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Part 254: Special Disk Mission 1-3 - Meandering

For convenience’s sake, I guess, the Augusta folks have already been added to our roster: Four in a Psyco Gundam, Rosamia in a Gaplant and Buran in an Asshimar. Four, in particular, is the better addition by far and should make a fine fit for an Amuro-esque build of high-powered mook sweeper.
We’ve 8 slots to fill, so this is how we’re going:

Location: North Ameria – New Earth Federation’s McConnell AFB – Hangar

The Phantom Pain kids are very impressed with the various units in here – especially this hulking, transformable unit. Dominic names it the Psyco Gundam, a state-of-the- art model.
Buran shows up right then with Rosamia in tow; both introduce themselves to their new teammates. Dominic’s seen Rosamia in his reports and recognizes her as one of Augusta’s Cyber-Newtypes.
Sting and Auel are curious as to who the pilot of the Psyco Gundam is and Buran informs of Four Murasame. Unfortunately, she isn’t feeling too good right now, so they’ll have to meet her later.

Auel wonders if she’ll be fit to work with us if she’s that weak and Buran decides to clear things up right away: both Rosamia and Four often require “adjustments” to be able to perform. Indeed, they’re quite similar to the Extended kids.
Dominic mulls over the surgeries and drugs that were administered on people like Sting’s group in a bid to enhance their combat skills. Despite the different worlds, it seems humans always do the same things.
Auel asks if Buran has a problem with who they are but he denies it – or, rather, that’ll depend on whether or not they can fulfill their duty as soldiers. With that in mind, Buran says Neo has entrusted him to see to their training and calls both Sting and Auel to the simulator.
They’re not happy with how sudden this is but Buran says if they want his trust, they’ll have to earn it with a show of skill.

Elsewhere in the base…

: (My head…it hurts…)
: (It’s almost time to be attuned to the Psyco again… I…I don’t want to pilot that thing…)
: (But, if I don’t… I won’t have my memories back…)

*Someone walks over.*

: …
: Who…are you…?
: Are you hurting?
: Huh…?
: Your head, your stomach…where does it hurt?
: Are you… part of Special Force 13?
: Stella…Stella Loussier.
: I’m 2nd Lt. Four Murasame… Sorry but I’d like to be alone now. I’ve a headache.
: …
: Wh-what are you doing…? Stop touching me!
: Neo taught me this. Put your hands over wherever’s hurting. It helps. (This is called “Reiki Healing”, FYI.
: Neo…? Cmdr. Neo Roanoke?
: And not just Neo. Sting and Auel have also done this for me.
: …
: So?
: It’s not too bad…
: Thank you… I feel a bit better.
: …

: Hmm… that’s another of the squad’s new members?
: …
: What’s up?
: That girl… she’s like me… I can tell…
: Anemone…
: Her head hurts, she feels like there’s no hope for her… but, still, she fights. She has to…
: You have to take those strong meds to keep your headaches under control, right…? Why do this if it puts you through all that?
: There’s an enemy that I have to beat – for Dewey. I have to fight for him…
: If I don’t, I…I…
: …I know what that’s like…
: Stop acting like you give a damn, OK?!
: I’m not…
: The way you feel about Dewey… it’s the same for me and Mr. Kids…
: You…


: What’s that siren?!
: It’s…an order to launch! We gotta get to the hangar!

In a nearby town, Corin and Beck have literally run into each other and neither are happy. Beck gets in his face and Corin tells him to watch it, lest he want to lose those whiskers in his face.
Beck ain’t amused with his sass – he was gonna let the guy off the hook if he paid up some compensation but not anymore! Corin doesn’t understand Beck’s “big words”, eliciting a quip that his brains are probably just more muscle.
“You wanna go, eh? Hrm… it’ll be night soon, so I’m gonna have to wrap this up quick.” Corin challenges but Beck ain’t stupid enough to try to fight a gorilla like him on foot.
He’s gonna have to play his ace-in-the-hole!

Special Disk Mission 1-3 - Meandering

This means Dav and T-Bone showing up with Beck’s unit. Corin cries foul but Beck, of course, has never been one to care about what people think.
He laughs his ass off as Corin runs off but his mirth is interrupted when the guy hops onto his MS and comes back.
“Sorry to keep you waiting, ‘stache! Let’s see how you handle this!” he says but Beck is undaunted with his Beck Victory Deluxe.

Things get interrupted when a bunch of aliens descend upon the area and immediately open fire on everything.
Corin quickly switches his sights onto them, unwilling to let them make a mess on Earth – that’d mean trouble for Diana. Beck appreciates his guts, so eagerly picking a fight with these guys.
Furthermore, he doesn’t like folks who try to stomp all over everyone else. Might as well call for a temporary cease-fire and give them what for!

We also get Beck and Corin! Mind, you’ll want to use Corin as the leader since Beck is pretty bad against aerial targets. Most squads are a mix of small UFOs and a bigger alien unit as the lead but they’re still not tough in the slightest.

The Grendizer UFOs are pathetically weak, as always.

Once you wreck an entire squad, the plot triggers.

Our guys arrive and Corin’s quick to sniff at how late to the party we are. Auel doesn’t like how ungrateful the guy is but the Frosts quickly recognize him as part of the Diana Counter troops they saw in Fort Severn.
He seems to be alone, however, so Buran wonders if he’s turned deserter. Meanwhile, Hola, Geraba and Cynthia remember Beck as the guy Asuham hired for the attack at the Domepolis Catez. It’s a mighty coincidence that they’ve simply run into each other like this.
Neo gets in touch with Beck and requests his cooperation, to which he answers: “How much?”. Beck’s a businessman and doesn’t work for free, so Neo sighs and agrees to pay him piecework.
As the verbal contract is firmed, Auel does wonder why Neo’s bothering to hire the guy – our troops are more than enough for this. Buran shushes him, however, saying that our priority right now is simply to assure the citizen’s safety.
Four has already been set to fly the Psyco and Rosamia asks if she’s good to go. She is, thanks to Stella’s help.

: Heh… never thought I’d be fighting alongside some of them legendary Gundams. Ain’t this exciting?
: No, no, Beck. Those’re not Gundams.
: Huh?
: A Gundam’s gotta be white.
: Really…?
: All troops, open fire! Eliminate the alien invaders!

And off we go with another montage!

: Alright, we’re getting paid piecework now! Psych yourself up, Corin! You ready to go?!
: Yup! Been a long time since I could just let loose!
: (Those two were at each other’s’ throats not too long ago and now they're really hitting it off…!)
: (I pity anyone that has to go up against this pair.)
: Y’all better be ready, E.T.s! You’re dealing with the world’s strongest tag-team!

: …
: What is it, Anemone…?! You need to stay focused!
: Quiet! You just shut your trap and keep watching the battle!
: Anemone…
: (Maybe coming into contact with the Cyber-Newtypes has triggered her own mental instability…?)
: Stay strong, Anemone! You’ve someone that you have to take out, don’t you?
: Cynthia…
: Fight on, then! Everything’ll have been for nothing if you let it end here!
: I…
: I know that and I don’t need a reminder!
: Anemone…!
: I’m mad now…! These freaks are all gonna be dead before they even realize what happened!

: I’ll keep on fighting, no matter the enemy...!
: I’m going to rise above everyone else! There’s no way I’m letting this lot take me out!

: (It would’ve been best to simply let ZEUTH handle this kind of foe…)
: (Still, we must comply. We’ll play as obedient soldiers for now in the interest of concealing our true objective.)
And here is the Frost Brothers’ elusive TRI attack. I can’t remember ever seeing them in this formation.

: (Let’s begin…)
: (The Newtype Labs said they’d return my lost memories if I yielded good results in combat…)
: (I need them… those memories are proof of the life I’ve led. There’s nothing I won’t do to have them back…!)

: Come on, Schlan! We’ll shield this city from the invaders!
: …
: Is something wrong, Schlan?
: No… pay me no mind. Let’s just focus on the enemy in front.
: Roger that!
: (You’re willing to even lay down your life in the name of BrigGen. Edel’s ideals…)
: (Löwen… that purity of yours is such a sweet poison to me…)

: These invaders think they can have their way with our planet?! Not while I’m around! RAAAAAARGH!
: (Psh… Mr. droopy eyes there is too simple for his own good. He’s already acting all soldier-like.)
: (But I ain’t risking my neck for something like this. Let’s just take this nice and easy.)

: Man, this sucks. The regular troops themselves could deal with these mooks.
: Then you better not let your flying get sloppy. Screw up and I reckon Lt. Buran will put you through some special training.
: As if! I’ll give him an eyeful of what we can do in battle!

: You dare raid this city? FIENDS! Let the knowledge that this is the world of Asuham Boone accompany you to the grave!
: You will not commit any more atrocities so long as I’m around! CHARGE!!

: Fallen Angels and Demons on one day, aliens on the next…
: Still, that’s how war is…! You don’t get to choose who you fight against!

: Cyber Newtypes can’t be allowed to take control of the battlefield…!
: We have to show the brass we can get things done ourselves!

: Aliens… people from space…they who come from above and torment me…
: That falling sky…! You’re the source of my nightmares! Die!!
Some more TRIs we never got to see.

: We’re part of this big team now, so we should be able to take these guys on…right?
: Doesn’t matter! We’re in deep so the only option is to go for broke! Let up for even a second and you’re screwed!

There go all aliens but that’s to be expected with Beck and Corin’s amazing help! Regardless, Neo thanks them both for the assistance.
Beck doesn’t need thanks, though – only cold, hard cash. Auel is a bit miffed that they had to help people like him but Buran tells him to get his priorities straight: had we not come, people could have died. Like that family right around the corner.
Neo sees where this is going but is too late. “Looks like a mother and daughter to me” Buran says.

Auel starts freaking out upon hearing his Block Word. Buran doesn’t understand what’s going on but Neo tells Sting and Stella to get the kid back to base.
There’s still the matter of Beck’s payment but that’ll have to wait a bit – he’s free to come with us and get his cash once things have calmed down.

: Auel…
: What happened to him…?
: …
: Four…
: They’re like us…

Back at McConnell AFB, Neo explains to Buran that the Extended are conditioned with Block Words in case one of them should go out of control. Hearing the Block Word destroys their mental equilibrium, rendering them incapable of combat.
This provision, as Buran is quick to suspect, was only added after an entire Extended training facility was destroyed when one of its "experiments" got out of hand... the same facility that Auel and the others are from. Buran finds it intolerable for children to be forced to fight at someone else's pleasure, faced with mental meltdown and imprisonment if they refuse, and Neo agrees. Buran isn’t comfortable with the concept of enhanced soldiers and that includes Four and Rosamia.
However, the blame lies not with the children themselves and the best Buran can do, as a soldier, is treat them the same as anyone else if they’re standing in the battlefield with him. As their superior and comrade-in-arms, he’ll readily work with them in order to fulfill their mission.
Neo will leave it up to Buran to explain today's incident to any of the troops who have questions.

As for Beck and Corin, Neo wants their firepower added to the team, so Asuham and Dominic are working at getting them signed up. Though they make the team an even more mixed-up affair, Neo finds that oddly fitting for this equally mixed-up world. A generic soldier enters to inform Neo that a shipment of supplies from the Federation has just arrived, along with a rather "odd" person...

Location: Izumo, Hangar

: Everybody on deck!!
: Who is this guy…? And how did he sneak in here?
: Wahahah… I am he who dwells in the darkness. I can be anywhere, at any time.
: Yes, that’s great. Mauer, toss him out the airlock.
: Roger that… come with me.
: I’d love to be manhandled by you, baby, but I got stuff to do.
: This old coot is bananas. Here, I’ll get him out myself.
: Just bananas?! I’m a whole fruit salad!
: Gramps, you better settle down…
: Come on, be nice or Santa won't give you your new mechs.
: What?

*People come over.*

: Professor Theeh, you’re here…?!
: Howdy there, boys! You two been having fun?
: You know him, Captain?
: This is Theeh Babel, the Chimera Squad’s head scientist.
: Pleased to meet’cha!
: This unhinged man is a scientist…?!
: Then you were bringing these supplies to us?
: Hey, gramps… you said something about new mechs?
: Yup, yup! I got some prototypes here for you folks to test – check out this list!
: A Baund Doc and Byarlant… they already finished these?!
: These are the test models, so you go and shake ‘em down good. And it’s not just MSs in here.
: There’re Overmen Golem and Mexbrute, a Dobeck Silhouette Machine and a top-class Walker Machine too (a Brockary).
: Now this is great! It’ll shoot our firepower into the stratosphere!
: But Professor… surely you didn’t come here to conduct something as simple as a supply delivery…
: Attaboy, Schlan! Sharp as a knife!
: The truth is that I also this this super-duper important document to deliver.
: (That’s not the face I’d expect to see from someone with a “super-duper important” task…)
: So, baby, mind taking me to the boss man?
: I…
: I’ll escort him, Mauer. Why don’t you start running checks on the prototypes?
: Booo! Her knight went and rained on my parade…
: Sorry, Professor. I care for my teammates, so I can’t just leave them in harm’s way.
: Oho! Does that mean I’m a bad boy?!
: Let’s be on our way, Professor. I’ve plenty of work to do myself.
: L-let go of my collar! This is police brutality!
: For the Professor to come here in person…
: Hm. Something big must be afoot…

At the bazaar, Rosamia is checking up on Four and she’s doing fine. Despite the recent battle, she’s feeling almost no headaches.
That’s probably due to Stella’s help and, speak of the devil, she shows up right then. She’s also come to browse the bazaar, so Four invites her to join them – this would also be a chance for her to meet Rosamia.
Stella quickly passes on her offer, as Sting and Auel are already waiting for her up ahead, and walks off. Rosamia ponders how strange her behavior considering how she willingly got in touch with Four back at base.
Four thinks of how similar the Extended are to them, Cyber-Newtypes, and says she wants to get closer Stella. Rosamia figures she’s talking about improving team communication and efficiency but, no, Four explains that she just wants to be friends with her.