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Part 240: Mission 60 - Epilogue - 2nd Half

Location: Suruga Bay

: (Marin’s group should be setting off right about now...)
: (Hang in there, bro… I’m rooting for you.)
: Woof!
: Ah! There you are, Kouzuki!
: Kept you waiting, eh, Kappei? Well, today we settle everything between us!
: You’ve got some stones picking a fight with the awesome Kappei Jin of ZEUTH!
: Psh, what are ya talking about? ZEUTH’s disbanded and both the Zambot and King Beal are back underwater, right?
: But the SOUL of ZEUTH is still inside me!

: Those two don’t know when to stop, do they…?
: Still, this is as important as a real battle in Kappei’s eyes.
: Speaking of real battles… I wonder where Banjou ran off to?
: From what Toppo said, it looks like they were going to Mars for a bit.
: Hmm, I see… Banjou’s own battle isn’t finished yet.
: Indeed… his journey will continue until he’s put a definitive end to his personal struggle.
: What about you, Sandman? Has your journey reached its end?
: I’m not certain. Should the day come where darkness once again threaten to engulf this beautiful world, I’ll stand ready to face it.
: Alongside all the beautiful, courageous warriors of Earth.
: (Eiji… someday, I’ll take off this mask and tell you the whole truth.)

: Ya better win this, Kappei! Show him the power of ZEUTH’s soul!
: Hey, Eiji. Why don’t we join in on their competition?
: Hey, hey! Touga! This is super serious business between us, I’ll have ya know!
: What? This little game of yours?
: It’s a game, yes, but it’s a SERIOUS game! So, keep out!
: Yes, sir. Hang in there, Kappei.
: Just make sure you don’t get hurt.
: Let’s do this, Kappei!
: Bring it on!
: Good luck to you both!
: And there’s lunch ready for when you’ve wrapped this up. We made some rice balls.
: Ooh, I like the sound of that! OK, new plan: we’ll eat these and THEN we fight!
: Oh, Kappei…
: Ah, it’s all right. If they can work out their differences over some food, all the better.
: Heheh… we’ll see. Alright, let’s dig in!
: Easy, Kappei! We want some too!
: We ain’t joining in on the brawl but we’re gonna have our share of these!
: Indeed, warriors. Savor the fruits of this hard-earned peace to your hearts’ content.
: (Yeah… I’ll never forget sharing rice balls with everyone on that day…)

Glomar – Living Room

: So, in the end, this is what we chose…
: Yeah. I guess I’ve taken a fancy to this world and all its quirks.
: That’s your way of saying that this world has a much bigger variety of girls to choose from, isn’t it?
: You got it! …is what I would say but Mimsy and the baby inside her have my full attention now.
: Wow, look at you taking responsibility.
: That goes both ways, mister. You better start calling me “father-in-law”, Olson.

*People come over.*

: Master Kei! What are you and Master Olson doing here?
: Preparations are underway to open the Market. Please lend a hand, you two.
: Aye, aye. You got it.
: You’d best hurry unless you want to incur Mimsy’s wrath.
: Roger that! Alright… off we go to tackle our new battles!

Location: DEAVA – Element School

: …
: … Looking at the sky again?
: Hm…
: Staring at the sun, it just feels like Apollo and my brother are going to fly right out of it and back to us…
: …
: The Dimensional Repair was a success… the world’s been stabilized but…
: But Apollo, Sirius…and even Commander Fudou haven’t returned…
: They’ve all sacrificed themselves to keep the world together…
: Still, that doesn’t mean they’re dead. I just know they’re alive, somewhere.
: Will I really need to wait 12000 years in order to see them again…?
: I wonder…
: Rena?
: “Time and distance are but mere illusions created by hesitating hearts.”
: That’s what the commander said, no?
: “Illusions created by hesitating hearts”…
: Yes… I understand, Rena. I…I won’t hesitate any more.
: I’ll have faith that Apollo and my brother will surmount those 12000 years and come back home.
: That’s a fine attitude.
: Commander!
: When did you get here?!
: Just now. And I wasn’t the only one.

*People come over.*

: Sorry for the delay, my friends…Silvia…
: Brother!
: Hey, I’m hungry as all hell. Let’s go grab something to eat, Silvia.
: Aah, you haven’t changed one bit!

Location: Paradigm City – Roger’s Mansion


: The phone, Roger.
: I’ve a feeling it’s our first job following our absence. Looks like things will be busy around here.
: That’s good, though.
: Indeed. Whatever changes occur with the world, I’ll continue to lead my life the same way.
: I’ll keep on performing this much needed job in Paradigm City.
: I can see that but how about you pick up the phone first?

Location: Bellforest

: …Hey, Grandpa.
: Hm?
: Have our Mama and Papa come back yet...?
: Are they…
: Not coming back?
: I’m sure they will. That’s why Holland left you three in my care.
: My family’s all left this town before…my son, Diane… but I’m certain that Renton will come back. Moreover, I now have three great-grandchildren to look after…
: Grandpa…
: Alright… how about we go and grab a “Big Burg”?
: A what?
: A huge hamburger that’s Renton’s favorite food. Eating those is something of a Thurston family tradition for strengthening our familial ties.
: OK!

*People come over.*

: Got room for two more, grandpa?
: We’d like to go with you.
: You…!
: Hey, grandpa. I’m finally back... Bellforest, where my dear family is waiting.
: We’re home…
: (I’m back here, Rand… this city may as boring as can be but it also means so much to me…)

Location: Town of Vicinity – Heim Mine

: Are you really sure about this, Loran? I mean, burying the White Doll?
: I’ve given it plenty of thought and this seemed like the best option.
: Because of the danger of the Moonlight Butterfly?
: No, no. It’s just that its mission is now fulfilled, so it should get some rest.
: We’ll cover it in stone again and then Vicinity will have its guardian deity back.
: I also think that’s the best for the White Doll.
: But, more importantly, are you alright, Sochie? I heard you turned down Gavane’s proposal.
: I didn’t do that.
: Really? Then you two are getting married?!
: I withheld my answer for the time being. I just didn’t want to decide my future one way or another just yet.
: Now that’s a relief. I guess this means I still have a shot, eh?
: What, weren’t you going for Sara?
: I just kinda had to accept defeat on that front.
: She went with Jamil to work as part of the rebuilt New Earth Federation government.
: Yeah, that…
: Hey…chin up, man. It ain’t like you to stay down like that.
: You were always such a wordsmith… Either way, I suppose I should now give you and Tonya the “many years of happiness” line.
: Oh, come now, Roybea.
: D-Dumbass! This ain’t the place to talk about that!

: Jamil and crew have all found a new path to follow, huh?
: Yeah. He’s left the Freeden with us, so now our struggles will just be to make a living.
: What I do know, though, is that Tifa and I’ll be together, not matter what happens.
: Yes…
: Be careful in your travels, crew of the Freeden.
: Are you certain about living your life as an Earthling, your majesty?
: Indeed, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly, thanks to Lady Kihel accepting to return to the moon as my replacement.
: I’m sure it was no problem, Lady Diana. Kihel wanted to go to the moon herself, you know.
: And with Cpt. Harry watching over here, there’s nothing to worry about.
: In the meantime, I’ll take the opportunity to learn more about Earth.
: It’s my intent to use this knowledge to execute the Moon Race’s homecoming in a peaceful measure.
: Lancerow’s now the boss of the Revolutionary Army. I'm sure he and Jamil'll help things go smoothly.
: The solutions to most problems are found in the time it takes for someone to drink a cup of coffee. The issue is whether or not said solutions can be put into practice.
: Humanity has now overcome so many trials. I believe that, whatever difficulties arise, we’ll be capable of finding a way to surmount them.

: I’ll see you around, Loran. And thanks for all the help.
: Thank you, Garrod. Let’s meet again someday.
: You can count on it, what with the multi-dimensional world continuing on. Same goes for our battles.
: Right.

Location: Siberia

: …Is this good enough, Gainer?
: Yes… many thanks to the Iron Gear for bringing us all the way here.
: Ah, it was nothing. We were hired to help with the Exodus in the first place, weren’t we?
: To think that would turn into a huge, world-wide adventure...
: I certainly didn’t expect any of this when we were starting the Exodus.
: Still, this doesn’t mean the end to our fighting.
: The planet’s been stabilized with all those different worlds bunched together. It’s very likely new problems will pop up eventually.
: Still, this chaotic world is how we all preferred it.
: Yeah, things would’ve have settled down like this without everyone else thinking that way.
: We’ll now begin our new lives as part of the Wulgusk people.
: Are you gonna keep working as a teacher, Adette?
: Yeah. Though, really, dealing with kids is more stressful than any battle…
: You say that but I reckon being a teacher suits you.
: Thanks. And what about you? Back to working as couriers in Zora?
: We thought about it a lot but, yes, we’re just going back to our original work.
: So, we’re going back to being broke…
: If that’s what gonna happen, I would’ve been better off joining Maria and Birin as Arthur’s helper…
: Chil… please remember us, even after your return to Zora.
: Of course! You and our lynxes be good, alright? And come over to Zora sometime for us to play!
: Absolutely. If my father allows it, I’ll head there as soon as possible.
: Alright, guys, let’s get going.
: Um, Jiron… can I ask you a favor?
: I can tell what it is… Gain, right?
: Yeah…
: Alright, if I bump into the guy, I’ll let him know how mad you were over him leaving without saying anything.
: N-no, that’s not it…
: Ah?
: Just tell him that I have yet to fully repay him for everything.
: Got it, Gainer. Let’s hang out again sometime!
: Of course!
: (Gain…Rand, Mel… I have faith we’re going to see each other again someday…)

Location: Lunar Surface - Lutetium Base

: …Is everything finished, Camille?
: Yes. The Zeta and our other MSs have been brought in as well.
: Now that the Titans have been brought to justice, the AEUG will be incorporated into the Federation’s command structure.
: That’s to be expected, considering the AEUG/Titan conflict originally started as an internal dispute in the old Federation.
: Still, it feels a bit strange to me… we’re all going to be members of the Federation now…
: Honestly… I’m not 100% sure about joining the military.
: You’ll have plenty of time to think this through. That’s an answer only you can find.
: You’re right…
: I’m sure that, right about now, Shinn and the others are also deciding what they want to do in their future.
: Just as Lt. Quattro did.
: Hm. He’ll keep on fighting as Quattro Bajeena, instead of Char Aznable.
: Didn’t he want you to take part in the government as well? Is it alright for you to stay here?
: Being a regular pilot is what I’m best suited for, so that’s what I’ll do.
: But…
: If there comes a time where I’m needed like that, I’ll think about it. Just as he did.
: Alright…!
: Hm? Where’s Setsuko…?
: She’s in the hangar with “them”.

Location: Lunar Surface - Lutetium Base, Hangar

: Chief… we won’t be going back to our world, will we…?
: The Repair went and made the dimensional walls rock solid, so there aren’t any more warps going on.
: Well, we bought into Asakim’s story and attacked this world’s Virgola… think us being stuck here is karma at work?
: Don’t whine. At least we’re free to do whatever we want, so we’ll just have to make our living in this world.
: “Make our living”…doing what?
: That’s the question, hm…?

*Someone comes over.*

: Um…
: You’re…!
: Your voice… you’re the pilot of that winged Virgola, aren’t you?
: I’d like to ask…would you two be interested in forming a team with me?
: A team…?
: Yes… the team that gave me my pride…that gave meaning to my life…
: There’ll be new battles to be fought in this world, so would you lend me your strength?
: Your “pride”, you say…
: Yes… Its name is Glory Star.

: …This is in the middle of nowhere. You sure this is OK, repairman?
: Yeah. Thanks for the lift, Holland.
: I’m still amazed at what a tough son of a gun you are. No sooner we see you getting taken by the Dimensional Repair’s warp, we find you without a single scratch.
: Well, we all know that being tough’s one of my stronger suits.
: Still, that don’t mean everything came out aces.
: Hm, Mel’s still missing. You’re off to go look for her, yeah?
: Right. The wandering repairman’s back on the job.
: We’ll keep an eye out for her and will let you know if anything comes up. Take care, Rand.
: You, too, Gain. Let’s go grab that drink when we meet again.
: My kid oughta be born by then, so you’ll have to come see it first.
: You got it… heh, I can already picture you spoiling that kid. You do your best, man.
: Can you drop me just a bit farther to the east, Holland?
: Sure. Now we’re just cruising around the world, searching for nice Trapar waves.
: See ya around, Rand.
: Hang in there, THE HEAT.
: Yeah!

*Holland and co fly off with the Gekko*

: Alright, Gunleon… where should we look for clues first?
: Um… are you a Mr. THE HEAT?
: Hey, you’re the guy who sold that camera to Mel!
: “Sold”, he says…! You sent me packing and took the damn thing!
: Ooh…right, right. Sorry about that. Here, lemme pay ya.
: Nah, it’s fine. I reckon that camera helped you a bunch.
: But, hey… could I interest you in this other authentic Siberian item I got here?
: Ehh? And does the brand say “Civelia” now?
: I see you're the same as ever…
: Y-you… Mel?!
: Eheheh… I think the Sphere came off my body during the Dimensional Repair and that made me age these past four years in one go.
: B…bu…
: But you haven't changed at all! It’s only your hair that got longer!
: Still, do you remember your promise, Darling? You said we’d get married once my hair grew down to my shoulders.
: (Urgh, out of the frying pan and into the fire…! What am I gonna do…?!)
: Come on, Darling!
: Aah… I reckon things will work out, somehow…in fact, I’ll make ‘em work out.
: That’s how THE HEAT rolls, after all!

Normally, I wouldn’t show the credits but they’ve cool CGs and, more importantly, one of my favorite JAM Project songs.

Now, a couple of things concerning what’s next: we will not be covering the “restore to original state” ending because, in truth, there isn’t a lot of difference. The lines that mention how the multi-dimensional world is still going strong change to something like “the worlds went back to their pre-Break the World state” but 99% of the scenes remain unchanged (same background, same lines, etc).
Furthermore, we won’t be covering the normal ending because it’s just the perfect stable ending with a handful of bits cut – Apollo, Sirius, Renton and Eureka don’t return and Aki remains in cryo- sleep. The scenes simply skip the parts where they would’ve shown up, so there isn’t anything lost.

What we WILL be covering however are the endings you can get when you’ve under 6 Ending Points – we’ll tackle those alongside summaries for the Zaft route differences.
Once all that’s done, it’s straight into the Special Disk for the side stories and, then, we’ll wrap it all up with SRW Z’s epilogue missions.

See you all soon!