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Part 241: Mission 60 - Sad Ending

Extra Chapter: The Sad Ending

Right. There's still just a bit more to the game.

First, here's a little extra. What happens if you beat Schlan first on Stage 59?

: Urk!

: Retreat, Schlan! I’ll handle this!

: …You dare belittle me so?!

: What are you talking about?!

: I am Schlan Opel! I need no instructions from trash like you!

: What’s wrong with you, Schlan?! It’s me, Löwen! Your best friend!

: Hmph. That’s only in your mind.

: !

: The hell…? Those two picked now to have a fight?

: People are at their most honest when they’re at death’s door

: Schlan, you worm! You’ve tricked me?!

: That’s unforgivable! I’ll tear you to pieces along with ZEUTH!

: …

: Good, Löwen… that’s it. Live life always following your heart.

: Wha--!

: I see it so clearly now… I know why I couldn’t bring myself to leave you, despite how much I despised you...

: I wanted to be like you… I despised and, yet, admired you…

: The hell’s with that sudden declaration of love?! This ain’t got nothing to do with us!

: “Love”…? Can such a trite word represent what I feel…?

: Löwen… amidst this rotten world, you believed…believed in BrigGen. Edel’s ideals with all your heart…

: I always envied that pure devotion of yours…

: What, that “cool-headed” shtick of yours was just an act?!

: Indeed, to hide the resignation that lies within me.

: But what choice did I have? What was I supposed to believe in amidst this corrupt society?

: I didn’t believe in anything… rather, I was afraid to do so… I assumed everything would fall apart sooner or later…

: And so I admired…admired Löwen’s devotion…

: Even though it was completely misplaced…?!

: There’s no such thing as right or wrong in this world. There is only belief.

: That’s why…why I wanted to be you.

: Eject, Schlan! Your Anguis is falling apart!

: No. I cannot go back to being “me” now that I’ve acknowledged how I feel.

: Schlan!



*Löwen casts Strike, Invincible and Zeal*

: Schlan… you will always, always be my friend!

: I’ll fight in the name of both you and BrigGen. Edel’s world!

: That’s enough of your crap! You really think building a world without freedom is OK?!

And then the scene goes the same way as if you killed Löwen first only, instead of Theeh interrupting, your main character joins the chorus of refusing to accept his twisted “love” and vows to take him down.

Incidentally, doing Schlan first is a bit more difficult, because Löwen's sudden burst of insiration doesn't count as a pilot swap. So no Will reset. Of course, it's slightly harder to get in general. Since, after all, Löwen is closer to where you start, so most people will just go for the closer one.

Then, if you’re at 6 or less ending points and you run into the mission 59 choice: the first option is to stabilize the world as-is and that’s what you choose. You’re now en route to what’s called the “sad ending”.
Everything plays out the same overall but, since we’re on the Zaft route, we get an additional Haman scene when we’re going through everyone’s reaction to Quattro’s speech:

: … What is all this, Haman?
: It is exactly what it looks like: the actual truth regarding events of the multi-dimensional world.
: Char is criticizing the New Federation quite a lot.
: No… the man over there is Quattro Bajeena, not the Char Aznable we knew.
: Truly…? But, regardless, what’s going to happen to our world now?
: Whatever result comes out of his gambit, Axis will have the last laugh. You need not worry.
: Very well. I’m counting on you, Haman.
: (Char… rather, Quattro Bajeena. I’ll leave the future of this world in your group’s hands… for now.)

Events don’t change except for the scenes Ziene would’ve been present to (you can’t recruit her with low ending points so, instead of running off when shot down in 59, she just blows up with no dialogue change). Of note is the convo she would’ve had with the original during the prologue.

Rand’s version:

: …Alright. The Gunleon’s all set and ready to go.
: You sure you wanna be in here? Everyone’s playing outside.
: Hey, I’m a repairman, ain’t I? Soccer ain’t my thing.
: What? I think what you mean to say is that you got a red card 10 minutes into your first match, no?!
: Yeah, yeah… I try but those bad habits of mine always pop up.
: Still, today’s the last day of that. Once we’re done fixing Earth, the Beater Services will be back and open for business.
: Right! We’ll be back on the road, looking for Daddy.
: What you said. …And I reckon the first match should be over by now, so let’s go back out there.

*People come over.*

: You’re running a bit late. The match ended a long time ago and everyone’s having lunch.
: Really?! I can’t go into a big showdown on an empty stomach!
: Don’t overeat. We’ve another match scheduled for the afternoon, ya hear?
: OK, boss! There’ll be no stomachaches to stop me from helping with the Dimensional Repair, don’t you worry!

Setsuko version:

: …
(Lunamaria): Setsukooooo! We’re going to the cafeteria – come with us!
(Runa): Everyone’s waiting for yooouu!
: OK! I’ll be right over!
: (It won’t be long before my life’s fully drained by the Sphere…)
: (But I want to see this battle through to the end… no matter what it takes…)
: (I’ll do it as proof of the life I’ve led as a person…)
: (So, please… let me hold on for just a bit longer…)

Incidentally, on this run through of the final stage I got Sandman to a high enough level to learn his Final Spirit Command. Yes, if you can pick it out. Sandman does learn Soul(65). Which is hilarious, making him the third Super Robot pilot to learn it. Of course, unlike Roger and Banjou, it's pretty impractical. He only learned it for the final bit of the final stage. Even then he only learned it because I went out of my way to throw Cheers at him to kick his levels up.

Edel is down again.

Then I jump into the upgrade screen and make the second half of the stage a little easier.

My one regret is not slapping a second Booster on Renton. Could have gotten to Eureka in two turns instead of three if I had. Then, of course, I clear the game again.

The “sad ending” proper begins right after the Repair FMV plays:

: This is…!
: Look there, Kei! It’s the UN station!
: Then… we’re still in the multi-dimensional world?!
: So…!
: We did it! The Dimensional Repair worked!

: Wait. I’m checking with Baldios’ sensors and it’s too soon to be celebrating.
: How so?
: The distortion in the dimensional walls isn’t completely gone…
: That means we could have another Dimensional Collapse happen?!
: Maybe not. It’s possible that the world could endure in this unstable state.
: Damn it! Was everything we did for nothing?!
: I wouldn’t say that. At that one moment… we could feel the will of every single person.
: We could feel humanity’s wishes towards the future and that’s something. So long as we don’t forget that, humans can live their lives in any world.
: I guess all we can do right now is believe in that…
: My comrades, our Dimensional Repair was somewhat successful.
: Our mission is now finished, so I’d like to thank all of you for your tremendous efforts.

Location: Photon Power Lab

: Well, Kouji, everyone… we’ll be going…
: Get in touch with us once you get to Planet Fleed, Daisuke.
: I apologize for leaving like this, especially considering how complicated things are here on Earth…
: On that subject, Space is also suffering some dimensional instability. Are you sure about going back to Planet Fleed right now?
: That’s precisely why I must go back. That planet my homeland, after all.
: I look forward to seeing you again, Daisuke.
: Me too, Kouji. I’ll come back to Earth, someday…

Location: Lunar Surface - Lutetium Base

: …Is everything finished, Camille?
: Yes. The Zeta and our other MSs have been brought in as well.
: Now that the Titans have been brought to justice, the AEUG will be incorporated into the Federation’s command structure.
: That’s to be expected, considering the AEUG/Titan conflict originally started as an internal dispute in the old Federation.
: Still, it feels a bit strange to me… we’re all going to be members of the Federation now…
: Honestly… I’m not 100% sure about joining the military.
: But we don’t have the time to debate this thoroughly… seeing how the world’s still unstable, it’s possible new battles will crop up.
: Yes…
: Quattro’s already started fighting on his own, so we should also do the same.
: Right...

Location: Orb – Memorial

: …Many other names have been added to this memorial…
: …
: …
: Two years ago, like today, we swore to uphold peace… and yet we all repeated the same mistakes…
: What will you do now, Kira?
: …I think I’ll head to the Plants with Lacus.
: Huh?
: All this time, we’ve distanced ourselves from both Earth and Plants…
: But I took on a responsibility when I bore witness to Chairman Durandal’s final moments. Having fought against him, the same applies to Lacus.
: Yes… Truthfully, I should have returned to the Plants in the aftermath of the last war. This time, I intend to face my duties.
: Lt. Quattro and Cpt. Jamil are doing their part in making the world a better place. We also have a job to do.
: That’s assuming the people of the Plants will forgive what I’ve done…
: We’ll do this together, Lacus Clyne. We’ll keep on talking to them until we get through.
: Yes…
: Lacus… I’ll do my part here in Orb, so you work hard over there.
: Thank you, Cagalli. Regardless of how things ended, this is still our world… we should do everything we can for it.

Location: Trinity City

: Marin…
: Thank you for everything, Jamie. I’ll always remember your kindness.
: Rather, not just you… Though I may be departing from Earth, I’ll always remember everything about this planet.
: Hey... you know you don’t need to be reticent with us, right?
: You just need to ask and we’re all aboard with helping you find a new home for the S-1-ians.
: Thanks, Raita, Oliver. But you’ve a job to do here: help the Blue Fixer monitor the conditions of the dimensional walls.
: With how unstable this world still is, it’ll fall on you to protect the people from the warps.
: Alright… but, if you ever need help, give us a call.
: Don’t worry, Raita. We’ll be tagging along on this trip.
: With our integration of Eldar and S-1 tech with Trinity Energy, we’ve successfully developed a way to warp back to Earth at any time.
: Which means the God Sigma will be helping them out, Rie.
: I understand, Toshiya. We’ll take care of things here during your absence.
: We promise we’ll come back and help everyone build a better future.
: Let’s go, Marin… our struggles now begin anew.
: I’m ready… one new voyage to save our tomorrow…

Location: Suruga Bay

: (Marin’s group should be setting off right about now...)
: (Hang in there, bro… I’m rooting for you.)
: Woof!
: Ah! There you are, Kouzuki! We’re gonna settle everything today!
: Ah, stop it, Kappei. Who cares about this stupid fight…?
: Say what? Are you going chicken on me, Kouzuki?!
: I’m not but… I don’t really feel like it, what with how unstable the world is…
: Kouzuki…
: He’s got a point.
: Hm… the current situation has only fed the people’s fear…
: And with all this going on, Banjou just up and left… wonder where he’s at…
: From what Toppo said, it looks like they were going to Mars for a bit.
: Hmm, I see… Banjou’s own battle isn’t finished yet.
: Indeed… his journey will continue until he’s put a definitive end to his personal struggle.
: What about you, Sandman? Has your journey reached its end?
: I’m not certain. Darkness is once again threatening to engulf this beautiful world. I’m afraid my struggles will continue until the day arrives where those can be brushed away…
: (Eiji… someday, I’ll take off this mask and tell you the whole truth.)

: Damn it… was our repair a complete waste of time…?
: No, it wasn’t, Kappei.
: Gran Knights…
: Many people risked their lives in that battle. Something like is never for naught.
: But… the warps are still happening…
: The world may be unstable but humanity will live on.
: He’s right, Leele. And we’re the fang that defends all those people, so we can’t get bummed out.
: Alright…
: And it’s precisely because the world is the way it is that the people’ll need to hold on tight to their lives.
: Let’s just hope that they have that determination within them…
: (We’re gonna keep on fighting, Aki… until we really get peace back…)
: (That’s our…that’s ZEUTH’s mission…)

Glomar – Living Room

: So, in the end, this is the result born of our choices…
: Yeah… well, I’m not about to complain about what’s in the past.
: You’re right.
: Now all that’s left for us is to do our best with what we have in this world.
: Master Kei! What are you and Master Olson doing here?
: Preparations are underway to open the Market. Please lend a hand, you two.
: Aye, aye. You got it.
: You’d best hurry unless you want to incur Mimsy’s wrath.
: Roger that! Alright… off we go to tackle our new battles.

Location: DEAVA – Element School

: …
: … Looking at the sky again?
: Hm…
: Staring at the sun, it just feels like Apollo and my brother are going to fly right out of it and back to us…
: …
: Those guys put their lives on the line and this is what we got to show for it…
: Apollo, Sirius… and Commander Fudou… what happened to them is such a shame...
: They’ve all sacrificed themselves to keep the world together…
: Still, that doesn’t mean they’re dead. I just know they’re alive, somewhere.
: Will I really need to wait 12000 years in order to see them again…?
: I wonder…
: Rena?
: “Time and distance are but mere illusions created by hesitating hearts.”
: That’s what the commander said, no?
: “Illusions created by hesitating hearts”…
: Yes… I understand, Rena. I…I won’t hesitate any more.
: I’ll have faith that Apollo and my brother will surmount those 12000 years and come back home.

Location: Paradigm City – Roger’s Mansion


: The phone, Roger.
: I’ve a feeling it’s our first job following our absence. Looks like things will be busy around here.
: That’s good, though.
: Indeed. Whatever changes occur with the world, I’ll continue to lead my life the same way.
: I’ll keep on performing this much needed job in the city of amnesia.
: Sure but how about you pick up the phone first?

Location: Bellforest

: …Hey, Grandpa.
: Hm?
: Have our Mama and Papa come back yet...?
: Are they…
: Not coming back?
: I’m sure they will. That’s why Holland left you three in my care.
: My family’s all left this town before…my son, Diane… but I’m certain that Renton will come back. Moreover, I now have three great-grandchildren to look after…
: Grandpa…
: (Did you hear that, Renton? We’re all waiting for the day you and Eureka come back here…)

Location: Town of Vicinity – Heim Mine

: Are you really sure about this, Loran? I mean, burying the White Doll?
: I’ve given it plenty of thought and this seemed like the best option.
: Because of the danger of the Moonlight Butterfly?
: No one should be allowed to use that power…
: We’ll cover it in stone again and then Vicinity will have its guardian deity back.
: Alright, I get it…
: What about you, Garrod? Are you guys going back to being Vultures in South Ameria?
: Maybe for now, yeah.
: The Federation’s a wreck now, so Jamil and Sara went over to help get it fixed up.
: Yeah. He’s left the Freeden with us, so now our struggles will be to make a living.
: Garrod…
: Don’t worry. Whatever happens, I’ll be around to keep you safe.
: I believe you, Garrod…

: Be careful in your travels, crew of the Freeden.
: Are you certain about living your life as an Earthling, your majesty?
: Indeed, thanks to Lady Kihel accepting to return to the moon as my replacement.
: I’m sure it was no problem, Lady Diana. Kihel wanted to go to the moon herself, you know.
: And with Cpt. Harry watching over here, there’s nothing to worry about.
: That being said, I must also steel myself to play my part as the Queen of the Moon. It’s my intent to work towards performing the Moon Race’s homecoming in a peaceful measure.
: Lancerow’s now the boss of the Revolutionary Army. I'm sure he and Jamil’ll help things go smoothly.
: I’d like to think so, too…
: I’ll see you around, Loran. And thanks for all the help.
: Thank you, Garrod. Let’s meet again someday.
: You can count on it. It may be unstable but the multi-dimensional world’s continuing on.

Location: Siberia

: …Is this good enough, Gainer?
: Yes… many thanks to the Iron Gear for bringing us all the way here.
: It was nothing. We were hired to help with the Exodus in the first place, weren’t we?
: To think that would turn into a huge, world-wide adventure...
: I certainly didn’t expect any of this when we were starting the Exodus.
: Still, this doesn’t mean the end to our fighting.
: The world’s still unstable, so we’ll have to keep putting up with warps going on around us.
: And that could mean another enemy of mankind coming in from a different universe.
: These stressful days just keep going… and there I was, thinking I would be able to play some games with Gainer…
: Don’t complain. This world is a result of everyone’s wishes.

: …
: Are you thinking about Gain?
: Yes… he just went his own way without so much as a “goodbye”…
: Well, if I bump into him, I’ll make sure he knows how mad you are.
: N-no, that’s not it…
: No?
: Just tell him that I have yet to fully repay him for everything…
: Got it. We’ll see each other around, Gainer.
: Yes…
: (Despite how chaotic the world still is, everyone’s moving on with their lives… I should also do my best.)

: (…I’m still alive…)
: (Still…I can tell that the world’s still unstable…)
: (This is what I wanted, I guess…)
: (…)
: (In that case, I have to keep my chin up and go on living my life.)
: (So long as the pride of the Glory Star lies within me, I’ll survive… However it may change, this is my world…)

: …This is in the middle of nowhere. You sure this is OK, repairman?
: Yeah. Thanks for the lift, Holland.
: I’m still amazed at what a tough son of a gun you are. No sooner we see you getting taken by the Dimensional Repair’s warp, we find you without a single scratch.
: Well, we all know that being tough’s one of my stronger suits.
: Still, that don’t mean everything came out aces.
: No bellyaching. Whatever happens to the world, the Beater Services will always be around.
: I guess so. Today’s our grand reopening as wandering repairmen – and the restart of our search for the boss.
: We’ll keep an eye out for clues on him and will let you know if anything comes up. Take care, Rand.
: You, too, Gain. Let’s go grab that drink when we meet again.
: My kid oughta be born by then, so you’ll have to come see it first.
: You got it… heh, I can already picture you spoiling that kid. You do your best, man.
: Can you drop me just a bit farther to the east, Holland?
: Sure. Now we’re just cruising around the world, searching for nice Trapar waves.
: See ya around, Rand.
: Hang in there, THE HEAT.
: Yeah! See y’all later!

Brunom says: rewriting this, I just came to the realization that no Getter-related characters take part in any of the endings and, unlike Banjou, they aren’t even mentioned! I guess the Toei team was the first to be blipped out of reality to make way for the (superior) Armageddon team.

Doc Says: Well, yeah, Getter Robo Armegeddon is cooler, I agree. But there is one tragic loss from not having any more 70s Getter. No more Akira Kamiya, who no other man in Japan can match in terms of shouting attack names. Anyways, there's one last ending to do. Which will pop up sooner or later!