here in person in an attempt to stop us.
: You know what that means, people! We get to make her pay for all the things she did to us!
: Um… is it really alright for you to talk like this is a personal vendetta?
: Hey, I don’t see a problem. We say we’re doing this for the world and its people but, first and foremost, this battle’s for our own sake.
: But that’s…
: Just gotta be honest here, Shinn.
: They’re right. This is all as natural as it comes.
: You may want to do something “for the sake of the world” but, from a different point of view, that can easily come across as being self-serving.
: In that sense, there aren’t really any differences between the “champions of justice” and the “big bads”.
: Do you understand, Shinn?
: Yeah…
: We’ll fight in the name of what we want. And what we want is…
: Peace and freedom.
: We’re all citizens of this world and, as such, now we’ll simply try to make our wish a reality.
: (…These will be last drops of power from my life…)
: (But, even so, I’ll stand and fight beside my dear friends…)
: Ain’t this exciting…! A bigass brawl with the future as the prize!
: And, yet, you’re surprisingly relaxed.
: I always fight for real so this one’s just more of the usual stuff for me.
: That’s right. I figured you’d understand, THE HEAT.
: Right back at ya.
: Since you’re that relaxed, could you two please keep it down for those of us who aren’t?
: ...Hey, being all fired up’s great but I ain’t about to burn myself out with this.
: Huh…?
: What he’s getting at is that this isn’t the end-all, be-all final battle. Life itself is a battle and it continues until the day your life runs out.
: Of course… losing here would make today that day, so…!
: Shut up! You’re gonna jinx us!
: Nyohoho! This’ll be some eye-popping action! I wonder who’ll end up on top, ZEUTH or Lady Edel…?
: Yeesh. You can never tell what’s going on inside grandpa’s head.
: Regardless, his assistance was invaluable in revealing the truth to society.
: Even now, people across the world are watching our broadcast and turning their thoughts towards the future.
: And it’s only a matter of time before Edel attacks in a bid to stop that.
: The professor’s helped us in his own way. Now it’s our turn to get to work.
(From the UN station): Good luck, guys…!
: You’re our trump card, Renton. So sit tight over there.
: We promise we’ll keep the station safe until it’s time.
: Just three hours to go, Renton! Then we’ll go after Eureka, bearing the wishes of everyone out there!
: Right on!


: We’ve got a signal on radar! The enemy’s incoming!
: Oh, boy, oh, boy! The final showdown is starting! Sound the gong!!
: You’re getting too into this, gramps. That’s gonna end up giving you a stroke.

: You’re finally here, Chimera…!
: So that’s the Lemures…?
: …
: The Chimera’s secret weapon, manned by Edel herself…!
: Didn’t think she’d actually come here to deal with us herself.
: My name is Edel Bernal … as the sovereign of the new world, I demand your surrender.
: I don’t recall ever giving your permission to undertake such activities or to attempt the Dimensional Repair. So, lay down your weapons immediately and pledge your obedience to me.
: The hell’s up with that high-and-mighty speech?!
: You think you can just crown yourself leader of the whole world?! Well, we ain’t taking it!
: I am no “leader”. I am the righteous sovereign of this world, who’ll grant it law and order.
: It’s useless to resist. This station is already surrounded by the Federal Army.
: That smile… oooh, I’m dizzy!
: What?! You’re going to fall for her tricks after everything that’s happened?!
: “Tricks”…?
: Yeah, tricks! You used the UN to twist the truth in whatever way suited you!
: You can’t possibly claim ignorance at this point!
: No, you’re quite mistaken if you think the information I gave you and the population were lies.
: The truth is what I decide. So long as it has my validation, that information is the absolute truth for this world.
: What, so you get to say white is black, red is blue and we gotta take it? Just listening to this crap is pissing me off…!
: Not once did I expect you to be such a fiend…!
: You put on a pretty face and, when people ain’t lookin’, go on to mess with everyone in the world, eh?! Now them’s some slimy tricks, alright!
: Give me an answer, ZEUTH. Swear your fealty to me, the sovereign of this world, and become my guardians of law and order.
: So, we gotta join you and just let Eureka become the Command Cluster, is that it?
: Correct. The Coralians’ awakening would be nothing short of a calamity. With your surrender, the human Coralian will lose her only support and eventually exhaust herself, unleashing the self-destruct program.
: Weren’t you even listening to what Quattro said?!
: Are you just going to ignore the countless people living inside the Scub?!
: I am the sovereign of this world. Matters pertaining to another one are not of my concern.
: Even though the execution of our Dimensional Repair will be based on the combined will of humanity, you’ll still refuse to accept it?
: Regardless of whether you’ve the support of the billions of ignorant plebians, it matters not. This world and all who live in it exist solely to be ruled by me.
: How conceited can one person get?!
: Then, let me ask you something, Edel Bernal: how do you intend to govern this world once the Coralians are gone and stability has returned?
: I’ll bring peace and tranquility to the world via law and order.
: But even if we overcome the danger of the Dimensional Collapse, this world will still bear deep scars from the war. How will you heal those and bring peace?
: All will be resolved with law and order.
: Forgive us but we’d like you to tell us your actual plan. Will you suppress those who oppose you by force in the name of your highfalutin rhetoric?
: All will be resolved with law and order.
: What…?
: Hmph, some “sovereign” of the world! She hasn’t the slightest idea of what she’ll do down the road!
: …
: This broad’s just some power-hungry dictator!
: Flash that pretty smile all you want, that won’t fly with us anymore!
: That’s that, general. For those reasons and more, you oughta just take a hike.
: BrigGen. Edel! Please accept what we’re doing and give your support to the Dimensional Repair!
: Silence, you imbeciles!!

: Who in blazes do you think you’re talking to?!
: I am Edel Bernal, the sovereign of this world while you’re nothing but ignorant worms! You've no right to talk back to me!
: Wh-what the hell?!
: She’s changed completely... or rather, is that how she really is?
: Bingo! You got it, baby!
: Theeh! You've sided with them?!
: I LOVE YOOOUUU!! Please punish this worthless fool, Lady Edel!

: Professor!
: Oi…! She killed her own man just like that…!
: Traitor or no, to do that without any hesitation whatsoever goes too far!
: I have plenty of people who can replace the likes of him.
: And the same goes for you!
: What?!
: The only reason you’ve survived to this day is because I allowed you to! I expected you to remove the nuisances that were Scirocco, Durandal and the aliens and you did exactly that!
: So that’s why you never took direct action against our group even after declaring yourselves to be against us…!
: But I’ve no further use for you! I can easily find new pawns!
: You’ve forgotten your place and any who will not bow to me are nothing more than a blemish upon the world!
: For the crime of treason, I sentence you all to death!
: Tch…! Earth’s so-called “goddess” is just some mental bint!
: There’s no more room for dialogue with her…! She’d strip this world of freedom and truth and, furthermore, she outright refuses to accept our continuous existence!
: All units, fire away! Strike Edel Bernal down and return the truth to this world once and for all!
: We’ll end this conflict with our very own hands before setting out to perform the Dimensional Repair.
: You think you stand a chance against me, Edel Bernal?!
: First I’ll stop the UN and bury the lot of you! Then, the unwashed masses will once again be under my sway!
: We will not see the world in the hands of such a self-absorbed person!
: Edel’s moving to destroy the UN station!
: Oh, no, she’s not! We’re still using that thing to show everyone what’s what!
: We’ve determined the Lemures’ target area!

: All units, stop the Lemures at all costs! If it crosses into that area, the entire building’ll be done for!
: Don’t worry, we’re kick her ass way before she gets there!
: For the sake of peace and freedom in this world!
: And in the name of the one and only truth!
: Edel Bernal… rather, Black Charisma! We’ll put an end to you!
: If ya wanna muck up our repair of this world, then we’re ready to take ya on!
: It matters not how many gnats and ants gather in a swarm – you are still nothing before the might of the Lemures!
: Kneel and pay me tribute with your lives! I am Edel Bernal, the sovereign of the new world!!

Mission Objective: Shoot down the Lemures.
Mission Failure: Any battleship shot down or the Lemures reaches the target area.

Well, that was a prologue and half, wasn’t it?
There’s no Skill Point, of course, so the strategy is simple: there’ll be no extra mooks coming and Edel will start moving towards her spot from the get-go, so you’ll want to do your best to build morale while keeping people close enough to intercept when ready.
The MP Leos are still bulky and in Wide formation so you’re advised to give them less priority – the Rex Cornicus, Anguis and Capers are not, though, so these will be much more manageable with ALLs and TRIs.
Worst case scenario, you can send a few units to surround the Lemures and stop its advance BUT that can be a dangerous gamble because…

Lemures (Edel Bernal)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Squad gains the effect of Morale+ (Hit)
Edel’s Voice Actress: Michie Tomizawa (other known roles: Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon, Jenna Angel in SMT, C-Ko in Project A-ko and many others)

Yes, those are two MAPWs and they both have huge range - the one she used against the AEUG last mission, D-Fall 1999, is post-movement, carries an absurd +50 accuracy modifier and, for the cherry on top, will halve the stats of anyone hit! D-Maelstrom is stronger and has a wider range but is pre-movement, has no debuff and is less accurate.
Thankfully, both MAPWs only have, respectively, 2 and 1 shots, so you won’t be getting blasted after a while (I don’t think she’ll ever use D-Maelstrom unless you surround her, since her AI’s set to always be moving towards the station).
Her biggest attack, Promised Millennium, is a very strong ALL with 1-9 range but, again, it’s not post-movement so she won’t use it until you yourself start attacking.

Edel’s an absurdly good pilot all around and her skill-set is pretty much perfect, though the lack of Hit & Away will, of course, be felt once she’s out of D-Falls. She’s not as accurate as Scirocco but when Perfection starts running, she’ll be close, especially with the big modifiers on her weapons (and she’ll overtake him once Prevail starts running).
A good thing that can be said, however, is that the Lemures isn’t very heavily armored but it’s still got plenty of HP and you can’t debuff it thanks to that All-Canceller.
Don’t let your people stray too far from the target area but do your best to limit exposure to D-Fall1999.

And we’re off!

That’s a nice opener and Duke easily downs all three Cornicus with a TRI.

Nearby, Rand nearly oneshots a bird and Camille finishes it off, also weakening the squaddies.

Easy prey for Roger.

There go both.

Amuro cuts a distant flock down to size and Kappei moves to do the same.
Strangely enough, Ziene actually gets a completely unique portrait for when she’s doing a PLA attack.
I don’t think even Toby and Denzel got one of these!

Either way, Banjou finishes that mook and, elsewhere, Kei’s doing what he does best.
Loran easily takes all three down.

Your turn, Gainer.

Nice, nice. These serve as fodder for Kira.

Marin gets to work next, leaving a leader primed for Touga (not that he needed it, since he would’ve doubled it). Enil and Riea weren’t strong enough to do the same for Faye and Sandman, though.

Garrod’s turn at the buffet, these birds having been tenderized by Toshiya’s surprisingly powerful TRIs.

Easy money.

Following up on Kouji, Ryouma nabs a kill. Michiru and Joseph get shat on by the RNG and miss 85%+ hits.

Enemy Phase!

Kappei gets jumped four times by three birds, one Leo and one Caper group, barely missing kills, while one lone Cornicus flock goes for Banjou.
Least it gives us a chance to see these birds’ best trick. Banjou also gets hit by an Anguis but he shrugs at the damage before returning it thrice as hard.

Shinn slaps a group away while Gainer gets mobbed by two flocks of Cornicus, one group of Capers and one of Anguis – they all suffer hefty damage as payment for their insolence.
Marin gets the easy job of clipping a weakened Cornicus’ wings

This should be easy.

Oh, yeah.

That’s adorable.

Finally, more meat for the grinder.

And there goes half its HP. One last Anguis fails to take heed and Kei’s TRI cuts deep.

On one hand, I’m annoyed that she’s using that already but, on the other, it means only three units are getting hit and she’ll only have one shot left.

Thankfully, I had Confuse set just in case and her morale isn’t high enough that Perfection is running.
Only Duke, Hikaru and Tekkouki get hit. When Edel attacks anything or turn two rolls over…

: Ah!
: Urgh…!
: Mel?!
: What is it, Setsuko?!
: He’s coming…!
: That’s just what I want! Bring it on, Asakim!

: Asakim…!
: It’s been a long time, Ziene. This is the choice you made, hm?
: …
: You’ll repair space-time as a Singularity and, thus, have your revenge on what distorted your fate?
: “That person” has also allowed me to do so…
: That’s good. You’re free to do as you please.
: The hell are you here for?! You’re gonna help Edel?!
: I don’t think the mighty “sovereign of the new world” requires something like that.
: Correct, Asakim. Your assistance isn’t needed anymore.
: Still, you did serve me well. If you don’t get in my way, I’ll allow you to do as you please.
: You have my gratitude.

Rand version:

: Well, ain’t we humble today.
: Edel Bernal’s given us her consent, THE HEAT, Mel... your participation in the Holy War begins now.
: Jeez, that guy doesn’t know when to take a hint! With all that’s going on, he’s still going after them?!
: ZEUTH… if you refuse to accept my actions, then take up arms and challenge me with all your might.
: Naturally. As a collaborator of Chimera, you’ve long since lost the right to parley with us.
: Your shenanigans put as all though hell and then some! You better be ready to pay the piper!
: There you have it, Asakim. Our final brawl’s gonna be a team match.
: You’ll hear no complaints from me, so long as I get to face you.
: Still, before we begin, allow me to extend my gratitude.
: If it’s for that drink, don’t worry about it. I owed ya at least that much.
: No, it’s for what you said before. Your words touched me deeply.
: Really?
: As you mentioned, I had been acting like a coward. You helped me remember that, though my very existence is cursed, my heart can still be free.
: Asakim…
: Your body swells with pain each time you channel the Origin Law and, yet, your soul remains steadfast. You are truly worthy of being the Scarred Lion’s Bearer.
: Sorry, Asakim, but I’m just borrowing the Gunleon from my boss.
: And, compared to him, I still ain’t nothing more a lil’ chick that’s just got his feathers!
: Chicks have feathers since day one!
: This really ain’t the time!
: Heh…
: ANYWAY! Today’s The Crusher’s last day in business! Starting tomorrow, I’m back as just another repairman!
: So, add that to the pile of reasons why I gotta climb over this mountain today! You ain’t stopping me, Asakim!
: I’m afraid I will. You’ll be obliterated and I’ll claim one of the “keys” that’ll grant me true freedom.
: You can stuff your keys and your Taiji! If you wanna wrestle, I'm game, Asakim!

: Go, Darling! The Gunleon and I are with you!
: Let’s do this, Mel! One final showdown to warm us up for our biggest job ever!

Setsuko Version:

: Asakim Dowin…!
: Edel Bernal’s given us her consent, Setsuko... your participation in the Holy War begins now.
: He’s still targeting her…?!
: ZEUTH… if you refuse to accept my actions, then take up arms and challenge me with all your might. After all, you’re at the root of Setsuko’s strength.
: What, are you thinking of using us just like Denzel and Toby?!
: We won’t bend to your evil schemes! On the contrary, we’ll defeat you here and keep her safe!
: Setsuko, we’ll fight at your side!
: Denzel and Toby were all our friends… and, of course, so are you!
: Guys…
: So, forward, Setsuko! Our strength is yours!
: It’s time to settle accounts with him and overcome your sorrow, Setsuko!
: I know you can do it!
: Yes…!
: Looks like you’ve steeled your resolve.
: But, before we fight, I’d like to thank you.
: Ah…?
: In my resignation, I had given up on my very freedom… your words cut me deep.
: And, thus, I’ll obliterate you and claim one of the “keys” that’ll grant me true freedom.
: I may not know anything about the significance of the Sphere or what the Taiji is… but I do know one thing for certain!
: I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done, Asakim Dowin!

: With this Virgola...and the pride of the Glory Star that lies within my breast, I will now end you!!

Oh, you son of a bitch…you get to move?!


Player Phase!