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Part 237: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 6


: Rock on, Renton!
: There he goes…
: Yeah…
: The guy never fit in our frame, so he went and jumped right off it.
: He’ll make it back...
: But he may not return to our fold and that’s to be expected. Renton’s flown off his nest and we must all wish the best for our child’s departure.
: Go, Renton! Show us the fire that burns within you!
: Your kids are here too! Ya gotta bring Eureka back!
: Easy, don’t drop your guard yet! There’s still that guy to deal with!
: Hah, let him come! We’ll kick his ass before Renton and Eureka even come over!
: Ooooh, fiddlesticks! At this rate, they’ll…!

: Renton…
: I’m here to pick you up, Eureka.
: But…
: I can’t take being separated from you…!
: Please, don’t just go “goodbye” on us and run off by yourself, Eureka!
: You came… you really came!

: I made you a promise, no? That I’d always protect you; that we’d always be together.
: But, I…I can’t go back…
: Why not?! We can save the world with the Dimensional Repair!
: But… what if it fails…?
: Eureka…
: That’s why… I need to stay here… for all those who are alive, within the Scub and outside it…
: Well, if you’ve decided to stop being a Coralian in order to protect the world, then I’ll also stay here and stop being a human.
: You’ll…become the Command Cluster with me…?
: While I do cherish this world that allowed us to meet, and all our friends who live in it… I can’t stand the thought of losing you for any reason.
: Renton…
: I’m sure the two of us can hang on. And if we can keep our friends and our world safe, then we’ve nothing to fear.
: Let’s be together, Eureka… I won’t let you stay here all alone.
: OK… I can bear this, so long as I’m with you…

: Thank you…
: Who’s there?!
: It’s me… can’t you tell?
: …Nirvash?
: Your emotions have all been engraved into my Compac… and that has finally enabled me to achieve enlightenment.
: Nirvash…
: You must live… on your planet…
: Huh…?
: Live together and show the way to all who are there. Show them the light of hope.
: But... there’s—
: Yes, the Dimensional Repair must still be performed… let’s go, Renton, Eureka.
: You’ll help us…?
: I love this world as well.
: Ah, Nirvash!
: Then, let’s do this, Eureka, Nirvash…! Let’s protect our world…!

Back outside…

: Heads up, The Edel! All that’s left now is taking you down!
: Urgh! Impossible! I, The Edel, have been driven into a corner?! That’s…THAT’S--!
: Nah, just kidding!

: No way!
: Oh, you silly, silly people. I’m not even close to being beaten.
: You’re still playing around with us, bastard?!
: No, no… you are very strong - 1st-class opponents, the lot of you.
: Actually, isn’t it a bit unfair that you’re all ganging up on little, old me?
: Hmph. If that’s what you think, then why don’t you call upon your allies?
: Of course, that’s assuming anyone would want to help someone as crazy as you!
: True, true. The only one who can understand me is me.
: So, I suppose I’ll just have to call myself!

: There are now THREE Chaos Lemures?!
: Here I am, me!
: Now, how about we first remove these obstacles to our showdown?

*All Antibodies are destroyed.*

: Oh, my, I am so strong! Thank you very much, me!
: Three The Edels?!
: So, you’re triplets?!
: Nope.
: We are…
: All the same person.
: What the hell just happened?!
: He did something and now there are more of him!
: That’s the Primordial Power at work. An infinitude of parallel universes exist out there, so all I did was call some friendly versions of me over.
: Impressive, no? My mastery is still a work-in-progress but just having this much control over the Primordial Power shows that I am a bona-fide genius!
: Or is “God” a more appropriate word? This does feel like God has descended upon the world, doesn’t it?
: Are you saying God is this creepy? Don’t be ridiculous!
: Fair enough! Let’s go with “Devil”, then!
: And my first act as Devil is…
: Oh, you don’t even need to say it. I am me, of course.
: I must do something about these “Champions of Justice” who want to repair my marvelous world.
: That’s right, me! Let’s pool our powers together in defense of my own, excellent future!
: We have to face all of those Chaos Lemures…!
: And, worse, there are now three of that ridiculous man!

Rand and Setsuko’s scene join together now. On her side, The Edel pops out after Renton reaches the Cluster and the dialogue goes through all the scenes in one pass.
The Edel only summons copies of himself on Rand’s side, mind, which is why this version has a whole lot less HP.

: You people are the ridiculous ones here. Tell me, who was it that asked you to go and repair space-time?
: Huh?
: If you’re looking to stop the Collapse, you just need to destroy the Coralians.
: Ignoring the question of what is actually true… the world WOULD have been at peace with Lady Edel ruling over it.
: That’d have been an illusion! It wouldn’t be true peace!
: The regular folk are often satisfied with “fakes” and “illusions”. They don’t have a choice but to take what they get, you see.
: So, really, you giving them freedom and the truth is one of those “pearls before swine” situations.
: I might as well take this chance to tell you a little something: the Black Charisma was me and, at the same time, wasn’t.
: What’s that supposed to mean?!
: Black Charisma, the mystery person who spread irresponsible gossip throughout the UN…
: It was not a specific individual but all the nameless, faceless people who shared my, shall we say, “philosophy”.
: Then, those UN posts…
: Bingo! It wasn’t just me who wrote them – so many of these people you’re trying to protect also had a hand in it!
: The masked Charisma is the amalgamation of all those who indulged in spreading random, baseless rumors throughout this multi-dimensional world!
: And you say you’ll defend this inconsiderate lot? My, I can’t help but be impressed at what suckers you are!
: …
: Many times I disguised myself as one of the regular folk and walked through some towns and, I gotta tell you, those people are beyond saving.
: That “Lost Syndrome” pushed them to a point where they just go back and forth from happy to afraid with every new bit of info from the UN.
: But it was the Chimeras who set them up to that!
: And the people were all very willing to jump right in.
: So, you should just let those losers say whatever they want. And if it starts to get annoying, get rid of them.
: Just do as you would with a mosquito buzzing around your ears...Squish!
: …
: But, no, you’ll keep on rolling with that “Champion of Justice” act, poking your nose where it doesn’t belong…
: Stupid, isn’t it? No one’ll be grateful for any of this stuff you’re doing.
: !
: And, despite that, here you are risking your lives like a bunch of idiots.
: So, get off your high horse, you phonies. That unwarranted posturing of yours is really killing the mood.
: We’re phonies…?
: That’s right! Work your freedom, I say! Go and do whatever you want, like me and everyone else in this world!
: Who cares about others? This “for the world, for the people” thing isn’t really in vogue nowadays!
: …You’re absolutely right.
: Huh?!
: As you said, The Edel Bernal, our continued fighting IS superfluous.
: Had we simply let the truth unrevealed, the world would, indeed, be enjoying that fake peace.
: But I…we just cannot accept that!
: Even if the world does, we won’t!!

: The Edel! We will do what we want, just like you said!

: We’ve made our own choice!
: And that’s to defend this world alongside all our loved ones!
: Renton, Eureka!
: You’re late! That freak’s multiplied himself while you were gone!
: Then the two of us will have to make up for lost time!
: The butterfly now spreads its wings and flies towards the future…
: “One day, the Queen of the Moon and I shall touch the truth together…and the butterfly shall fly towards the future…”
: It’s Tifa’s dream… the “butterfly” was Eureka and her wings!
: Huuh?! The “future”?! You guys still don’t get it?!
: There’s no one out there who wants you to fight for them or their future!
: And so what?!
: We haven’t been fighting to have others thank us!
: It’s all been to make the world we wish for a reality!
: We don’t need you telling us to do what we want!
: Indeed! We’ve always followed our hearts!
: And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do now!
: And the first thing I want is to kick your ass!
: What a coincidence, Apollo! That’s also what I want!
: We’re not doing this for anyone! What it all comes down to is that we just won’t put up with your crap!
: And freedom also means throwing dialogue to the wind and simply dispatching intolerable people by force.
: Mimsy’s pregnant with my baby right now. There’s no way I’m letting this weirdo say what goes in his or her future!
: For real, Kei?! That’s some timing for your shenanigans to catch up to you!
: Well, congratulations! Now you’ll be following in Gain and Holland’s footsteps!
: Darling! Kei and Mimsy have totally overtaken us!
: Wh-what are you getting at?!
: Congrats, you two! I guess you’re joining this club now, eh!
: That’s right! And I’m gonna give that 200%!
: H-HEEEY! You can’t just ignore me and start firing yourselves up!
: Shut your trap! This ain’t got anything to do with you!
: If you want a fight, don’t worry – you’re getting one.
: And we ain’t holding anything back! You were the one who told us to “work our freedom”, after all!

Rand version only:

: “Freedom”… that’s a fine word.

: Asakim…!
: What’s up, bro? Figured this looked fun and decided to drop by?
: Indeed, THE HEAT. You know me.
: Asakim! Are you taking their side?!
: Am I not free to do so?
: Ouch… You got me there!
: Oh, Asakim…
: OK, OK! I won’t turn away a surprise guest!

Both sides:

: But I’m surprised you’re STILL keeping that “Champions of Justice” schtick going.
: And we’re free to be that way!
: And someone like you, who lives to do whatever he pleases, has no right to try and stop us!
: Yes, yes, alright! Let’s go and do this, oh, pure and noble champions!
: There’s just one thing that needs correction before we take you down…!
: We are not “Champions of Justice”!
: We are simply your enemies!

: Oooh, baby! Things are getting so exciting, I’m feeling a bit dizzy!
: I’ve been waiting for this! Come, ZEUTH! Show me a great time!

Setsuko side only:

*MP Chimera units appear.*

: A bunch of Chimera mechs just popped out of nowhere!
: This is the Primordial Power at work! The Chaos Lemures gives me almost full control over it!

Rand side only:

: I’m counting on you, me! If I get shot down, bring me back with the Primordial Power!
: Leave it to me, me! And you do the same if I get shot down!
: What are they talking about?!
: Looks like they’ll just revive each other if we leave even a single one standing!
: Then we’ll just have to take out all three at once!
: Judging from the data we’ve gathered, they’d need about one minute in order to use the Dimensional Power!
: Which means, once the first one dies, we have to take all of them down in one minute to stop their revival!
: Bingo! You’re Professor Kazami’s apprentice, all right!

Both sides:

: Oh, by the way: my Chaos Lemures is distorting the space-time passage leading to the Great Singularity.
: What?!
: So, if you want to go there, you’ll have to beat me first.
: You think we’ll fall for that?! This must be some trap!
: Not at all, missy. This is my ante to make the game even more fun.
: I win and have the world I want. You win and you can do as you please.
: Oh, this is almost too much for me! The thrill is making me so fired up!
: Feel free to burn yourself to death, then, weirdo!
: All troops, attack! Your target’s the Chaos Lemures!
: Do not let them revive each other! Defeat all three in the same minute! / We’ve no more time left! Crew, give this everything you’ve got!
: It all comes down to this battle…!

Rand side:

: The Edel! If you wanna be “fired up”, my heat’s gonna burn you to cinders!
: I’m afraid not, THE HEAT! Once I win, I’ll be taking Mel and the Gunleon as a prize, too!
: Think of all the cooler stuff that could be within my power if I put her Sphere to work!
: Hell, no! I’m not ending up as your property!
: Don’t you worry, Mel! Ain’t no way we’re losing to a creep like him!
: I am the wandering repairman, THE HEAT! And you ain’t stopping me from fixin’ the world!!

Setsuko side:

: The Edel Bernal…!
: I LOVE YOOUU, Setsuko! Once I win, I’ll be taking your Virgola as well!
: Think of all the cooler stuff that could be within my power if I put the Gunnery Carver’s Sphere to work!
: That’s…!
: Setsuko…! Follow your heart and fight!
: Show us what you’ve found throughout all this!
: I’ve found my own freedom…and my path…!
: The Edel Bernal! Your defeat will mark the beginning of the future I hope for!

Here’s how each showdown goes: Setsuko has one, bulkier The Edel, along with MP Chimera bots and Coralians. Rand has to take out 3 Chaos Lemures on the same turn or they’ll revive each other.
The adds aren’t really a problem since you can down Setsuko’s lone Chaos Lemures in one turn if you prepared but I wasn’t able to take out all three of Rand’s, even using every single Zeal cast (got two down but ran out of attacks for the last one).
A fresh playthrough will be even harder, so it’s absolutely recommended that you don’t lower The Edels too much unless you fancy eating three Prevail’d MAPWs (though, from what I can tell, the AI doesn’t use MAPWs on both its movements). Spread your guys evenly, take out about 60-70% HP, they’ll regen a bit, and then you bring them down all the way.

As for Asakim, he’s a Rand-exclusive secret reinforcement on this fight and you get him by recruiting Ziene on 59 and destroying him with Rand on the first part. Yes, he STILL switches back to his shoddy skill list but at least Ley Buster is decently strong.

Oh, and if you take the time to kill all the MP Chimeras in Setsuko’s side:

: That’s all his backup down! Now we just need to finish The Edel off!
: BLAST YOU, ZEEEEEUUUUTH! How dare you hurt my precious underlings!
: Psych!

*More Chimera bots show up.*

: E-enemy reinforcements! They just appeared out of thin air!
: An endless army… is this fruit of the power that grotesque machine possesses…?!
: Yuuuup! That’s the Primordial Power for you!
: Impressive, no? My mastery is still a work-in-progress but just having this much control over the Primordial Power shows that I am a bona-fide genius!
: Or is “God” a more appropriate word?! This does feel like God has descended upon the world, doesn’t it?
: Are you saying God is this creepy? Don’t be ridiculous!
: Fair enough! Let’s go with “Devil”, then!
: We’ll have to cut this problem at its root! Everyone go for the Chaos Lemures!
: Oh, how meaninglessly you throw your lives away! Your stupidity is showing!
: Wrong! There’s plenty of meaning in risking one’s life!
: And if you can’t see that, then I refuse surrender my…surrender the Glory Star’s pride to you!
: Good, good! The angrier you guys become, the more fun I’ll have!
: Come, ZEUTH! Show me a great time! Make me feel alive!!

So, yeah, just ignore these things.

Let’s get this started but, before we cue the music, here’s the Chaos Lemures absolutely creepy Heavenly Prison attack…I just need some losers to eat it…
Captions are available.
Also, !

And now we go!

: Come at me, you little firebrand. Your hot blood act was fun, but now it’s gotten old.
: I'm taking the whole "god or devil" shtick, though. It's too cool to waste.
: No way! You're not taking the words my grandpa left me because you think they're fun!
: Forget it, Kouji! He's not going to listen to anything you say!
: You're the rider of this “righteous devil”, Kouji. What's your move?
: Righteous or not, I'm just taking you down!
: I've got a real problem with people who laugh at others' struggles, The Edel!

: You'd better make this good. It'd be embarassing if a pro like you lost to a newbie like me.
: You don't have to worry about that, The Edel! I'm not going to let you beat me!
: The commander left us the power to fight, and we’ll use it to end you!
: I can't believe you're running around on the orders of a dead guy!
: Live a little! Enjoy the moment with me!
: Fine! I will enjoy myself...
: Eliminating an insane joker!

The Edel to Mazinger Z: “If I can be either a God or a Devil, I’ll take Devil!”
The Edel to Great Mazinger: “Oooh, how nice! The fearless, Great Hero faces off against the Great Evil!”
Kouji: “Alright, it’s the final battle! Let’s do this, Mazinger Z!”
Tetsuya: “I’ll send you straight to Hell, even if it takes my life!”

: You feeling lucky, Your Highness? If you and your sister die, the Fleed line goes kaput.
: We don't need your sympathy! My brother and I aren't losing to you!
: If you say stuff like that, it's just going to fire me up!
: I love crushing hopes and dreams, you see!
: That's enough! We don't have time to play your games!
: The Edel! We'll defeat you and end your twisted ambitions!
: And there's the great prince's boast! But I'll show you that good doesn't always win!

The Edel to Grendizer: “OK! Let’s turn the “Ruler of Space” into a naked emperor!”

: Ooh, so close. If you hadn't stopped Gattler and Gagarn, this place would have ended up as S-1.
: Huh?
: The timeline that creates S-1 is caused by Gattler irradiating the Earth, see.
: You lowered that flag, though.
: How do you know that?
: Another use of the Primordial Power. That's why I handed them the nuclear destabilizer.
: What? You were trying to turn this place into S-1?!
: Well, I wouldn't have minded. A barren, despoiled world has a certain appeal.
: The Edel... we have nothing more to hear from you!
: Well, that's boring. And there're so many more fun facts about the transition into S-1.
: Shut up! We're taking back tomorrow for this planet!
: Prepare yourself, The Edel! We'll defeat you and restore this world's future!

The Edel to Baldios: “Earth’s blue is mine…problem is, I can’t stand the color!”
As The Edel takes damage: “THANK YOU VERY MUCH! That was a pretty good attack!”

: You know, Wings of the Sun...
: If you brought power that destroyed the universe one hundred million and two thousand years ago back, you might've been able to save this universe.
: You mean the awakening of the True Wings that Touma spoke of?
: This freak's gotta be messing with our heads!
: No, that's all true.
: So if we could fully awaken Aquarion...
: Then we'd save the world!
: The Edel, tell us how we awaken Aquarion!
: Hmm... I could, I guess, but that'd be super boring.
: We don't need him anyway! We'll save the world on our own!
: Silvia's right! Don't bother listening to a word he says!
: You'll regret that decision, you know.
: You know what? We're gonna be the ones making ya regret showing your smug face ‘round here!
: Grit your teeth, ‘cuz ya've made me mad!

The Edel to Aquarion: “Humans and Fallen Angels… they’re all trash to me!”
More damage: “Very, very good! You guys really ARE fit to replace Lady Edel!”
Elements attacking:

: What do you think you're doing, huh? Are you going to take responsibility if the Limit of Questions is hit?
: We're going to beat you and then repair the dimensions before that happens!
: Well, I’M going to beat you and make Eureka the Command Cluster before that happens!
: Can you be serious for one minute?!
: I'm always dead serious when I'm playing!
: You're the weird little kid playing some creepy romance! And you're going to destroy the world for it, huh?
: We won't destroy the world. Once we're done with you, we'll save both it and the Scub.
: That's what we're here for, with the Nirvash! Here we come, The Edel!

The Edel to Eureka Seven units: “This “rebellious phase” of yours has gone on for far too long! Time to grow up!”
More damage: “Yes, yeesss! That’s just like when Lady Edel punished me!”
Renton attacking:

: You must be bored out of your mind. A super-rich superman like you could do whatever you wanted.
: Wait, are you rebelling against your dad? That's surprisingly human of you.
: Of course. Human is what I am.
: Not that a cold-blooded egotist like you would understand humanity!
: Now that's harsh! Guess you're a real hero after all!
: Indeed! That's the way of Banjou Haran!
: Here I come, The Edel! Daitarn 3 and I will clear the dark cloud of your chaos!

: Kappei, I know you've been fighting in fear since your hypnosis got broken.
: So what?
: You don't have to, you know. Fight for the people that put you through hell, I mean.
: Don't listen to him, Kappei!
: He's trying to drain our will! You can't let him!
: I know that already! Here's all I have to say to him!
: All right! Let's hear it, kiddo!
: No matter what you say, we're still going to fight! That's what I learned after all we went through!
: The Edel, I'm gonna beat you up just because I hate guys like you!

The Edel to Banjou: “You’re a weird one. Is this what the rich do to pass their time?”
To Zambot: “I’ll say it again: there’ll be no reward for your struggles.”
Banjou attacking: “I may be lenient but not enough to excuse your crimes!

: Our war ends with this freak?
: Everyone who's died so far must be ashamed!
: Why should I care about them? I'm making myself happy, and everyone else can deal with it!
: Nothing holding this guy back! I thought I'd be mad, but I'm just in awe!
: Even so, his selfishness has brought violence into the world...!
: He's a real demon! Dragging mankind into darkness!
: Hey, come on! I'd prefer being called the Dark Lord if it's all the same to you!
: If that's what ya want, Mr. Dark Lord, then we're happy to play ball!
: But Dark Lords are there to be taken out! There ain’t no place for you in this world!

E7 folks attacking:

: Black Charisma... The Edel! You're mine!
: What do you think I did to Kazami? I just gave him a little push.
: Say, do you want to give me Trinity Energy? I'm curious about it.
: How long are you gonna keep joking around?!
: Ignore him, Kiraken! He's sure not listening to us!
: There’s only one way to shut up this type of person!
: Whoa! The champions of justice are ignoring reason for force? Oh, the brutality!
: We’ve no choice since you wouldn't understand! So don't try to get out of it!
: You want the Trinity Energy, The Edel? We'll give you your fill!

The Edel to God Sigma: “HAHAHA! Say “hi” to Prof. Kazami when you reach the afterlife!”
God Sigma attacking:

: Well, there's our favorite Singularity! If you get off the board, it's checkmate for me!
: Be careful, Kei! He's going to try to kill you to stop the Repair!
: Then I can't back down!
: Kei...
: I'm the one that set off that bomb. I'm not saying it's my fault, but I have to end it!
: And I'm not letting this weirdo stop me!
: Father...
: Heh. You talk the talk, but I bet you're burning with guilt inside. Am I right?
: You can think whatever you want! Either way, this’ll end here soon!
: I'll do this for the people I love!

The Edel to Kei or Olson: “You’re the ones who fix space-time. I’m the one who destroys it!”
Orguss units:

: You're so weird. Giving up immortality for the future of humanity?
: I mean, if you're just tired of living...
: I'm not a barbarian like you. Whatever happens to the world, I still love its people.
: Then you ought to love me the same, Sieg Erikmayer.
: You’ll be good friends with Thanatos, I’m sure.
: You have to win, Sandman!
: I can't die, not yet! Not until I've secured this world its future!
: And that’s why, The Edel, I now strike you down! With the strength hope has given me!

The Edel to Gravions: “I’m the only one who can have the power of creation!”
Faye: “This is the one battle I cannot lose!”

: It's Gainer Sanga, a.k.a. King Gainer! We've played a lot of Overman Battle together, you know!
: Huh?
: I lost zip to twelve. But you're about to find out that it's not that easy when it's for real!
: I’ll have you know that Gainer’s even stronger out here.
: He's gonna be a real-life champ... for a certain someone.
: He doesn't need to know that!
: Hey, what are you all red for now?
: I'm not about to spill to a freak! Gainer!
: I know! We'll never see the world of our dreams with him around!
: And what will you do about it, huh?
: Get 'em, Gainer!
: Here I come, The Edel... this is my Exodus!

The Edel to King Gainer units: “OverSkill? How about a show of what’s over and beyond that?”
King Gainer units: