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Part 250: Mission 56 (Zaft Route) - The Final Power

And we're back! We open up with the same scene as the other side, minus Shinn.

Over by the Copernicus Summit, Roger opens as before, encouraging the free exchange of ideas in the interest of finding some mutual understanding between the parties. Of course, Haman scoffs that, were such a thing actually possible, this summit wouldn’t even be necessary.
Quattro says we’re doing this PRECISELY to put an end to that antagonism and if Haman’d reject that idea outright, then it’d be best if she walked away. She won’t, as she has a job to do as Axis' representative.
Besides, we’re on the brink of the battle that’ll decide society’s future and she wanted a chance to look at Char’s miserable face before it all goes down.
Scirocco’s convo with Diana and Haman goes the same as befoe, as does Holland and Dewey exchanging pleasantries with each other. Quattro takes Haman’s place in accusing Zaft of dragging their feet in the fight against the Skull Moon Alliance and the convo proceeds as before.
Fast forward until Scirocco laughs at Quattro being Zeon Deikun’s failure of a son and, upon Quattro’s silence, Haman laughs at his lack of a comeback: is this all there is to the man who’s abandoned both the Deikun name as well as the title of Red Comet? How disappointing.
Everything else is the same.

We cut to the Minerva where Rey easily notices how ill at ease Shinn is. He knows that victory today will mean the Destiny Plan will be implemented: “The chairman will create a world without conflict, a world where everyone can live happily… it’s our duty to help create and defend it”, Rey says.
That still doesn’t help Shinn but Rey asks if it wasn’t for this very reason that he’s gained the power of the Destiny Gundam? Why he was chosen to be its pilot? Durandal picked him because he saw Shinn as someone whose desire to see that peaceful world made real was greater than anyone else’s.
That said, the real problem will come in the aftermath of the war, Rey thinks: at any point of human history, change is always met with opposition – especially by those who stand to lose something because of it.

There will always be people who lash out against change, even when there’s no good reason for it, and, as the Chairman says, it’s that ignorance that makes us incapable of creating a better future. Humanity MUST change or there’ll be no saving it and Rey asks Shinn to remember both Stella and all that he’s fought thus far.
Rey tells Shinn to grow strong and to protect both Durandal and the new world they’re creating – this is the final option they have to save mankind from this chaos. Shinn doesn’t get what he’s talking about, as this task falls on Rey as well but, no, he says his future doesn’t extend that far.
Rey explains that he was born with shortened telomeres in his DNA – a result of his origins as a clone…

Back to our people, the scene is the same as before: everyone ponders the failure of the summit, the upcoming battle and our resolve to see the ambitions of Scirocco, Durandal and whatnot go up in smoke.
After Quattro ponders a way to save mankind with Amuro and the Nu Gundam’s help, we get something new:

: ….
: You thinking about Shinn, Camille?
: Not just him; Rey, Lunamaria, Captain Gladys and the others, too. Are you not worried about them?
: …
: …I don’t think there’s anything that can be done now.
: Is that what you’re trying to convince yourself of?
: !
: Well, I haven’t given up. If Shinn steps out into that battlefield, I plan on reaching out to him.

*Camille stomps off.*

: …
: He’s right. It’s still far too early for us to throw in the towel, Athrun.
: Yes. You can think that there “isn’t anything that can be done” after you’ve exhausted every other option.
: Not doing so is precisely what sent us down the wrong path before.
: You’re right…
: I’ve a bad habit of just letting myself get pushed about by what happens around me, I guess.
: (Meer managed to find her own song… Shinn… I know you can do the same.)
: (And if you’re willingly fighting for the world the Chairman’s trying to create… then I’ll stop you when the time comes. I will not sit by and watch those mistakes be repeated.)

And then Beltorchika comes over, announcing that Durandal’s making a world-wide transmission.

Let’s get some Destiny Plan going up in here!

Mission 56 (Zaft Route) – The Final Power

Durandal’s aide reports the same things as before, only, of course, it’s only the AEUG attacking Zaft’s flanks. Haman sees that Messiah will be the center of the upcoming battle and praises Durandal on setting things up to deal with all problems in a single move.
Durandal sees that this applies to everyone: both ZEUTH, the Federation and Haman herself have their biggest obstacles present in one convenient battlefield. Haman tells him to relax as loyalty isn’t something she’s forsaken: whatever objections she may have to his methods, she’ll do her part for as long as the Aprillius Allied Army holds together.
Her having problems with the Destiny Plan doesn’t come as a surprise to Durandal but, regardless, Haman’s amused/curious about the inner workings of a man who’s been pushed to the point of wanting to implement such a thing.

Either way, that’s all best left for after the battle and Haman’s expecting this battle to turn into a major brawl once both opposing teams arrive but that’s exactly what Durandal’s waiting for.
Durandal and Rey have the same talk as before while Shinn watches from a corner. When the Chairman asks how he feels about it, Shinn – slowly – agrees with Rey on the righteousness of their cause.
Haman sees right through him and warns him that hesitation weakens one’s spirit.

ZEUTH arrives and their part is the same, minus Shinn and Luna. Quattro, inwardly, tells Haman that he won’t allow her and Durandal to bend the world to their whims.
And then we’re off!

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemies
Mission Failure: Any allied ship destroyed
Skill Point: Clear the map within 8 turns.
It’s the exact same mission as before except, you know, with Haman (plus her Axis troops), Shinn and Lunamaria added into the mix. You’ve more time but it’s still a tight fit, so you’ll need to spread your troops out if you want to make it.
As before, it’s advised to keep Renton close-ish to the SW corner in order to nuke Löwen, Schlan and the other Fed mooks. Since I want folks to battle with Shinn, I spread my troops like this: the Setsuko’s main characters get sent up towards Messiah, Rand’s crew stays by SE to deal with Scirocco and a couple of folks to help Renton clean up.

That said, the same secrets as before apply so, if you want to recruit Sarah and Reccoa, you’ll need to keep Camille on the SE team. On the Zaft route, Yzak can only be convinced with Athrun if you’ve done it on mission 48.
Finally, I’m pretty sure it took longer on this side for the Feds to spawn, so make sure you don’t bring Renton too far away.

Fed troops eventually come in and a third of them get blasted by Neo-Genesis. Following that, the Minerva’s team shows up and Shinn does not look happy.
The scene proceeds as before, until Lacus starts her speech; Luna and Shinn recognize her as the real deal and remember Meer’s message and her song. Rey, however, tells Shinn to stop worrying as the folks ahead are their enemies and they must be struck down in order to make the world they desire a reality.
Dearka runs off and we’re left to fight everyone else: doesn’t look like we’ll have any option but to take up arms against Shinn and co. Rey tells the others to engage and destroy anyone that gets close to the Minerva.
Seeing how all players have now taken to the field, Haman’s decided to do the same and our Newtypes quickly feel her pressure. Quattro says the same thing as the other side and that’s it.

Ending Point Alert

Convincing Luna is recommended if only because it’ll make her instantly retreat and you already have enough troops to deal with. Haman, like Scirocco, is carrying a Haro so that’s already enough reason to bring her down.

Let’s get this done.

: Meyrin… let her hear your voice!
: Please, stop, sis!
: Meyrin?! You’re on that ship?!
: Why are you taking part in this?! Didn’t you hear what Ms. Lacus said?!
: But…
: Please, don’t worry about who’s real and who’s fake and just think of the meaning behind her words!
: Do you really think Chairman Durandal can save the world?!
: Tell us what you’re really after, Lunamaria!
: What are you fighting for? For the Chairman? For the world? For Shinn?
: …
: I don’t want to fight you! I can’t even stand the thought of a world that puts us against each other!
: Me too…Meyrin…

: Sis…
: She opened her eyes, I’m sure of it… that’s why she laid down her weapons.
: (I’ll be waiting, sis… please come back to us…)
: Luna… why…?!
: She chose Meyrin over a leader who’d push for a battle like this!
: Do you honestly want a world where people are forced to give up their free will, Shinn?! A world where they’re forced to fight?!
: I…I…!

Off we go to deal with Shinn. Every important character from Setsuko's side, and from Destiny, has words for him:

: Freedom... you may have come back once, but you won't after this!
: You're... just like me...
: !
: You're hurting, and you're confused, but you're still fighting! I don't want to fight you like that!
: Then how about you get out of my way!
: I can't... I can't do that! I’ve my own share of doubts, but I'm making myself move forward!
: Damn you... damn you!!

Shinn attacking Kira: “I’ve beaten you once and, this time, you’ll stay down!”
Kira attacking: “We’re the same! I also have a reason why I can’t stand down!”[/list]

: Is a world under the Destiny Plan what you want, Shinn?
: I have faith in the Chairman... so I'll fight to protect him!
: Fine. If you've made up your mind, then I'll take you on.
: But know that if you’ve a shred of doubt in your mind, you will lose this round!
: Are you insulting my conviction, Banjou?
: If that's what you have, then come! Show me!
: I... this is all I can do now!

: Hey, Shinn! What happened to the big dude who said he'd get stronger with me, huh?
: Kappei...
: Answer me, bro! You're supposed to end war, right? What the hell is this all about?
: I... I have faith that the Chairman will bring peace...
: You're lying! You're not sure at all! Give up and go home already!
: Shut up! This... fighting is my only option!

: Stop this, Shinn! I don't want to fight you!
: Then retreat, Loran! I won't let you stop the Chairman!
: We can't let the Chairman get away with what he's doing! That's what I'm fighting for!
: Tell me, do you really believe the Destiny Plan is going to save the world?
: I...
: If you can't answer that, then don't fight! None of us wants to shoot you!
: But... but I'm ZAFT!
: You're a person, too! And our friend!!

Shinn attacking:

: Shinn, Chairman Durandal's just using you! It's not too late!
: You put yourself in my sights just to lecture me?!
: You're wrong! I was like you once... so I want to save you!
: You can't sway me! I'm taking you down, Athrun!
: Why don't you understand, you idiot?!

Athrun attacking:
Shinn attacking:

: Stop this now, Shinn! Or are you really going to fight us?
: If you're against ZAFT, I don't have a choice!
: We're just trying to stop the Chairman and his Destiny Plan!
: Are you actually supporting that crazy plan?
: If... if it's the Chairman's decision, I—!
: Can't you tell right and wrong for yourself?! If you blindly trust the Chairman, then we're done talking!
: Get your game face on and put up your dukes!
: Toshiya... I...!

: The Chairman’s making a world of peace… For that, I…I’ll…!
: Durandal can worm his way into the deepest corners of people’s minds and rob them of their free will…
: Shinn, are you also under his spell?!

: Come on, Shinn! Are you telling me you support the Destiny Plan?
: I...
: If you don't know, then why fight? It's not worth putting your life on the line over something you're not sure about!
: But... but that's what the Chairman wants! I... I have to!

: Shinn! Is there anything you want to say to me before we draw?
: Tetsuya, I...
: You can't have doubts when you're fighting! It'll be the death of you!
: But...
: Then here I come, Shinn! If you don't pull out, I'm not holding back! That's what it means to do battle!

: Enough, Shinn! I'm not going to shoot you down if you're not fighting of your own volition!
: I'm fighting for the Chairman and the world he's making! I’ll persist, even against you, Lt. Amuro!
: Open your eyes, Shinn! You're acting like a baby crying for something to hold on to!
: You still have a home! Remember that!

: Shinn… the Sphere’s letting me see what lies in your heart…!
: Setsuko…!
: Just stop, Shinn! I know you, of all people, don’t want this!
: It’s you who should stop, Setsuko! Keep fighting and the Sphere’ll consume all your life!
: Nevertheless, I’ll keep going! That’s the decision I made… but you’re different, Shinn!
: You’re lying to yourself in order to fight! That’s why you must put down your weapons!
: But…there’s no other way! I have to fight!!

: Shinn! I've found my own goals to fight for! Have you?
: What are you getting at, Touga?!
: Don't be dumb! He's asking who you're fighting for! Answer, Shinn!
: I'm... fighting for the Chairman!
: And what about you? You won’t fight for what you, yourself, want?!
: I...
: Don't fight if you’re not up to it! And don't expect to beat the Gran Knights if you come at us like that!


: Shinn!
: Camille, I...
: If you don't want to fight, retreat now!
: I... I don't know what I should do, Camille...
: You're the only one who can decide that!
: The Chairman's going to make a world where there's no fighting... so...
: Shinn!
: I'm... I'm fighting for Rey! For the Chairman! I'll fight!!

Camille attacking: “Enough, Shinn! This’ll only bring destruction to everyone, including you!”
Shinn attacking:

Finally, here are some other special quotes:
Loran: “Don’t let yourself become a prisoner of you past, Shinn! You must look onwards!” / “Shinn! You can’t live bound by the chains of destiny!”
Garrod: “Shinn! Don’t you get that you’re repeating the same crap that happened to you?!” / You dumbass! I don’t wanna fight you!”
Muu: “You have to stop this, boy!” / “I’m here to take you on! For Stella!”

: Urgh! Damn it!!
: Enough, Shinn! This fight’s over!
: We ain’t gonna hold anything back if you keep pushing this!
: I…I can’t be taken out! We’re going to make a better future!
: You’re not even facing the future right now! You’re a prisoner of your past!
: You—!
: No matter how much you fight, you’re not bringing anything back!
: Despite that, you’re ready to keep going until you destroy everyone’s future?!
: !
: What are you fighting for, Shinn?!
: Is this the strength you wanted?!

: Shinn!
: Look! There’s a unit entering this area!

*The Gaia Gundam appears by Messiah.*

: The Gaia?!
: Shinn…! Shinn!
: Stella…?!
: I’ve come to see you, Shinn. This time, I’ll protect you.
: Protect…
: That’s what I’ll do. I’ll protect both you and our future.
: The future…?
: Yes, our future – our tomorrow!
: I…I…

: Shinn…?!
: That girl’s…
: Stella Loussier, in the flesh. She’s alive as well.
: Stella, could you hang back until the battle’s over?
: OK, Neo!

*Stella runs off.

: Good girl…
: (Shinn…Stella’s still alive. Now you must decide for yourself how you want to live your life.)

Take Rey out and he also flees into Messiah. As he goes, Camille can feel the anger and sorrow that permeates his heart.
Still, Eiji wonders what he’s up to, running into the fortress. Athrun wishes Rey would understand that his life is his own.

With the Qubeley destroyed, Haman can see which way the wind is blowing and decides to cut her losses.
She’s happy to have seen the fire within Char and admits that she’ll feel a bit lonely, having been unable to make him come back to her side. Haman bids him farewell FOR NOW and says she’ll be looking forward to our continued efforts.
All of Axis’ troops pull out and Amuro figures her only objective was to weaken both Zaft and Federation armies. Still, Quattro knows that Axis own forces were whittled by this gambit, so we shouldn’t see any problems from them in the near future.
Our issues with Axis seem to be done but that’s obviously only a temporary thing. “Haman… if there comes a time where you bare your fangs again, you’ll find me there to stop you.”, Quattro thinks.

Take out Talia and things go as before: Muu blocks the Tännhouser shot, recovers his memories, and both the ship and Kira run into Messiah.
Once all enemies are down, Athrun is worried about Kira and also heads inside – Camille and Meyrin remind him that Shinn and Luna should also be inside, so they’ll trust him to bring them both back.
After that, Yzak, Reccoa and Sarah come back.

Kira’s confrontation with Durandal doesn’t change much. Of note, after saying that the loss of him and Scirocco would throw the world in chaos, he asks if Kira would, instead, allow Haman to seize power.
Rey shoots Durandal before even stepping from the shadows, Talia shows up and the scene goes the way of the original SEED Destiny version. Talia tells Kira to run off, ready to accompany Durandal into the afterlife, Durandal is happy to be with her again in the end and she sighs that this must be their fate.
She thanks Rey for all his hard work and says he can rest. As he slowly calls her “mother”, Talia entrusts ZEUTH to take care of the future while Durandal warns them about the Black Charisma.

This is stupid as hell.

Location: Messiah’s interior

: Shinn…
: Aah…aaah…
: Let’s go back, Shinn… the Messiah won’t—
: Go back…where?! We don’t have any place to go to…

*Someone comes in.*

: You can come back to us, Shinn… to ZEUTH…
: Athrun…
: But…

*Incoming transmission!*

: Can you hear us, Shinn?!
: Camille…!
: Our struggles to bring peace to this world are not finished yet.
: So, don’t just sit there moping! You and Luna come back with us, on the double!
: But, I…
: Weren’t you fighting because you wanted to make peace a reality?
: If that’s how you feel, then you can fight at our side again.
: …
: Come on, Shinn. Remember what world you truly want.
: But I fought with Zaft… I did it all for the Chairman’s world…
: And that is what you want?! A world where the people’s own hearts are disregarded?!
: I…
: We’re all waiting for you, Shinn. The world we hope for is the same you do – we’re sure of it.

*Transmission ends.*

: Camille… they…
: Come on, Shinn… let’s go back to them…
: I…don’t know what to do…
: This is your future… so it’s up to you to decide it.
: Please, tell me, Athrun… should I go back?
: Didn’t you hear me? So long as you can’t make that choice for yourself, you’ll never be able to break free from your past!
: What the hell do you know?! Two years ago, I—
: Stop, Shinn…! You can’t be a prisoner of your past if you want to fight for a better future!
: “Our future… our tomorrow…”


: That was an impact on the Messiah…! An attack from outside?!
: Shinn, this is your life. You decide how you want to live it.
: I…

And then the Bros and Dewey blast Messiah and get ready to drop it onto the South Pole. The Black Charisma is loving this.