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Part 257: Special Disk Mission 2-1 - Harbor Ambitions, Young Man!

Backstory: Memory Chapter 1

So here's the next story in the Special Disc. We've already cleared one, so we get even more bonuses!

So much cash and PP. Having a Setsuko Route clear gives us an extra Barrier Field, while clearing Another Side: Record gives us a Mark of the Brave.

ZEUTH has occupied the UN Station which the Chimera had converted into a fortress, and broadcast the truth to the whole world. It is now t minus ten hours until the moment where they’ll attempt to rescue Eureka and perform the Dimensional Repair. As they renew their resolve for the showdown, ZEUTH's members reflect on their past battles.

It is the first year of the Multi-Dimensional World. The massive wars that have raged throughout it since its creation have begun to recede, due to the death in battle of the leaders of various warring factions or the outright end of said factions.
It is the dawn after the members of the independent ZEUTH squadron have broadcast the truth to the public. With the prospect of Dimensional Repair looming before them, ZEUTH's members turn their thoughts to their past struggles.
Meetings, clashes, partings... What have the fires of war conferred, what have they bequeathed to the people of the world...?

Aboard the Archangel, the Jin ladies have set up a lot of food for everyone to to chow down on – can't very well fight a war on an empty stomach, right? They ponder all the events, the ups and downs that have led both us and the world to this point.
Several current members of ZEUTH were embroiled in lengthy fights with other members during the period where the truth was shrouded, a period that the ZEUTH broadcast has hopefully brought to a close. Amuro figures that it's now up to each person how they accept (or not) the truth, and what wishes they convey to the team for use in the Dimensional Repair.
Kappei asks what would happen if the peoples of the world wish for the world to be destroyed instead of repaired and Kei figures everything would go down the drain, all our efforts included. Still, he says that that’s not something for us to worry about right now. After all, it's not for ZEUTH to decide the fate of the world but rather for the entirety of mankind.
We’ve done our part, Ryouma figures. Now each of us effectively gets one vote, equal to the rest of the world's residents. It’s not like we have any other choice but Renton has faith everyone will wish for a better tomorrow.

Kira’s looking at the kid but not because he said anything strange: he’s just thinking how strong he is.
Renton figures Kira’s the strong one here since he always stuck to the path he thought was right. Kira isn’t so sure, as stubbornly sticking to a path you’re not 100% sure of is just as bad as not doing it. Still, it’s not like everyone in ZEUTH didn’t have similar issues throughout all this.
The good thing is that we slowly came to understand each other and, together, we can now set our sights on what lies ahead. Renton agrees, adding that despite all the twists and turns that came along the way, our paths have now converged.
Garrod objects that, in Renton’s case, the path has always been a straight line to Eureka since day one. Kira, for one, finds the bond between him and Eureka to be quite empowering to everyone in the team, especially since it’s been growing for such a long time.
That said, Matthew and Hap tell him that, despite how grown up Renton looks now, he made a huge fool of himself on several occasions way back when.

: Hey, I reckon this is a good time to tell you about Renton’s awesome debut battle.
: Oh, yes, the big confession of love in Siberia.
: That sounds like a wonderful story.
: No, you’re better off not knowing!
: But… but now I kind of want to hear it even more.
: Absolutely not! No way!
: Wow, you’re turning beet red.
: Urgh…hrm…!
: (Is he actually that clueless… or just doing this on purpose…?)

Looks like that story’ll have to wait for another time, so Adette suggests we go with something a wee bit farther from Gainer’s confession: Renton’s “first mission”.
Sounds interesting, so Matthew and Hap start telling: this was before the Second Break, during the time where we were escorting Yapan’s Ceiling on their Exodus.

Special Disk Mission 2-1 – Harbor Ambitions, Young Man!

Location: Siberia

Back in time, aboard the Gekko Go, Hap has a job for Renton. They’ve seen him piloting the Nirvash in Kashmir’s ambush and now know that he’s got the goods.
Matthew apologizes for underestimating him but Renton chalks it all up to Gainer hyping him up to fight. Regardless, Stoner says they want to trust him with a certain task and asks Doggie to bring in “the thing”.

It’s a box but, when Renton tries poking at it, Stoner and Hap freak out that he’d do that with his bare hands. “This thing is super dangerous, OK?! Get that into your head!” Matthew says.
When Renton asks, Hap says that while it looks like a common box, just one of these could send an entire city sky-high. The kid asks if it’s a bomb but Hap says it’s best that he doesn’t know – ignorance is bliss.
Regardless, someone in Yapan’s Ceiling requested it and they gotta deliver. Normally, Hap wouldn’t want to entrust this to someone else but the Gekko flying around would stand out like a sore thumb; plus, they’d need to explain their actions to the rest of ZEUTH. Renton isn’t under that sort of scrutiny, though…
The kid accepts the job and Hap’s so glad that he’s such an excellent young man. With that in mind, Matthew tells Renton to go and get himself disguised. Disguise? Yeah, they’ve got some urban camouflage handy for him to mingle with the Yapan’s Ceiling’s folk!
They’re letting him take the Nirvash, too, as well as giving him a receiver by which they’ll give him detailed instructions on-site.

Renton’s excited to get to work and runs off to get prepared. As he goes, the sight of such raw youthful naiveté brings a tear to Stoner’s eyes.
And, thus, begins the traditional Gekkostate hazing mission. The plan is to have Doggie go and secretly film the whole thing so the team can laugh about it. The crew tells him not to louse things up by letting Renton see him like what happened the last time.
Thankfully, Renton figured Doggie’s presence there was because he was concerned for him, earning Doggie the honor of being the kid’s “bro”. Seems like Gainer’s replaced him, though.
Regardless, Gidget will go and fetch all the other ZEUTH members with nothing better to do to watch as well, though Hap warns her to stay out of Ken-goh’s sight as he wouldn’t like this.
Matthew is hoping Renton’ll put on a great show to help them kill time.

Renton’s called a few people to help him on his “mission”, with Garrod apologizing for having Gainer also tag along. He doesn’t mind, of course, seeing how Renton helped him during the Kashmir ambush; plus, this being Domepolis Catez, Gainer can act as his guide.
Sara notices that Garrod’s seemingly happy to be assisting with Renton’s task but he says it’s because he was bored out of his mind. Everyone’s just standing by as we get Yapan’s Ceiling hooked up to our ships. Once that’s done, however, we’ll drag the residential units across Siberia way faster than before and finish the Exodus real quick.
Furthermore, Garrod also figures this is a good chance to give Tifa a closer look at the Siberian snow. She’s a bit worried, however, having a sinking feeling that something bad’s going to happen.

*Beep, boop!*

: Renton… we’re receiving a transmission from Hap.

: Renton?
: Come on, man! This ain’t the time to be shy!
: Yeah, you’re looking good, Renton.

*Beep, boop!*

: This is Renton! Awaiting orders!

Back in the Gekko’s lounge, Adette and Gain are struggling to keep themselves from bursting into laughter at the sight of the Gekkostate’s cherished “urban camouflage”. It’s just a regular jersey, Witz thinks, but Roybea tells him to shush or he’ll wreck the whole thing.
Regardless, Hap thanks the kids for their assistance in Renton’s mission but that’s hardly a problem since they’re all part of the same team now. Matthew’s quietly miffed that Renton asked for help but Adette figures it’s good that he has such good friends.

: Alright… what are we supposed to do now?
: First off, you’ll descend from your unit and infiltrate Catez on foot.
: This is a secret mission, though. You will sneak inside Catez, keep your contact with the Domepolis’ citizens to a minimum and the remaining units will be on standby outside.
: OK…then I’ll head in by myself.
: Hold on… you’ll have to bring someone along with you.
: How come?
: A small problem has cropped up. We told the buyer of the cargo that you’re coming but it looks like he’s a wary sort. He’s even suspicious of us, couriers.
: Oh, come on!
: He asked that you bring a girl along with you. My guess is that he wants to take a hostage as insurance.
: A h-hostage…?!
: Good or bad, you’ve Tifa, Sara and Eureka there with you. You’ll have to take one of them with.
: I can’t ask them to do something so dangerous!
: That’s all for your briefing – there’s a risk this conversation is being intercepted. Once you’re entered Catez with your partner, get in touch with us again. Hap out.
: H-hold on, Hap! HAP!!

As the transmission is cut, everyone’s laughing their asses off. Despite that, Renton seems to be dead-serious about this mission and Gain asks if this is how the Gekkostate welcomes new additions to the team.
Kinda, Stoner says, and Matthew adds that this hazing is how they express their love. Gain isn’t sure the wounded party would be as nonchalant about this as they are but, if some small hazing is enough to drive a rookie away, then Stoner figures they weren’t cut out for this.
Either way, Gidget wonders what was that “partner” business as she didn’t hear anything about it. Hap figured he needed to add a few more hoops for Renton to jump through since he asked folks to help him. Making the kid choose strikes Gidget as a bit mean but everyone’s busy wondering who he’ll pick as his partner.

Adette thinks Tifa, with her powers, would be the best choice but Roybea doubts Garrod would allow her to be exposed to danger. Maybe Eureka, then, his fellow Gekkostate member? Stoner doesn’t think so, figuring Renton would be far too embarrassed to hang out with her dressed like that.
That leaves Sara and she certainly has the gumption to jump into a dangerous situation but Gain doesn’t think Gainer would stay quiet about that – especially in the wake of that proclamation of love of his.
Hap thinks he’ll have to make a decision soon…or, Gidget says, he’ll be unable to do so and will just give up before even entering the Domepolis. That’d still be an enjoyable show.
Regardless, Moondoggie’s already waiting inside Catez so, if he does go in, they’ll be watching his every move – should be easy to make things up as we go along. Roybea laughs at how mean this whole thing is but Gain says we’re all just as guilty for spectating it.
Hap says everyone needs some fun every now and then, so we’ll just wait for Renton’s next move… and it comes in soon, from Doggie! Looks like the kid did decide to infiltrate Catez, so let’s take a look.

Location: Inside Domepolis Catez

: …This is Renton. Hap, please come in.
: This is Hap. How’s your partner doing?
: Um… about that…
: *snort* N-never mind… I-I have faith in your judgement.
: Eureka, Tifa, Sara… whichever one you chose, I’ll defer to your decision.
: Hap… are you OK? Your voice is a bit trembly…
: …I’m fine. Now, your next step is to get in touch with the recipient of your cargo. According to the info we’ve been given… you’re looking for a man in a gold suit.
: Roger that…! I won’t let you down!
: Godspeed.

*Transmission end.*

: Alright, we’ve come this far… Now we pull ourselves together and just do it.
: Let’s go, “sis”…!

: Y-yes…

Back in the Gekko, no one was expecting him to dress Gainer in drag in order to avoid exposing any of the girls to danger. Maybe Loran isn’t the only one with this sort of hobby?
Hap, meanwhile, is taking a deep breath – it took everything he had to keep a straight face when talking to the kid. Gidget is a bit appalled by Gainer’s fashion sense but Gain figures he doesn’t look too bad… it’s just the makeup that needs work and Adette has half a mind to teach him how to use it when he gets back.
Gidget is a bit worried about the target Hap’s designated Renton to as he looked a bit unsavory. Hap’s certain they’ll pull through since they had the strength to clear the first huddle.
And, in fact, they’re heading to the target right now.

: Um…
: Hm? What you need, boy?
: Ah…I…
: Listen, I’m not in a great mood now. In fact, I’m stuck in this dump until my unit’s fixed up… so, if you need something, come out with it!
: We…we’re here on an errand for the Gekkostate…
: Gekkostate - them famous sky pirates?! What do they want with me…?
: Or… are you making a pass at me, girl?
: Um…that’s…
: Well, sorry, but you ain’t my type. Still, there’re plenty of creeps out there.
: Just as there are also folks who could kidnap you for a nice ransom, ya know.
: N-no…! Stay away from me!
: S-sorry, pops! We made a mistake!!
: Oi, brat! Who’re you calling “pops”?!
: I’m soooooorryyyyyyyyyyyy!!

*The kids run off.*

: The hell was that…?
: Aa-tchoo! Uurgh! Why does Siberia need to be so goddamn cold?!

: H-Hap… I don’t think that man was the target.
: Probably a fake. Our client’s testing us, it seems.
: “Testing”…?
: Further proof of just how important the item you’re carrying is. Keep that in mind.
: Y-yes…
: Hm… we’ve received new directions from the client. The hell…?!
: What’s wrong?
: Talk about distrustful…The client’s saying he’s sending a Rep over to take the goods from you. He says the Rep looks like…*whisper, whisper*
: Ah…oh…
: And you have to say a password. It’s… *whisper, whisper*
: I-I can’t say that!!
: Those are his instructions. But don’t worry, he’s already been informed of how you’re dressed as.
: We told him to expect a boy with a ‘stache, wearing a helmet and jersey, accompanied by a stylish girl with glasses.
: …!
: And, with that, I wish you luck.

*Transmission end.*

: …
: Alright, sis… psych yourself up. We gotta keep going!
: But, Renton… I think this mission is—
: I’m gonna pull it off! And, when I do… I’ll finally be a legit member of the Gekkostate!
: But, Renton…! This is—
: Here I go, sis…! This is the most important fight of my life!!
: Are you stupid, dude?!
: Doggie?!
: Aw, thanks a bunch, man!
: Huh…
: You came over ‘cause you were worried about me, right?
: Eeh…
: Wow, I’m blown away… you really are my bro!
: You… you just don’t get it all, do ya?
: What do you mean?
: I mean exactly what I said! You really don’t see what’s going on with you?!
: Um…it’s…
: Are you kidding me, dude?! You…you—
: …You’re a real nice guy, bro.
: Wha—
: You’re being this harsh just to motivate me…! I get it!
: Oi, hold on—
: I…I was actually kinda scared, thinking that the guy I gave this box to could use it to hurt people…
: But I can’t be scared!
: H-hey—
: I was acting like a kid!
: But I made a decision when I boarded the Gekko Go! That even if the world turned against me, I would be there to help Eureka!!
: Renton…
: You…might actually be a badass dude…
: Bro, it’s thanks to your tough love that I finally got my head together! Thanks a ton!!
: Hey, brat! Quit yelling!
: You’re…!
: Wh-what…?!
: A guy with a huge chin… it’s you!
: You little… I’m real self-conscious about that, OK!
: Err… and the password was…
: You got more chin than a Hong Kong phonebook!!
: You wanna die, brat?!
: What are you doing?! You can’t start a fight in here!
: But, this guy… he was looking for me, I think!
: Crap…! He’s gotta be a bounty hunter! They followed us all the way here?!
: Ah…?
: You asked for it, boy! Now you’re gonna get it!
: Bring out the Walker Machines! Now we just gotta go for broke!
: Um… I’m from the…Gekkostate…?
: Run, Renton! These guys are serious!
: Why?! How did turn out like this?!

Back outside, the kids have rushed back to their mechs and Sara asks what happened to the job. Garrod also complains that Gainer, in his rush, ruined the makeup they gave him.
That’s not what’s important now, though, as the Breakers are coming! They spot the brat’s “gang” and decided to both trash us and take whatever they want from Catez before bailing. When Garrod asks, all Gainer can tell him is that these guys are seemingly wanted men whom we managed to piss off. Sara’s not about to let them have their way with a Domepolis, so it’s up to us to play defense.
Eureka asks Renton (still in his disguise) to let her pilot but he refuses: “This was my mission…and I made a total mess of things. So I want to put this to rights with my own hands – I have to!”
Eureka accepts but does take the time to say that his clothes are really weird, much to his chagrin. Garrod warns that the enemy has us outnumbered but Gainer figures the Gekko will be coming to help us soon. Sara asks if he already called for backup and he just answers with a knowing shrug.

Renton’s out of his disguise and ready to rock: “Bring it on, you thugs! I’m a member of the Gekkostate and I’m not getting taken out before I accomplish my mission!”

Moondoggie, watching nearby, sees that the kid’s the real deal.

Well... at least you have stats and SP Renton.

Fortunately, Eureka's endless font of Focus can keep him alive.

Anyways. This is a straightforward Stage. We got a few breakers, and that's it.

First turn I can't do anything. But come the enemy phase, some start reaching my units.

: I was worried when I heard Gainer and co. were up to something and, lo and behold, they get in trouble…!
: We protected this city once the Moon Race, so I’m not about to let you crooks make a mess of it!
25% Hit rate Sara. That's what he had.

: Renton…!
: I’m alright…! You and the Nirvash are here with me, so I’m not scared!
: R-right.
: Here we go, Nirvash! I’m giving this everything I have, so gimme a hand!

Well, at least he tries.

The cavalry arrives on turn two, with Holland in disbelief that Renton managed to stir up a group of outlaws on his very first mission – it’s amazing how easily the kid gets in trouble.
Sara and Garrod are impressed that, true to Gainer’s prediction, they actually came in so quickly. It’s like they knew we were in trouble!
Witz and Roybea exchange awkward looks like each other and Ken-goh gets on the mic to ask why the kids were in this town. Hap suggests they went shopping to curb their boredom and Matthew tells Renton that everything’ll be fine.
Renton’s very appreciative but Hap and Matthew want to wrap this up quick, before Ken-goh realizes what they were doing – good thing the kid’s still clueless, too. Holland leads the charge, telling his men to show that their Lifting is invincible, even in the snow, and Renton swoons with how cool the guy is.

Sara uses the Panther's Repair Module to repair herself. Something that I'm pretty sure was only just introduced in Z.

Gainer begans progressing towards the rest of the mob.

: (There’s something really weird about this “mission”.)
: (If my hunch is right, then this is…)

Yes. I did teach Gainer Attack Again.

Renton continues to... uh... be a dodge tank? He can do that pretty well with Eureka.

: Damn! Looks like Tifa’s premonition was right on the money!
: Garrod…
: Don’t worry, Tifa! These shenanigans ain’t gonna last long!
: So long as I’m around, I’ll keep you safe! Just wait a little bit!
: Okay… (I believe in you, Garrod.)

Enemy phase was uneventful, so on to my phase blowing up more Breakers.

Now here's the Dobeck's melee attack. Which I don't think was ever shown off before.

Meanwhile, Renton hit 105 Will.

So on Enemy phase this guy actually targets someone. He's kind of the boss of the stage. Has a whole 14K HP and everything.

And then Renton finishes the job.

Once everything’s gone, Talho figures these were all wanted men; there’s got to be a good payday waiting for us if we hand them to the feds. Of course, Ken-goh rains on her parade by reminding that we’re all just as wanted.
Renton tries talking to Hap about the goods but, when Ken-goh raises an eyebrow, Hap tries misdirecting by saying he asked the kid to buy some stuff for him – it’s all good, though!
Gainer’s had enough and decides to cut in: “Renton was working so hard to carry out the mission you gave him! We came all the way here, as you instructed, to deliver this box with something so dangerous, it could send an entire city sky-high!
That’s a very detailed interjection, Adette gasps, and Matthew begs we save this conversation for when we get back. Why, though? They haven’t finished their mission yet!
Hap tries shushing him but nope: “We’ve come this far, so we’re gonna go all the way! Think of all the trouble we’ve been through, talking with that shifty guy, getting dragged into a fight! We’ve done everything according to your commands and now you’re asking us to stop? That sounds very suspicious, Mr. Hap! What exactly is the dangerous thing inside your box?!”

Ken-goh cuts in, telling Gainer that he’s said enough – he sees the trouble the Gekko’s crew put them through.
Gainer says he has no idea what he’s talking about but Ken-goh says he’ll have them make a proper apology to the kids later. He turns to Hap and Mattew, livid, certain that he’s already told them to quit picking on the rookies!
Matthew tries his “this is how we express our love” line but Hilda warns him that, if he tried expressing himself like that with her, his payback would be coming in the form of her fist. Ken-goh calls everyone back and has a long lecture awaiting them.
It slowly starts dawning on Renton that he might’ve been punk’d.

Back in the present, Kira’s amazed at how crazy things got for Renton – Matthew fires back that they had it worse, with how long Ken-goh spent lecturing them.
Gain figures Gainer oughta come clean that he’d figured everything out by the time the jig was up. When Matthew asks, she says it was when Hap was giving those crazy directions and mentioned Renton being with a “girl with glasses”. The only way he would’ve known that was if he actually had eyes on them.
Holland’s having a laugh remembering Gainer’s unique way of telling on them but Matthew and Adette are still kinda miffed. Of course, Gainer counters that they were the ones who started those shenanigans in the first place and Ana commands these adults to be ashamed of their acts!

That said, Doggie admits that he was a bit jealous of how gutsy Renton had shown himself – so much so that Doggie took the kid as something of a rival in order to push himself along. Gidget agrees, adding how much more hardworking he’s become since Renton joined.
Indeed, Doggie was blown away with Renton’s dedication and, at that moment, decided that he wasn’t going to sit still and let the newbie leave him in the dust.
Renton’s glad to have his “bro’s” approval and Doggie tells him to use those guts to get Eureka back from the Command Cluster. The kid’s ready and Roger likes his spirit: befitting of the grandson of Axel Thurston.
When Renton asks, Roger says his grandfather helped him once and Banjou figures this is a nice segue for the story of how he and Roger met in Bellforest...