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Part 235: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 4

: Filthy alien prince! You’re nothing but a plague on Earth! Begone!
: Hear me, suppressor of truths! You’re the one plunging this planet into darkness!
: I am Edel Bernal! Rising sun over the new world!
: As a person who calls this world their home, I’ll stop your delusional ambitions!

Duke attacking: “Edel Bernal! You are unworthy of leadership!”
Edel: “The “Ruler of Space”?! I am the only one fit for that title!”

: Loran Cehack! History was sealed the moment you unearthed the Turn A!
: You are part of the cycle of the Black History!
: I’m… going to trigger the Black History…?
: Indeed. And I will deliver your punishment!
: If you’re right… then that means I have to fight!
: Because what I’m fighting for is to stop the Black History!
: And that means stopping you! You’re the one who’s destroying the world!

Loran attacking:
Edel: “I will not allow the butterfly to spread its wings! That power will be mine!”

: Diana Soreil… if I topple you, the people of the moon will submit to me.
: The Moonrace of old, perhaps… but not anymore.
: Through these wars, they have learned what is truly of value.
: Even without me, they will remember. They will carry on my will… and our fight against you!
: Ridiculous! Those fools never could! I will be their sovereign!

: Come, Getter Robo! Even the three of you working as one are nothing before me!
: She’s pretty full of herself! Probably ‘cause she’s got the whole world in the palm of her hand!
: But Edel Bernal… you don’t know how strong we really are!
: What?!
: We three are not the only ones standing against you! We fight with the whole world’s wishes for peace and freedom!
: With them by our side, our power is limitless! Your ambitions have no chance against us!

Hayato attacking: “You had us all fooled, huh?”
Edel: “The vanquishers of demons will now be vanquished by my hands!”

: Edel Bernal! We won’t let you have this world to shape as you desire!
: You’re pathetic, Amuro Ray! Even now, you can only use your Newtype powers for war!
: Die an ignoble soldier’s death at my hands! The hands of the ultimate pilot!
: I’m just a person… just like everyone else in this world!
: That’s exactly why I can’t let you or anyone like you exist!

Amuro attacking:

: Char Aznable! For the crime of bringing chaos to this world, I sentence you to death!
: That should be your own sentence, Edel Bernal!
: Silence! A world without me is doomed!
: I am the future of this multi-dimensional world!
: Such egotism… you’re at the root of all this horror!

Quattro attacking: “I’ll erase your hubris… along with your archaic world order!”

: You should be grateful, Marin Raygun. Under my rule, your hated S-1 will never come to pass.
: Get off it! You’re not the one that saved our future!
: Many warriors fought hard for peace, and that’s what gave this planet a tomorrow!
: All orchestrated by me! That makes me the true savior of this world!
: You listen here, Edel Bernal! I loved S-1! It was my homeworld!
: I love the Earth, too, and I won’t let you despoil it with your evil ambitions!

Marin attacking: “Edel Bernal! Saving Earth’s future is beyond you!”
Edel: “Hmph, a traitor who’s forsaken his own homeworld… I’ll tender your execution!”

: Klein Sandman… no, Sieg Erikmayer!
: I pronounce judgment in the name of Serius and Llambias!
: I will atone for my sins in my own way! As I have chosen!
: I dedicate my life to the destruction of evil! Edel Bernal, you are a dark cloud over the world… and I will dissipate you!

Sandman attacking:
Faye attacking: “We need only defeat her and Earth’ll be saved!”
Edel attacking Touga or Sandman: “The powers of Elgo and of creation shall also kneel before me!”

: Come and face me, Civilian! I will bring about the ideal society that the Innocents could only envision!
: Arthur accepted our freedom and gave us our own future!
: So where do you get off?! We are not your property!
: That’s your mistake! I am the world’s sovereign… all within it belongs to me!
: You know what? I’m going to drill it into your rock-hard skull! Here I come, Edel Bernal!

Jiron attacking:

: Kira Yamato! I won’t suffer you to bring chaos to the world any longer!
: Accept the gravity of your sins and atone for them with your life!
: I… I’ve made some mistakes, but…
: So, you confess! Then--
: But I can’t let it end here! I’ll carry the weight of my guilt… my doubts… but I’ll keep fighting!
: I still believe that I can make the world better, even a little!

Archangel crew attacking:
Edel attacking any SEED protagonist: “Freedom, justice and destiny do not lie with you! They all belong to me!”

: Shinn Asuka, weren’t you fighting to bring an end to war?
: !
: Then why are you against me? I will bring law and order to the world!
: No you won’t! You’d be taking away their freedom and reducing them to cattle!
: I’ll never join you! And I’ll never accept your fake peace!

Minerva crew attacking:

: Gran Knights! If you call yourself protectors of the Earth, join me!
: Are you kidding? We’re not fighting for no dictator!
: I am the sovereign of the new world! It is there solely for me to rule!
: That’s crazy!
: She’s not listening. Looks like our hands are tied.
: We didn’t fight all this way for her…
: Let’s do it! In the name of the Gran Knights!
: Edel Bernal! The future isn’t yours to decide… it’s for each of us to make our own!
: It is our duty as Gran Knights to stop you! En guarde!

Sol Gravion attacking: “Touga: Edel Bernal! Today, we’ll bring to light--!” Eiji: “—Everything you hid from humanity!

: Earth’s so-called “goddess” was actually a witch all along, huh?
: I am the sovereign of the new world, and I won’t suffer any insult!
: She’s just an arrogant windbag spouting talking points. We can’t leave her in charge!
: Silence, fools! I am Edel Bernal! I will rule with law and order!
: She’s been blinded by her ambition, the same way Professor Kazami was blinded by his science!
: I’m done with you, Edel Bernal! Get a load of the anger of everyone you lied to!

God Sigma attacking:
Edel: “Hand over your Trinity Energy!”

: The Crusher… I won’t let you near my new law and order!
: You can get mad, Darling! Anyone with lines like that has a crushing coming!
: …
: Darling?
: Are you paralyzed with fear, The Crusher?
: ...I’m embarrassed for you, is what.
: What?!
: I got no idea what you’re getting out of this!
: The foolish masses will be happier under my rule. You should see that for yourself!
: Sorry, miz big shot Brigadier General! Living under someone else’s thumb ain’t my style!
: What makes me happy is comin’ home to a tasty bottle after a hard day at work, and that’s it!

Rand attacking:

: Setsuko Ohara! Surrender your Sphere and I will manage it under my rule!
: The Virgola is the pride of the Glory Star, and it’s staying with me!
: Then I’ll pry it from your dismembered hands and transfer it to my Lemures!
: You have no idea of the terror of a Sphere or the sorrow that permeates this world!
: You’re the cause of that sorrow, and I’ll stop you!
Setsuko attacking:

: Just an ordinary boy! What can you hope to do against my Lemures?!
: I guess you think you’re some kind of special snowflake…
: But the way I see it, everyone’s special! And everyone’s got the right to fight for their own happiness and freedom!
: That’s for me to give them! In the new world that I rule!
: Step off it! We don’t belong to you!
: You can’t give peace or freedom! We’ll take it back from you for everybody!

Garrod attacking:
Edel: “The Moon’s power and Newtypes as well… they are mine!”

: Your Exodus was a fool’s errand! You could have been happy in the UN I built for you!
: But the world’s bigger than that! I can’t go back to my room now that I’ve seen that!
: And now that I know the truth, I’ve decided to fight to cast it to that wide world!
: Fool! The truth is what I, Edel Bernal, create! It is my right, my duty as the new sovereign!
: Well, I won’t let you get away with that!!
Gainer attacking:

: It can’t be…! I refuse to accept this!

: And so ends Edel Bernal… the Black Charisma.
: Her defeat is also the final nail in the Chimera’s coffin.
: It also looks like the battles in the nearby areas have come to a close.
: There’s nothing left to stop us now!
: Still, this was only the first step. Now that we’ve returned the truth to this world, we must save the one who’s been fighting by herself all this time.
: Right!
: Thanks, Asuham. Stick around and wait for us to come back, why don’t you?
: Be safe, Gain. And when you return, we shall celebrate the night away like in the old days.
: But you will not see Karin’s child! It has been decided that I will share the responsibility of raising him!
: Alright, alright. I know I don’t have the right to say this but I’m counting on you.
: Nice, Asuham! You’re doing a lot better now than you were before!
: Heh... the same goes to you, Cynthia.
: Renton…
: Thanks a bunch, Dominic. You too, Charles, Ray… but we gotta get going now.
: Hang in there, Renton. This is your battle to win now.
: We’ve helped as much as we could, so go and fly by your own power.
: I will – for Eureka, for myself and for the entire world!
: All units, return to the ships. Freeden and Iron Gear crew, come aboard as well.
: We’re now headed for the Command Cluster!

: You’re so lucky Eureka… there are so many people risking their lives for you.
: Don’t pout, you also have someone: Dominic.
: C-Captain!
: Ehehe…you’re right.
: Anemone…
: I do have Dominic with me – and he’s twice as handsome as Eureka’s guy!


: Huh… what is it, The END?

: The END turned white…
: Oh, thank you, The END! You’ve given us your blessing! I’m so happy, I could die right now and I wouldn’t care!
: Easy, Anemone. Neither we nor the world will be ending today.
: …Well, all we can do now is keep rooting for Renton and ZEUTH’s success…
: (Godspeed. The future of all humans is in your hands…)

: Mome…!
: Don’t look like that, Master Kei… I was fulfilling my promise…
: Mome acted as a replacement for the Glomar’s broken energy bypass… she kept the ship afloat with her own energy supply.
: Then go and get her recharged! She’s gonna die like this!
: I’m…a robot… “die” is a…strange word to use…
: That’s not important! Hold on, we’re gonna do something!
: It’s fine, Master Kei… I’m a Mu robot, remember? It’s… impossible… to recharge my energy…
: But I’m…satisfied… I fulfilled my promise…
: Mome…
: …I’m so sorry, Mome… this is my fault…
: Don’t worry, Master Kei… just take good care of Mimsy…
: It’s your baby growing inside her…
: Wha…!
: You noticed, Mome…?
: I’m a medical robot… one look was all… I…needed…
: Still… I wanted to…see your baby…
: Hang in there, Mome! I can make a world where the Mu nation is around with the Repair and then we can get your energy!
: Don’t, Master Kei… You must convey…all human’s wishes…to the Great Singularity…
: But…

*Someone stomps over.*

: There’s a way to save her.
: Roger!
: Dorothy… bring him over, please.
: We’re here, Captain.
: My apologies for making you carry me, Dorothy…
: Captain!
: You’re alive!
: …Barely. It won’t be long before my own energy supply runs out as well.
: Just like Mome…?
: …You. Transfer my remaining energy into her.
: Despite my age, I am still a combat robot. My reserves should be more than enough to energize a medical model.
: But, Captain…
: If we do that, you’ll…
: Kei… it won’t be long before the war’s over, no?
: Y-yeah…
: Which means the purpose of a combat model like me will also come to an end, while Mome can still be helpful in caring for yours and Mimsy’s child.
: Captain...
: It’s all up to you, Mome. Never forget the pride of the Mu Robots.
: Yes…
: Thank you, Captain…
: Stand firm, Kei. A major task awaits you all.
: A Mu Robot I may be but I’ve grown to care for you and this world. So defend the future of this planet for Mimsy, all its denizens… and for your soon-to-be child.
: We will not let your request go unanswered.
: I’ll always remember you.
: Then I’ve no regrets. Do it…
: Captain… it’s been an honor…
: The honor’s all mine, Kei… Give my best…to…ZEUTH…