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Part 265: Special Disk Mission 4-2 - Miss Adette's Struggle

Location: Southern South Ameria – Tresor Institute

Chil is looking for Ana but people haven’t seen her – not even Maeter and the Gekko’s kids, says Renton.
Her lynxes are also gone, so maybe she left to play with them? Doing so by herself sounds dangerous but Bello figures she can take care of herself. Sara isn’t so sure, however, relating that the girl seemed a bit bummed out lately.
Bello wonders if she ran away because of some sort of problem and Chil figures Renton, the resident “runaway kid” could shed some light on this. He can’t but Gauli steps in and tells us to relax: Ana just went with Adette over to a nearby town.
Sara has a bit of a bad feeling…

In said town, Adette asks Ana if she shouldn’t have told Gainer about where she’s going but the girl didn’t want him to worry so much on her account. Adette would still like to hear the reason why Ana wanted her company to this town (not that she wasn’t free, mind).
Ana and the lynxes seem uncertain but Adette promises – woman to woman – not to tell anyone. The kid decides to trust her then, and says she came here in hopes of getting in touch with her father back in Wulgusk. It's not that she's homesick; rather, she’s worried that since our people have earned Kids’ scorn due to the Exodus, he’ll also turn his sights upon their old town.
Adette reminds her that ZEUTH took down Kids' trump card (the Overdevil), so he should stay mum for now. Ana counters by saying that the Siberian Rail still has a steady flow of business and resources, so they could still attack the Domepolis. Adette does admit that Kids, ever the self-styled king, isn’t the type to forget people who’ve slighted him.

And, so, Ana wants to use this town’s UN center to make sure her father is OK. Why not the terminals in ZEUTH’s ships? Because Gainer and co. would notice and they’d get concerned. Adette jokingly asks if Ana’s saying she’s too uncaring to get concerned with her; regardless, she admits that a grown woman like her wouldn’t pry into the princess’ personal matters. Indeed, Ana’s chosen well.
She’s thankful that Ana’s trusted her enough to confide all this and swears to do everything in her power to help.

Their conversation is interrupted with the arrival of Zakki, who recognizes Ana as Medayu’s daughter.
Adette tags him as a Saint Reagan soldier, though he corrects her that it’s FORMER soldier. Still, recovering the Exodizing daughter of Wulgusk’s feudal lord would be just the ticket for him to recover his status!
He moves to grab the kid but is blocked by her lynxes. With this opening, Ana and Adette run.

Special Disk 4-2 – Miss Adette’s Struggle

Ana thanks Adette for saving her but it’s too early for that – Zakki isn’t giving up that easily and shows up with troops.
Asuham’s run off to do his own thing, so Zakki will follow suit. The Siberian Rail is on a downward spiral but he can still make it back to Saint Reagan if he brings in Ana. His soldiers recognize Adette’s Dobeck up ahead (why not the Rushrod?!) and her fame precedes her. Still, it’s only one unit against their group, so Zakki sends the Dogozzos’ in to immobilize the thing.
Ana is worried about the enemy numbers but Adette promises to keep up her promise – she’ll pull out all the stops for the princess! Casting Drive, Iron Wall and Strike, she proclaims to always get the job done when it’s go-time. The Siberians better be ready, because she’s all fired up today!

Kill everything, don’t lose Adette. This is a MUCH easier mission compared to the last one. Adette’s Dobeck isn’t the strongest around but only the Dogozzos will attack and she’s more than equipped to deal with them.
If you want to steamroll through this, use some of your extra cash to buff up her unit prior to this. We’ll get the plot rolling soon enough – until then, stay where you are and hold the line.
Make sure you start casting Focus on the 2nd turn to make things simpler.

I upgraded her Dobeck, so this should be good enough.

: Hold on tight, Ana! My piloting isn’t the most graceful around!
: P-please, don’t worry about me! Do as you’d like!
: Easy, girl. Even I got scared the first time I stepped in an actual battle.
: Of course, I was way older than you when I did.
: Ms. Adette…
: Still, you put your trust in me so, whatever happens, I’ll bring you back in one piece!
: It takes an adult to be a teacher…! And watching over children is as natural as it gets for one!

Yup. Repeat this a few times and you’ve a good grasp on the first two turns.
When turn three rolls around – or you kill eight Dogozzos – the plot kick in.

Zakki’s getting annoyed that one unit is being this troublesome; he charges in and slaps her silhouette machine around.
Zakki warns her to surrender or he’ll crush her Dobeck’s cockpit. Adette isn’t taking it, though, preferring to keep going and bring him down along with her. Would she get Ana caught in the crossfire, then? Indeed, Zakki concedes that a pilot of her skill could defeat his Golem but she wouldn’t end this unscathed. What if something were to happen with Ana? A child like her would certainly be at far greater risk of life.
Adette hesitates but Ana yells at her to stop dawdling and keep fighting. Opening the Dobeck’s hatch, she yells at Zakki for trying to use such disgusting methods to capture her in order to fulfill his own wishes. If he’s, indeed, a warrior worthy of that Overman then he should be ashamed! He will not achieve his goals with such petty deeds!
Adette loves her speech, and even Zakki has to admit that Ana sounds every inch a princess. Still, he won't stand for the insult, and moves to teach her a little lesson.

Adette doesn't give him the chance though: shoving Ana out the cockpit and busting out a kamikaze attack with her “Teacher Ninpo”, she pushes Zakki far away. There’s plenty of room for Ana to escape while she makes good on her threat to take Zakki with her.
Guess she could only fulfill half of that promise but she tells Ana that she can count on Gauli to get in touch with home – she won’t allow the princess to surrender herself in a bid to save her. It’s the adults’ job to keep the children safe and she won’t hear any word against it, even from a princess.
Zakki is more than willing to take her life…

But, just then, he gets blasted away by the rest of our folks – looks Adette WILL be able to see that whole promise done.
Gauli’s leading the charge and Adette is very glad her beloved ninja arrived when he did. Gainer wants to ask Ana what she was up to but Adette tells him no keep his nose off these ladies’ affairs. And if he’s got time to object, then he can tag in with her and help give Zakki what he deserves!
Adette is so commanding a presence that Enil and Pala wonder if Gauli is really alright with being her boyfriend. His haughty smirk speaks volumes but Gain tells everyone to save it for after we’ve dealt with these stray Siberians.
Zakki decides to shift his objective to just destroying ZEUTH (lol). Ana doubts a man like him could pull it off but since Adette knows he’s not the type to listen, he’ll just have to feel it in his broken bones!

I don’t really need to show any more, do I? On one side, we’ve the full force of Rand’s ZEUTH and, on the other, Dogozzos, Dobecks, Under Golems and Zakki.


: Adette Kistler! All my plans fell apart because of your stubbornness!
: Blaming others for your own screw-ups, eh? Shows how good you are!
: I always love strong men, even when they’re my enemies. That’s not the case with you, though!
: You’re just a wimp!

: Black Southern Cross! I’d still have my commission if you hadn’t drawn Asuham’s ire!
: What, you got your own unwarranted beef with me, too? You’re Asuham’s underling, alright.
: That said, as pig-headed as he is, I can at least respect the guy for fighting for his family.
: How?! All he cared about was his personal vendetta!
: Still, I’d always take a guy like that over someone who’d chase after a kid just to get ahead in life.

Zakki may have left Asuham but his losing streak continues. Still, he promises to make a comeback someday and ejects.
The guy really matches Asuham, Gain and Adette think – his dreams bigger than his skills can keep up with. With the bad guys dealt with, it’s off to fulfill Ana’s task. No, Gainer can’t ask what it’s about, so Gain and Rand suggest they get out of their way.
Ana is very glad to have met a woman like Adette. Like she said, the princess chose well in confiding with her.

Over by the UN station, Duke Medayu is overjoyed to see his daughter again, and surprised in equal measure when her first question is about the security of Wulgusk.
He hesitates and Ana takes that as confirmation that her fears about Siberian Rail retaliation came true. She tells him she'll head home at once, but he cuts her off in mid-sentence, saying that he does not want to see the face of any child of his uncaring enough to go off and Exodize.
“You are disowned and may never come back!”, he yells and Ana runs off in tears.
Adette tells him that he's gone too far, especially given how much Ana's worried about him. He’s well aware but confesses that due to the current state of society, it’s not impossible for the flames of war to consume Wulgusk and destroy House Medayu. Thus, he wants Ana to expand her horizons, gaining the wisdom and strength needed to live on her own.

So long as Ana lives, the Medayu bloodline will not run out. He realizes Ana must trust Adette implicitly, and although he doesn't know Adette, he implores her to look after his daughter. Adette muses that it must be nice to have a family, and assures the Duke that she'll take very good care of his daughter, her beloved student.
“I swear to you that I’ll keep that girl safe. And I’ll bring her back to you when this voyage is over. So stay alive until then.”, she says.

Ana is still crying when Adette comes and finds her. She asks Adette not to think ill of her father, knowing he only wanted her to continue travelling unconcerned with him.
Amidst her sobbing, Ana thanks her father and promises to see this through as the scion of House Medayu. Adette inwardly tells Ana to cry as much as she wants. There’s no one else here to see this and Adette will stay with her until she’s satisfied.