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Part 249: Mission 53 (Zaft Route) - Warped Judgement (Includes changes in 54 and 55)

With open aboard the Algol, where Aphrodia and Gattler have their convo from ZEUTH’s 53. Following that, the scene cuts back to us where Roger and the other androids are watching over Dorothy.
Norman’s servicing Dorothy and her situation isn’t good: her memory circuit and whatnot has been removed. Captain figures Shaia must have plenty of spare parts around that can be used to fix her but that’s not the problem.
Norman already has her memory circuit and putting it back would get her running again but, like before, that won’t bring back her memories which have all been formatted. Daitarn’s Reika ponders how everyone in Paradigm City lost their memories and now Dorothy, an android created there, has followed the same path.
Regardless, Roger tells Norman to go ahead and get her back up and running: “Lost memories do not come back... this is all we can do.”, he tells Mome. He then starts to leave the room, having some questions pertaining to Alan Gabriel and his boss.

Roger’s went after Angel, apologizing for only being able to treat her to some vending machine coffee and not that dinner date he promised – rain check on that.
Roger wants to know who gave Dorothy back to Angel and she figures he’d be more interested in knowing who was behind the kidnapping in the first place but he already suspects Alex’s hand is behind it all.
Paradigm City holds some unique significance, something that binds Schwarz’s “truth”, the Black History data within the Big O and the lost memories of the citizens together. Roger left the place in order to discover how it all fits together and he sees only Alex, Paradigm City’s would-be “king”, as someone who’d send someone like Alan after him and Dorothy.
The question is: why did he kidnap her? Roger asks for what Angel knows but she mumbles that even she doesn’t have all the answers.
The rest of the scene follows the script of ZEUTH’s 49 and, when Angel says Paradigm City is a miniature garden, halfway towards the Taiji, Roger asks if it’s her memories telling her that: she doesn’t know, unsure of even who she is.

Next scene, our people have their convo from ZEUTH’s 49 regarding the possibility of the demons controlling dimensional power and what they’d be able to do with it.
No news on the Great Singularity from the Chiram and Emaanians but Tetsuya figures leaving them to handle that search is the better option: our priority now, Ryouma figures, is finding the demons’ HQ and putting an end to them ASAP, lest they start pulling some dimensional shenanigans. Our people still need to repair and resupply after the OverDevil fight, though, so we’re headed over to San Germain Castle in Japan to do just that.
Benkei’s hoping to get a little bit of rest while we’re there but Eina quickly shoots that plan down: we’re getting reports that Skull Moon forces are descending right near the place!

Kouji’s annoyed that they divined our destination based simply on us heading to Japan but the timing is far too perfect for Julie – it’s likely these enemies we’re gunning for us from the get-go and simply set themselves up to block our pat.
Furthermore, considering the enemy’s confident enough to outright pursue us, he figures they must be quite certain in victory: add all that together and Julie’s very certain that it’s Kazami waiting for us ahead.

Mission 53 (Zaft Route) – Warped Judgement

Indeed, it’s Dr. Wily and he’s disappointed that Sandman’s not home (he planned on stopping by to say “hello” while waiting for ZEUTH). Sandman’s off in Trinity City and Twille doesn’t know what to do with the enemies right on their doorstep.
Tessera figures, since Japan has long since joined the Federation, the army should be coming over to bail them out soon but there might be no time for that: King Vega, also here, means to inflict bloody punishment on ZEUTH’s cooperators and opens fire.
The Federal Army’s nowhere in sight and Cookie’s just received some intel saying that they’re currently engaging some other enemy over by the Pacific Ocean. They won’t be making it but, thankfully…

ZEUTH’s here, right on time! Kazami bids them welcome and, as before, he’s quite sure that his knowledge on our forces makes his victory a foregone conclusion.
The rest of the scene follows as ZEUTH’s 53.

Mission Objective: Shoot down all enemies.
Mission Failure: God Sigma or any allied battleship shot down.
Skill Point: Clear the map within 7 turns.
We’ve more enemies incoming on the southwest corner but seven turns is still plenty of time. You’ll need to spread your troops out because due to how spread out the enemy troops are (make sure the Dynamic bots are in the same group because beating Vega will trigger the FDS event and they’ll all bunch up anyway).
Watch out for the buffed Cosmosauruses, send Renton/Kira/Loran towards SW in preparation and get to work. Keep a steady pace like in ZEUTH route’s 53 and you’ll be fine.

As before, our people realize how suped-up these Cosmosauruses are and Kazami starts gloating. Toshiya and co aren’t about to be broken by that, so Kazami decides to play his ace: using Taichirou and all the other Io POWs are hostages.
They’re all aboard his ship, so striking him down would mean all their lives would go up in smoke as well – with that in mind, will Toshiya still fight? Kazami yells at the raging pilot that he cares not what means he needs to use in order to further his research but Julie asks if he’ll free the hostages if we agree to surrender the God Sigma.
Kouji protests that Julie also poured his heart in the Trinity Energy and, yet, he’ll willingly submit it to Kazami? “I’m not like him… I am not the kind of scientist that’d even sacrifice other peoples’ lives to further my research!”, he says.
Kazami yells back that a novice like Julie has no right to speak of science – especially considering how he hasn’t grasped the true nature of “that power”. He won’t speak details, instead meaning to simply TAKE the God Sigma from us.
Seems like there isn’t a single shred of humanity left in him but our attention shifts elsewhere, when Ichitaro spots another group approaching.

It’s the demons with their flying island, fully weaponized thanks to their manipulation of the dimensional power. Brai declares that he’s here to personally eliminate us.
Looks like they’ve finally decided to start their all-out assault against us and Eiji isn’t happy that they’d piggyback off the aliens’ attack to strike – of course, that’s what he’d expected from a group like them.
Kazami is slightly impressed that the demon’s scientist managed to perfect a method to control dimensional power and Gura himself had heard of Kazami’s betrayal of ZEUTH. Gura’s, likewise, impressed with his work on the Fallen Angels which is part of what allowed him to complete his enhanced soldiers.
“You need not waste time on flattery… and it seems to me that our objectives align: to crush ZEUTH and gain access to that energy, dimensional power.”, Kazami says. “Kazami… and King Vega. Perhaps some cooperation against these pests is in order?”, Brai suggests.

That’s fine with Vega, who’s more than willing to work with anyone in the interest of destroying us.
Kappei’s miffed at this alliance of evil forming right before us but all’s the same to Jiron and Apollo: we were gonna have to deal with these guys sooner or later, so might as well take them all down right now.
There’s still the matter of Kazami’s hostages, though, and our best option right now is to try and disable his ship while repelling the other groups. Sounds good for the God Sigma team and they prepare to make it work.
Brai isn’t impressed with our recklessness, thinking we can face his fortress along with all the other alien forces, and Ryouma yells back for him to watch we do it: “give up” isn’t part of our lexicon.

Ending Point Alert!
Triggering the plot by reducing Kazami below 2000 HP is worth an ending point. I guess events will play out by themselves in time but it’s in your interest to do this anyway if you want the Skill Point.

Once Kazami’s HP gets dropped, he asks if Toshiya’s just going to let his father die like that but Taichirou himself yells at them to forget about him and focus on defeating the enemy.
The people of Io have lost many of their fellow men and Taichirou wants us to stand strong, if only to prevent others from experiencing that sorrow. Toshiya thinks and agrees, vowing to the panicking Kazami that he won’t let him get away after this.
Things are interrupted when an explosion rocks the professor’s ship from within and an intruder tells Taichirou and co. to come with.

That’d be Teral, who snuck aboard and is now escaping with the hostages aboard a harpy - he won’t allow there to be more sacrifices to this pointless conflict.
Kazami doesn’t understand what he’s doing here since he was supposed to be locked away on the moon but, like before, Jeela freed him. Kazami’s not about to simply let them run off with the hostages and Jeela’s forced to sacrifice herself to shield their escape.
After they’re gone, a livid Toshiya has had enough and demands to know if Kazami actually wants power THAT badly? Is the Trinity Energy, dimensional power and his science really all that he cares about?!
A voice from the shadows says that Kazami has also lost his soul to the Great Power…

That’s Alan Gabriel and Roger guesses that he’s here for his life, having finished his job with Dorothy.
Yes but that’s not all: there are a whole lot of dangerous forces gathered here and it could mean trouble for the foundation of this world if they’re not removed quickly. That said, his first priority is to capture Angel but Setsuko demands to know what he’s doing all this for, while Rand and Mel demand vengeance for Dorothy.
It’s good that they’re getting in his face because, after Angel, the Bearers of the Great Power are next on his priority list. When asked, he explains the Great Power = Dimensional Power = Taiji thing and both Gura and Kazami are blown away to find someone knowledgeable in the subject.
Cue Alan’s exposition from 49 regarding the Great Power, Paradigm City, the Union and whatnot.

If there’s one thing the villains caught from all that is the insinuation that whoever rules Paradigm City commands the dimensional power and Brai’s all over the idea of conquering the place once ZEUTH’s history.
Alan doubts he’d be able to pull it off and will demonstrate what he means: his Big will crush all who are present into dust, a reproduction of one of the events at the end of the Black History (Gwen gasps).
He then proceeds to use a portion of dimensional power to energize himself up and has the convo he has with Roger in ZEUTH’s 49 after he summons the Big O. Kazami’s bursting with joy that a clue towards understanding the dimensional power would simply fall on his lap and that, alone, has made the trip here worth it.
Rie and Minako beg him to stop this lunacy, especially considering how bad things are for Earth right now, but Kazami won’t lend his ear to people who’d oppose his research: once he’s destroyed us and Alan, he’ll take his research into even greater heights!

Not, because the Gran Fortress shows up and grants us the gift of Sandman.
This scene is just like ZEUTH’s 53 but without Hugi’s yelling and without his hostages, we’re free to lay it on Kazami without worry. Alan watches this chaotic battlefield and takes it as a sign that we’re headed straight down the Black History path while, on his own corner, Gwen ponders these recent revelations and how, within Paradigm City, there’s power to rule over all.
Brai deems this battle to be the one who’ll determine the rulers of this world but Hayato says none of us desire that. Mind, we still plan to leave here as the victors and Ryouma calls him over to feel our wrath.

Take Kazami out, he starts using some dimensional power to regenerate his ship and we get the Trinity Wing event.
He’s ejected, so we’ll deal with him after the other enemies are done.

Alan goes crazy upon defeat and quickly blasts the Big O and scores a major hit, stopping it in its tracks.
Big Duo starts absorbing Alan, Roger tells him to piss off and Dorothy hops on the comm. Roger’s surprised she’s up but, unlike him, she’s not one to “sit about doing nothing all day” and, like before, her smart mouth proves she still has her memories.
Dorothy hops onto the Big O, fixes its systems, and informs Roger that Beck told her how to defeat Alan – seems like he was the one who gave Dorothy and her disk to Angel. They blast Alan with the Final Stage before Schwarz’s ghost comes over and does his thing.

King Vega isn’t going down easy, yelling about how he’s the ruler of the entire universe.
His implacability holds steady, so Duke and the Dynamic bots move to sever it themselves. After Vega’s reduced to pink dust under FDS fire, Duke and Rubina ponder his death like in 53.

Since Vega took the FDS event, Brai quickly explodes upon defeat.
With all enemies dead, Rand and Setsuko ponder how the Spheres are a system meant to bring forth dimensional power but they have to wonder: why is Asakim working towards making it activate with them?
The demons are gone and we’ve also taken a part of the Skull Moon’s forces, too, but Marin expects this to mean that the remainder of the aliens will also be making their move – the final battle with them approaches.

Speaking of, Hugi does his “I AM KILLING EVERYTHING” speech right now.
Angel is observing from a corner of the map and Gwen, having seemingly taken her, tells her not to worry as they’ve a way to rise over this. The Black Charisma is helping and says that, if they can get the Great Power in hand, everything will go swimmingly and that’s the reason why he called Gwen over along with the girl.
Indeed, he thanks Gwen for answering his call and they have their convo from the end of 49. With that done, the three of them set out to Paradigm City and the Charisma adds that, if they don’t hurry, the Union’s leader will come to eliminate Angel.

Kazami’s run off into San Germain Castle, the God Sigma crew intercepts him and we’ve the same scene as before.

Following that, back on the moon, Diana gets on the mic to try to get mankind to calm down and join forces to stand against the incoming alien attack. Our people are watching and have pretty much the same convo as before (sans Haman).
Following that, Gavane shows up looking for Gwen who’s been missing since the battle ended. Joseph figured he was making preparations to ascend into space once more but no one has seen him anywhere.
Miashey wonders if he’s gotten scared of the showdown we’ll be running into but Loran doesn’t think that’s something Gwen would do. Regardless, we’ve no time to mount a search in the area so we’ll have to leave that to Sandman’s maids.
Loran’s heard of how Angel left the ship and starts putting two and two together.

Finally, in Orb, the Diana Counter decides to stop being stupid and go back to their queen.

Missions 54 and 55 play out pretty much identical since they’re excluded from the Zaft/ZEUTH split. These are the only small changes:

: How’s your health doing, Setsuko?
: …Other than some occasional vertigo, I actually feel OK when piloting the Virgola.
: Even though your life’s being drained?
: I think the Virgola wants to help me keep fighting…
: And I intend to do so, even if it means sacrificing this body to the Sphere.
: Don’t go crazy out there, though. Risking your life and acting with reckless abandon are two completely different things.
: Remember: saving the lives of others is impossible for those who do not value their own.
: I’ll be sure to remember that.

In 55, when Meer is singing and the scene switches to the Minerva:

: Camille… guys…
: Settle down, Shinn. Moving our troops recklessly would only be to the Federation’s benefit.
: But, the way things are going, ZEUTH and Earth’ll--!
: Don’t let your whims get the better of you. The Chairman sees a much bigger picture than any of us.
: If you wish to bring an end to war, then you must follow his commands.
: But…
: …
: Minerva, prepare to launch.
: But the Chairman’s orders were to stay on standby…
: We’re already far too late for this. Hurry!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: Captain… you’ll disobey the Chairman?
: I’m exercising my authority as FAITH and acting as per my own judgment.
: Roger that! Come on, Shinn…let’s go!
: R-right…!
: (Shinn, Lunamaria… we should also do everything we can.)
: (Though we may now be trailing different paths, I still believe in ZEUTH…)
: …

Fast forwards a bit, Zaft and the Federation intercept the newly spawned Zeravire reinforcements (Miriallia, this time, acknowledges Dearka’s presence and is quietly happy to see he’s still the man she remembers).
As everyone prepares to drag the aliens out the battlefield and leave Goma for our people to kill, this gets added in:

: Camille… I…
: Leave this area to us, Shinn! You focus on your own battle!
: I…
: Shinn… Worry about beating the Zeravire right now. Everything else can wait until later.
: Sis… Shinn…

Then they leave and the mission proceeds as before.