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Part 26: Mission 8 (Rand) - Prologue

We got two new teammates to go over today, so let’s quickly set them up:

Unit Upgrades:

I never particularly liked the Kapools but, just to add a bit of survivability, I’ll give them some HP, Armor and Accuracy.
I wouldn’t advise investing much into them since, like the Panthers and Trads, there are much better squadmates around.

Pilot Training:

Sochie already comes with Backup Attack, so all she needs is SP; I didn’t use Miashey a lot, so she’ll save her PP to purchase Backup Attack when available.

Squad Arrangement:

Loran is still an event deployment but we have one new slot available, which means Gain is back to the front lines!
With what’s available, here’s the current arrangement:
Making use of our Boosters and the Apogee Motor we stole from Olba, everyone is able to get a movement range of 6.

With that done, let’s move on to the plot.

Brace yourselves for some incoming craziness...

We’re still in Inglessa and the negotiations have hit a bit of a snag: Minister Milan, accompanying Diana, says the Moon Race want to move back into the entire Sun Belt region, which includes Inglessa, on the theory that it is their ancestral home.
Gwen has a counter-claim: even if the Moon Race once dwelt there, they abandoned it long before the Cataclysm, and it was Gwen's forefathers who nursed the land back to its current state.
Milan, however, says that the Moon Race's withdrawal to the Moon was not an abandonment at all, just a temporary retreat - hence the ancient appellation "Promised Land". Diana herself does indeed want to return her people to Earth, but is hoping to do so peacefully... in other words, to live alongside the current residents.

Both sides seem a bit uneasy but their meeting is interrupting when Kihel enters, announcing that Gwen’s next appointment (Lily Borjarno) has arrived.
Gwen apologizes but says he’ll need to end the discussion for today, saying he has other business to attend. Milan is a bit peeved at his attitude towards Diana but Gwen says that, as mayor, he still has his duties to attend to.
Diana agrees to continue the peace talks later, suggesting some time to think things through will do them good – she wants to reconvene in one week. That suits Gwen just fine, and he recommends that Diana take the time to see what the Earth has to offer in the meantime.

As he leaves, Milan snarls at Gwen’s arrogance but Kihel understands the many duties that come from his position; Kihel offers Diana another cup of tea but Diana would rather talk to her.
She’d rather it be a woman-to-woman talk, though, and asks Milan to wait outside. As he leaves, Kihel wonders if there’s a problem but, no, Diana just wanted to speak to her in private.
They’re both amazed at how much they resemble each other; Diana thinks to what Gwen said about seeing more of Earth and, as such, she would like to ask Kihel a favor.
The first step would be for them to swap clothes – just a little game, Diana says.

Back at the Iron Gear’s Hangar, Loran has been studying some sort of digital manual in the computer inside the White Doll.
It’s thanks to this manual that he was able to learn how to properly control the mobile suit but, still, he has to wonder how long the mech has been buried inside that mountain.
Garrod and Tifa come over, asking if he’s finished studying. Garrod admits to being impressed at how different Loran's "Gundam" looks from their own.

Loran is a bit confused at it being called a Gundam but Garrod says the two eyes and antennae are a dead giveaway – though, in this case, the antennae are more of a moustache.
Garrod asks if the manual contains anything like a proper name but the closest Loran could find is the "∀" symbol, which Tifa explains means "all encompassing". Garrod figures this would make it the Turn A Gundam.
Loran mentions that he’s heard that Garrod’s home was further south and asks if he and Tifa are planning on heading back there but Garrod says neither of them have a home to return to anymore.

Speaking of Tifa, Garrod asks if Loran knows about Newtypes.
He doesn’t and Garrod says the Frost Brothers have been going around collecting them and Tifa’s one of them; he says she has the ability of predict the near future and Garrod has made it his mission to stop anyone who would try to use her for their own agenda.
Before his warp, Garrod did the job with the help of the crew of the Freeden, a landship, and Loran asks why he doesn’t return to them, then. That would be due to the Frost Brothers having destroyed it after he was warped away.

Loran apologizes for asking but Garrod tells him it’s fine: besides, he doesn’t think they would’ve died that easily so he’s still holding onto hope.
The same goes for Tifa, which fueled their decision to stay with the Iron Gear for a while longer. Loran wonders why they’re telling him this much and Garrod figured it was only fair, since he helped with Tifa’s rescue.
In fact, Tifa insisted on having this conversation: she sees her old self in Loran, and tells him not to think he's all alone in the world. Sooner or later, everyone will come to understand him.
Loran thanks them both and Garrod tells him they’re all friends here.

Right then, King Gainer returns from patrol and, just as it does, the hand-computer Loran's been using as a manual suddenly starts reacting to something.
It starts displaying the imagine of something: “A person with wings…an angel?” wonders Loran; “Not so much…something far more dangerous”, says Tifa.

They’re interrupted with the arrival of a man, who muses at the Inglessa Militia having so many strong units but being filled with women and children.
When Loran asks, he introduces himself as Gavane Goony, leader of the Luziannan elite squadron. Garrod hasn’t heard of Luzianna and Loran explains that it’s a neighboring country and ancient ally of Inglessa but he doesn’t understand what Gavane is doing here.
He asks if we haven’t been briefed about the upcoming joint training battle…

Speaking of, Elchi is being informed about it by Lily Borjarno, daughter of the Luziannan mayor.
Elchi, inwardly, sees in Lily a cultured rival for Gwen's affections, but Gwen is more interested in discussing how Luzianna’s militia, like Inglessa, has been mechanizing with items excavated from its own Mountain Cycles.
Gain is also present, realizing that this mock battle is a way for Gwen to flex his and our power for everyone to see (Moon Race and neighbors alike). Rand understands his distaste but, until we have enough cash, we need to dance to the sponsor’s music.
“No matter where you go, the rich are invincible…” Rand sighs.

Gwen also adds that we’ll be accompanied by some Moon Race personnel in the exercise and that’s when “Diana” arrives, asking if everything’s settled.
With her is Harry, the one who’ll be joining us for today. He politely greets us and Gain is a bit surprised we’ll be tangling with the captain of the royal guard, asking for Harry to take it easy on us (come on, we kicked his ass before, Gain!).

“Kihel” is also present and requests to join us for the training which Gwen allows, assigning her the duty of official scribe to the event. Diana commands Harry to protect Kihel in the event anything untoward happen, which he readily promises to do.
The original Diana is impressed at how skillfully Kihel is playing her part and she realizes that Diana must have been very lonely indeed to think up this little prank. Regardless, the Iron Gear will be transporting all participants in the exercise to the assigned area and, as Elchi leaves to get the preparations going, Kihel inwardly wishes for Diana to take care.

Mission 8 (Rand) – Angel Memories

Our team reaches the training area but it’s certainly not what we expected: instead of the plains Gwen told Elchi, there’s a ruined city in the area.
When Jiron asks, Loran says he has no idea what this is – there isn’t supposed to be anything this close to Nocis. Burume thinks he’s pulling our leg but Sochie confirms that this entire region is supposed to be nothing but empty fields.
She says criticizing Loran won’t do anything to change this. Loran thanks her for the words but she snaps back that he doesn’t want his gratitude – it’s not like she wants to protect a Moon Race man.
Diana tries to calm her down but Sochie tells her to butt out; this is between her and Loran. Inwardly, Gain thinks that Sochie’s not precisely angry at Loran because he’s a Moon Race...

Furthermore, Sochie wants to know why “Kihel” is here, seeing how she never showed any interest in the Militia before.
Diana says that she wants to do everything she can to assist Gwen and the Militia during the coming days. Sochie accedes but tells her to stay out of everyone’s way.
Gavane is baffled at all this, that the Inglessa militia really is run by a bunch of kids and women.
Sochie takes offense, asking what’s so strange about women fighting. Miashey also gets in his face, saying they’ve fought both the Moon Race and UNE troops before.
That’s all fine with Gavane, who plans to show us, with his elite squad, how a real battle is like once the training starts.

Rand and Mel have been watching the city, deep in thought: unless Rand is mistaken, the whole damn town must have warped here.
However, to do this, the warp would’ve needed to be FAR bigger than the one that got us here. Jiron asks what he plans on doing and he wants to check the city out before the training battle begins.

Pierre is on a nearby building, having just seen our ship enter the area; with him is Silvia, who figures they shouldn’t worry about us. Right now, they need to hurry up and complete their mission.
Silvia complains that that ringing noise from before has given her a headache but, either way, Pierre says that, according to Rena’s precognitive dream, this should be where they’ll find the greatest hero of Atlantis: the Wings of the Sun.
Silvia thinks that’s not going to happen, though, seeing how she’s sure her brother, Sirius, is the reincarnation of said Wings of the Sun. Pierre says that Sirius has no memories of his past life, though, but Silvia thinks those memories are simply sealed away.
“The memories of that battle are too painful…too sad…” she says.

In the ruined city, Rand relates to Gauli that he found a handful of people but, as expected, none are Amerian.
This seems to prove his and Mel’s theory that the entire place must’ve been warped here and Gauli sighs that, no matter what happens, we always run into these messes. Loran asks if the warps weren’t like this before and Gainer tells him that all we’ve seen were people and machines getting warped – never an entire city.
Rand figures we can’t hold a training battle in this kind of situation and thinks we should send the Luzianna troops and “that fella with the red glasses” back home. Nearby, Chil is asking Jiron what he’s doing and he’s figured that, since the fight’s a no-go, he’d cook a small meal.
Dyke is already smelling the delicious aroma of Lizard Jerky and Jiron is about to eat it all in one go when…

Someone quickly swoops over and grabs it off Jiron’s hand: it’s Apollo, who tells Jiron it’s his own fault for getting so distracted while eating!
Of course, that’s some good meat and Jiron isn’t about to let him take it without a fight. “Bring it on! I’ll give it back if you can catch me!” Apollo says and Jiron promises to teach him the wrath of a hungry man!

Jiron’s stubborn enough to actually to corner an angry Apollo and demands his food back.
With little other option Apollo resorts to licking the morsel all over and wonders if Jiron still wants it back. Jiron thinks a bit and figures Apollo must be real hungry to have done that and offers some more food if he comes back with him.
Apollo is a bit surprised but Jiron says he was impressed with his gusto towards food.

It falls on Rag to tell Gain that they’re having a “BBQ” out here, courtesy of Jiron, but she feels this is fine as it’ll allow us to keep investigating the area. With them is Apollo’s friend, Baron, who very much appreciates our offer.
This was Apollo’s first time eating Lizard but he actually found it quite tasty and wants more. Burume complains that he already ate enough for five people but Jiron is okay with it, having heard that people who eat this much can’t be bad.

Chil tells Apollo to eat quick as there’s more meat coming and, while he eats, Rand would like to ask him some questions. He starts by asking if they’ve heard a “ringing” sound recently and Baron confirms that they did – right before the area got all distorted.
As expected, they’ve been warped over here and Gainer asks if they’re living in this place. Apollo says that they don’t really like it here but there’s plenty of residual food lying around that they could eat.
For that matter, Baron asks where we came from, seeing how we’re so loaded with food.

We don’t get to answer as Apollo notices someone hiding nearby and out comes Pierre, impressed at Apollo’s perception.
Silvia wonders if this beast is an Element Candidate like them; she asks Pierre if he’s getting any response from Apollo’s aura and, indeed, he’s displaying the same meta-quantum pattern as theirs.
Baron wonders if they’re the cops but, no, Apollo smells their scent and says they’re much more dangerous than that - Pierre figures he really is a beast, judging them by smell. “Urgh, disgusting! I would never combine with someone like him!” Silvia yells.

Jiron doesn’t think these guys are Apollo’s friends and, if anything, Rand figures they’re acting a bit hostile. still, Pierre tells our people to settle down, as their business is with Apollo and adds a warning that, if we don’t, we might get burned.
Silvia asks him to come with them but he refuses, telling her she’s free to try force him, though. She says he’ll regret that but Apollo promises that he won’t go easy just because she’s a girl.

He tries punching Silvia and she easily dodges adding that, while he is pretty quick, he’s still an amateur.
Her counterattack barely misses but still shatters the concrete wall behind Apollo and Pierre joins in with a kick that actually lights stuff on fire; our people don’t know what the hell is going on and Gain wonders if it’s something like the OverSkills.
Baron asks us for help but the fight’s interrupted with some sort of chant coming from the sky.
Hypnosound, as Pierre calls it, and Silvia knows this means there are “Fallen Angels” inbound.

Expect the rest of the mission to be posted by Friday, folks.

See you all then!