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Part 233: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 2

: Aah…
: What’s wrong, Mimsy?! Are you not feeling well?!
: I’m alright, Shaia… just focus on the battle!
: That’s absurd! I’m taking you back to the station!

*The Glomar starts heading back.

: Shaia, wait! There are enemies incoming!
: What?!

: The Chiram?!
: Filthy Singularities! I won’t let you have your way!
: Lt. Henry…!
: He’s still holding onto that grudge?!
: Today’s the day I crush you all, starting with your precious home!

*The Devices start homing in on the Glomar.*

: Evasive maneuvers! Hurry!
: We can’t! They’re too fast!
: You’re mine!!

: Direct hit on the energy bypass! The ship’s sinking!
: No…! The Glomar’s—
: Going down?!
: It won’t, because I’ll destroy it before it even touches the ground! Die!!
: Stop! If you got a beef with me then come and fight me like a man!!
: Oh, I will! But first I’ll take away all you hold dear! Only then will Cpt. Robert be avenged!
: Mimsy! Everyone--!
: There’s someone atop the Glomar.
: It’s--!
: Relax, Kei! I’ll handle this one!!
: Captain…!
: A Mu robot?! What could junk like you possibly do?!
: What a punk. You are hardly worthy of being my final opponent but I’ve little choice!
: Wait…!
: Captain, stop!!
: Stay strong, my friends!!

: Wh-what?! He overloaded his energy--?!

: He sacrificed himself to defend the Glomar…!
: Captain… you were a real man…
: But the Glomar is still sinking!
: Don’t worry!
: Mome?!
: Mome…you’re…
: I will protect the Glomar…and Mimsy! Go and defeat your enemies, Master Kei!
: Alright, Mome! I trust you!
: Fools! Still you fail to grasp the pointlessness of what you’re doing?!
: What?!
: You try to paint yourselves as “representing society” but reality is far different!
: There are plenty of people who hate you, just like that Chiram soldier!
: That was just because the guy was a selfish jerk!
: Exactly – that’s how humans are! That’s the true face of this entire world!
: And, so, I’ll take its reins and bring order to the ignorant masses!
: That’s no reason to deprave all humans of their freedom!
: Freedom’s no more than a curse to them! Give it to the populace and they’ll squander it!
: I need only crush you and they’ll once again be under my control! Give them their “bread and circus” and they’ll be happy!
: While those who dare bare their fangs at me will all disappear from my world!
: Bah, I’ve had enough of your ranting!

: The black Nirvash…!
: We’ve come to support you, ZEUTH!
: Lt. Dominic!
: How did you get here?!
: Wasn’t the surrounding area under the control of the Federation Army?
: Not every Federation soldier’s on board with this woman’s plans! Many of them remember what being a soldier’s about and refuse to obey bad orders!
: Over half the army has already defected from Edel’s command. They and volunteers from all over the world are holding the surrounding troops at bay.
: Chiram, Emaanians, Zaft and Axis troops are also providing support!
: The Plants are helping us too?
: I bet Dearka’s leading them… good job!
(over the comm): This is David Wayne of the Blue Fixer. Leave the nearby enemies to us.
: David! You’ve also come!
: Of course. I couldn’t stay out of the battle for our future.
: And we’ve got more units incoming! These are…KLFs!
: It’s--!

: Spearheads…! That’s Charles and Ray?!
: The folks who helped Renton back then!
: But… we thought they were killed…
: We’re professionals, remember? We take pride in being hardy.
: You ain’t here to settle accounts with me, right?
: Relax, guy. We're not stupid enough to try a stunt like that with all that’s going on.
: You’re gonna help us, then?
: Are you working for someone, Mr. Merc.?
: Nah, we’re self-employed on this one. Couldn’t just sit home watching the UN while our darling kid’s out there working so hard, could we?
: …
: Ray…
: …I still haven’t forgiven Eureka…
: But, if Renton is trying to help her then I want to lend him a hand.
: Thanks, you two…
: This is gold! Ladies, make sure you also take plenty of shots of the nearby battles!
: Roger! Leave it to us!
: So many different forces gathering to lend us their assistance… it’s quite the spectacle.
: We must make sure these images reach all corners of the world.
: You see that, Kappei? All these people saw what you guys are fighting for!
: I can see that, man! Damn, this is awesome!
: You vermin dare rise against me?!
: Oh, get off your high horse and shut up!
: You don’t care one bit for the lives of others! I’m not going to let someone like you hurt Eureka!
: Wow, that girl, Anemone, is helping us out, too.
: We had our problems with her before but she sure is a sight for sore eyes now!
: Eureka saved me, so it’s my turn to help her back!
: The gall! Know your place, brat!!
: Cease your tantruming! You’ve lost!
: That voice…!

: Asuham! You’re here too?!
: Naturally, Gain! My friend and the world itself are facing death…
: But, above all, I set out to battle in the name of my sister, Karin’s, child!!
: Same one-track mind, now with an added “uncle” flavor to it…
: And he’s even forced us to come along…
: Hey, it’s the Siberian gremlin and eye-patch guy!
: Not bad at all, you two. I didn’t expect you to make it all the way here.
(on the comm): Leave the nearby mooks to us, Asuham!
: I feel like going a bit crazy, too. We’ll give you your money’s worth.
: No WAY! Hola and Greta are helping us?!
: They’re under my employ. I wanted to bring any extra firepower I could.
: Sure, sure! We’ll take all the help we can get right now!
: HEAR ME, ZEUTH! For the sake of this world, our strength is yours!
: Wow... what a change from the guy who once wanted to help the OverDevil freeze everything.
: Still, freedom also means you can change!
: Everyone’s living freely… and they’re fighting with all they have to keep doing so…
: Even if, at times, they made wrong decisions and found themselves at odds with others…
: That’s all part of the world we live in! No one can change that!
: You see that, General? The world ain’t made of “ignorant masses” like ya said!
: The future belongs to every single one of us, BrigGen. Edel!
: You…! YOU DARE!

: Where are you off to, Renton?
: Wait, are you—…?!
: We’re going after Eureka, so I figured I also need to go the extra mile.
: But it’s still too soon! We’re only going after that Lemures is taken care of!
: Don’t you understand what you have to do? If you go out and get shot down, it’s all over!
: I…I won’t be. Not when even Charles and Ray are out there helping me…
: And, most of all, I won’t be shot down because Eureka’s waiting for me.
: Renton…
: Hang in there, Maurice. You’re the big brother, so take care of Maeter and Linck.
: We’ll be rooting for you, Renton!
: Please save our Mama!
: Only you can help her, Papa!
: You got it!
: Renton…
: I’m going, Talho…
: You’ve grown into a fine man.
: Thanks!

: There is no punishment too great for your crimes! Actually, I believe I’ll take away your hope before everything else!
: I’ll ascend into space and inflict so much damage onto that brat that she’ll turn into the Command Cluster!
: You’re even crazier than advertised if you think—
: --We’re actually gonna let you do that!!

: The Nirvash! Renton’s launched?!
: The hell are you doing, Renton?! What’re we gonna do if you get dropped?!
: She’s trying to hurt Eureka, my sister and everyone else! I’m joining in on this!
: Renton!
: …Do you hear me, Nirvash? We’ve been traveling together ever since you fell over by my place, haven’t we?
: We’ve met many people and said goodbye to many others… Those memories all mean so much to me.
: But, throughout that journey, Eureka was always at my side. She’s always been a part of this.
: And still… she…
: Nirvash, please, give me some more power! I don’t want it to end like this! I need Eureka at my side!

: Is that Seven Swell?!
: It ain’t! What the hell…?!
: Wow!

: What happened to the Nirvash, Renton?!
: He answered my wishes, that’s what!
: I can feel it wafting from Nirvash… strength…and a will…
: WHOAHAHA! Nicely done, Renton!
: Beautiful, Renton! I’m so proud of you!
: Charles, Ray! I’ll be true to myself until the end, just as you taught me to!
: Let’s do this thing, Renton! We’ll take that broad down and head straight for Eureka!
: Yeah!
: MORE?! Yet another worm who won’t obey?!
: These people aren’t limited to those that are here! There are people who reject your rule throughout the entire world!
: Yes, it’s human to yield under fear and anxiety and cling to any semblance of security…
: But it’s just as human to risk your life for what you hold dear!!
: So we’re not getting beaten down by someone like you!
: Neither the world’s future nor our freedom are yours to take!
: Get lost, Edel Bernal! You don’t have what it takes to lead the world!
: It’s high time you acknowledged what the people truly desire!
: Urgh, that’s just sad – so much for “Earth’s goddess”! She’s just a psycho hag!
: Apologies to any of your blind fans still out there…!
: But we’re taking you down here and now, Edel Bernal!!
: Take a look, Captain! We’re almost at the finish line!
: You hear all that, Eureka? We’re bringing your boyfriend over right now!
: Let’s go, Nirvash!

Nirvash Spec. 3 (Renton Thurston)

TOO MUCH HIGH POWER MAN!! The Spec 3 is, bar none, the strongest Real in the game right off the box and it’ll tear through everything in its path. It’s also nigh-untouchable, even without my massive upgrades.
It’s lost its MAPW but, really, we don’t need it anymore and the two attacks it has are ridiculously strong. Point the Spec 3 at something and watch it melt into fine paste.

Asuham’s not the strongest reinforcement around but Kejinan brings another Confuse cast to the table and they’ve a post-movement TRI.

: With me, Kejinan, Enge! The fate of the world rides on this battle!
: The boss is really into it, huh?
: He wouldn’t be able to stand living under that crazy lady, would he?
: How about us?
: Yeah, let’s do it! This is our Exodus!
: Your brother also fights for the good of the world, Karin, my sister!
: (Ah, good old Asuham…)

Following this battle, I realized that Asuham has a crapton of HP compared to everyone else! It’d take some real effort to get him shot down.

Ray and Charles are the same as before but with more levels under their belt and Anemone’s the same as ever, just with less HP.
Yes, she still has her stunning attack (though Edel and Asakim are immune).

FYI: only Rand can get Ray and Charles here and only if you did all those steps when fighting them.

Finally, Jürgens and his Izumo are big blobs of HP and defense with Dominic riding shotgun for some extra spirit commands.

Let’s get Anemone closer to the action.

: Here we go, The END! If that boy’s going to Eureka, then we’re gonna get him there!
: And then we’re going to tell Eureka… “Thank you!”

Good, good.


: Working for ourselves, eh? Not a bad feeling!
: Being freelance means we’re living free!
: And we won’t let anyone take that from us!
: Let’s do this, Charles! For our Renton… and for our world!

As reliable as ever.

Touga, Roger and Kira dispatch three weakened squads, triggering SEED and Kouji’s Mazin Power.

Renton’s too far to get a nice target for his ALL but there’s this one Cornicus that’s perfect to showcase his first attack.
Keep in mind that this is without valor and he could’ve doubled… and the moon’s probably suffered more damage at our hands than any other enemy faction.

Apollo can spare the SP, so he pops valor to wreck this group of Capers.

On the opposite side…

Loran’s not doing the same, though he manages to take out a squaddie. Shinn finishes the other two.

Toshiya dispatches some more Anguis, pushing Gainer and Shinn to put their game faces on.

This group ain’t weakened but, screw it, Raita is running on a full SP tank.

The leader’s dead as hell but, despite Marin knowing Focused Attack, the squaddies barely hang on.

Haman and Kei are still a tornado of mook destruction.

I decided to take this chance to show off the Caper’s strongest, non-TRI, attack since we never saw that before.
Diana seemed like a good choice to tank the hit.
But she dodged a 93% hit in exchange for surrendering her soul to dark spirit! I’d have expected this from Lacus but not you!

Tetsuya TRIs more Capers, killing the leader and leaving Ryouma to take the rest. At the same time, Banjou wrecks some Cornicus, courtesy of Amuro.

We never actually got Ziene to use her MAPW, so here it is.
Could’ve hit more enemies had I set Roger in a better spot…oh, well.

At least this triggers Dizer Power after Duke barely kills a weakened Anguis (that stat down before hurts).

Garrod takes a weak Leo, leaving the remnants for Rand.

Bah. He’s been getting crits left and right over the past missions but NOW he decides to hold back.
Fine, Heizaemon takes the thing out.

Enemy Phase!

Two Cornicus and one Anguis jump Duke, getting torn apart as a reward. This triggers Apollo’s Element System.

This distant Leo group has finally reached something.

And there goes about 70% of its HP.

A quickly-dead Anguis plus a Caper and Leo fail to connect against Gainer but this one goes after Tetsuya.

The plan was for him to eat the attack so I could show it off but, nope, Tetsuya’s also being lucky today.

Asakim’s making his way over to Rand, attacking anyone close, but Quattro’s good enough to dodge.

And here comes Edel’s second shot…!

And the RNG bites back. Despite Confuse and Focus, Shinn, Kira, Ryouma, Kouji, Muu, Baldios, Sandman, Quattro and Jamil get hit and are essentially neutered for one turn.
At least that was the last of them and we’ve time to recover before engaging Edel.

Player Phase!

I reckon this is enough for today. Next update, we’ll finally set out against Asakim and Edel.

See you all then!