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Part 244: Mission 48 (Zaft Route) - Traitorous Moonlight

And we’re back on the post-mission 47 interlude: Talia was considerably dumber on this side, leading us into the Zaft route of things.
This’ll focus solely on the unique storyline bits for this side – gameplay’ll be omitted and anything that also happens in the ZEUTH route will merely be referenced to.

Off we go!

Outside Trinity City…

: (Shinn…)
: (Camille… guys…)
: Engage the engines. We’ll ascend into space and rendezvous with Zaft’s main fleet.
: Roger. Minerva, launching!

: And off they go…
: They’ve made their choice. We cannot stop that.
: But this might mean we’ll end up facing each other…
: We can only hope that our suspicions towards the Chairman are unfounded.
: And, now, we must depart to the Moon sans the Minerva’s forces.
: The Moon… foothold of Logos and the Skull Moon Alliance… we can’t afford to delay this any longer.
: We must strike them down before things get completely out of hand...

Back inside, Heizaemon explains our decision to Tsukikage based on what we saw from Operation Earth Flood: the aliens are very likely preparing a large-scale operation in the interest of bringing this conflict to a definitive end and we’re going to take them out before it happens.
When Bright asks, Tsukikage says he couldn’t get a whole lot of information from Aphrodia and Teral, so we’ll be flying in blind (as in the other path, they simply have no idea what the alien commanders have planned).
This is likely to be a tough fight, which is why we’re hoping to try and catch them in a surprise attack, sowing chaos across their troops before they can even mobilize them. If we can take out their leadership amidst that, things’ll be much easier to clean up.
The Trinity City folks will help us in any way they can while the Iron Gear and Freeden will keep on searching for the OverDevil and Great Singularity.
When Shaia asks, Tsukikage says Teral has agreed to cooperate with us while Aphrodia is still an unknown – regardless, they’ve both been given permission to wander around (with some supervision, of course) and Quinstein figures they must be with the ZEUTH members.

Indeed, Teral is speaking with Toshiya and learning of our imminent attack on the moon. He’s not happy but, regardless, knows he can’t condone the current state of the Eldar.
He doesn’t mean just Gagarn’s methods, mind, as he’s come to ponder that this entire war may have been a mistake. This gives Julie an opportunity to try and ask him why the Eldar knew of the Trinity Energy and were trying to seize it… before Teral can say anything, Professor Wily comes over and tells him not to listen.
Jane tries protesting that Teral’s an ally but Kazami counters that it could all be part of a plan against us. Kouzuki and Michi argue that Teral’s not the kind of man to resort to such tricks, having come to know the guy after all this time.

Kazami sniffs that Teral’s sweet talk has blinded the kids and quickly calls the God Sigma team back to the King Beal to service their bot.
Like before, he’ll be coming with us as he doesn’t care that Tsukikage and Quinstein have pretty much taken Trinity City over and, either way, his research is almost bearing fruit so he doesn’t need to be picky of where he’s working.
The team agrees and sets off with Kazami, bidding farewell to Jane and Teral. Inwardly, Teral figures telling Toshiya and co. about Earth and Eldar’s future would probably only bear unnecessary doubt within them – he’ll tell them everything once Gagarn’s dealt with.

Kouzuki and Michi try comforting Teral, telling him not to mind what Kazami said – he’s probably just stressed since his research is almost finished. Teral thanks them, saying it’s enough that they can bring themselves to trust him
Kouzuki’s a bit bashful at the praise from someone as pretty as Teral and Kappei quickly prods him about it, prompting Kouzuki to yell for him to go and prepare to head into space – Kappei doesn’t need the reminder as he’s already hyped to deal with the aliens once and for all.
The Elements are observing, and Pierre can see why Teral’s looks got that reaction out of Kouzuki. Uchuuta protests that Teral’s a guy but Rand asks if he could say with 100% certainty that he wouldn’t flush even a bit in that situation (he can’t).
Tsugumi admits that the guy’s good-looking to the point of making her heart skip a beat sometimes and Sirius concedes that the word “beautiful” fits him to a T.

Nearby, Setsuko has recovered her eyesight and there’ve been no issues since the last battle – looks like it’s a transient thing. Regardless, if the Sphere’s going to drain her life and turn her into something inhuman, she only wants to hold on long enough to end this fighting.
Keiko notices her pouting and asks what’s up, prompting Setsuko to change the subject to Kappei and Kouzuki.
Mel’s glad to see that Kappei’s made up with his friends and Rand’s heard from Toshiya and Banjou about their history. Keiko’s also surprised with how Kouzuki’s become such good friends with an alien like Teral but that’s to be expected since he owes his life to the guy, Uchuuta figures.
Ichitaro does raise the point that there are still those who’d treat Teral with suspicion, like Kazami. Reika sees that people from the Jin Family’s world seem to be quite wary of what they don’t understand and Ichitaro explains that one theory is that this stems from the long history of distrust between Naturals and Coordinators.

Sounds real petty considering the world we live in, and this conversation makes Sirius and Silvia start pondering humans, non-humans and their own Fallen Angel blood… and what would happen if everyone found out about it.
Apollo’s not telling anyone, though, and calls them both to quit mulling and psych themselves up to deal with the alien bosses. Neither sibling expected him to be worrying about them but, regardless, Apollo asks about Marin.
He’s looking at the ocean, like always, and both Mel and Setsuko wonder if it reminds him of home.

: …
: …
: …It’s beautiful…
: Hm… the very nature we lost in S-1 is still here, on Earth.
: Has Prof. Quinstein told you about the relation between Earth and our world?
: …She did…
: Aphrodia… I’m going with them.
: While stopping Operation Earth Flood may have prevented this world from outright becoming S-1, it’s possible that these ongoing battles may lead to all this beautiful nature being lost and sending Earth down a similar path.
: Marin…
: I’ve no more to say but I’m sure these beautiful waters will tell you something.
: We’ll meet again, Aphrodia. And, when we do, I’d like to speak to you.
: So, please, gaze into this ocean and ask yourself once more: “What can I do? What should I do?”
: Very well…
: Until then.

*Marin leaves.*

: …
: …Don’t die out there, Marin…

Mission 48 (Zaft Route) – Traitorous Moonlight

Rand and Mel have arrived on the Moon for the very first time but the place is a lot drearier than he expected. Setsuko’s also back after all this time and, unlike last time, Denzel and Toby aren’t with her anymore – regardless, it falls on her to take their pride to heart and keep on fighting.
Especially strange to everyone is the aurora-like effect spreading throughout space but, as before, that’s an effect of the two Breaks and the distortions they created in the dimensional walls.
Either way, we’re 100km away from the Skull Moon Base and our plan is to keep hidden as much as possible before initiating our attack. The showdown approaches and Kappei can’t wait to see their surprise, though Duke warns that we mustn’t get careless as we don’t know the full extent of their forces.
Which is exactly why Garrod wants us to make the first move: we get in just a bit closer and we can level all their mooks with the GX and DX’s Satellite Cannons. (Wait, you mean we could’ve done that instead of dealing with Suped-up Cosmosauruses?!)

Renton notices how gung-ho his buddy is and Gainer knows why: once the aliens are dealt with, our next target is Logos which means rescuing Tifa. The Freeden’s Sara has come along to stay close to Jamil and admonishes Garrod from losing focus on his mission and he understands (can’t rescue Tifa if he gets shot down here).
Heizaemon orders our troops forward but…

Surprise! We’re the ones getting ambushed!
Seems like the aliens knew of our surprise attack but, of course, Dalton won’t answer Toshiya on how they got that intel. The enemies have us surrounded from all sides and Dalton laughs at this wasteland being our grave.

Mission Objective: Shoot down the Eldar battleship.
Mission Failure: Any ally battleship shot down
Skill Point: Destroy all enemies, Dalton last, within 4 turns.
Not a difficult point if you spread your troops nicely. Send Heizaemon to give that nice boost against the Gaizock troops and see if you can’t have your speedier units go for the Vegan mooks – once they’re down, they can converge on the Eldar side.
The Aldebaron units are hardier and have two ships, so send some more units up there.

Pre-battle lines:

: What a shame, isn’t it, Duke Fleed? You were so eager to march onto the Moon and now your whole plan’s fallen apart!
: Urgh…! What happened? How were they aware of our plans?!

: Grrr! You’re gonna pay for mucking up our showdown with the aliens!
: Ahahaha! Throwing tantrums now, are we? Let’s see if I can’t change your angry yells into screams!
: DAMN IT! How did they know of our surprise attack?!

: Ah, the S-1-ian traitor! I’m sure the news of your defeat will be music to Commandant Gattler’s ears!
: I… We can’t afford to die in a place like this!
: Do you hear me, Gattler?! Someday, I will crush you and save the S-1 people!

: Our sneak attack might’ve failed but we’re not ones to turn tail and run! Bring it on!
: How very impressive. Now, I will personally turn the surface of this Moon into your private graveyard!

: Get out of our way! We’re gonna tear down that Skull Moon Base and your bosses with it!
: Hmhmhm… you’d best take a look at reality. You’ll never lay eyes onto the Skull Moon Base because you’ll die at my hand!
: We will not be deterred…! Our final battle with the aliens is right around the corner!
: And that means we’ll have to walk all over you to get to it!

Fast forward to turn four, everything’s dead…

These “cornered rats” are putting a bigger fight than Dalton expected and just as Gengoroh orders the Beal to finish him off, the Charisma intrudes by blowing up the Ion Engine, having sneaked aboard the ship in Trinity City.
It was Kazami who passed the info on our attack. He does his betrayal and runs off with Dalton, back to the Skull Moon base to speak with Gagarn.

As we try to figure out what just happened, a mob of Zaft troops appears with Yzak in command and he’s under orders to make us surrender come with them.
Durandal’s out to strike against Logos, the Federation and the aliens (for peace and all that) and he’s decided that he wants to add our forces to his own – just like when he tried to buy us from the Emaanians (Yzak does apologize for his attack back then, as it was borne of misinformation).
Now that the true enemy’s clear, Durandal wants to formally invite us to join Zaft… and if we refuse, Yzak is under orders to suppress us. This strikes our people as crazy, considering our independence from Zaft never meant that we were hostile to them.

Regardless, Yzak says we can’t be allowed to roam loose with that much firepower under our control – sounds like an incredibly simplistic train-of-thought to Gain. Roger isn’t about to put up with these unfair “negotiations” and Heizaemon tells Yzak to run off.
Without a choice, Yzak orders his group to attack and Sirius shakes his head as humanity’s foolish infighting only serving to help the cause of the Fallen Angels and aliens. We gotta fight back but that doesn’t mean we need to go all-out against them: just take Yzak down and we can avoid protracting this pointless battle, Gengoroh says.

Ending Point Alert!
As Gengoroh said, don’t destroy all Zaft units. If all enemies are down when Yzak gets destroyed, you’ll LOSE an Ending Point.

Once Yzak gets into battle or enough mooks are downed, the plot kicks in once more.

A battleship is detected entering the area but it’s not a Zaft reinforcement – it’s the Archangel team, having also flown up to space.
As in the other path, they’re here to support us not out of compensation for our help in Orb but because our objectives align and, as before, Setsuko’s people aren’t very friendly to them. Quattro tells them to shush and accept the help which our people begrudgingly do (though Tetsuya’s ready to put them down if they try anything funny).
Yzak also has orders to take Athrun and Kira out but he’d rather them surrender peacefully, making Athrun ask if he’s also lost sight of what’s right. Yzak fires back, asking if he’s implying that justice lies with the Archangel and ZEUTH’s uncontrolled battles.
If Athrun’s betrayed the Chairman’s trust and sided against Plants, then he’ll readily fight back.
Kira tells Athrun not to give up on talking with Yzak, though, and to keep at it – we’re bound to be stuck in this cycle of hostilities unless we can learn to convey what we think to one another with words.

Secret Alert!
What Kira means is that, if you want to recruit Yzak on the Zaft route, you’ll also need to have Athrun convince him on this stage (on top of everything else that we did on the ZEUTH route).

: Stop this, Yzak! We’re not the Plants’ enemies!
: You dare say that after everything that’s happened? After you betrayed the Chairman?!
: What made you do that?! Was that “Lacus Clyne’s double” trick so unforgivable to you?!
: No, it’s not about that! The Chairman simply won’t tolerate anyone who won’t bend to his will! His methods are too dangerous!
: Take a look at how he’s trying to get rid of ZEUTH! Don’t you see that that’s exactly what I’m talking about?!
: I won’t lay down my weapons over such vague reasons! Think, Athrun! Is this really the time for us to be fighting?!
: Yzak… I guess there’s nothing more I can say to you right now…
: Still, I will keep doing what I believe is right and if that means I have to fight against you, so be it!
: If you’re that set on your ways, then come! I won’t hold anything back either!

Pre-battle lines:

: Not bad…! This pilot knows her stuff!
: Please, stop! Continuing this battle will only help the aliens!
: And that’s exactly why the Chairman’s trying to unite mankind! You won’t interfere!

: Step up, Mr. Zaft Commander! We’ll be going right outta here once you’re dust!
: Let’s see you try! You’re making a big mistake by underestimating Yzak Joule!
: (Hang in there, Tifa…! I promise I’ll be coming to get you…!)

: What vigor… this is no ordinary man!
: Your skills are excellent but you still lack the experience to go up against a veteran of the previous war!

: If anything, this commander’s worthy of his station…! He’s not a foe to be taken lightly!
: I didn’t change from the red coat to this white one for nothing! This commander will show his men how it’s done!

: Urk! He’s reading me like a book! Who the hell is this guy?!
: His attacks are bold… but that’s what makes them predictable! I just need to outmaneuver them!
: Looks like I’m dealing with another world’s Ace! He’s certainly a worthy opponent!

: The Freedom! It really is you piloting that, isn’t it, Kira?!
: Yzak…! You—
: Why are you spreading mayhem across the world?! We fought together and I still have no idea what you’re up to!
: But if you’re not willing to listen to us, then we can only fight…!
: I…I may not like this, but I’ll still keep moving forward!

: Athrun…! This is what you deserve for betraying ours and the Chairman’s trust!
: I’m simply doing what I think is right, Yzak! And even if you’re the enemy, I will not stop!

And then Roger punches him for 21k damage.

Of course, Yzak’s not going to throw in the towel but he’s quickly recalled by Dearka informing that “those colonies” are displaying some strange movements.
They don’t know what’s happening but at first glance, those movements appear to be something like course corrections. Yzak smells Logos at work and they’ve been ordered to reorganize and attack their base before anything happens.
Yzak and co. run off, with him promising to hunt ZEUTH, Athrun and Kira down so long as they continue to sow chaos across the world. Kappei doesn’t appreciate him treating us like we’re the bad guys and Holland sighs at Zaft’s “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” policy.
Regardless, today’s engagement proves that they’ve set us as targets which means Zaft is now a new addition to our kill list.

There’s still the matter of the Archangel and, despite our common goals, our people have a hard time forgiving and forgetting like before. Kira and Harry’s talk is the same as before, as is his conviction to keep going despite any hatred he might earn.
Setsuko and Rand speak up first, wanting to hear more of their side of the story in order to understand what’s pushed them down this path. Kira himself said just now that you should try everything you can to convey your thoughts with words, so he should apply that same theory to us - especially considering they helped the non-Argama side of ZEUTH before.
Heizaemon agrees to hear them out as understanding each other is the first step towards preventing past mistakes from coming back for another round. Some of the more hot-headed people aren’t happy but Banjou agrees as picking a fight with other humans when we’re about to fight the aliens is so very idiotic.
Of course, Zaft pretty much did that and tagged us all as enemies which, Amuro figures, is more reason why we should try to reach an agreement and work together.

Aboard the Argama, Murrue explains their suspicions of Durandal, the Coordinators attempted assassination of Lacus and their lack of evidence to support their claims.
The convo is pretty much the same as 51 ZEUTH, sans Haman, and the teams agree to ignore whatever happened in the past in the interest of working for our current common goal.
Regardless, since we currently don’t know what Durandal’s endgame is, Quattro says shifting our sights to Zaft wouldn’t be a good idea and considering that the Aprillius Allied Army is now focusing on defeating Logos, Jamil figures we can afford to leave them be for now.
The bigger problem is Kazami who’s taken away our element of surprise and brought all that info on our team to the aliens, making our eventual battle all the more difficult. The infighting between the Spacenoids, Logos and Feds will give them a good opportunity to act, too, and Heizaemon fears we won’t be able to win if all those groups keep ignoring this in favor of their individual squabbles.

Over by the hangar, Athrun’s being informed of the Minerva’s return to Zaft and Camille worries that this’ll culminate with us having to fight against Shinn and the others.
Athrun figures there isn’t anything we could do, seeing as how this was the Minerva and crew’s own choice, but Eiji doesn’t think he should just let this matter be, especially considering how he and Shinn used to work together.
Athrun has come to a realization after fighting as Zaft, ZEUTH and going up against Kira: everyone has their own notions of what’s “right”. There are folks on all sides that believe justice lies with their cause and if that’s the case with the Minerva team, we’ll have no choice but to fight.
“Still, Shinn’s like how I used to be… he’s not sure of what he should believe in, so he clings to whatever he’s got.”, Athrun ponders. He may be regressing to that state where the Chairman’s approval is all the validation he needs to his actions.

Yes, Camille set him straight the last time he was like that but many things have happened since then, what with Stella’s death, the events at Orb and whatnot.
Athrun’s head of how Shinn joined Zaft as a way to escape the lingering pain he felt from the scars left by the last war and Harry figures he’ll never be free unless he can overcome that pain. Hell, Durandal may know about all of his issues and approached Shinn after seeing that he’d be someone easy to manipulate.
Kira’s certainly not willing to forgive the Chairman if that’s, indeed, the crux of his interest in Shinn. Cue the introduction from 51 ZEUTH and his convo with Camille.

: All this time I’ve been running away…
: I didn’t target the enemy’s cockpits or their energy cores but, as I kept on fighting, people were still getting hurt… and I kept facing away from that fact.
: …Such is war. And while I don’t mean to use that as justification for it all, there’s no other way to describe it.
: I agree but I don’t think those words alone make me worthy of forgiveness or even give me the right to ask for it…
: Still, I won’t stop, even if I end up hurting people… because this is the battle I chose to fight.
: I’ll press onwards, bearing the anger and the hatred of all those people within me.
: That’s the answer you found, hm?
: Yes.
: It’s up to you to decide what you deem right and wrong. Nevertheless, I believe we can fight together now, Kira Yamato.
: Thank you.
: I want you to tell Shinn what you said just now.
: Shinn Asuka… that’s the pilot of the Impulse, yes?
: I think he’s still unsure of what he’s doing now. So, I think it’d do him good to talk with you now that you’ve managed to find that answer.
: I understand, Camille. I wish to speak to him as well.
: (Shinn… I’m back with ZEUTH… next time we meet, it’ll probably be in battle, right…?)
: (I want to talk and help you and Rey understand what I’ve obtained. )

Banjou and Neo are talking in the sidelines, and Neo’s fully recovered now. When Gavane asks, Banjou explains who the guy is, how Logos manipulated his memories and how he’s brought him over to the Archangel after the Chiram battle (old Muu data and whatnot).
Neo asks about Shinn and is disappointed to see that he’s gone – he had hoped to see him again by joining up with ZEUTH but it looks like he’s lost his chance.

Finally, this mission ends with the scenes from the end of ZEUTH 52, aboard the King Beal, regarding Kazami’s betrayal and how we need to deal with him if we're to stand a chance against the aliens, but that's put on hold once we get news of Zaft’s failed attack and Logos firing the REQUIEM from the start of ZEUTH 50.
The only difference is that it’s Henken accompanying Lacus by the laser-bending colonies but everything’s pretty much the same