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Part 238: Mission 60 - My Future, Your Future / My Future, Everyone's Future - Part 7

: Were you the one who told the Frost Brothers about the Destiny Plan?
: You bet! Their struggles really touched me. Looks like they hit the rest of the world pretty hard too!
: I hope you're not blaming me. All I did was tell them the truth!
: And, so, you caused all that trouble while keeping your own hands clean!
: This is not your playground! People are struggling hard to live on this world!
: What about 'em? I'm playing hard on this world!
: You would repeat the mistakes of the past... but I'll stop you!

The Edel to Gundam Xs: “HAHAHA! Going moon gazing with you folks is a pretty good time!”
Gundam X units:

: Hats off to your guts! I see how you took down the Innocents!
: And we're gonna do the same to you!
: We're not letting a big liar like you beat us!
: How about I give you a small gift? A hard lesson that there are some things you can’t beat with just guts and spirit!
: If you think you can, do it!
: We’re real sick of stuck-up jerks like you!
: Hey, could you act a little scared? You're making me feel stupid!
: Oh, zip it! We don't have time to deal with you, so get lost!
: Hey! I'm the final boss! You can't just waltz past me!
: We're not stopping here! We'll fight for as long as we're alive!
: You're just a speed bump in our life's journey and we're gonna clean you out of our way!

The Edel to Breakers: “My…look at that wild peppiness. It’s like a comedy show!”
Jiron attacking:

: They call you the Black Southern Cross, right? That's so badass.
: Can I take it?
: Maybe if you beat me.
: Really? You're real nice, I like you!
: Moron! Gain said that because he's not going to lose!
: You fiend, infecting the world with chaos! Begone to the land beyond!
: You hear that, The Edel? Playtime's over!

The Edel taking little damage: “Bah! If that’s how you’re going to be, then I should’ve let Lady Edel alive!”
Gain attacking:

: You're not supposed to die here, Char Aznable.
: What?
: You've got a role to play... in handing this crazy world its judgment.
: You mean the battle with Amuro at the end of the Black History?
: Bingo! And I'm looking forward to watching the end of that love-hate relationship! Same goes for you, right, Haman Karn?
: …
: The Edel, I am Quattro Bajeena. Nothing more, and nothing less.
: Oh, come on, even I know who you are! Is this how a grown-up should act?
: Say what you will but I take pride in who I am right now.
: I am no longer the Red Comet, and that's why I can't abide you. I strike you down as Quattro Bajeena!

The Edel to Newtypes: “Come and read my mind, Newtype! It’ll make you happy!”
Zeta units:

: Everyone out there is struggling hard to survive, and you're just messing around!
: What do you mean, "just"? I mess around as hard I can, thank you very much!
: If we let him go, there will be no end to the fighting…!
: And even more people will suffer!
: Eh, whatever. I'm having fun, aren't I?
: And if I'm fine, everything's fine. That's the only law in this chaotic world.
: That's insane! Who gave you the right?!
: I did, from me to myself.
: Our world is swimming in blood because of this man's games...
: You’ll pay for this! Begone!!

Camille attacking: “Your dark hubris will destroy the entire world and you need to understand that!”

: You know, Laura, you're starting the Black History, so I wish you'd be on my side.
: !
: Oh, my dear sweet Laura. It falls to me to apply your punishment.
: Stop calling me Laura!
: Hahahaha! I just thought I'd remind you of your Lord!
: You tricked Lord Gwen into working for your ambitions, and now you're trying to stop the Repair!
: But no more! If you don't see how precious each life is, I'll fight you in the name of everyone living their own!

The Edel to Turn A: “OK, how about some bug hunting? Let’s pluck this butterfly’s wings right off!”
The Edel taking slightly more damage: “…Could you maybe put just a lil’ bit more “oomph” into it…?
Loran attacking:

: You're an apostle of the great power, but you're ditching it.
: Don't bother trying to mislead me. I have always been free, never bound to anything.
: Now there's a line! Mind if I borrow it?
: I do. My words belong to me, and you don't deserve them at any rate.
: Wow, Negotiator, points to you. I wish I had time to stay and chat.
: But I guess we'll have to do this with your other specialty.
: That’s how it always goes, hm?
: It's certainly not my preference, but I'll follow his lead!
: The Edel! You will pay your due sentence face your words and deeds!
: Big O! ACTION!

The Edel to Big O: “Now this is a shame. I wanted to have a debate with you.”
Big O attacking:

: Now, I never ever expected I'd fight you.
: Why shouldn't you have? We have no reason to be bound to each other.
: Heh… No hard feelings, then.
: The Chaos Lemures is basically an artificial Sphere. Can you handle it?
: Hmhmhm... will you join me in the prison of eternal darkness, then?


: Hold on there, Lt. Amuro! I saved you from that awful Newtype Research Lab.! You can't just throw that life away!
: You were the one who destroyed that facility?!
: Yup! I needed you to meet the Red Comet, for what's to come.
: My fight with Char at the end of the Black History...
: All the flags have been tripped now. You'd better make it a good one, you old Newtype!
: This is not going to go according to your script!
: No one egotist will have our world! Not you... and not Char!

Amuro attacking:

: Captain Bright, it’d be in your best interest to be taken out by me, you know.
: Excuse me?!
: If you survive this, you're in for the worst pain a parent can ever endure.
: So you might just want to let me kill you now.
: All hands, prepare to fire! Target the Chaos Lemures!
: Captain...
: Don't listen to him! Just fight our battle!
: Even if he's right, we can change the future! And the first step is winning here!

: I know who you are, Talia Gladys. You were instrumental in Chairman Durandal coming to his decision.
: ...
: So are you going to carry on the Destiny Plan in his name?
: That's not what he really wanted... once he found someone with the power to stop him, he entrusted them with the future!
: That's what I'm going to carry on... fighting those who'd keep the world in darkness!
: All cannons, ready to fire! The enemy’s dead ahead!
: Target: Chaos Lemures! Open fire!

Even more damage on The Edel: “YES! You guys are a real treasure in this boring world!”

: The Archangel, after throwing the world into chaos, comes for me? Now that's a joke.
: ...
: Don't listen to him, Murrue! He's getting a kick out of watching you squirm!
: Oh, you bet I am! That despair on your face is so lovely, Murrue Ramius!
: Is he STILL messing with us?!
: But we're not like him... whatever mistakes we've made, we're fighting with these people now!
: Archangel, full speed ahead! Our foe is The Edel Bernal!

: Won't this be a shame, Gekko State. I did enjoy ray=out.
: We're happy to hear that... but if you did, you sure didn't get our message from it.
: Stoner's going to be so disappointed.
: I don't think this crazy freak had a chance of getting it anyway.
: What, then?
: We can’t let him out of here in one piece, no matter what he thought of ray=out.
: So, we...
: We put him down, of course! He's going to make a terrible environment to raise a child!
: Whoa! I forgot you don't mess with a mama bear!

More damage: “PLEASE! HIT ME MORE, PLEASE!” (in engrish)
Gekko attacking:

: Aw, what happened, Ziene? I thought you were my sweetie honey pie!
: Master The Edel...
: Oh, well. I did give you freedom, I guess.
: But you know, I like to hear a feisty girl scream once in a while.
: You still live according to your desire...
: That's what's so great about me!
: I looked up to your free-spiritedness... but it's always been too close to complacence.
: That's why I'm leaving your path! Traveling my own! All by myself!

The Edel to Ziene: “Bye-bye, Zieny! I don’t care one bit about toys I’ve thrown away!”
Ziene attacking:

: You know, I told Durandal about the parallel universe thing before the Break the World...
: But I certainly never thought he'd try to put things in order with the Destiny Plan.
: What…?!
: You're the one who put the Chairman up to that?
: Just to be clear, all I did was tell him about the Break.
: Everything after that was all him.
: But you just watched him do it and laughed!
: Hey, he wouldn't have had the chance if it wasn't for me. I think I should get something out of it.
: How dare you! The Chairman may have had the wrong idea, but he was fighting to protect the world!
: Gil knew how dangerous you were! He warned us!
: So what, you're going to destroy me in his name?
: I'm going to destroy you, yeah! Not for anyone else but because I think it's necessary!
: If you want a war so bad, I'll give you some!

The Edel to Destiny protagonists: “Freedom, justice and destiny! These are also aaaaaall mine, mine, mine!”
Minerva team:

: The noble Lacus Clyne sings for peace, but finds herself once again on the field of war.
: ...
: Are you sure what you sing aren't war songs?
: Sometimes we must fight for peace...
: Miss Lacus...
: I'll spill blood if that's what's necessary.
: All hands, did you hear that? We follow Lacus!
: Whaaaat? I was trying to sway you! You can't get all determined!
: But we have. We will not hesitate to fight against those who bring ruin to the world in the name of their greed.

Nearing death: “I LOVE YOOUU! I seriously do!”
Eternal attacking:

: You know, Kira Yamato, we're pretty similar, you and me.
: Huh?
: Thanks to our power, we're cursed to see others only as extras. You get that, don't you?
: That's why you fought the way you did, right?
: No...
: Kira...
: I... I took a long time getting here... and I hurt many people along the way...
: But I'm not like you! Whatever I've done, I've never thought I was special!
: Hahaha! I love your desperate rationalizations!
: All right, whatever. Even the Super Coordinator with his SEED powers can't stand up to me anyway!
: You can't intimidate us, The Edel!
: We'll keep fighting... for those who believe in the future... and for ourselves!

Archangel team:

: This half-assed joker is our very last enemy?
: Aw, don't be so mean. I always play with all the ass I've got!
: This man has made so many people suffer...
: He's a product of all the bad that's come of the destruction of the dimensional walls... a demon born of Break the World!
: Then I'm not trying hard enough. I want to be the Dark Lord himself!
: But your evil will end... now that we're here, that's a guarantee!
: Well, isn’t that a model line! You ought to indulge your desires once in a while, Ryouma Nagare!
: I've seen some other yous that are way more wild and spontaneous!
: I do what I want! And what I want is to fight for what I believe in!
: Here I come, The Edel! Your smug smirk is about to turn into a scream of terror!

The Edel at Getter: “Unite your three hearts all you want, you’re still no match for me!”
Very near death: “Oooh! I never knew I could feel like this!”
Getter attacking:

: Garrod, be careful... he's not normal...
: Thanks for the backup, Tifa! We ain’t letting him take our world!
: Now there's a cliche line. I could say I'm not letting you have my world.
: We're not spoiled brats like you!
: Whatever you think, we're trying to gather as many peoples' wishes as we can!
: How about my wishes, huh? My wish is not to care about anybody else's wishes!
: God, you're like a little baby!
: You don't get what freedom means!
: It's not just being able to trample on others' happiness!
: See, I knew you'd say that. Oh well! Do whatever you want!
: I'll keep going my way, no matter who tries to stop me!
: Like hell you will! Your freedom to hurt others is just selfishness!
: Same with the Frost Brothers! I... we're fighting to stop people like you!
Garrod attacking:

: HAHAHAHA! Pain and pleasure are the same thing to me! I LOVE YOOUU!!

: That’s one!
: Hurry! If they were speaking the truth, this one’ll be revived by the others unless we can defeat them as well!
: But can you pull that off? You’ll find that I get cranky when I lose one of me.
: And you’ll find that we’ve got ya beat when it comes to being pissed!
: You’ve misunderstood what “freedom” truly means, The Edel! We refuse to let you go on!

: If it isn't the Creation Engine. Not going to touch my Chaos Lemures, though.
: You'd better not be underestimating us, or you're going to have trouble!
: We'll give you that trouble!
: Oh, please, cuties! I'm being so bad!
: Is he happy to be hurt?
: We'll give him more than he can handle, then!
: Can you even do that? I'm a connoisseur, you know. Weak attacks are just going to turn me off.
: Seriously, how far are you taking this?
: With me, fellow knights! No matter what he says, our mission remains!
: Go, Touga! Let's show him how mad we are!
: Hahahahaha! That's what I want! Show me a good time, Gravion!
I’m glad this lets us see the Chaos Lemures actual explosion – it’s pretty elaborate.

Sol Gravion attacking:

: Get to work, me! You’re my last hope!
: I LOVE MEEE! Good luck!

: Only one left!
: Quickly, before he brings the others back!
: That won’t happen! We end this now!
: Oopsie! Guess I better get my game face on or this’ll be super-duper bad!
: And he’s still cracking jokes?
: Just give up on trying getting him to act like a normal person!
: Oh, your words fill me with pride! Let me give you a good time by way of showing my thanks!
: Although, after that minute’s passed, I’m afraid you’ll then be having a very BAD time!

: You've done wonderfully, Setsuko, but you can stop now.
: !
: Just rest and let me take care of everything.
: You can't fool me like that...!
: I'm fighting to make sure no one can cause sorrow with their greed and violence!
: Then you're going to be fighting forever. Will you even survive?
: I'll fight as long as my health and my pride hold out! And you're my current target!
: The Edel... by the pride of the Glory Star, I will destroy you!

: You missed out, darling. If you'd just let me mess with the Gunleon, you might’ve stood a chance against the Chaos Lemures.
: Like we'd ever let someone like you touch the Beater Service's tools!
: You heard the acting chief! Now get off our case, gramps!
: Then how about, if I win, you hand the Gunleon over? Including Mel, obviously.
: You got it!
: Seriously? Whoa!
: My darling's not gonna lose, though! He’ll Crush you with his HEAT!
: You heard her again, The Edel! We're gonna beat you into shape the repairman way!
: Where the heck did you learn to repair?!
: Shaddup! I'm doing this my way! Get over here, The Edel!
The Edel to Rand and Setsuko (two each):
Rand attacking:
Setsuko attacking:

: HAHAHAHAHA! This is great! You guys are the best!
: Please! PLEASE!! Give me more pain! Take me all the way!!
: Argh, shut UP! We don’t have the time to play along with your craziness!
: We’re ending this once and for all!
: Disappear, The Edel! None of us will allow you to go on!
: All units, open fire! Destroy the Chaos Lemures!

: YEEESSSS! I’ve never felt pleasure like this in my entire life!!

: We…we did it!
: What’s the time?!
: 22:50…! In 10 minutes, we’ll gather the people’s wishes!
: No…!


: It’s—!

: I’m detecting a massive distortion on the dimensional walls!
: Oh, no…! Space-time is… it’s collapsing now!
: What?!
: Are the Coralians awakening because of the loss of the Command Cluster?!
: Renton!
: I got it!

*The Nirvash heads over to the Cluster.*

: What are you gonna do, Renton?!
: We’ll become the Command Cluster again and keep the Dimensional Collapse at bay!
: In that time, you go and save the world!
: It’s too late…

: Touma!!
: Is that bastard going after Renton?!
: Now we end this!

*Aquarion intercepts Touma.*

: Wings of the Sun… the time has come for your true awakening!

: Uwah!!
(from inside the Vector Luna): Hmhmhm… so, this is what part of Apollonius’ body is like…
: That Fallen Angel jacked the Luna?!
: Silvia!
: I-I’m alright! You have to get Touma out of there!!
: Indeed, Silvia!

: Stop, Sirius! This isn’t the time for that!
: Stop him, Apollo!
: …
: What is it, Apollo?!
: I understand now… Apollonius… The smell inside Aquarion is just like… of a Fallen Angel… it’s just like Touma’s…
: I got it! Apollonius was a Fallen Angel! The Aquarion’s incomplete without one of them helping pilot it – without a Fallen Angel’s power!
: Huh?!
: That is correct!
: Touma!
: Now, combine with me! I shall become the Wings of the Sun!
: I wish to witness the true awakening before the world meets its demise!
: I ain’t just gonna let ya do your thing, though!
: Touma! You, of all people… I will never stop until I’ve claimed your head!
: What happens when two hearts who were never supposed to meet, do so…?
: Nirvash!
: Th-the Nirvash just spoke…?!
: It’s not that surprising. She’s the same as us.
: I have faith… in the miracle born of meetings…


: What exists in-between two clasped hands?
: Commander Fudou…!
: You’ve come, Fudou GEN!
: Left hand and right hand, angels and humans, man and woman, yin and yang… what exists in-between them?!
: Left hand and right hand… there’s… darkness…?

: There isn’t anything between them… there’s nothing and yet…

: There’s warmth…

: What is born from the meeting of different things…?
: Different people… earthlings and aliens… humans and Coralians…
: Earthnoids and Spacenoids… Naturals and Coordinators…
: My meeting with Athrun and Shinn created a bond between us…
: Just like Renton and I…
: Can the same exist between humans and Fallen Angels…?
: There’s nothing but battle between we and the filthy wingless…!
: You’re wrong, Touma!
: Futaba!
: There are kind wingless, too! GEN, Sophia, Gerome… they were all so kind to me!
: Futaba… you’ve grown fond of the wingless?!
: …!

*Silvia moves in towards Touma.*

: What?!

: I will never be able to forgive you… I won’t, but…!

: Her aura’s flowing around me…! It’s…
: Warm…
: Silvia…
: Apollo… do you remember the day the world began…?
: Billions and billions of stars, billions and billions of galaxies… born, from the void, in one miraculous moment.
: Miraculous…?
: Yes… And, now, the miracle that was us meeting each other, from across an infinite number of worlds…
: The miracle that was our meeting…
: I…I understand, Silvia!
: We were all born in worlds that, by rights, should never have met with each other!
: And now, here we are, living in the same place and working together for the same goal!
: When you look at it like that, I guess the Break the World wasn’t all bad!
: And I’m sure that, had I not met everyone, things would’ve been so much worse…
: Same. Something like my personal Exodus would’ve been out of my reach.
: Our clashes and mutual acceptance have led to the creation of something completely new…
: I don’t mean to sound like The Edel but… this world isn’t too bad!
: Indeed. Though there were many separations, there were just as many meetings.
: Those meetings have given birth to new strength…
: And they’ll create new paths!
: We won’t allow this world to end!
: (I… only thought of rushing headlong by myself…)
: (The pain and hatred that I received… was the same pain I inflicted on Touma in the past…)
: (I never understood the wingless… their sorrow… their joy…)
: I never understood the suffering of the nigh-extinct angels…
: Or the sorrow of mother Earth…
: Or the pain of all life…

: Recite it: Genesis Combination!

: GO!


*Apollo moves over by the Command Cluster.*

: What are you doing, Apollo?!
: We’ll hold the dimensions together with the Aquarion! Y’all head to the Great Singularity!
: You can do that?!
: Yes... the True Wings of the Sun is capable of it!
: The Wings now bear the wishes of both humans and angels.
: Apollo!
: And everyone’s wishes are loud and clear! Let’s do this, Renton!
: Yeah!
: For the sake of our loved ones and our dear world!
: Apollo…!
: Thanks, Silvia... I’ll never forget that familiar smell of yours.
: If fate plays ball… let’s meet again in 12000 years…!
: Yes!
: Let’s go, my friends!
: In the name of humans and angels…
: Of this planet…
: And in the name of a new genesis! GO, ZEUTH!!

: Thank you, Renton…
: Sis…
: Not all lives within the Coral can remain on this land. We’ll be leaving with half of them.
: The remaining half wishes to recover their physical form and live alongside all of you, on the same world.
: But, Renton, Eureka…
: Sakuya…
: If this world continues to evolve for the better, and two eventually become one, we’ll appear before you once more…
: And we believe that day will come…
: You bet!
: …
: Thank you, dad… I… will go on living with Eureka.
: Renton… let’s go back…
: Yeah… to our world…