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Part 253: Special Disk Mission 1-2 - Contact

And we’re back with our team of baddies. We’ve four slots to fill but, unfortunately, not enough units to pull that off. As such, Löwen will be flying solo because he can move fast enough with his own Accel, has an ALL and that damage boost against males:

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation HQ

Dewey and Scirocco are receiving info that Special Force 13 has begun its operations and both find it weird that the Federation would go to the trouble of assembling an elite unit just to pursue one enemy mech.
The orders came from Lord Djibril, but Dewey's heard the suggestion came from someone else: Brigadier General Edel Bernal, someone who Scirocco’s heard will be invited into the Sage Council. By the looks of things, she’s built a relationship with Djibril and has been secretly deploying troops here and there.
Dewey suspects that Djibril is trying to consolidate Logos’ influence so he can bump off the Sage Council and Edel’s his ace-in-the-hole for that – that said, both men doubt the guy has the capacity to put Edel and her private army to good use. They'd rather do so themselves, appealing to Edel's stated love of law and order to bring their Operation Crusade closer to reality - time to bring the charismatic general into their fold.

Location: Central North Ameria – Izumo, Bridge

On Neo’s request, Dominic shares all the info on the BG he's got -- which is to say, not much: it's either a single mech or a small group of them, whose pilot and place of origin are both question marks.
Jürgens assumes, since the Federation ordered them to hunt it, that they view it as a threat but Dominic found no specific records of it in any databases. Schlan figures this means the subject’s activities have been deemed highly classified – especially considering how even witness accounts have been suppressed – but we can at least surmise that it is very dangerous, if it warranted this many people being brought together in order to pursue it.
Dominic knows a few people he can ask for more info, but tells the team not to expect too much.
Neo muses that tailing a mysterious, hazardous foe like this sounds like the opposite of a picnic, though it's an open question whether it's better or worse than facing off against ZEUTH. Dominic’s heard of this new squad of AEUG, Zaft and random groups and Neo reckons that they’ll be this squad's next job once the BG is dealt with.
Of course, Jürgens says, that could be indefinitely far off if they can't even locate the BG.

From Schlan’s intel, ZEUTH is currently tangling with the demons who’ve taken over Japan and Jürgens is amazed that this world could even have such beings in it.
With that in mind, Neo says we can’t let ourselves be trapped in this “BG search limbo” forever – we have to deal with this mission ASAP and move on to our next assignment.
Some of the civilian collaborators Neo alluded to are en route to the Izumo even now, guided by some agents of the Federal Army, and Schlan smirks at how we’re becoming a mixed-bag of troops just like ZEUTH. Indeed, Neo wonders what the brass could be up to, creating a squadron like that and sending them in pursuit of a completely mysterious foe…

Over by the hangar, Kacricon is freaking out when he spots something hiding in the shadows… Gulliver!
It doesn’t look dangerous to Mauer and she figures it’s someone’s pet; she loves the cute little thing but Kacricon tells her to stay away because it might bite! Sting and Auel come over to check things out, having heard the guy’s yelling, and they’re also taken with the badger.
Right after them is Anemone, who was busy searching for Gulliver – it’s her dear friend, she tells Mauer, and, looking at its big eyes, she thinks he looks happy with us. Stellla also thinks he’s very cute, wondering if she could pet it, and Anemone allows it so long as she’s gentle.
“Screaming like a little girl over this oversized mouse, Lt.? Tsk, tsk.” Sting sasses Kacricon, though Auel thought it was a bear. The guy doesn’t care about what it is, as animals have no place in a battleship undergoing operations, but Jerid says he’ll just have to live with it as its Anemone’s pet.
At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is results, he thinks. Mauer’s staring at him and Jerid asks if he said something strange.

: No, you’re right. I’m just surprised that you’re so hard-working, Lt.
: That’s how it is in this world. I can’t make it around here by just coasting on the Titans’ name.
: To say nothing of the fact that if I’m not strong enough, then I simply cannot protect what’s dear to me. I learned that lesson the hard way.
: …
: And, so, I’ll become stronger. Being selected to this squad is a good opportunity for that and I intend to make the most of it.
: That’s how I feel.
: I understand, Lt.
: Just call me Jerid. I’ve seen how good you are in the last battle, so don’t get hung up on ranks.
: Huh…?
: As I said, all that matters are results, Mauer. Anyone who can watch my back is an equal in my eyes.
: Very well…Jerid.


: That’s the sortie signal! Everyone get ready to launch!
: What’s going on, Captain? An enemy attack?!
: The BG’s been spotted. We’ll be intercepting him soon.
: Hah, we sure found our target in a hurry! Let’s go, Mauer!
: (Jerid… you may count on me.)

Well, shit, I almost feel back for killing them now.

Special Disk Mission 1-2 - Contact

: All troops deployed – the BG’s dead ahead!

: So, that’s him…!
: Your orders, commander? Do we engage?
: Our first priority is to attempt to capture him. I’ll try hailing him on an open channel.
: To the black mech and its companion unit, do you copy?
: We are of the New Earth Federation Army and have been ordered to arrest you both. Lay down your weapons and surrender nice and easy. If you do not, we will open fire.
: …What do you think?
: “Arrest me”, he says… if that’s a joke, I’m not laughing.
: Hmm, this squad...he’s the one who put it together. Should we take that guy up on his challenge?
: Now is not the time. …But we have other guests incoming. Perfect, we’ll let them deal with this lot.
: What, is that guy ignoring us?
: He’s not surrendering, so let’s just get in there and take him out!
: Wait! Something’s off!
: All troops, be advised! We’re detecting a growing distortion in the dimensional walls!
: A dimensional quake?!

: What are those things?! So weird!
: Calm down, Anemone! Those are Fallen Angels… enemies of all of humanity!
: Fallen Angels, bound by the chains of fate… do you seek me, an equally cursed man?
: However, I need not stay here any longer. Farewell…

: How is he so fast...?!
: The target’s withdrawing from combat range. Do we pursue, commander?
: No… we’ll engage the Fallen Angels.
: But our mission—
: Can be fulfilled at another time. If we ignore these monsters, they’ll ravage this entire region.
: Face this situation, I’m shifting our priority…! Target the Fallen Angels!
: Roger that!
: I guess it’d be too boring if we actually beat the BG today. We’ll save the main act for later!
: All units, stay on your toes – these monsters are tough. Focus fire and take them out one at a time.

Kill everything, don’t lose the Izumo. We’ve angels to the east and west, so spread your guys a bit and kill, kill, kill – just be a wee bit careful as they start to gather because they can potentially mob Schlan and take him out with his lack of Prevail and evasion.


Case in point.

When turn 3 rolls around, the plot kicks in.

The Fallen Angels run off and Auel figures they got scared of having to deal with us. Not so, as Sting sees another enemy coming: the Hundred Demon Empire.
They came here to gather data on the angels for Gura and aren’t happy to see that they’ve bailed, so they decide to take it out on us. Kacricon’s getting worried that they’ve too much of a numerical advantage for us to surmount but Neo says he’s got nothing to worry about.
Right as he says that, bullets start flying towards the demons and they turn to see…

: Do you hear me, Col. Neo Roanoke? We of the Siberian Railroad Guard are here to join you as per the New Federation Army’s request.
: Roger that and thank you for your timely arrival.
: Siberian Railroad’s that company that’s laying tracks all over the world, yeah?
: Then, they’re…
: The civilian collaborators the commander mentioned?
: (No sooner are we fired from Saint Reagan, we get picked up by the Siberian Rail and, right after, assigned to Federal Special Forces… I can’t believe how smoothly things are going with the commander…)
: Hey, Asuham. Let’s go fight those demons!
: It’s not every day that you get to battle monsters straight out of the Yapanese legends! Talk about lucky!
: …We came along to score that special bonus but it really looks like we made a bad call with this one.
: I guess we were born under a very unlucky star…
: I would’ve been so much better off just doing odd jobs at corporate HQ…
: Hmph… do they never stop complaining? What a bunch of wimps.
: Don’t they realize that acing this job could mean getting in good with the Feds?
: Let’s go, bro! This here’ll be our ticket to the good life!
: (Well, ain’t you an optimist, Mr. Droopy Eyes…)
: (Welp… I reckon I gotta do as the Prez says after screwing up in Siberia.)
: Col. Neo Roanoke, this is Shagia and Olba Frost of the intelligence bureau.
: We’re here to be incorporated into Special Force 13. Allow us to provide support against these foes.
: You’re the federal agents, hm? A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
: I thank you for your escort, Frost Brothers.
: Pay it no mind. After all, we’ll be comrades from this day onward.
: We look forward to beholding the vaunted strength of Saint Reagan’s Asuham Boone.
: No. I’ve long since forsaken my past life in the name of revenge…!
: To arms, demons! My iron resolve will put the fear of death into even you monsters!
: Ahahaha! Let’s give this everything we have, Asuham!

Even more additions to our suicide squad, the better units here being the Frosts and Cynthia; the bros have their combined attack and Cynthia will be doubling a lot, just like Gainer.
Asuham is stuck in that crummy Jinba, which isn’t ideal, while Timp is in a Government – he’ll be much better once we get an A-Adaptor equipped. Zakki and the Siberian Stooges are SP batteries.

As for the enemies, the jets are even weaker than usual – they’ll die to a small breeze – and the Horned Demons are flying solo. Really easy stuff.


: C’mon, Geraba! Let’s show the Feds what we’re made of!
: Roger that, bro! Hanging out with the big shots is the quickest way to easy street, right?
: Listen here, pardners. You being excited’s fine and dandy but you better make sure not to step on my toes, y’hear?
: What you say?!
: Whoops, I reckon that’s enough chit-chat. Them mooks are coming right over!
: We gotta put on a good display for the Feds, yeah? Time to get to work.
: We don’t need a reminder! CHAAAAAAAARGE!!
: (These two have the IQ of a two-by-four... At least they’ll soak up the bullets for me.)

: We’re taking part in this Op out of gratitude to Kids Munt…!
: Let’s deal with this and get back to hunting Gain Bijou ASAP!
: (Even now, he’s fixated in his vendetta with the Black Southern Cross... Talk about being obsessed.)
: Ahaha! This’ll make for some nice exp before I go up against the King!
: Here we go, demon! Game on!
We never had a chance to see The END’s and Cynthia’s TRI attacks, so here they are.

: (Olba. Don’t forget what our long-term plan is.)
: (I know, brother. Still, this is quite the unorthodox squadron to be chasing an “unknown”).
: (It’s possible that we’ve been assigned here because someone’s realized what we’re truly after.)
: (Regardless, we will not stop.)
: (Indeed… Our struggles will continue until we have our vengeance against this world and destiny itself.)

Neo’s kids also have special TRI attack dialogue of their own.

There go all enemies but the BG’s long gone. Still, Neo says we can always find him later and calls everyone onto the ships to meet the new members of our team.
Dominic had been ordered by Dewey to keep tabs on the Frost brothers and their addition to our group just further underscores his suspicions that there's more to this squadron’s creation than we can currently see.

Neo thanks Shagia for the assist and he’s just glad to have arrived in time – having such an important squad destroyed mid-mission would hurt the entire army.
Jürgens is surprised that our “civilian collaborators” include even Breakers and is worried that the standard military tactics won’t work with such a varied group of fighters. The bros point out that ZEUTH is an even greater hodgepodge and, perhaps because of that, has achieved even greater success in battle.
Asuham begrudgingly concurs, having observed them steamroll the Siberian Rail forces trying to stop the Exodus. With that in mind, Neo suspects that the brass could be using us as a test case to learn more about squads like ZEUTH – and, concurrently, to also develop tactics that could be used against them.

Schlan finds it a plausible theory but we can only speculate right now. Regardless, Neo’s heard that there were other members coming to join us from Augusta and asks Shagia for their status; Jürgens’ never heard of a base there but Neo explains that the facility there is a laboratory for the study of Newtypes.
When he asks, Schlan explains that they could be defined as, amongst other things, humans who possess supernaturally sharp senses and the Augusta Lab works to find military applications for such individuals.
Shagia and Olba’s faces turn sour at this conversation but recompose themselves and tell Neo that those people will be meeting with us at McConnell AFB.
Hopefully some information on the BG will be waiting there too.

There aren’t any bazaar secrets but the shop is still open and there are scenes over there:

Cynthia’s dragging Kejinan and Enge on a shopping trip, despite the fact that the Izumo’ll be departing shortly. She’s not worried, though, thinking the Dominator can catch up to them.
Enge raises the point that their crummy Dogozzos can’t do that, so she tells them to head back to the ship ahead of her. Kejinan says they’re been assigned as her bodyguards so they can’t do that and Cynthia has a laugh that her “guards” are so much weaker than her.
Kejinan silently fumes at her sass but Enge sighs longingly, sad that while Cynthia’s so charming, she’s also so VERY harsh ().

Cynthia quickly spots a brooch and sets off to buy it, only to be intercepted by Anemone who was just about to do the same.
Cynthia calls “first come, first served” but that doesn’t stop Anemone from getting in her face and she’s not about to take that disrespect sitting down. Enge tries informing that Anemone’s also a member of our squad but quickly shuts up when Cynthia angrily asks if he’s telling her to throw the towel.

: You’re my bodyguards, right? Then get this girl outta here and go buy me that brooch!
: Seriously?!
: What’s going on, Anemone? We’re supposed to be gathering at the ship right now.
: Ah, you’re right on time, Dominic. Kick her bodyguards’ asses and get me that brooch.
: W-what?! Me?!
: Yeah, you! If you won’t, I will!
: B-but!
: Hurry it up, Kejinan, Enge!
: Didn’t you hear me, Dominic?!
: There you all are… Our time off’s already ended, you know.
: Come on, you two. Let’s head back to the—
: Shut your trap!
: Don’t bother ladies when they’re shopping!
: Wha…?! I…erm…
: Urgh, fine! We’re going back, Dominic!
: Bah, I’m not even in the mood to shop anymore. Let’s go, Kejinan, Enge.

*People leave.*

: Um… eeh…
: Tough luck, chief. You’ve got the worst timing in the world.
: Still, you defused that situation nicely. My thanks, Captain.
: Take it easy… we’ll be going on ahead.
: …
: Heh… Looks like you ended up with the short end of the stick, Löwen.
: Th-they may be little girls but they are, indeed, women … Terrifying…