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Part 268: Special Disk Mission 5-1 (Rand) - Creeping Darkness

The Secret Epilogue only opens up after you’ve completed the other four mission lines. Each one of those gives you an extra 4 million bucks to spend. If you’ve Z’s clear data for a character, you’ll get another two mil for each one (total of 25 million if you’ve everything). There’s also a crapton of Blue Stones for each one.

Finally, clearing Setsuko’s sidestory gives you an S-Adaptor on top of all the other unique parts.

Once again, you may choose your MC. This only impacts the story up to the first mission, mind. The second and third ones are shared and you get both Rand and Setsuko on the team.
I elected to once again give Rand his 11/11 B set simply because I felt that having a cheap Attune could be useful in a pinch!

We open up with the perfect stable ending of Z, closing off with whomever you selected as your MC. It’s the same text as before. My guess is they added this so people could see how stuff ended for Rand or Setsuko without having to play through the first game (or check Youtube).

Thanks to ZEUTH's efforts, the Dimensional Repair was a success and the multi-dimensional world has avoided the risk of collapse. Of course, that does not mean all chaos was quelled. The First Multi-Dimensional War that engulfed the world left deep scars in the countries and their populations. Nevertheless, the people’s outlook is a bright. The long-sought arrival of tranquil days brought them great joy, and everyone believed that that hope would enable them to build a better tomorrow.

But the sorrow and pain were not yet over. In the shadow of the peoples' hope, an unknown menace had awakened...

We open up back in Wulgusk, where Gainer is returning the King Gainer to its original owner, Duke Medayu.
Medayu won't say anything regarding Gainer's participation in an Exodus but he does thank him for using the Overman to help save the world. Gainer minimizes it, saying they were all just trying to survive.
Medayu appreciates his humbleness but he is still grateful to them and Adette for taking care of Ana. Sara wonders why he named Adette specifically but Ana tells her not to worry about it.
Regardless, Gainer wonders what’ll happen to the Overman now. Medayu has half a mind to let the people gaze upon it – one of their saviors – but… the truth is, his family has long since held that the unit must be kept in secret. Has King Gainer always been stashed away in Wulgusk, hidden?
The Duke isn’t privy to details but, apparently, a distant ancestor of his first acquired King Gainer over in Yapan. However, it was lost to them at the time of the Cataclysm – that is, the Black History.

His ancestors moved heaven and earth to find it once again. However, once they did, they were determined to keep it forever under lock and key. Gainer apologizes deeply for swiping something so important to his family but, again, Medayu doesn’t hold a grudge.
Their world was reborn as the multi-dimensional world so it stands to reason that some old traditions would need to be done away with. Gainer’s relieved to hear him say that.

Things turn sour quickly, however, as Gauli comes in with an emergency. As Adette relates, King Gainer simply activated on its own and flew right out the Dome!
When Sara asks what the hell, Gainer is just as confused. Still, they can’t well turn the other cheek at this. Time to run off in pursuit.

Farther away, they find King Gainer poking around some place. Is it searching for something, Adette wonders.
First priority is getting it back under control, lest Duke Medayu be very dejected. Gauli and co. move to pin it down while Gainer hopes into the cockpit. As they engage, King Gainer puts on one hell of a fight to get away.
Still, Gainer manages to hop aboard and sets the Overman down. Bello sighs in relief but Adette says it’s too early for that. We still don’t know what caused it to go berserk, which means it could well happen again.
“King Gainer… what happened to you? Did something call you here…?” Gainer wonders aloud.

A call from Cynthia comes in right then and it’s not good news. There’s big trouble all around the world!
She calls everyone back to Wulgusk, as all UN channels are going crazy with the news. Gainer wonders what could be going on – it must have something to do with what befell King Gainer.

Over by the UN, the news reports of unmanned robots going on a shooting spree across the entire world.
From cities to small towns, a whole lot of places were attacked. It all happened at the same time, though it didn’t last long. Of course, this all tickled the newly-healed wounds of the previous war and the even is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the citizens’ daily lives.
As of right now, no one has been able to pinpoint the mastermind behind this attack or the motives behind it. Furthermore, the drones have all gone missing ever since pulling back. With no criminal organizations claiming responsibility, the people will become restless in search of answers.
With that in mind, the Federation Government and the Plants have just released a joint statement.


To all those who call the multi-dimensional world their home… I am William Wallace Fitzgerald, president of the New Earth Federation. Our society stands united by all the different nations that comprise it… and it is representing those nations that I speak to you today. We are currently dedicating all our efforts to investigate the coinciding terrorist attacks that occurred across the globe. While their perpetrators – and their objectives – are still unknown, I humbly request that you all respond to this matter with calm and rationality.
As you’re surely aware, tranquility has returned to our world via the success of the Dimensional Repair. However, as seen in the previous battles, there are plenty of people who’d seek to profit from a time of crisis. Forsaking rationality in exchange for fear and disorder would simply be giving them the opportunity they desire.
Thus, in the interest of avoiding a repetition of past sorrows, I ask that you please remain calm and await our next statements. As the investigation proceeds and information comes to light, we will relay it all to you via the UN. All nations of this world are cooperating to bring swift closure to this matter. This, I swear to you in their stead.

The video paints a very grim picture to our folks. The attackers’ groups were comprised of mechs for a whole bunch of units we fought against. They were all drones, though, so Gauli wonders who’d have the capacity to set up so many.
Cynthia finds the whole thing weird. If we’re dealing with the standard would be world-conqueror, why wait until now? Why not attack before, when everything was a mess?
Furthermore it seems unlikely to Adette that any group would be able to mass up this many troops without drawing attention. Gainer inwardly wonders if this mysterious attack could’ve been the one summoning King Gainer.
Medayu and Ana speak up, saying there’s a call coming in for us

It’s Kouji, having figured they’d be in Wulgusk when he couldn’t find them in Yapan’s Ceiling. When Gainer asks, he quickly assures him that Japan itself is fine – they weren’t attacked.
However, the rest of the world is in upheaval and the situation even managed to post-pone Duke’s team’s departure to Planet Fleed.
None of them want to turn the other cheek and let someone make a mess of the world they fought so hard to defend. The governments are putting together an independent platoon to investigate the situation and bring down whoever is behind this and Kouji and co have signed right up. And they want Gainer’s group to join in too – they want the whole ZEUTH to come back together for this, really.

Considering we don’t know what the enemy has in store, Kouji figures you can’t have too many troops on our side. Our folks, along with Zaft and Federation troops, are rallying on North Ameria and while they won’t force anyone’s hand, they’d be very glad if the Wulgusk folks came aboard.
Of course, no one is going to turn him down – we’re all plenty angry with this mysterious attacker, Sara points out. Kouji is glad, though he expected we’d say that. He passes along coordinates in eastern Galia, where their groups can rendezvous along with the Iron Gear team.
A whole lot of people risked their lives to make sure this world kept going. If someone’s out there trying to trash the place up, he’ll really get what’s coming.

Elsewhere, Roger and Banjou have managed to track down Gwen. It’s been a very long time since they’ve seen each other.
And it wasn’t easy, finding the guy: Lily Borjano told them of how Gwen left to travel the world and it was only with Fudou’s help that they could track him down this quickly.
Gwen is curious as to what they want with him, considering he has few things left. Have they come to further censure him for the stunt he pulled in Paradigm City? Roger answers that question with a simple word: “Metropolis”.
Specifically, they want to hear what Gwen saw in the last page of Gordon Rosewater’s book.
“The Restoration that follows Destruction… We want to learn the truth behind it,” Banjou adds.

And you already have half of ZEUTH to play with! …Oh, no, we already have half of ZEUTH to play with…! All those units to upgrade, pilots to train, squads to set, parts to equip… Frig.


Ok, we’ve thirteen slots to use but only enough units to actually fill out twelve. Here’s how we’re going:

Over by western Galia, our folks are surveying a destroyed city. Luckily, it seems the place was abandoned as anyone living here would’ve been left pretty hurt. And this is happening across the entire world.
Kappei comes over and confirms that the Glomar and Iron Gear have arrived. The Gekko Go is running late, so our folks will begin planning without them. Tetsuya does ask if Kappei is fine with being thrust into battle again – what with his fear-blocking hypnosis being broken and all.
“Hey, come on now! We all know ZEUTH can't do anything without the incredible Kappei Jin!” he answers. Besides, the whole family is determined to fight, which is why they went and fished the King Beal off the ocean again. How could he sit around, twiddling his thumbs?
Duke is grateful and impressed by the kid’s courage but Kappei says the feeling is mutual, as both he and Marin postponed their departure to help with this mess. Earth IS like a second home to them, Duke points out, and they’ll readily lay their lives on the line to oppose those who’d uproot its peace.

Indeed, everyone shares that spirit which is what brought them all together again. Tetsuya confirms that the Zaft, Orb and Federation side of our group is already gathering in North Ameria right now.
Time for us to get to work again, Ryouma figures. Peace was supposed to have returned here, so it’s up to us to keep it like that again.
Inwardly, Kappei tells Banjou that he’ll do his part as a full-fledged warrior. If there are folks seeking to plunge this world into darkness cropping about, then his moonlight will shine for everyone.

Over by the King Beal, Heizaemon thanks everyone for answering this call-to-arms but that’s not really necessary. We’ve been given plenty of reason to do so. Sandman approves of our spirit, sure that it’ll rend this new evil asunder.
Kappei asks why the military has decided to rely so many civilians to help fight whoever the enemy is but Olson says that while the Dimensional Repair has stabilized the world itself, the nations are still rebuilding order. Thus, the strength of unaffiliated people is necessary to sort this mess out decisively. Bring ZEUTH back together was the best way to make that happen.
Does that mean that the nations of the world have acknowledged us as their elite, independent squad? Quite the change from our old denomination of “terrorists” during the Repair, Julie thinks. Kiraken says it’s all thanks to the people seeing us for who we really are and Eiji figures that’s all the more reason why we need to give this our all.
Of course, Runa reminds him that there’s the fact that we still don’t know jack about the attackers. Mizuki agrees: the first order of business should be to consolidate whatever info we have. Thankfully, Raven says the Federation’s sent us everything they have.

Accurate data is hard to come by, but so far reports indicate the robots were mainly attacking facilities, keeping actual human casualties to a bare minimum. A show of force, Heizaemon wonders?
Sandman agrees, figuring this first wave of attacks was meant as just that – it could be said that the only reason this city here got totally trash is because it was abandoned. Add that the fact that the enemy’s staged attacks across the entire world and who knows how much firepower this group’s actually packing.
Oliver imagines their plan must be gigantic in scope… but Sandman reveals that there’s information that says otherwise.

To exemplify, he brings out a world map showing every location that was attacked. Rag sees that, indeed, they hit all over the damn planet. Faye sees something stranger, though: none of the attack sites had a lot of strategic significance.
Furthermore, Eina points out that they mostly ignored the larger urban centers and military installations, focusing on smaller communities. Leele wonders if they’re simply attacking at random but, no, Sandman says there’s a hidden pattern in their offensive. That is, all the attacked regions were rich in something the Federation was investigating during the last war: Mountain Cycles.
Loran’s told Elchi of how these ruins are filled to the brim with treasures of the Black History. That’s somewhat true but said treasures aren’t valuable items. Gainer adds two plus two and sees what Sandman is getting at: eyewitness accounts of the enemies are few but many relate first spotting them quite close to the Mountain Cycles.
In other words, our mysterious drones are all Black History mechs. Gainer figures that has to have some connection to what happened to King Gainer.

Marin raises the point that this doesn’t explain how the enemy went around the world to put all those troops set up. But Touga offers an alternative: what if they didn’t have to? What if those troops were all there since the Black History, sleeping and waiting for the moment to attack?
Mind, we’re dealing with drones here so Benkei figures someone had to have given them the order to wake up. That would explain the perfect synchronicity of the attacks across the entire world.
Tekkouki posits that, in order to pull that off, it’d have to be someone who both knows of the existence of these drones and has the know-how to activate all of them, everywhere.

Which means we’re dealing with a person wise to the relics of the Black History and capable of controlling them.
Going by that, Tekkouki thinks checking the drone’s control system could provide a clue to uncovering our enemy. Sandman had the same idea, which is why he and others made sure to poke around the wrecks of some of the shot down units. The result of the analysis shows that every single one of them is equipped with the same control system.
What's more, while the machines’ activation was ordained, they found that everything else was autonomous. That is to say, Rie adds, that they were preset to attack the moment they came online and this was done way back in the Black History.
Jiron isn’t happy, demanding to know who went and left something so dangerous buried in our world. Well, while we were poking around the drones, one word kept cropping up in the code: Executor. Sandman assumes that’s the name of the system that issued the activation command.
Off in his own world, Gainer wonders if King Gainer’s also equipped with this “Executor System” to explain its erratic behavior… but, no, the mech wasn’t attacking. It was like it was being called by something.

When Cynthia asks if he’s concerned with what happened, he apologizes for making her worry. But, indeed, all this is very likely connected – he just doesn’t know how yet. Still, Sara has to wonder what could have possessed the people in the Black History to arrange an attack on the future generations.
Tetsuya points out that the Black History drones are various units ZEUTH fought in the present, so that lends credence to the story of how an alternate ZEUTH fueled the events of the Black History. Maybe we can check in with D.O.M.E. for info on this? Nope, the thing is still asleep and no one can think of other ways of studying the Black History and our enemy.
Sandman has an idea, however, but asks for a little bit more time. While that’s going on, both ZEUTH here and in North Ameria will have to do their best to push the enemy back and minimize damage if they attack again.

Holland comes in right then, apologizing for the Gekkostate’s tardiness. He doesn’t mind being called back into action, understanding how this dangerous situation is leaving both Talho and his soon-to-arrive child agitated.
Gengoroh sees that he’s already acting like a parent and Talho quips that any kid with an impulsive guy like Holland as a father would be worried about him. Mimsy notes that, despite being several months pregnant, Talho still hasn’t received a sprite update has gotten any bigger. Of course, that also applies to her. They’ll both have a tough time ahead, what with taking part in this whole mess – they’ll soldier on, though.
We’ve got our two resident mama bears ready to go and Holland knows how strong those can be.

Same goes for Gain, tagging along, and Rand thanks his lucky stars that he hasn’t experienced that.
Adette is happy to see the two boozehounds back and, as a bonus, Yassaba also decided to join. He couldn’t call himself a man if he didn’t take action while villains throw the world in chaos. Rand is a bit miffed that there are always folks around who don’t like the ol’ peace and quiet. Guess you can never really get rid of the bad eggs. The methods used by this one worry Gain, so he decided to do something about it.
Sara appreciates his help but expects an apology for how quick he took off – didn’t even take the time to say goodbye. Rand grins and says that Gain just did it so no one would have to see him crying goodbye-tears.
Runa has a hard time seeing a guy like Rand talk about tears of any kind but he waves her off with a Heat Smile. Maria at least missed his grin.

Mel’s with him, of course, Rag, Chil and Leele are very happy to see her again – especially considering her temporary disappearance after the Dimensional Repair. She thanks them for the care but promises she’s doing just fine.
Cynthia does remember being told that Mel’s hair had grown but, as it turns out, the girl cut it back to her usual size. It was really high-maintenance and kept getting in her way when trying to fix things.
That’s fine and all but Matthew wants to know what about Rand’s promise to marry Mel when her hair reached her shoulders.
“THIS AIN’T THE TIME OR PLACE TO TALK ABOUT THAT, MAN!” Rand yells suddenly. Hap does concede that he has a point and Rand, putting his “serious business” face on, reminds them that these mysterious enemies have thrown the whole world out of whack. We gotta keep in mind that we all came back together to fight them!

As Moondoggie stands at attention, Adette asks Mel if she doesn’t mind Rand dancing around the subject. She doesn’t, figuring she can enjoy her bachelorettehood for a bit longer. If anything, she gets a kick out of his flustered reactions.
Looks like even THE HEAT can have be boyishly cute, Gain quips.

This is the first time he and Gainer have seen each other since Gain ran off and he asks if he’s still angry at him for leaving the way he did.
He’s not, having been sure that they’d see each other again somewhere. Gain likes his forward-facing attitude but, in that case, wonders what’s on his mind. Well, Gainer asks if there’s been anything strange with his Emperanza, like it moving by itself or whatever.
No, he’s had no issues like that. Inwardly, Gainer remembers how their Overmen both fanned their fighting spirits on other occasions, so he was wondering whether today’s incident with King Gainer would’ve also have happened with the Emperanza.
No such thing, though… could it be the King Gainer is special in some way?

Renton sees his bro worrying and asks if everything’s alright. He is, though he’s now surprised to see the kid here. And not just him – Eureka came along, too.
Of course, the Nirvash disappeared to beyond the dimensions during the Repair but, even without it, they still wanted to do their part to help as Gekkostate members. Holland offers a different story, telling of how the kid called over and kinda forced himself and Eureka aboard.
Still, Renton is sure he can help with something and, sure, Holland concedes that point. Which is why he didn’t have a problem with letting them tag along anyway. Indeed, Eureka shares in Renton’s wishes to be of assistance. At the very least Holland figures they can help the Gekko Go’s crew during battle.
Bello does wonder what happened to the new look Renton had during the Dimensional Repair and he says that was something for a special occasion. He’s back to his everyday self now.

Just then sensors detect a large group of unknown mecha heading right this way!
Kappei is all up for taking them on if they’re coming on over and Duke figures confronting this units might yield us clues. Furthermore, Toshiya says they’ve a lot to answer to for messing with our world.
Rand is ready to fire it up just like in the old days and both Heizaemon and Sandman command everyone to sortie – we’ll run them down and shed some light on their mysteries.

Special Disk Mission 5-1 (Rand) - Creeping Darkness

As everyone deploys, Holland and Gain would much rather our reunion have involved a lot less fighting and a lot more booze.
“Then we should strike down these villains and partake in victory drinks,” Sandman suggests.
In come the mooks and, indeed, Uchuuta sees that their group is as varied as they come. Keiko isn’t detecting any pilots aboard, confirming that these really are some of the drone attackers.

: Urk…!
: What’s wrong, Gainer? Is there a problem with the King Gainer?
: No, it’s nothing…! Don’t worry about it!
: Gainer…
: (This sensation… it’s just like when I fought the Fallen Angels and OverDevil…)
: (It felt like King Gainer was trying to tell me something when I looked at those drones…)
: The drones are engaging us!
: Their fate was sealed the second they showed up before us. Bring them down and we’ll pick them apart for info!
: No one’s piloting those so we don’t need to pull our punches! Let’s get in there!
: Good luck, guys!
: Just watch, Renton! We’ll give these mooks one for you and Eureka, too!
: They might the drones but intel says they’ve significant firepower. Don’t let your guard down!
: We ain’t losing this one! Not after these freaks pissed us off by wrecking our hard-earned peace!
: Here we go, folks! Take these out and we'll start our counterattack!

Kill everything, don’t lose any ships.
We’re up against an all-star team of mooks with boosted stats: MP Aquarios, Bandits, Windams, Gadeels, Daughtresses, Zam-za Zahs, Gells-Ghes, Destroys, Babis, VC-10s, Mahiroos, Euclids, Ishkicks, Gabthleys and Black Domis.
These last ones are a bit more worrisome, as they’re hardy and can reduce your morale. Granted, since the Special Disk is always set at Normal Mode, your guys gain morale for every single unit that gets dropped.
You have a crapload of cash and all your guys are leveled. If you took the time to get everything set up, you should steamroll these guys. Nothing else is coming so spread out and go crazy with SP.

: If all these drones across the world decide to go all-out, it’ll be a disaster…!
: We have to destroy the enemy’s core before that happens! This peace will stay, whatever the cost!
Hey, I finally managed to catch a Babi’s attack on camera!

: (Brother… we busted our asses to bring peace back but it still didn’t last.)
: (That don’t mean I’m losing hope, though. However much crap happens, I’ll never do that…!)
: I’ll stay firm, for the future of my friends and our dear world…!

: Why did they stay silent during the war if they had this many troops at their disposal…?
: They waited for things to calm down before acting… What for?

: Captain sacrificed himself dreaming of a world that didn’t need weapons…!
: And here are these things, spitting on that wish… To say nothing of how they’re making Mimsy and the baby nervous…
: And to top it all off, they’re putting all girls in danger! Time to give them a piece of my mind!

: I reckon a merc could find a lot of gigs with a gang like this walking around…
: Still, I really don’t care for folks who attack all willy-nilly…! I’m bringing you down in a hurry!

: Picking a fight before we and Marin took off will be the last mistake you’ll ever make!
: We can do one last spring cleaning in this world before our trip! And we’ll be very thorough on this one!

: (What are you trying to tell me, King Gainer…?)
: (Just what exactly are you, if these drones waking up is related to your running amuck?)

: Can you not grasp how many people risked their lives to safeguard this beautiful planet…?!
: If you don’t appreciate the significance of peace then you are villains! I’ll face the lot of you before heading back to Planet Fleed!

: Get to it, Touga! These freaks ain’t gonna do their thing with our world under the Gran Knights’ watch!
: It is our – and ZEUTH’s – duty to be a fang for the fangless…!
: And in the name of the peace mankind’s acquired, we’ll readily bite back!

: Why are you pulling crap like this when everyone’s trying to make good with their lives?!
: Folks like you need to be taught a lesson! And while you’re getting run into the ground, go and think of what a pain you’re being to everyone!

: No need hold back against drones! And I’d never turn the other cheek to people trying to wreck our peace and quiet!
: Come one, come all! You’ll be dealing with Kouji Kabuto now!

: (Wait for me, Aphrodia. I’ll meet up with you as soon as Earth’s at peace again…!)
: I won’t let these get the better of me! For you and for the futures of Earth and S-1!

: (Looks like that Sphere thing really went back into the Gunleon…)
: Get them, Darling! Give these drones a taste of what The Crusher can do!
: Oi, hold on, Mel! I’m just an everyday repairman now, so you can stop with that nickname!
: No, no, I’m giving you the go-ahead! These things’ve turned our peaceful world upside down, so you go and turn them all to scrap!
: Well, if the prez says so, then I’m going all out…! Truth is, I’m pissed off too!
: It’s easy to break stuff but fixing can be a pain! I’ll personally tear a new one into anyone who don’t get that! They’ll need a microscope to find these things after I’m done crushing ‘em!
: (Erm… that’s a bit too much…!)

: Now you’re the worst of the worst, waiting for things to calm down to start shooting!
: Get over here! ZEUTH and the Zambot 3 will kick all your asses!

: Grit your teeth! While the world may have been at peace, I haven’t shirked my training!
: However many of you there are, I’m here to keep it all safe!

At length, everything gets dropped and there are no more of them coming over – ZEUTH’s first battle since being rebuilt has ended with a nice victory.
Shaia is happy but Mimsy says we couldn’t find any significant information while doing this. One thing stands out to Marin, however: this particular area hasn’t a Mountain Cycle nearby which means this battle wasn’t a random incident.
Someone went and selected us as specific targets for those drones to find and engage – likely whoever is responsible for awakening them from the ruins, Olson thinks. Why, though? Duke imagines we must be seen as an obstacle to whatever is planned.

Gainer is deep in thought and Gain asks him to share if he’s any ideas. Well, the kid has a suspicion that those drones came here in pursuit of King Gainer. Throughout this whole battle, he’s felt someone calling out to his mech, just as he felt that when it ran loose.
When Kei asks who’s calling or for what reason, he doesn’t know. Well, we all know that King Gainer is a relic of the Black History and, as seen in many battles, it has very unique abilities compared to other Overmen. Perhaps that’s why it’s being sought out. What could lie hidden in its past?
That’s interrupted when Hanae detects approaching units. Not enemy reinforcements, however…

It’s the Elements, Banjou and Roger!
Jiron’s surprised to see Apollo apparently managing to fly the Assault Aquarion but, no, Pierre says he’s just hitching a ride with them. Silvia and Sirius explain that with the Aquarion proper vanishing during the Dimensional Repair, this is the only unit left in DEAVA.
Still, they’re also here to do whatever they can to help and Tetsuya and folks see no problem with welcoming more warriors of ZEUTH.
Sandman gets in touch with Banjou and asks if he’s found any information on the enemy. A bit, yes, or he wouldn’t have come on down. Looks like he was Sandman’s other way of investigating the Black History.
First and foremost, Roger sends everyone some coordinates. They’ve called our North Amerian half over and they’ll be rendezvousing with us there.

Holland asks if it’s wise to concentrate our forces in Galia when we don’t know where the enemy might be going next. But, as luck would have it, Banjou has located the drone army’s HQ and it’s not too far from here: the land of the rising sun, Yapan.
Now that’s a surprise to Kouji.

Turns out the rendezvous point is the good old point of commerce, where all our folks first banded together after fighting that long-ass mission and meeting Löwen. Well, except the Gekkostate who ran off at the time. But, like at that time, this place marks the start of another battle for ZEUTH.
In come the Gundam ships from North Ameria (Sorry, Doc, but Talia is canon dead). Diana would prefer our reunion to have happened under happier circumstances but she’s glad to see everyone safe. Bright’s heard we’ve found important info, so he wants to get a briefing started ASAP.

Over by the Argama’s mess, Suzumura is greeting himself. Considering how this battle is a collaborative efforts of all of the world’s powers, the Zaft and Orb troops had also been worked with the Federation guys.
That includes the ex-AEUG folks, who Camille relates have all been reassimilated into the federal army. That surprises Runa, who’d expected Quattro to bow out of working with the military. Camille says that, due to the the complexity of the world post-Dimensional Repair, he decided to stay and help get things set-up – at least for a small while.
It sure feels weird to Kouji, considering that we were fighting against the Feds not too long ago but Amuro says the only reason the AEUG took up arms against the Federation was due to the Titans’ iron grip on it all. With them gone, they had no problem going back.

Things are still settling in as all countries reorganize themselves, so nothing’s definitive yet. Still, one thing Kira knows for sure is that we must fight to do justice for all the wishes that were entrusted to us in the war.
Shinn ponders all those who died trying to secure a better future – we have to be successful for them, too. Athrun is sure that feeling shared by everyone in ZEUTH. Indeed, Harry says Diana insisted on once more taking to the front-lines in person due to the insight she gained while living alongside the earthlings.
Everyone’s on the same page, all to prevent past sorrows from coming back for another run.

: Rand…
: Hey, you’re—
: It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m glad you’re doing well.
: Setsuko! You’re alright!
: You had us all worried when we couldn’t get in touch, girl.
: Sorry, I didn’t mean to trouble you.
: Hey, Setsuko… who’s this?
: He’s Rand Travis, the repairman who helped me a while back.
: Mr. Travis, I thank you for taking care of my subordinate.
: “Subordinate”, eh… You guys’re working with her?
: Pretty much. It’s a bit of a crazy story but the three of us made a team together.
: And is that team…
: Yes. It’s the new Glory Star.
: Ya sure went through a lot but just seeing that smile tells me I don’t need to worry anymore. And since you’re here, that means y’all are joining ZEUTH too?
: We are, yes. Lt. Quattro Bajeena scouted us into it.
: So it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Repairman.
: Please, call me THE HEAT.
: That’s a good smile you have there. I reckon you’ll be fun to drink with.
: (The multi-dimensional world allowed me to meet with these parallel versions of Chief and Toby… Though they’re not the ones I knew, I think I’ll be capable of finding something new if I’m with them…)
: (We’ll fight on, bearing “the right stuff” – pride and dutifulness – within our hearts.)

Loran tells Gainer that the Turn A also ran amuck when the drones were attacking. It started moving on its own and tried using the Moonlight Butterfly!
Thankfully, Loran got inside and managed to deactivate it so no major damage was caused. It may be that the Turn A has the Executor System installed somehow.
Sandman comes in and summons everyone into the briefing room to discuss the enemy we’ll be fighting. Camille wonders if they’ve figured who’s responsible for awakening these Black History mechs. Loran and Gainer – who’s feeling a deep unease within his mind – also want to know how it all connects to their units.

And now you get to take another forty minutes organizing the OTHER half of ZEUTH we’ve just received!
Other than Talia, the Gundam team is also missing Ziene, Rey, Stella, Haman, Reccoa and Sara. Scirocco’s fangirls are canon dead but the other four are, indeed, alive. They’re just not present.
Regarding other Gundam secrets, Yzak, Four, Tifa/G-Bits, Dijeh and Black Gundam Mk. II are automatically unlocked.

The next missions are shared between MCs, so there’ll be no more differences past here. Next time, Doc will take us through Setsuko’s version of the epilogue’s start.

See you all then!