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Part 234: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 3

Make yourself useful, Jürgens.

: Look alive, everyone! We’re moving in with the whole world’s wishes on board!
: (Renton… I’m taking up arms as well. I’ll fight for Anemone and for the world she lives in…)
: (So don’t fail. You’re carrying all of our hopes!)

Alright. Anemone follows it up by killing two Leos, triggering Athrun’s SEED and Biosensor.

My patience with these mooks is starting to wear thin because of all my debuff guys, so the kiddie gloves come off again.

There they go.

And there THEY go.

As Kei drops a fresh Leo, Harry relives Shinn of command and blasts a couple of Anguis.

It should be noted that stat down is a pilot debuff, so the likes of Getter can get around it by switching form.

And this Leo’s very dead.

Let’s get rid of this guy quick.

: Asakim…
: I see. That one acknowledged your freedom.
: I can’t object, then. Live as you will.
: Thank you, Asakim. I… I’ll never forget what you taught me about the meaning of freedom.
: I’m taking a stand for what I want… and I’ll even fight you for it!
“Farewell, Asakim… I’ll follow my own path now…!”

: Let me have it, bro! I’m with you to the very end!
: If you want to defeat me, THE HEAT, you’ll have to tap your Sphere to its limit.
: You mean scream in pain, yeah? I ain’t gonna embarrass myself like that!
: Heh. You’re a proud man, certainly…
: But there’s no point in that! Awaken your Sphere for me!
: Fine! Looks like you really mean it…
: So I’ll get serious my way! Here I come, Asakim!

: Asakim Dowin!
: Your life force is almost fully fused with the Sphere.
: Wonderful. You’re here so I can kill you!
: Sphere… if you’re with me, lend my your power!
: I have to kill him! I have to stop him from causing any more sorrow!
: Then try, Setsuko. It’s time for us to see who will walk away from this alive.

Now, before we go here are a few of Asakim’s unique lines that we didn’t get:
Being attacked:

Setsuko version:

: …Victory is yours, Setsuko…
: Asakim…
: But your vengeance is not truly fulfilled today… for I cannot die.
: The curse of the Taiji…
: In order to free my soul… I must seek what I’ve lost…
: But, for now, I bid farewell to this world…


: Asakim… the eternal, cursed wanderer…
: Your struggle to free your soul will continue endlessly…
: Asakim Dowin… whatever your reasons, I can’t bring myself to forgive you…
: No matter how many times you come back, I will not bend to you. This is how I’ll honor Chief and Toby – the pride of the Glory Star...
: And I will never forget that pride, even if I lose myself to the Sphere…

Rand Version:

: …Victory is yours, THE HEAT.
: What? Get real, man. I know that ain’t everything you’ve got.
: Heh… I confess that I’d rather not put a definitive end to our battle just yet.
: Oi, talk about selfish!
: But… I’m already used to that shtick of yours.
: Go forth, THE HEAT…and ZEUTH…
: Show me how you’ll defy the will of the Taiji.
: Asakim...
: Until the universe reaches its end, I have all the time in the world...
: We shall meet again, THE HEAT. And, when we do, your life is mine.

: Asakim’s changed… did Rand’s words stir something within him…?
: Psh… the guy always comes and goes without warning.
: Maybe, inwardly, he’s a bit bashful?
: Who knows. Still, looks like we’re stuck with him for the long haul…
: Are you happy, darling?
: Well…I’m not UNhappy. Can’t quite put it into words.
: Me too… He did help us both before.
: That he did. Here’s hoping that, next time we meet, all I do is teach him how to handle his booze.

Well, that’s one problem down (…ish).

We’ll now gather people over to where Edel’ll be in order to deal with her next turn. Our helpers hang back and deal with any stragglers.

Enemy Phase!

Only thing that happens is that a Leo gets blown away by G-bits.

Edel has no post-movement attack to use.

Player Phase!

Here we go!

: Tetsuya Tsurugi! You should have just fought as my loyal soldier!
: I may have grown up a soldier, but I’m not one to be deployed as a villain’s henchman.
: Are you calling me a villain?! After all I’ve fought for law and order?!
: You’ve stolen lives. That makes you a villain for sure!
: And I’ll stop you… that’s my duty as a soldier!

: We believed in you, Edel Bernal!
: Then you should have continued doing my bidding, Kouji Kabuto!
: Reflect on your foolishness as I, sovereign of the new world, hand down your sentence!
: You’re no sovereign! You’re just some arrogant freak and we’re not letting you have the world!
Edel attacking Mazinger Z: “Even an iron fortress is powerless before me!”
Attacking Great Mazinger: “I’ll bestow defeat unto you, oh, “Great” hero!!”

: All cannons on the Lemures! Let her have it!
: Even the firepower of a Landship is nothing to my Lemures!
: Oh, give it a rest! I can’t believe I looked up to you for one second!
: You’d better brace yourself, because you’ve made me and everyone else on the planet really mad!

Edel vs Xabungle units: “I’ll personally make the utopia the Innocents’ sought a reality!”

: Edel Bernal… you see the lives of others as mere pawns in your schemes, don’t you?!
: I am the sovereign. The lives of the ruled are mine to command.
: That’s crazy! You’re going to destroy their lives!
: Accept it, Newtype! Humanity’s potential, their future, must be under my rule!
: That kind of arrogance is unbelievable! This world isn’t yours and it’s high time you realized that!

Camille attacking: “How many lives have been lost for the sake of your ego?!”
Edel attacking Newtypes: “Humanity isn’t allowed to evolve of its own accord. It is MY decision to make!”

: Aquarion… I’ll crush you before the True Wings of the Sun awaken!
: “The True Wings”…?
: So, that light was not a true awakening… that’s why the Tree of Light wasn’t properly pollinated…!
: Who cares! All that matters right now is taking care of her!
: I am the sovereign of the new world! The likes of you won’t stop me!
: Looks like we’ll have to show you the hard way! Brace yourself, Edel Bernal!

Elements attacking:
Edel attacking: “Humans and Fallen Angels – they are all are my serfs!”

: Another fool who has come to challenge me!
: Sorry, Edel Bernal, but I’m an Exodus consultant.
: Fighting the oppressor is what I do for a living!

King Gainer crew attacking:
Edel attacking Overmen: “I am beyond any and all OverSkill.”

: I’m disappointed, Negotiator. You’re disregarding your professional duties and opposing me with force?
: Are you going to take that?
: I don’t deal with cowardly villains. This is my only option!
: A poor show! Stew in your incompetency between the dimensions!
: I don’t have any regrets. Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve done of my own volition.
: And if you would take that freedom from me… Edel Bernal! You stand against my law!

Roger attacking:
Edel attacking: “Apostle of the Great Power…! It is I who controls this world!”

: Jin Family… you should know better than anything the foolishness and cruelty of the masses!
: You mean how we’ve been misunderstood and discriminated against?
: People are foolish, yes… but they can learn, grow, and change!
: While you think you’re the only one who’s got everything figured out!
: If you needed to stay in the shadows to get to where you are, then you’ve no right to place yourself above others!
: Edel Bernal! We’ll protect the world from you… even if it costs us our lives!

Edel attacking Zambot or King Beal: “Jin Family… you do not belong here!”

: Banjou Haran… you interfered with all my plans right under my nose!
: I was only looking for the evil shadowing the world… I didn’t expect to find you.
: I’m really disappointed, Edel Bernal.
: Rrgh! You should have just died beneath the sands of Mars!
: If you’re that familiar with who I am, then I have nothing more to say!
: Here I come, Edel Bernal! Darkness is anathema to the Sun and I will burn you away!

: Jin Family, I could visit judgment on all of those who have wronged you.
: Isn’t it a little late to be trying to get on our side?
: I control the world. It would be a simple matter.
: Well, we’re never joining you anyway!
: Clean out your ears and listen up, Edel Bernal!
: We don’t hate anybody! We’re just going to stop you from ruining our peace!

Banjou attacking: “It is not us who’ll disappear today but you!”
Kappei: “I’m gonna pay you back for all the tricks you pulled on us!”
Edel attacking Banjou: “The sun, earth and moon all belong to me!”

: You’d betray me, Ziene?
: I’d do as I please… and fight anyone who’d try to stop me!
: I’ll do what I think is right, no matter who I need to oppose! And that’s fighting to get back what was taken from me that day!
: You should have simply obeyed me, you fool! Now you face your due punishment!
: I won’t die! And in order to to save the world that lies beyond the Scub, I will now claim your head!

Ziene attacking:
Edel attacking: “Ziene, you pathetic vagrant… receive the due punishment for your treachery!”

: You’re the other half? I’ll crush you and show that pseudo-human the meaning of despair!
: Eureka’s just like us! She laughs, she cries, she can feel!
: If you don’t get that… then you’re the inhuman one!
: Little brat! I am the most perfect human in existence, and I will not suffer your insolence!

Renton attacking:
Edel attacking Renton or Holland: “You rebel scum! Disappear from my world!”

: Jamil Neate! You’re about to bathe the world in the same flames you visited upon it 15 years ago!
: !
: You must realize that you’re only causing more strife and chaos!
: But it will end… we will end it! By stopping you from causing it!
: And then I’ll keep fighting… but I’ll fight to make this world better! That’s the answer I’ve come to!

: S-Sara, wait up! We can’t just charge in!
: We have to! We can’t let this woman take over our world!
: Fools! You’re mistaking foolishness for courage! Now feel my Lemures’ power!
: Even if this is our end, there will be others to take our place! People who will end your schemes!
: The Freeden will open the way… for all humanity!

: You sure got us good with your plastered-on smile!
: That’s why I’m mad! I can’t let a fraud have our world, ya hear?
: I am your sovereign and deserving of respect! No thug of your stature will stop my new world!
: You are about to join your brother Dewey, Holland!

Holland attacking:

: Kei Katsuragi, the Singularity! If I crush you now, the Dimensional Repair will be impossible!
: Sorry, but I’m not into crazy witches. And neither’s the Earth, by the way.
: You think the foolish masses will stand against me?!
: Everyone watching the UN knows exactly what you are!
: We’re going to gather their desires into the Great Singularity, and you’re not about to stop us!

Orguss crew attacking:
Edel attacking: “The likes of Singularities are unnecessary! I will create the new world!”

: Emaanians… now that I control the New Earth Federation, I’ll crush you and Chiram both!
: That’s not going to happen, Edel Bernal!
: We fight for the whole world! The Emaan won’t bow to you, and neither will the Federation!
: We will strike you down for the world we love!