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Part 263: Special Disk Mission 3-4 - Wings, Dry My Tears

Location: Western Galia – Minerva, Hangar

Athrun has been helping Setsuko hone her aerial combat skills and she seems to be getting the hand of it. Not that it’s been easy, of course, as the Virgola was originally designed as a land-based unit. Thanks to the freedom of movement given by the VWFS, however, she can now put the high-speed combat tactics that Heine taught her to good use.
The Savior can provide a good baseline and, if she keeps training, she’ll have it all down in no time. Löwen is more than happy to help out with training too, since he's under instructions from Theeh to report on the Virgola Glory's performance. Vino himself finds grandpa to be quite the amazing man and, indeed, Löwen says that his intellect is one of the most valuable assets of the Chimera Squad. He’s the one who made the Chaos Leo, even.
Yolan informs that when they say “amazing” they didn’t exactly mean it in a positive way; "no comment" from Löwen about the guy’s personality. Setsuko thought he was a kind man but

Vino and Yolan tell her not to pull her punches – they heard that Theeh heaped quite a lot of sexual harassment on her while under the shield of overseeing the Virgola’s modifications. Trying to lift her skirt, smell her ears and more, though Setsuko says she doesn’t need to dig about the past.
Still, Löwen tells her not to keep it all bottled up inside – it’ll stress her out. She’s well aware, as Denzel and Toby often told her the same thing. Regardless, she’ll be fine and is still thankful to Theeh for his work.
“What a curious woman. At first glance, she appears so passive and weak-willed but… despite all the hardship she’s been through, her spirit remains firm and she has neither become self-destructive nor allowed anger and sorrow to consume her. Where does this fortitude come from…?” Athrun thinks.

Setsuko notices his staring and asks if there’s something on her face. As he stutters a denial, Vino says Lunamaria and Meyrin will go up in arms if they hear he’s fallen for Setsuko. It’s not easy being popular, Yolan sighs, though both he and Vino are very jealous of the attention Athrun, Kouji and Toshiya get.
Shaken up with embarrassment, Athrun quickly tries changing the subject: if Setsuko wants to gain combat experience in all terrains and tactics, Shinn’s Impulse would be the better opponent. She understands that but, again, the guy is spending his time watching over Stella.
That’s not too absurd, considering the state the girl was when we took her aboard. Maybe it’s got something to do with his past? Well, Shinn might be a bit surly but he’s, as Setsuko knows, he’s a kind soul.
Regardless, Athrun reminds everything that she’s still an enemy soldier. That’s a harsh thing to think, yes, but such is war. Setsuko remembers how it was amidst the flames of war that Heine was killed and Camille saw someone with whom he shared such a deep connection die in front of him. This conflict spreads sorrow throughout the entire world, which is why she wants to do something about it.

*People approach.*

: Ah. We figured you’d be here, Setsuko.
: Kouji… everyone…
: What’s going on? Why are you all here?
: We thought that not even you could take being her sparring partner 24/7 without needing a breather.
: Time for you to tag out, Athrun. We’ll take it from here.
: Aye, aye, Lt. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with her progress.
: Oh, guys…
: The Virgola can finally work on any kind of terrain, so you better be ready to take us all on in our element.
: We’ll start off with everyone’s favorite dumbass. You’re gonna be blown away when you see how he gets as an enemy.
: I’m looking forward to this, Setsuko.
: Don’t hold anything back, Touga.
: And we’ll be the support team! We’ve got some sweets coming up for when the training’s over.
: A carrot and stick approach, hm? I guess I really have to put my back into this!
: I’d also just prefer to skip to the sweets but nope.
: Why don’t you join us, Lunamaria? I was planning on doing some long-range training next, you know.
: Ahaha… You can tell what I need to work at, huh?
: Let’s begin? Touga, Setsuko, to your spots.
: Roger.
: That face… he’s not playing around.
: OK, here goes…!
: Good luck, Setsuko!
: I’m next in line, so you gotta win this!
: (Thanks, everyone…)

Special Disk Mission 3-4 – Wings, Dry My Tears

Later, Meyrin pings an incoming Federation squad and Talia quickly orders everyone to launch. We can’t well get destroyed so close to Gibraltar.

As she deploys, Setsuko inwardly thanks everyone for their help and promises to make good use of what they taught her. In come the Feds, set on stopping our advance: the group seems Titan-oriented but Setsuko also recognizes Olba and Shagia from Fort Severn.
Yazan is leading and he thanks the bros for their intel – no need, as they’re cooperating with Scirocco now. He figures they’re here mostly to do recon on this half of ZEUTH than to help but, honestly, it matters not.
They oughta know Yazan’s reputation of fighting more like a wild beast than a regular soldier, right? Indeed and, with that in mind, Yazan delegates command of the troops to his mook while he goes to town.

So the most notable thing about this little stage is the fact that we both A) Start far away from the enemies, and B) that Mesa in the middle makes it take even harder for any ground unit to get to the action. So this would take like, three turns just for the two sides to meet.

Or I can do this and get everyone up there by the second turn.

It's like magic.

With Boost it's time to handle this generic midboss~

: Is that unit…?

: The data matches… I knew it.

*Beep, beep.*

: Huh…? A transmission from that MA?
: Do you hear me, Denzel Hammer? Didn’t expect to find you around here.
: !
: My guess is that winged mech is the Virgola the Glory Star was testing, yeah?
: Are you a friend of the Chief?!
: A woman…? It’s not Denzel?
: I’m Setsuko Ohara, 3rd of the Glory Star. The Chief… he was KIA prior to the Break the World…
: Really…? Psh, what an ass… Couldn’t even stay alive for me to kill him myself.
: Huh…?
: Setsuko, or whatever your name is, surrender and hand over that mech.
: Excuse me…? What makes you think you can make such demands?!
: Quiet, you! I was the one who should’ve been 3rd of the Glory Star!
: What?
: After your predecessor died, there were talks of having me reassigned to that post.
: But then Denzel came along and turned me down. Something about not having “the right stuff” or whatever!
: “The right stuff”… That’s what he used to say…
: I wanted to be a test pilot so I could keep off actual combat and be recognized as an elite…
: That was my ticket to the top… and he not only screwed with that but he chose someone like you?!
: …
: Surrender now or I’ll scrap that unit as compensation for him spitting in my face!
: This is bad… She’s slipping!
: Pull back, Setsuko! He’s coming after you!
: You’re not going anywhere, bitch! The Glory Stars are a waste of oxygen and I’ll be burying you right here!
: Shut your trap!!

: !
: I’ll say it once more, in the Chief’s stead…!
: You don’t have the right stuff! Someone like you isn’t fit to join our squad!
: You little—
: Did I say you could speak?!
: I—
: Quiet! Every time you open your noise-hole, you dishonor the Glory Star name!
: Hrm…!
: The Chief once told me that there are ways to fight without outright holding a weapon…
: And the Glory Star did fight! The Chief and Toby both had pride and honor as soldiers! A punk like you could never measure up to that!
: Setsuko…
: This is the first time I’ve seen her like this…
: (I didn’t think she had it in her…)
: (She may keep her anger and sorrow hidden but that doesn’t mean they don’t run deep…)
: (Her will to see her mission fulfilled grants her the fortitude to withstand her raging emotions… And the cornerstone of it all is…)
: Y-You don’t get to give me crap, cheerleader! Once you’re dead, it’ll prove to the whole world what a fool Denzel Hammer was!
: I’ve taken up all that the Chief and Toby left behind and I’ll uphold them!
: Grit your teeth! You’re going to get an eyeful of how the Glory Star does battle!!

Great job Setsuko! Time to do the rest of these jerks!

So, Mr. Jerk, you wanted to be in The Glory Star?

: OK, so you’re a bit agile! That still won’t be enough to beat me!
: The Virgola Glory bears the Chief’s long-range and Toby’s close-range data! And their wishes also lie within me!
: “Wishes”?! You actually think that’ll help you in battle?!
: You’ll be getting my answer to that question via GS Combat Actions!
Wish Granted!

: This can’t be happening! I can’t possibly lose like th—

: Neither war nor the army itself has room to indulge personal desires… Fighting without duty or conviction will lead to nothing but sorrow.
: And I will not have it. I’ll fight both for the pride I feel in my mission and so I can find my place in this world…

Now to take out the remaining three jerks.

: Hrm… I’m being pushed back?!
: Looks like this guy’s that famous AEUG commander!

: This guy’s pretty good…! A bit green but he’s got talent!
: Well, well, I reckon I hit jackpot today!

: I heard rumors that the Federation’s White Shooting Star was with ZEUTH… Guess that was all true!
: Come on, then! Let’s put the hero of the One Year War to the test!

He had a few more lines:

Vs. Loran
: Hahaha… this one reeks like a cornered rat!
: These types always get stronger the more you push ‘em! Always a good game!

Vs. Athrun
: Hey, this one’s also decent! Tangling with Coordinators is always worth my time!
: And his is a variable unit, just like mine…! Looks like we got a contest of skill in our hands!

Vs. Shinn.
: Zaft’s ace, eh…? Don’t look like he’s got a lot of experience under his belt, though!
: Only kids do this blitz approach! You ain’t gonna beat me with basic stuff like that!

Vs. Setsuko
: Look at that elegant flying… It’s a woman in there, alright!
: Still, I don’t discriminate when it’s go-time! How nice of me, eh?

Once Yazan goes down, he figures he played a bit too much. Still, he’s found people with whom he can really go-all out, so that’s good enough for today. Next time, it’ll be for real…

: (Looks like Cpt. Löwen’s infiltration assignment is going swimmingly.)
: (The divided ZEUTH will serve our purposes well.)
: (And, then, they’ll be gracious enough to finish each other off for us.)

Olba congratulates us and looks forward to our next encounter.

Shagia figures it’d be dangerous to take any more damage and backs off.

That’s everything down and it doesn’t look like we’ve any reinforcements coming. Rey points out that we’re almost within Zaft’s sphere of influence and Quattro can't wait to find out what Durandal intends to do in the face of all the chaos in this multi-dimensional world.

: …
: Setsuko… the pride of the Glory Star lives on in you.
: Huh?

: You were so cool today, how you told that idiot off!
: R-really…?
: Hmhmm. You inherited more than just Denzel and Toby’s Gunnery Carver data.
: Yeah, their souls are still burning inside you and the Virgola.
: …
: Setsuko… You were truly worthy of the name Glory Star today.
: Lt…
: Back when we first met at the Lutetium Base, I confess that I didn’t understand why you were chosen.
: But now I can see that you have the “right stuff” Denzel spoke of.
: Thank you…
: Setsuko…
: (Chief, Toby… I can’t bring back what I’ve lost, nor do I intend on clinging to it… But I believe that I can protect what I have now and, maybe, create something new.)
: (While you and our Glory Star may be gone, I have ZEUTH. And the pride and duty that you taught me gives me strength even today.)
: (And, so, I’ll keep on going – as a member of the Glory Star and of ZEUTH…)

Multi-dimensional year 9/29/0001.

ZEUTH will arrive at Zaft's Gibraltar base shortly. My doubts of a few days past still linger within me. And, as such, I plan to lead my life in such a way that I can answer them with my head held high.
Living is how I’ll carry on the pride of the Glory Star and that, in turn, will help remain steadfast before sorrow.
I’m sure there’ll be more conflict waiting down this road, as well as the day where I encounter Asakim Dowin again. However, I’ll bear pride and duty within my breast and face these challenges.

- Glory Star 3rd

That ends Setsuko's chapter on the Special Disc. But now that we've beaten all four side stories, a final one unlocks. The final bit of Super Robot Wars Z: The Secret Epilogue!