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Part 242: Mission 60 - Bad Ending

The last Ending

So remember that choice at 59? To get the final ending, you go down the Sad Ending Path and then pick the second option. "I can't decide."

: (I’ve nothing left anymore… Does someone like me have the right to want something for the future?)
: (I’m just an empty shell… without hope or future…)
: (Still, I’ll hold onto Chief and Toby’s wishes… I’ll keep the pride of the Glory Star within me and go on fighting…)

And here'sRand’s version:

: (Eeeh... who cares? Whatever happens, happens.)
: (If the war’s still going after that, I guess I’ll just have to make do as The Crusher…)

When you start 60, it's a bit different. There's no prologue and you jump to the Battleship deployment menu (In the regular Stage 60, the two halves have fixed Battleship deploys.

: All ZEUTH troops are in position.
: There’s only two hours left until we contact the Great Singularity at 23:00…
: We’ve been streaming our reveal of the truth nonstop via the UN station.
: And it looks like Edel Bernal herself is coming here to put a stop to that.
: Sounds good to me! That huge liar’s gonna get what’s coming to her!
: On the other hand, this also showcases how confident she is in her victory.
: Because of the Chimera’s trump card, the Lemures?
: We’ve received reports on how fearsome its power is.
: You’re darn tootin’! I made it especially for Lady Edel, you know!
: You go, ZEUTH! Smash Lady Edel’s ambitions and bring peace back to Earth!
: Tch… just sitting back and enjoying the show, are we?
: Still, this is the endgame. All that’s left is for us to do our part.
: Beat Edel, get Eureka back, head to the Great Singularity and fix space-time…
: We’ll wrap everything up in two hours…
: I’m detecting enemy forces inbound!
: Oh, boy, oh, boy! The final showdown is starting! Sound the gong!!

From here on out, this scene goes the same way as the normal version: Edel shows up, fails to convince us to join us, gets pissed and starts to attack.
Of note, you don’t have to play defense for the UN station and Edel will hang back for a while.

So Carris' final Spiirt Command is Zeal(70).

This is important.

A major element of Wish that I think has been passed over is that it's the only way to raise another pilots Will if they're not in the same Squad. Rouse, after all, only applies to the units squad.

And that's the story of how I took out half the grunts on the stage.

Plot happens once enough turns pass or you pound on Edel enough.

: Ah!
: Urgh…!
: Mel?!
: What is it, Setsuko?!
: He’s coming…!
: That’s just what I want! Bring it on, Asakim!

: The hell are you here for?! You’re gonna help Edel?!
: I don’t think the mighty “sovereign of the new world” requires something like that.
: Correct, Asakim. Your assistance isn’t needed anymore.
: Still, you did serve me well. If you don’t get in my way, I’ll allow you to do as you please.
: Such a pompous speech… You’re a funny woman, Edel Bernal.
: What?!
: You do not know what you are, Edel Bernal…
: Is that--!?
: The Black Charisma!
: Indeed. It’s been some time since Paradigm City, hm?
: Then, Edel’s not the Black Charisma?
: Your confusion is quite understandable, as I made an effort to keep you in the dark.
: I got much enjoyment out of that, truly.
: Who are you?! Do you know how great a crime it is to insult me?!
: Yeah, who the hell are you?! Show us your face!
: I’m afraid not. There wouldn’t be any point in that reveal at such a juncture.
: Why are you here? Have you come to stand against me?!
: We came here simply to say “hello”.
: “Hello”?!
: Well, ain’t you nice. But, if ya think that’s gonna make me pull back my punches, you’re in for a surprise!
: Do not be so hasty, THE HEAT… this conflict will continue, even should you defeat that woman.
: Get real! The Fallen Angels and aliens are gone and we put a stop to the war!
: Once we’ve stabilized the dimensions, this world will be at peace!
: It seems you don’t have a good grasp on the situation. Should this world be stable, humanity will simply begin another conflict.
: To put it simply, all your efforts will be for naught.

Setsuko version:

: That…!
: “Won’t happen”… is what you want to say, isn’t it, Setsuko?
: Sorrowful Maiden… the Sphere Bearer. You’re not so sure yourself, are you?
: I…

Rand version:

: That won’t happen! People aren’t that stupid!
: You give them too much credit, Mel. It’s human nature to let go of their rationality as they’re overcome by the state of affairs.
: Yes… just like the man beside you.
: …!

: The hostilities will go on… this world will fall into an endless cycle of war.
: We’ll meet again, Setsuko/THE HEAT. And, then, we shall fight.
: Goodbye, ZEUTH! I love all of you!

: Curse you, Asakim! You and that insolent masked man will pay for this!
: After I’m done with ZEUTH, I’ll scour this world for the two of you and then I’ll slowly tear you limb from limb!

Setsuko version:

: Asakim Dowin…!
: Pull yourself together, Setsuko! Our enemy right now is Edel Bernal!
: R-Roger!
: (Damn it… I can’t get what the Charisma said out of my head…!)
: (Are all our efforts are for naught…? Will nothing change, even if we pull this off…?)
: (If that’s true, all the blood and tears that have been spilled will—)

Rand version:

: Asakim…!
: Wake up, Rand! We gotta worry about Edel right now!
: I know…I know but…!
: Darling…
: (I can’t… the Black Charisma’s words are taking away all my will to fight…)
: (Is mankind… is the world not worth saving…? If that’s true, then all our efforts would have been…)
: (I don’t wanna believe that freak but…but…!)
: Those who refuse to obey my will are a blight unto society!
: By my name as Edel Bernal, I will eradicate the lot of you!

Time to beat Edel.

: Char Aznable... all you've done will only bring more chaos into the world!
: ...
: The foolish masses will choose me! By striking me down, you'll only lead them to destruction!
: Maybe, but I can't stop...
: Because if humans are trapped in an endless cycle of war, then I'll be the one to break it!

: Didn't you hear what Black Charisma said? There is a kernel of truth to his words.
: The truth that all your efforts has been for naught!
: Well, I still don't believe it! People aren't that stupid!
: If we make it past you and do the Repair, we can make a new world without war... so you're not gonna stop us!

: The war won't end... maybe we'll win this battle, but there'll be another...
: All it took to cloud your mind was the Black Charisma, Kira Yamato?
: You'll regret standing so half-heartedly against me!

: We haven't been wasting our time... everyone watching the UN will hear our message!
: The foolish masses will bow to the powerful! The world will be mine after I crush you all!
: We'll deal with all that after the Repair! This ain’t gonna be a bad end! No way!

: Damn it all! There's no way we did all this for nothing!
: Yes, child, quake in fear. Regret opposing me, the sovereign of the new world, in Hell!
: Dad! Grandpa! Tell me we didn't do all this for nothing!

: Defeating this woman won't be sufficient to part the dark clouds over the world...
: Cold feet, Banjou Haran? Then let me put you out of your misery!
: This may be a war without end, but I won't give up...
: I... can't!

: We're repeating our mistakes... humanity can't escape them, just as the Black Charisma said...
: Indeed! The world is about to repeat the battles of 15 years ago!
: None but me can bring peace to this world! Accept that!
: Perhaps, but I won't give up hope yet... that's what the world needs!

: I don't buy it! The war'll be over tomorrow! The world will be fine!
: You have to tell yourself that out loud or your doubts will consume you! Pathetic!
: Shut up! We'll take you down, do the Repair, and there'll be peace!
: There's gotta be!

: You're growing sloppy, Kouji Kabuto. Are you so disturbed by Asakim's revelations?
: No way! Not a chance!
: We did what we had to do... and we're not letting the world go down the tubes now!

: Tetsuya Tsurugi! Your long, hard life as a soldier ends here!
: Not until the world is at peace!
: And if it really is stuck in an endless cycle of war, I'll be fighting the whole way through!

: Alien Prince... you're a blight on this planet! Begone!
: Maybe Black Charisma was right... maybe there was no point to me fighting all along.
: But I can't accept that! I won't stop fighting, because I believe this world has a chance at peace!

: Come, Getter Robo! Even the three of you fighting as one cannot hope to match my power!
: ...
: You'd better not be thinking about what Black Charisma said, Ryou!
: We've gotta keep our eyes on the current problem!
: I know... I know, but...!

: Only under a new rule can the foolish masses live in this multi-dimensional world. You must see that.
: That's not true, Edel Bernal! Each of us deserves their own freedom!
: I'll believe that even if, as the Black Charisma claimed, the world will never be free of war!

: Have we been fighting for nothing? Are we going to do the Repair just for the war to keep going?
: Has our message fallen on deaf ears...?
: Indeed. You see, it's worthless to give freedom to the masses.
: Maybe, but we ain’t giving up! Come on, Toga!
: Right!

: We can take this lady out, but the war will go on... guess he was right.
: Why do you fight, knowing that?
: That's all I've got! Whatever happens to the world, I'm gonna keep fighting!

: We'll know whether this war is going on or not tomorrow! I'm going to focus on today's problems right now!
: You're in denial about your own doubts, aren't you?
: I don't care what you say! I believe in our future... I want to believe!

: Beating her up won't stop the war... the hell we’ve been doing this whole time, then?!
: Apollo...
: If you want to free the world from the cycle, allow me! It is your most prudent option!
: Not in a million years! Damn it!

: I don't believe this war's going to go on... I can't believe that!
: It's reality! There will be no peace without a sovereign to rule!
: Damn it all to hell! I've gotta keep fighting!
: Until the war ends, I'll keep going!

: Amuro Ray! The foolish masses cannot survive without a leader!
: I’m sure you realize that!
: I'm not as disillusioned with them as you and Black Charisma!
: I have to believe... that humans aren't that foolish!

: The Singularity... you'd do this knowing that only war awaits after the Repair?
: If that's what all the people want, I guess I can't argue...
: But I don't buy that! There's going to be peace tomorrow... I'm absolutely sure!

: ...Maybe I was wrong about Prof. Kazami being driven mad by the promise of science...
: Julie...
: What he was driven mad by was realizing the depth of humanity's foolishness...
: That's enough of that, Julie! Focus on taking down Edel Bernal!
: Tranquility will come when that foolishness is under my rule! Those who oppose me will perish!

: Maybe the Black History is our only future...
: It is, if it's left to the foolish masses. They will bring about the war.
: I'm the one who can stop it. If you want to avoid the Black History, give the world to me.
: Even if all that's true, I can't turn it over to you!

: ...Even if we win, the Earth is doomed to a future of war...
: And then, S-1...
: I’m here precisely to keep that from happening.
: If you don't want the Earth to become S-1, surrender to me! The true sovereign of the new world!

: I'm coming to get you, Eureka! I'm not going to let this end sadly!
: There was no future for you or your humanoid Coralian the moment you chose to challenge me!
: Whatever! Eureka and I are going to live through this together!
: Never! I'll make that inhuman thing become the command cluster!

: Don't you see? What you're doing will not free the world from the Black History!
: ...
: Roger...
: We may have been too late. All we can do now is take a chance on fate...

: I'm scared, Darling... I'm so scared!
: What's the matter, Mel?!
: These awful images keep popping in my head! Is... is this our future?
: The hell is that Sphere doing to you?
: What is this, The Crusher? Can you afford to be distracted when facing me?
: Shaddup! I ain’t even got time for you!
: Damn it! We gotta do this Repair fast or we'll all regret it!

: The Sphere is showing me the future…
: An unending battle…
: You’re quivering at the Black Charisma’s spiel?! How dare a weakling such as you oppose me!
: Whatever awaits us ahead, I will still fight…!
: Our future is not yours to take, Edel Bernal!!

: I won't let this world become one where people keep dying!
: Then let me rule it into a new age of prosperity!
: I don't know if what Black Charisma was talking about was true...
: But I... we have to fight!

: No, I will not accept this! I am Edel Bernal, the sovereign of the new world!
: If that’s how it’s going to be, then I’ll ascend into space and force that girl to become the Command Cluster!

: What, she’s running just like that?!
: Back to the ships, everyone! We gotta head to the Command Cluster too!
: Hold on, Eureka! We’ll be there soon!

: Ah, damn it! Is that bitch really going to attack the Command Cluster?!
: Behold, ZEUTH! Your little friend is about to fulfill her purpose!


: I’m getting distortions across the dimensional walls! The Collapse is starting?!
: Come on, Kei! The only way to save the world now is to do the Dimensional Repair!
: Is this place the Great Singularity?!
: There’s no time for questions! We know for a fact that this area is close to the Great Singularity itself!
: But Eureka’s—
: You have to focus, Renton! Only think about the Repair right now!
: But!
: The world we want…
: It’s…

: Go on, ZEUTH! Draw upon the pool of all of humanity’s ugliness, selfishness and neglectfulness!
: Black Charisma!
: Here we go! Let’s raise the curtain on a new world of chaos!


: Aaah!
: Urgh!
: What’s wrong, Mel?!
: I… my body… it’s like it is on fire! AAAAAH!!
: Heads up! The wishes of everyone across the world are flocking over here!
: Make your wish for the future, folks! Time to fix space-time!

Rand Version:

: Haah…Haah…
: You alright, Rand?
: We’re all tired here. More importantly, the Gallia’s busted all over. You’re asking for trouble, going out with it.
: Not like I have a choice. That’s just how this world’s like…
: Why did things have to turn out like this…?
: Did humanity really wish for this kinda future?
: (Or, maybe, we led the world into this endless cycle of fighting…?)
: (Come on, Mel… tell me…)


: Everyone get ready to launch! The OverDevils have been spotted again!
: Wait, please! We’re all at the end of our ropes! We can’t take any more of this!
: …I’m going. Gotta make up for busting the world…
: Rand…
: …I guess I really am The Crusher…

Setsuko Version:

: (Why did things have to turn out like this…? Did humanity really wish for this kind of future?)
: (Or did we, in our hesitation, lead the world into this endless cycle of conflict…?)


: Setsuko, we have to deploy… the OverDevils have been sighted again.
: OK… I’ll head out soon.
: Setsuko… your eyes…
: I’m fine… it’ll pass once I’m piloting the Virgola…
: But if you keep going, you’ll…!
: Still, this world of unending conflict leaves me no choice…

Into an Endless Cycle of War

: There are so many OverDevils!
: Jeez! We take them down by the dozen and they just keep coming!
: Don’t whine! We’ve waited as long as we could but it doesn’t look like backup from Zaft or the Feds will be coming!
: Probably busy killing each other, I bet!
: Which means, if we get dropped, there’ll be no one left to watch over the people of this town!
: That moment may not be too far off, though…
: Urgh…damn it! And Banjou and Roger have disappeared, too…
: Apollo… where are you guys right now…?
: Kei and Olson also vanished…! Does that mean we botched the Repair?!
: (Lt. Quattro… did you leave us because you lost faith in humanity…?)
: (Will you now try to eradicate these humans who’ve destroyed their own future…?)
: Damn it, Marin…what were you doing…?!
: Weren’t you going to save Earth…? Its blue ocean and sky…its land…and its tomorrow…?!
: Are humans just not worthy of existing in this world…?
: But that’s…!
: How could we have walked down such a path…? Our world is…
: Let’s go, people! This isn’t over just yet!
: Sandman… we’ll fight for as long as life remains in us.
: Oi, hold up!
: Something else is coming!

: Urk, damn it! Mel! Where did you go?!
: The “great will”, Taiji… the Primordial Power…

: I…can’t—
: Argh!!
: This is too much for us…
: Forgive me, Chief, Toby… I…
: Sorry…Eureka… We couldn’t protect anything…
: Urk! NO! GOD DAMN IT, NO!!

And then the credits play, silent over a black screen.

So yeah, that right there was the Bad Ending! You know, where you pick all the wrong and bad choices and so everything goes wrong, the Black History starting up and the world resetting. So, you know, try again better next time!

And there we have it, that's pretty much everything possible to show off in Super Robot Wars Z! Coming up next: The Special Disc!