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Part 267: Special Disk Mission 4-4 - To Convey These Feelings To You

Location: South Ameria – Tresor Institute – Iron Gear, Room

: What’s up, Pierre? You said you needed to see me.
: …
: Why are you grinning like that? You’re creeping me out…
: Ryou… You’re the boss of the Getter Team, so I reckon you’ll understand.
: What is it, then? I won’t understand anything if you don’t come out and say it.
: …wanna…
: Huh…?
: I wanna… combine…
: Pi-Pierre…?!

At the Gekko, we go over Pierre’s unusual condition: on one second, he’s hyped as all hell and in the next, he’s very bummed out.
Benkei figures that, with the way he’s acting, this is more of an outright disease than just “unusual condition”. This certainly doesn’t match with Pierre’s usually cheerful attitude, Jun adds; not long ago, he saw Pierre mumbling “combine, combine, combine” to himself.
Michiru wonders if this was triggered by some sort of shock and Riea suggests he might’ve been shot down by some girl. Unlikely, thinks Maai, as that happens all the time. Indeed, Kei adds that the playboy lifestyle wouldn’t suit Pierre if he didn’t know how to bounce back from that.
Sirius remembers something, though: when Fudou came here before, he delivered a letter to the guy. Roybea’s heard of it and, apparently, it was sent by Pierre’s family. His folks were also warped to this world and are making their living here in South Ameria, even.
Guess there were some pretty shocking news in that letter to trigger this behavior.

Witz looks like he has something on his mind. When Kei asks, however, he says it’s just a feeling. Tonya tells him to stop beating around the bush and speak but he starts stuttering.
Seems to Roybea that he’s the one acting all weird now and Tonya agrees: usually he’s so blunt, so this shyness isn’t like him. At length, he says it: “Errm… You think he’s… in love?”
Roybea gapes in amazement, never expecting to hear the L word come out of Witz’ mouth (which is why he didn’t want to say it). Jun and Silvia can’t really wrap their heads around that, though, as Pierre has always been the typical playboy, a.k.a., “loving every woman in the world”. Still, Kei says it’s possible that, among all those, there is a special one.
Pala is deep in thought and says that she might have an idea of who that is. Over these past few days, she’s seen Pierre looking at someone with hunger in his eyes – like a wild beast stalking his prey.
That sounds like trouble and, when asked, Pala says we’ll probably find her in the Freeden’s hangar.

Over by the hangar, we find Eureka staring at Enil. Is there something on her face? No, Eureka’s just impressed at how Enil is always so pretty.
She appreciates the praise and Eureka asks if she can stay with her. Enil doesn’t mind, as she’s just started doing maintenance on her unit. Eureka notes how much she cares for it and, indeed, Enil says it IS her Esperanza – that is, hope, in Spanish. It fits, as it was with this Mobile Armor that she managed to join ZEUTH.
It got a few bruises in our recent battles, so she’s doing whatever she can to get it all fixed. All this talk of getting rid of old bruises, brings Eureka’s attention to the scar on her face and Enil apologizes for being insensitive. Seems like she has a bit of an issue with that and Eureka says it’s because she thinks Renton would also prefer beautiful, perfect women.
Enil assures her that she’s truly beautiful, though.

Speaking of Renton, he’s across the hangar and trying to ask for Pierre’s advice on something. The guy says he’s busy and suggests he go ask Gainer.
Garrod is also here and says that won’t fly, as Renton wants advice on girls. Why not Kei or Roybea, then? They’re top-class playboys, so they’ll certainly have plenty to say. Renton questions that denomination, seeing how both men have legit fallen in love with Mimsy and Sara. Ergo, Pierre’s the only one left.
He huffs at this, saying even he has a special someone. Who? He doesn’t say, as they’re interrupted.

: Oh, Renton…
: Eureka…! You were with Enil?
: Your guy-talk sounded interesting, so we came on over. I’d also like to hear who he’s carrying torch for.
: !
: What are you doing…? What’s with those eyes?
: Agh… grgraag…aaah…
: Pi-Pierre…?
: Eureka, Enil, run! Something’s wrong with him!
: Huh?! What?!
: Esperanza?!
: He’s hugging the mech…
: The hell is going on with him…?

Back in the Gekko, Tex reports to the Elements that he’s administered some sedative and Pierre’s sleeping now. Apollo has no idea what’s going on – the guy’s acting this weird because he’s fallen in love with a mech?
It’s regarding to this matter that Tex asked Tifa and Rena to help him take a closer look at Pierre. They couldn’t make sense of what he was saying, raving mad that he was, but Tifa did sense the darkness within him – so deep that no one could drag him out of it.
As for what that is, it relates to a private matter so Tex asks that they don’t repeat what he’s about to say to anyone outside of the Elements’ own people. When they agree, he explains that “Esperanza” was the name of Pierre’s first love… and she’s now betrothed to his brother.
Sirius sees where this is going and, indeed, the letter Fudou delivered what to let him know of the wedding. The shock of this lost love has affected Pierre badly but how does that correlate to his fixation with combining? Tex has a hypothesis…

And, right on cue, Mischa comes in to say that he was right. She’s taken a look at the data from his Element training and the result is clear: Pierre has become dependent on combining.
Apollo doesn’t know the word, so it falls on others to explain that Pierre essentially can’t live with doing so. From the data, Mischa has noticed that the dopamine released in Pierre’s brain during a combination has greatly increased recently – twice more than the other Elements, even. In essence, he feels twice as good as them (*cough*).
Tex believes that Pierre’s brain rewired itself like that in a misguided attempt to assuage the shock of his lost love, and the results are more than it can stand. The doctors calculate that even one more combination in his current condition could permanently destroy his mind.
Paula enters at that point, looking for Garrod, Renton and Eureka. She figures they went somewhere on their own and that’s bad as we’ve just pinged a high-dimensional quantum signal nearby, meaning there are Fallen Angels inbound.
Tifa, meanwhile, realizes that this might be because of something she told Eureka…

Special Disk 4-4 – To Convey These Feelings To You

The kids have been out for a while – it’s already sunset – and Renton apologizes that they asked Garrod tag along.
Garrod himself figures he oughta apologize for tagging along his little date with Eureka but Renton says it was nothing like that (though he is disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to make a date out of this).
Either way, this is all because Eureka wanted to buy something. She is very adamant about not revealing what it is, though, and Renton knows not to press her for answers. The topic of the conversation shifts as Eureka warns them to watch out, just as the Hypnosound plays through the area.

In come the Fallen Angels: not just Cherubims and Xibalbas but with Moroha himself leading the charge.
He came here because he feels Eureka as kin to “the ones who nest between the dimensions”. If they’re to destroy their everlasting prison, learning more of the creatures’ powers could prove useful and, so, he wants to claim Eureka’s prana.
Renton and Garrod are getting ready to go and she tells Renton that her presence called the Fallen Angels to attack. Renton doesn’t care: be it angels or demons, he’s made a promise to defend Eureka and that’s what he’ll do!

Destroy everything, don’t lose anyone. We’ve a bunch of high HP mooks, so it’ll be slow until the rest of ZEUTH comes along. Renton and Garrod can dodge well enough but keep in mind that evasion decay applies, so don’t send them too far in without Focus.

And repeat. Once turn three rolls around, the plot kicks in.

ZEUTH finally arrives but the Aquarion is nowhere to be seen. Garrod asks what the hell Apollo’s doing since we’re dealing with Fallen Angels but he yells back that they’ve a situation.
Said situation is Pierre locking himself on the Vector Mars, demanding to deploy and combine. Silvia and Reika protest that he’s in no shape to fight and to let Sirius or Jun handle it. He disregards their warnings, saying he’ll fight and yelling for us to let him combine.
Talho tells Doggie to keep the Gekko’s hatch shut, lest Pierre die from his condition.

: Hmph… Are you afraid to face me, Wings of the Sun?
: Fine. Once I’ve taken the intra-dimensional dweller, I’ll set my sights on this nearby city.
: !
: Come forth, Twin Cherubim Soldiers!

: He’s brought those chubby ones!
: Those guys are tough… it won’t be easy to bring them down without the Aquarion!
: Open the door! Let me out! I gotta go… I gotta combine!!
: I can’t let those Fallen Angels get to San José!
: San José?
: Pierre’s hometown and where his family’s at! It’s not too far from here!
: I gotta protect my family… and Esperanza!!
: Pierre…
: …Moondoggie! Open the Gekko’s hatch!
: But…
: If you’re also truly a man, then respect Pierre’s resolve…! He’s willing to stake his life on this!
: OK!

*Click. Wreeeeee.*

: Pierre!
: Here I got…! I gotta keep them all safe!
: Spiritual!
: Combination!


: Aquarion…MAAAAARS!!


: You did it! Nice shot, Pierre!
: What are you doing?! Cancel that combination this instant!
: Pierre might die if he keeps at this! Come back right now!
: Friends also help each other when it matters! I saw the fire in his eyes!
: A flame that burns brightly, fueled by his resolve to risk his very being… it is beautiful.
: Go, Pierre…! Do it for Esperanza, too!
: You finally show yourself, Wings of the Sun… However, my underlings aren’t defeated just yet…!

: It revived?!
: Data analysis complete! Those two Cherubim Soldiers share a single heart between each other!
: When one is about to die, the heart flees into the other and restores the dead one!
: So we can’t defeat them unless we destroy that heart?
: What kind of crazy trick is this?!
: Front and back, positive and negative… their heart jumps from one to the other.
: In other words, they are immortal. How can you prevail against that which cannot be killed?
: Easy: we wreck the places their heart will run to!
: We need only destroy both at the same time and they won’t be able to revive…!
: According to the analysis, the revival takes a minute to happen!
: Meaning once the first is dead, if the other goes in less than a minute, they’ll be dead for good!
: Garrod!
: I got it!

*Garrod and Renton tag in with Pierre.

: You…
: We’ve got your back, Pierre. That Esperanza is your special someone, yeah?
: Then we’ll cover you! Now you just go and score!
: Garrod, Renton…
: Heh, you kids bring a tear to my eye…
: Thanks… You, too, Apollo, Silvia!
: Go, Pierre! Make it count!
: Aye, aye! Time for these freaks to see the greatest shot of the incredible Pierre Vieira!

You don’t really need to tangle with Moroha, only destroy the two Graaves within the same turn.
That said, the main characters have stuff to say to him, so we’ll do that first.

Do note:

Pierre’s stuck at 200 morale and powerful as hell! So I went and bought him E-Save and Attack Again to cover for Apollo.

With our main folks back, this mission becomes an easy (albeit slow) clean-up. Morale won’t come too easy as the Cherubins aren’t too plentiful, so you’ll need to manage it as best you can. Moroha is still a threat but, like before, he’ll prioritize the Aquarion so you can keep him under control.
Spread out, build morale and either pile on Moroha or just kill the two Graaves to end this.

: Damned Bearer…! He is awakening to the Great Power?!
: “Great Power…”? You mean Gunleon’s superpowers?
: Well, sorry, ya purple bug thing! I ain’t here to listen to your rambling!
: You dare face me directly...? Know your place, worm!
: Pierre’s risking his life to combine and fight for the girl he loves!
: And THE HEAT ain’t one to be left in the dust by other folks’ fire!!

: You’d stand against me with such a minuscule frame…? Impudence!
: Fair warning: I’m 100% serious today.
: A playboy's sacrificing himself for his love… Pierre’s resolve deserves to be rewarded and it will be!

: You’re that Fallen Angel we fought in Tokyo!
: Hm, this mechanical giant follows the same concept as the Wings of the Sun! I’ll destroy you first!
: Heh… We’re the ones who created this concept, thank you very much.
: Come on, Fallen Angel! Take a look at the strength of the team who helped forge the Elements!

: This mechanical giant of the wingless… the sight of it begets unusual emotions within me.
: You know of the Grendizer?
: Your countenance… it resonates with me! We duel!

: Such raw emotions… the prana of this wingless is quite dense.
: We also eat animals, so I see the similarity with you going around, hunting people.
: But that doesn’t mean we’re just gonna sit here and let that happen! I’m fighting with everything I have in order to survive!

: Curse you, Apostle of the Great Power…! You will not intervene in our world again!
: Such insinuations reek of a certain reporter who’s long forgotten his professional duties.
: And if you mean to deny my right to exist, there is no more room for dialogue…! I shall face you via the Big O’s might!

: I have taken to the field in person. Hopefully this machine will provide a challenging bout equal to its large girth!
: You better not be underestimating the Baldios! I’m going to make you regret showing your face around here!

: The machine this wingless drives… Is it, indeed, the Executor…?
: “Executor”?
: Then I’ll crush this demon before its powers manifest!

: Get to it, Pierre! Show everyone how bright you burn!
: Stay strong, Pierre! And let’s do this!
: Heh, you kids are pretty fiery yourselves. Well, I ain’t gonna be one-upped by you!
: Pierre… you…
: (He’s mustering every last ounce of strength he’s got…)
: The power of life… it is like a flame!
: Damn straight! I’m ready to burn even my soul to ashes today!
: Game on, Fallen Angel! I’m kicking you down to the darkest corner of Hell!

Moroha is decently impressed but none of this means we’ll be capable of defeating the twin Cherubins.
He retreats, eagerly awaiting the moment the Wings of the Sun exhausts its strength – it is then that they’ll use his powers to fuel their grand resurrection!

Fast forward and, boom, the two Graaves are dead.

: Alright! Both twins are scrap!
: Gck… uwa…
: Pierre!

: Pierre… you really burned yourself out…?
: Pierre…
: I hope… we managed to help him even if a little…

*Ding, dong! Special Fudou transmission!*

: The kanji for “person” (人) looks like two people supporting one another…
: Pops…
: I don’t know who first said that but don’t you think it’s a foolish interpretation?
: Huh?
: Does that mean that a person without support can only fall?
: When you are about to fall, there is something that must be done before you can receive support – before you can find mutual support with others.
: You talking about Pierre?
: Before you can be picked up and supported by someone… you must first fall completely.
: …
: Only when you fall completely, can you stand back up. And you haven’t fallen yet. A part of your heart still seeks support.
: He needs support…
: That is… he’s dependent on it?

: Those two came back again?!
: Tch…! Looks like it won’t work unless they’re killed at the exact same moment!
: Wake up, Pierre! This ain’t over yet!
: …
: (I… was only looking for support from someone else…? That’s why I always went after so many women… why I became addicted to combining…)
: It is only after one truly falls that he can stand up for the first time.
: With both legs firmly planted on the ground! Just as the kanji actually depicts!
: !
: And when a person (人) then spreads his arms wide, he becomes great (大)!
: Thus, children! Become great… become adults (大人)!

: Ya stood back up, eh, Pierre?
: Silvia, switch with me.
: Brother…
: Heh… I’ve also been touched by Pierre’s fire. I wish to help him.

: Here it is! The winning shot!!
“End it, Pierre!”
“You must or it won’t be beautiful!”
“Heartbroken Attack! Tearful Turnabout GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL!!”

*All remaining enemies retreat (including Moroha, if he’s still around)*

: Whoa…! That was awesome, Pierre!
: That was your soul’s winning shot, alright!
: Heheh… I guess so.
: Looks like you’re much better, Pierre.
: Thanks, Ryou. All of you.
: Hey, don’t go all sappy on us. It ain’t like you.
: Well, it’s thanks to everyone’s support that… I managed to grow.
: And Renton, Garrod. If you ever need to talk about girls, just swing by my place
: You got it! Thanks!
: Guess our greatest playboy has been reborn.
: Playboy, huh… I suppose that suits me.
: (Goodbye, Esperanza… I wish you all the happiness in the world.)

Back by the Freeden’s lounge, the older guys are pondering Pierre’s breakthrough. It certainly provided a good incentive to the younger folk but Holland figures kids should be kids while they still can.
And when the time comes, Tex adds, the experiences of youth will have a lot of sway over the outcome. Rand notes that the team’s young girls seem to also have learned something from today’s events and Jamil proposes a toast: to boys and girls.
Sounds good to everyone.

Pierre has risen in Gidget and Pala’s estimation today. Silvia ponders the guy’s unrequited love and figures she could stand to learn from his example.
Tsugumi immediately figures she means Sirius but Silvia fires back by pointing at Reika (though Tsugumi tries denying it). Rena says love comes in many forms for many people, and it takes work to make that get through to its intended recipient.
Speaking of which, what Eureka bought was some makeup, having to rely on the store clerk to recommend brands. She’s brought a lot back with her and Gidget is sure they can make her scar vanish with this.

Seems like it was Tifa who suggested this idea and Pala’s surprised, considering she never wears makeup. Well, she did try it ONCE before and while she didn't wear it long, but she felt like she was prettier when she did it.
Eureka wonders if that’ll also work on her and Gidget and Silvia are sure it will: she already has a nice foundation to work with, so just a few touch-ups will triple her charm! The girls are sure Renton will like it, too, so Eureka agrees to give it a go.
That said, she wants to try and stand up by herself, without any support. Rena wishes her luck.

Over by Renton’s store, the kid’s a bit bummed out upon hearing the story behind Esperanza and Pierre. That said, the guy swears it’s all in the past now – the current apple of his eyes are all the girls across the world!
Well, that positivity is his greatest asset, Roybea thinks, and the important part is that he’s moved past his combination dependency. Which is great for Kei, as this means the three playboys are back on the prowl.
Well, maybe not so much: Roybea and Kei have their sweethearts but they can still help the guy out. And, regardless, Roybea is very surprised that Witz was right on the money regarding the cause of Pierre’s condition.
Doggie and Matthew are suitably surprised to see such romantic insight for the seemingly rough-and-tumble guy. Maybe this insight is due to him being hooked on someone himself, Roybea wonders. Witz quickly blushes and starts yelling.

*someone approaches.*

: Renton…
: Ah! Hey, Eure—
: ka!?
: How… do I look?
: Ah… um…
: Aah…
: You eat something that didn’t agree with you…?!
: Wh- What happened to your face…? :
: …

*Eureka runs off.*

: Huh…?
: What are you doing, Renton?! Go after her!
: O-OK!!

*Renton runs off.*

: What was that…?
: I…have no idea…
: (Hang in there, Renton…)
: (There’s still hope, I think. It’ll depend on what he does now.)
: (This’ll put your mettle as a man to the test, Renton… Make us proud.)

: Eureka, wait!
: …
: Did… did Maeter and Linck pull a prank on you?
: No…
: What happened, then? Who’d do something like this to you… Here, lemme help you clean that off.
: No!
: Eureka…
: Tifa and Gidget told me… that makeup would make me pretty… And that you’d be happy when you saw me…
: …
: I knew it… I look weird, don’t I?
: No, you are pretty. You don’t need any makeup for that.
: With or without it, I love you.

*People come over.*

: That was quite the show, you two.
: E-Enil…! You were listening?!
: And it wasn’t just her.
: You…
: Looks like Tifa was right to be worried. Girls often end up looking like this the first time they try makeup.
: Which is why the “big sisters” are all here.
: Huh…?
: Come on, Eureka. We’ll help you spread your arms out and grow up a bit.

: Alright, listen up.
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: Girls like you really don’t need to use that much makeup yet.
: That’s right – it’s not the way to make the best use of your precious smooth skin.
: Oh…
: (…You’re still 17, Tonya…)
: For instance, Gidget… over these past days, your makeup has been too strong.
: R-really?
: We understand that you want to look your best. But in these cases, less is more… And I think our example will be arriving soon.
: Yes.
: For girls your age, this much makeup is good enough.
: Hm…
: You’re looking great, Eureka.
: Yes, yes… that’s perfect!
: Thank you, Talho… all of you.
: It was no problem. Whatever they may say, all men prefer a woman who’s all prettied up.
: OK.
: Still, I’m sure that Renton would have you just the way you are. You two will be fine.
: Alright.

: …
: That’s quite the happy face you have there. Is it because of the new life stirring within you, I wonder?
: Ah…
: Be sure to treasure that life.
: You noticed, huh…? I guess I might have to make an announcement soon.
: What announcement?
: Patience. It won’t be long. But, Mel… when that time comes, I’d like you to have your camera at the ready.
: You got it! I don’t know what this is about but I promise I’ll take some great pictures!
: Thanks… And this is yet another reason why we need to eke out a good life in this crazy world.

I think, if you squint, you can make out a “Mer Beater” written in her journal. The community should’ve seen this years before us! Then this would’ve started with the proper name (though I still prefer Mel).

Multidimensional Century, 11/8/0001.

Lots of stuff has happened, but my darling and I are doing just fine today.
It looks like our stay at Tresor Institute is about over. It sounds like once we leave the fighting is going to get even worse... But there's no time to worry about that now!
It's exactly because the world's so mixed up that we all have to try our best, right?! Between my darling's Heat Smile and my Work Smile, today and tomorrow will go great!
Okay, good night.

-- Acting President, Mel Beater

And that’s the end of Rand’s path. Next time, we’ll be checking on Setsuko’s side with Doc.

See you all then!