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Part 258: Special Disk Mission 2-2 - Keep On Moving

Backstory: Memory Chapter 2

Back at the Archangel, by the Orbital Elevator, Roger recounts a tale that unfolded a short while after he parted ways with the team in Japan.

While the majority of ZEUTH was operating in two main teams, Roger continued his travels with Norman and Dorothy, ending up the southerly reaches of Galia. Their band ended up in Renton's hometown, Bellforest – the first place many on them observed the Seven Swell, Shinn remembers. Renton wonders aloud what Roger wanted in such a boring town, and Roger chides him lightly that that's the last thing the kid ought to say.

Banjou decides to tell of what happened there during his meeting with Roger.

Special Disk Mission 2-2 – Keep On Moving

Location: Galia, Bellforest

Dominic is in town, staring at Bellforest's massive central tower while lost in thought: this remote town could well be deemed as the spot where the upheaval of their world began. This is where the Type ZERO grew in strength via the nearby battle and where the first recorded Seven Swell since the Summer of Love occurred.

This is too much to be mere coincidence – it seems more like an inevitability, considering that Renton is Adroc Thurston’s son. Thus, Dominic wants to know what role Renton’s been given and what’s been entrusted to him.
Which is why he wanted to meet with Axel, saying he’s an acquaintance of Renton and that the kid mentioned he would’ve wanted to check on his grandpa if he ever got around town. Axel’s surprised Dominic would do that for Renton and, in that case, invites him to stay at his place. That’s the first step of Dominic’s investigation complete.

Over the the Thurston Garage, Dominic describes himself to Axel as an itinerant mapmaker, attached to the Federation army and beset by bosses who don't care that the land keeps rearranging itself.
Axel asks if he met with Renton during said travels and, indeed, Dominic describes him as a young but reliable boy. The old man doubts that the kid could have changed so in the months since he left and, when Dominic asks if he’s expecting him to come running back, Axel just shrugs that he’s got nowhere else to go. He’s meant to be here, working as a mechanic with him.
Inwardly, Dominic sees that the guy is as stubborn and old-school as advertised; direct questions about Renton and Adrock likely won't work, but before he can try an indirect approach, two customers arrive.

It’s Roger’s crew, with Norman introducing himself as a butler and Dorothy immediately declaring that they’re here to bring him with them. Her attitude aside, Axel is willing to go – though he takes the time to praise the engineering skills of whoever created Dorothy. She thanks him for that, figuring he’d be happy to hear that.
Axel figures, since they’re here for him, that they need his expertise and Norman confirms, though they cannot bring the mech over. Usually, Norman can manage the regular repairs but they now require some parts he doesn’t have, so they want to hire him. Axel agrees to make an exception and take this out-of-town job for Dorothy.
Norman thanks him and Dorothy figures the Big O will also be glad to hear this; Dominic’s ears perk up at the name and he realizes that these two are associates of the infamous Negotiator. Axel apologizes to him for leaving but tells Dominic to make himself at home until he returns.
He readily agrees, figuring being alone in here will be an excellent opportunity to poke around the house.

Later, having turned the entire place upside down, Dominic hasn’t found anything significant; he ponders if the old man is trying to forget about his illustrious son and grandson. The suddenly appearing Angel isn’t so sure and, following Dominic’s startled scream, laughs that he’s pretty jumpy for a thief.

Dominic demands to know who she is, how she got in and what she’s after, and Banjou, tagging along, criticizes his lack of manners. Dominic instantly recognizes THE STORM but that’s fine, as Banjou also knows much about him.
As for his questions, Angel introduces herself, says they made their way inside once nobody answered the doorbell and that she’s here to see Axel. Banjou himself met her in town and decided to tag along since they were after the same thing.
Dominic remembers his dossier on Banjou, an untraceable man of unknown objectives who’s been tagged as a high-priority target on charges of anti-Federation activity. Banjou argues that he doesn’t have a problem with the Federation itself – just the corruption in some of its parts.
Hell, as a way of celebrating their fortuitous encounter, he’ll even tell Dominic of what his objective is.

“My objective is… to crush the schemes of evil for this world and all who dwell in it!”
Dominic wonders for a second if this guy’s a bit touched in the head but quickly realizes that he’s serious. With that done, Banjou figures it’s his turn to ask questions and wants to know everything Dominic has to say about the Ageha Project.
Much to Dominic’s surprised, Banjou knows that the army’s pursuing those “Coralian” creatures in accordance to the report written by Adroc Thurston and that said creatures would shake this world to its core. That said, there’s much he hasn’t yet been able to uncover.
Dominic panickingly swears he doesn’t know anything but Banjou tells him to relax as he’s not one to resort to violent methods. Instead, he wants to appear to the kid’s heart and asks if he truly believes that keeping the Coralian information a secret is in the world’s best interest.
His intuition tells him that this is too big a matter for a small group of people to decide what happens. The best way would be to make everything public, pool mankind’s collective knowledge together and think of a solution.

Dominic isn’t having it, saying that this matter is being overseen by someone with a clear vision of the big picture. Banjou’s also heard of Dewey Novak and Dominic insists that he’s already working towards saving mankind and the world!

“Fool…!” says a hidden voice. “You know the truth and, yet, try to monopolize it… that is an enormous sin.”
Dominic freaks at the mummy that enters the room but Banjou recognizes Michael Seebach, a.k.a., Schwarzwald. This is certainly not someone he wanted to meet and Schwarz deems him to be just as conceited as this man he knows.
“Averting one’s eyes from the truth is also an enormous sin. Thus, it is my mission to impart the truth – the terror that lies in the dark – onto you!” he says.

: A Megadeus!
: Right on time, Big Duo! Come, let us demonstrate a fraction of the Great Power to these men!
: Aah…
: This isn’t the time to sit there slack-jawed. Run.
: B-but…it’s even more dangerous outside…
: Would you make this house – and all the memories that lie here – a target?
: Huh…
: Besides, it’ll be alright. The sun is rising.
: The sun?

: Ooh!

*Banjou and Schwarz assume battle positions.*

: Daitarn 3 crushes the schemes of evil for this world and all who dwell in it!

: If you fear not the radiance of this sun, then come!
: The sun…that is, light?!
: Schwarzwald. I’m afraid I’ll have to cut your insanity short.
: “Insanity”?!
: There is no place under the sun for one who’d extol the world’s destruction, who’d instill fear into the people’s hearts with his inane rhetoric!
: The place where you belong is in the darkness and I’ll now cast you back into it!
: The darkness… it is that which frightens man from the very start. The all-encompassing origin.
: Man will turn away from it, remove it from his very memories and pretend it doesn’t even exist.
: However, the truth lies within it! Nay…darkness itself is the truth! For this entire world!
: I’m not here to have a debate, you fallen reporter. However, I’ll take the time to correct one thing.
: While this world may be embroiled in chaos at the moment, what awaits us down the road isn’t your darkness…! So long as I’m around, that will not be the “truth”!
: Very well, child of the sun! If you believe your light can pierce the darkness, then try! As my Big Duo strikes you down, I’ll set your arrogance to rights!
: Fine by me…! I and the Daitarn 3 shall bring all unto the sunlight!

I just move Banjou forward, nothing else I can do this turn.

Megadeus Archetypes show up soon after, with Dominic dubbing them as Black History relics that are being unearthed in many parts of the world. Schwarz figures they’ve awakened activated in response to the Big Duo and pulls back, telling Banjou to observe all these fragments of the truth littered across the world. Such is the truth and he must now face it!
Banjou isn’t having it, saying that he’ll still sweep away this darkness. If these things are fragments of his “truth”, then he’ll just have to destroy them himself!
Schwarz is disappointed that he still won’t accept what in front of him. Fine, then he can be engulfed by the darkness, ignorant of where this world is headed!
No, someone has had enough of his ranting.

: Ah, Mr. Negotiator. I’ve been waiting.
: It’s been a while, THE STORM. Since Japan, was it?
: I apologize for you being forced to entertain Schwarzwald.
: It’s no problem. I also found myself annoyed by his antics.
: You’ve arrived, Roger Smith. I see that you, indeed, have heeded the truth’s siren call.
: No, I’ve simply been travelling here and there. The Big O had some mechanical issues, so I made a pit stop in this town.
: But what if that is The Big’s invisible hand guiding you?
: Hm…?
: Behold this land upon you tread! A part of that which’ll destroy this world’s fundamental laws lies in it!
: (That bandaged man knows about the Coralians…?!)
: Why are you trying to destroy us and Lt. Dominic?
: That man fears not the Great Power… He and his peers believe they can control it which is tantamount to ignoring the truth itself!
: Thus, a show of strength is needed in order to remind all of what should be revered and feared!
: I’ve had just about enough of your inane assertions. If it was fate that guided us to meet here, then I’ll make use of this opportunity.
: Schwarzwald! Return to the darkness from whence you came!
: Can you make me, I wonder? With that Big?
: Master Roger… It seems he’s noticed the Big O’s predicament.
: I cannot make use of all its armaments… this is certainly a troublesome situation.
: Don’t worry about that, Roger. I’ll fix your machine on the fly.
: But, Mr. Thurston—
: I’m not about to sit still when there’s someone raising hell around my home! My grandson will eventually come back here, so I’ll see that it stays in one piece!
: …Understood. Then I’ll place my faith in your skills.
: I’ll keep the enemies at bay for a bit. Go and get your repairs finished in the meantime.
: After making such a grandiose entrance, this is the situation I find myself in… My apologies, Banjou Haran. Please buy us just a few moments.
: Fools who’d avert their eyes from the truth! Feel the weight of your powerlessness and despair!

Yup. Not all of Big O's weapons are available. Kind of a minor pain. Oh well, I can still punch things!

Like so!

Meanwhile, the Archetypes aren't much of a threat.

And over here is Banjou!

Come enemy phase Schwarzwald moves down, and Daitarn's fan is scratched.

I blow up another Archetype, and it triggers Plot.

Schwarz laughs at Roger’s situation, figuring The Big’s stopped caring for him. Roger counters that he and Big O are partners, unlike Schwarz who foolishly idolizes his.
Axel agrees, adding that while mechs aren’t magical tools, they do have enough of a soul that they'd never turn against anyone who sincerely cherishes them. He just needs a little bit more time and if Roger helps the Big O, he’s certain the mech will answer in kind.
“Of course. Big O would never betray my trust.” Roger says and Angel figures he is, indeed, a Dominus.
Angel's is interrupted by a call from Vera, who has been somewhat anxiously awaiting a report from her. Vera tells her that she's sent a few of the Union's forces into battle, in part to see just how strong The Big is. Angel doesn't like that the Union’s taking direct action, but Vera tells "Agent 340" that she has no right to question their stratagems. Unless she wants to die a traitor’s death, that is.

In come the Union troops and Schwarz isn't pleased to see the allies of the fool who styles himself Paradigm City's king. Roger figures he means Alex and Banjou warns him that they’re gunning for the Big O.
Roger barely avoids the attack but a Bonaparte starts coming in…

: This isn’t good…!
: Do not fret, Master Roger.
: Allow us to handle this matter.

: Those men have a bazooka!
: A most excellent shot, Mr. Garrison.
: No, no… it is all thanks to your precise timing, Mr. Norman.
: You will not hurt Roger or the Big O.

: And that girl has a missile launcher?!
: Well done, Garrison!
: Apologies for the inconvenience, Norman, Dorothy.
: Don’t worry about it. Besides, the enemy is still moving.
: And it’s done! Full throttle, Roger! Let ‘em have it!
: My thanks, Mr. Thurston!
: The elderly are all working as hard as they can… I can’t well be left in the dust!

: Big O! ACTION!!
Just watch. This isn't something that can be portrayed in screenshots.

: Goodness, the drive’s tuned up to eleven!!
: Is that how Thurston mechanics work?!
: Do as you please, Roger! The Big O will follow your lead!
: Understood, Mr. Thurston. And allow me to express my deepest gratitude and respect to your craft.
: Are you ready to go, Mr. Negotiator?
: Schwarz…and, I presume, Alex’s henchmen!
: I will keep on trailing my own path. If you’ll oppose that, I hope you’re ready to receive your just reward!

Big O's weapons are back, yay.

Next, enemy phase.

Yeah. This is about right.

Schwarzwald will just make a beeline to Roger.

Ignoring Banjou is a bad idea overall though.[/i]

: Child of the sun! That fearless arrogance is your greatest flaw!
: That is just the way I am. And I’m not about to stop, regardless of your criticisms.
: Then I’ll take it upon myself to educate you on this world’s truth… of the terror that is endless darkness!
: Your ranting has overstayed its welcome. If you’re truly a reporter, then you should be a whole lot more concise in your delivery!

Then come Enemy phase and Roger counterkills everything.

Hello Schwarzwald.

: Roger Smith…! You say you seek the truth but all you’re doing is running from the darkness!
: The truth I’m seeking is one I’ll confirm with my very eyes. Your bellowing is neither needed nor desired.
: And that is why I say you’re running! Such a person is incapable of wielding a Big’s power!
: What did I just say, Schwarz?!
: I know not what happened in mine or Big O’s past but what matters is the life I have right now!
: And if one comes who’ll threaten that life, then I will readily use said power! Especially if the other party has proven to not be open for dialogue!

OK we're done here.

: This is the end, Schwarzwald!
: It is not… rather, it never ends!
: Then tell us everything. What is this truth you speak of?
: I am with the Big Duo in order to divulge the truth… not the whole truth, however.
: What?
: How conceited can you possibly get…!
: That’s because my mission is simply to impart fear upon humanity.
: Schwarzwald…!
: Fear…it is a necessity for weak-willed beings like us!
: The moment humans stop fearing, it is the moment where we reach a dead-end as a species… where all that remains is a pathetic existence, merely waiting for its demise!
: And there are those who know. Gordon Rosewater, in this younger days, wrote a book depicting the final moments of the human era…!
: And the awakening of the Executor who’ll restart it all…
: The “Executor”…?
: Fear…and face that fear! That is what is necessary for humans to be human!

: Well… in the end, his “truth” is still incomprehensible…
: However, one thing has been made clear: whatever it truly is, it is not something I’m willing to embrace.

Once everything’s down, Vera has seen much about the strength of a Big. With that one, she commands Number 340 to return to Kids Munt – they’ll be accelerating their plans. As Angel confirms, Vera reminds her that those born into the Union are fated to obey its will or face death.

Roger thanks Axel for saving his neck but the old guy says he merely made use of whatever parts he had handy. Furthermore, he figures he ought to thank Roger and Banjou for defending his family’s home and all the memories therein.
Axel says that, as you grow older, memories become more and more precious – though he doesn’t expect a youngster like Roger to understand that yet.
“You still have your whole life to build and amass memories… youth itself is the seed of one’s future.” He adds and Roger thanks him for his words.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Axel is going to sit on his ass if he can still be doing stuff and the butlers all agree with that assessment.
Watching this, Dominic realizes that Axel may be a bigger man than he gave him credit for, and plans to stay here a while longer. Axel himself hopes to tell Renton about this story someday; until then, he’ll keep on waiting for his return in boring, old Bellforest.

Back in the present day, the butlers inform Renton that Axel is still there – he said he’d always be waiting. Renton thanks them for this and says he absolutely plans on going back and with Eureka by his side.
Kira sees that Roger has travelled to many parts of the multi-dimensional world – a journey of self-discovery. The many encounters he’s had along the way have shaped the person he is now, same as Kira.
Loran wants to hear more about the people who live throughout this world and Amuro is also on board. All our constant battles have left little time to think about the smaller pictures that comprise it all.
Roger agrees in the interest of killing time and moves to tell us about this group of people that he met at the center of the world…