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Part 269: Special Disk Mission 5-1 (Setsuko) - Slumbering Menace

Secret Epilogue (Setsuko) Chapter 1

Loran is bidding farewell to the White Doll, reminiscing over everything that happened since the night of that coming-of-age ceremony. Still, it was thanks to its hard work that they could help restore peace to the land.
But now it’s for time for it to return to its position as stone statue atop Vicinity’s mountain. Cid agrees with his decision, say the Turn A’s power, so different from any other MS, cannot be wielded as casually as one.
Loran gets quiet and Joseph wonders if he doesn’t want to say goodbye. Sure, there’s that but he also wonders what the White Doll could have thought as it slept here for so long. Joseph quips at his sentimentalism – the thing’s an MS, a machine. It doesn’t think or feel. When the Diana Counter attacked, it “awakened” as a reaction to its self-defense systems engaging auto-pilot.
Well but there’re no more problems and Loran is happy to let it sleep uninterrupted once again. Cid gives Sochie and Miashey, in their Kapools, the go-ahead to start digging the hole where they’ll bury the Turn A.

That is, until the Turn A pings in reaction to something. That couldn’t be happening, thinks Sochie, as they cut off its engine. And, yet, it starts moving on its own – just as it did in the ceremony way back when.
Does that mean it’s spotted another enemy? Loran doesn’t know…

The MS starts blasting the Moonlight Butterfly all out of control – Cid’s gotten the memo of how that system once wrecked the world.
Loran comes out right then, hitching a ride with Sochie and Miashey. They quickly run down the Turn A and fling Loran into the cockpit, who deactivates the thing.
Still, what the hell just happened here? Diana (in her Kihel getup) phones in from the Heim manor and call everyone inside – there’s some huge crisis happening the world over.

Following that, we’ve the same news broadcast and Fitzgerald’s statement from before.

As before, we get pictures from the destruction and spot several mechs from different groups we wrecked being used. All drones. Who could have set up all these troops without anyone noticing?
Loran ponders the White Doll’s reaction prior to running loose and figures there has to be a connection with all this. But for it to use the Moonlight Butterfly… this goes beyond a mere auto-pilot being triggered.
Sochie and Diana get a call from Jamil. He salutes the queen but she begs him drop the formalities, as she’s now living simply as Kihel Heim. Regardless, she assumes he’s calling about the mess going on. Indeed, he makes note of the independent squad being created to investigate it and run down the perpetrators.

That is, ZEUTH once again and Jamil would like to ask if Loran’s group wouldn’t be willing to join. Of course they will, unwilling to turn the other cheek to someone else trying to destroy the world they saved. Sochie especially doesn’t care for such people.
So, he passes them the rendezvous coordinates for all the Gundam teams and mentions the other half in Galia. Seeing how we don’t know what other forces the enemy could be hiding, Diana also wants to Moon Race to talk part in this effort. As another dweller of this world, she’ll readily fight against those who’d uproot the people’s happiness and tranquility.

And then James Bond and Batman track down the mayor.

And then we have half of ZEUTH. Barring some exceptions, BANPRESTO. No Talia. No Stella. Why.

Oh yes. We also have Denzel and Toby back.

Err. Wait. No. We have alternate universe versions of Denzel and Toby. Close enough I suppose!

They're almost identical to the characters back at the start of Z. However, there's one slight difference. The Denzel we knew had innate Focued Attack. However, this Denzel instead has innate Backup Attack. Also, here's the Spirit Commands they learn:



Also, the Bazzar is pretty amazing here. It's the same every chapter. Yes, that's a Shadow Angel Feather.

And we get the same parts we'd get in Special Mode. It's great.

*One Hour Upgrading later*

Over by the Federation’s Newark base, Quattro greets everyone and thanks them for answering the call-to-arms.
Of course, Garrod says the world is too important to let this go on. He’s still calling him lieutenant and Roybea does point out that he’s no longer with the AEUG but Quattro doesn’t mind. The Federation is still restructuring after the last battle, so the Ex-AEUG folks have yet to be properly integrated into the chain of command. That’s why they were so readily assigned to work once more as part of an independent platoon, Amuro says.
A squad made outside of the reach of the standard nation and organizations, fighting against whatever enemy of mankind crops out… yup, that’s us alright.
Shinn asks what intel we have on the drones and, as before, details are sparse but shows the drones were limiting themselves to just attacking lone facilities. Show of force? Possibly.

If anything, Bright concedes they were very efficient about it, what with the attack happening across the entire world. Mu counters that theory that pointing out how all over the place the damaged areas are.
Sara raises a map with the attack locations, all of low strategic importance, and superimposes another marking areas investigated by the Federation during the war. The attacked areas were all rich in Mountain Cycles. But they weren’t attacking the ruins, rather, witnesses saw the drones leaving the places.

Following this, the conversation follows the exact same path as the other, leading up to naming the Executor System.

We’ve no measure to investigate this matter at length now, so Lacus says protecting the civilians should be our priority in case the drones come back. Shinn doesn’t like that we’re stuck playing defense after the trouble of bringing us together but Athrun tells him to calm down – getting antsy won’t help.
Shinn gets it but he still wants to do something, remembering all those whom he met and lost in the previous war. He swore to them that he’d build a better future for mankind. Everyone here feels like he does, Camille points out and that also includes Four. She found purpose in her life by meeting the guy, so she doesn’t want to see anyone else lose theirs.
It’s this share determination that’s brought everyone here and why we’ll fight on, believing in a better tomorrow.

Harry, Corin and Poe come in right then, straight from the moon and ready to join the fight.
Kihel is also with them and, happy to see Sochie, passes the Soleil along to Diana. The queen’ll reassume her identity just for a little bit, while this matter is settled – of course, if anything happens, she still trusts Kihel to lead the Moon Race.
Kihel tells her not to think such things and fight on in order to keep living. She’s already fighting for the whole world, so why not add her own life to the pile? Sounds good, though Diana will still want to keep living as an earthling once this is over. Kihel agrees and will wait for her safe return – Harry will be here to see that it happens, too.

: So this is ZEUTH, eh…?
: A bunch of vets tied together by mutual trust… They’ve got a good look to them, I guess.
: Yes… they’re all proud, dutiful men and women.
: And you really think a pair of chumps like us could fit in with this nice squad, Ms. Ohara?
: Watch your tone, Toby. The three of us are a team now.
: That’s one way of calling it, Chief. Another is that the two of us are replacements.
: “Replacements”…?
: Yeah, Ohara. What with your original Glory Star and the two of us…
: Sure, that might’ve been the same thing, only in different worlds, but that doesn’t mean you should expect us to fit your mold.
: ...
: I reckon I might as well say this now. I’m Toby Watson, not the Toby you knew. I’m the dumbass who got tricked by that piece of crap and tried to kill you.
: …
: This is our mission and we’ll do our part but you gotta keep that in mind.
: Okay!
: Wha…
: It’s a pleasure to be working with you, Mr. Watson. I know this will be our first time fighting side-by-side but I’ll give it everything I have.
: Oi… You got a screw loose or something?
: No, I don’t. I’m just a bit happy, that’s all.
: Happy?
: As Mr. Watson said, you two are different people from the Chief and Toby I knew.
: If you get that, then you oughta stop looking at us with those rose colored glasses.
: Still, there is one constant between my Glory Star and yours. That is… the pride you feel in who you are and what you do.
: The “right stuff”…
: While we fought, I could easily tell how much you value your Virgolas. That’s why… I hesitated so much to attack you.
: Come on, now. You still brought us down.
: Easy, Toby… She didn’t do that for kicks. It was just what needed to be done.
: …
: Ohara, I can also tell that you’ve the right stuff.
: Toby does too, of course.
: Oi, Chief!
: He’s just a bit queasy with the idea that he could be someone’s replacement.
: In my case, I figured stressing over small details like that wasn’t worth the trouble.
: Regardless, I… I don’t see either of you as being replacements.
: Ohara…
: I’ve learned much during the war, always bearing my sorrow…
: How I can’t bring back what’s been lost… How I couldn’t keep clinging to it lest I be unable to move on…
: And how, despite it all, it was still possible for me to build something new.
: Ohara…
: That’s what I was hoping we could do, having that same pride within us.
: And, so, you wanted to make this Glory Star with us, eh?
: Yes.
: During the Dimensional Repair, I wished to keep the dutifulness and pride that such dear people taught me and to live on.
: …
: There may not be any point in the mission to perfect the Virgola anymore but… That unit bears the wishes of not only us but of all those who’ve supported it.
: And, so, I want to live hand-in-hand with it and to do so proudly. All while I look for that “something new” to build.
: So much sentimentality, yeesh…
: But I guess that ain’t a bad thing.
: Mr. Watson…
: Psh, you’re too damn nitpicky. See here, I respected her from the get-go.
: Or maybe “liked” would be a better word…
: Hell, not even that…! This is love, I tell ya!
: Um… I…
: Abort, Chief. I don’t think that kind of joke’ll fly with her.
: N-no… Mr. Watson, that’s—
: Relax. We’re a team now, yeah? No need to keep with that “Mr.” business.
: Just “Toby” will be fine.
: Then I ask that you just call me “Setsuko”.
: Alright… This here marks the official start of the new Glory Star.
: I’d love to celebrate this with a nice toast but “worldwide crisis” and all that… So let’s get straight to work.
: Atten-SHUN!
: Sir! Yes, sir!
: Our Glory Star will now be working as part of ZEUTH to bring down this unknown enemy!
: Sir! Yes, sir!


: That siren… it’s the proximity alert!
: Yow, like clockwork...! That mess’s starting again, I guess!
: Come on, Toby, Setsuko! Scramble!
: Roger!

Special Disk Mission 5-1 (Setsuko) – Slumbering Menace

ZEUTH deploys and while it’s only half, it’s still an impressive sight for Waltfeld. Shame it couldn’t be happening in happier circumstances. Regardless, we’re here and Lacus says our priority is to sort things out ASAP so that we can bring tranquility back to the world.
In come the same mixed force as the other side – these are the mysterious drones, alright. The ∀ immediately reacts to them, adding credence to Loran’s fears that it’s somehow connected to the Executor System. It may even go crazy again, if there isn’t anyone at its controls.
Bright gives the order to attack, in hopes we’ll also get some info, and off we go – these phantoms of the Black History must be put down for the sake of world peace.

Annnd look at all those A.I mechs! Nothing particularly exciting here though. So let's just do another Smashing Montage. Through video! Because why not?

: What are they after, pulling such a large-scale offensive?
: How are they benefitting from all these intimidation tactics…?!

This is the first time I fought a Babi, and this is my last real update. So have a video!

: There’s nothing as unsettling as an enemy with unseen objectives…!
: Who the hell is using all these Black History relics…?!

: Anyone who wants to spread war will have to answer to me…!
: We finally managed to find peace! Do you really not understand how precious that is?!

I never did get a chance to show off the Glory Star team's Special Tri. So here's a second chance.

: We’ll cover your six, Setsuko! Get in there!
: Toby…
: You’re the ace of the Glory Star! Our pride is yours to uphold!
: Roger that, Chief…!
: I am not alone…! And for of all those who taught me that and their world…
: I’ll bear pride and duty within my breast and fight on!!

: No matter how many times those flowers are wiped out, I'll be there to plant them again and again...!
: I'll no longer hesitate to stand against any who tries to do away with our peace! I'm ready to do as I must!

: I wanna do my part to help the world, just as Tifa’s helping me…!
: Everyone’s out there, living with a smile on their faces! And if you’re here to wreck that, then I’ll wreck you first!

: Peace returned to this world after far too many sacrifices…! And we’ll make sure it sticks around!
: There’s no room in this world for those who want war!

: Humanity has risen above its past mistakes and started its trek towards a better tomorrow…!
: And I will not hesitate to pull my trigger against any who’d oppose that!

: The ∀’s equipped with the same system as these drones…?
: But why would the Black History people leave such a system there?!
Just want to murder these guys.
Yay Toby!
Yay Denzel!

Now then we never showed off Athrun's METEOR attacks. So let's do that now!

And we're done here.

All enemies are gone and Bright asks if we’re picking up any signs of life in outskirts of the battlefield – the one controlling the drones could be watching from nearby.
There’s nothing, corroborating our theory that the drones are fully autonomous rather than remote-controlled. Still, Waltfeld figures their targets themselves could have been picked out by someone. For that matter, why did they attack here? There aren’t any Mountain Cycles nearby, meaning they didn’t just attack whatever was close after awakening – they came here for a specific reason.
Loran is silent and, when asked, suggests that they may have been after the Turn A. He figures the drones were trying to recover an “allied” unit and its Moonlight Butterfly. It being in with them would explain its outburst in Vicinity, Amuro thinks.
Loran is left wondering just what the Turn A is… and, for that matter, what is hiding in the shadows of the Black History.

Meyrin detects incoming mechs but, like before, it’s Roger, Banjou and Aquarion.
Same deal as before with every one and we’re off to Yapan.

The conversation at the point of commerce is also exactly the same.

Back in the Argama, Garrod and Renton are happy to see each other in good health.
There’s that convo about Renton going back to his old sprite and Eureka also being present. The Nirvash may have left with the Scub but they both figure there’s stuff they can do as part of the Gekkostate. Holland sniffs at him forcing his way back onto the Gekko.
Jamil greets him and thanks Holland for helping gather up our scattered forces – no problem, what with Talho and the baby needing peace and quiet. Holland’s proud of himself for being all fatherly and when Jiron quips at how much that changes a man, he tells him tells him to stop talking like he’s some has-been.
On the other end of the spectrum is Kei, who Roybea sees hasn’t changed a bit despite Mimsy’s pregnancy. He says she’s coming along just fine, though it’s still early enough that she can keep helping Shaia in the Glomar.
The Iron Gear crew is also present, of course, as they couldn’t rest easy with those drones running wild across the world.

Shinn greets himself, glad to see the Gran Knights present. It is their mission to keep the world from falling into the hands of evil, Runa points out. Same goes for every Super Robot here, Touga adds.
There’s Duke, Toshiya and Marin’s delayed departure to safeguard their second home and the Jin Family fishing their stuff from Suruga Bay to get to work again.
Tetsuya and Ryouma ponder how those drones were stronger than expected and how we still don’t know almost anything about them or their goals. Apollo says, however, that Roger and Banjou have been hard at work with Fudou and Sirius says they only decided to come here once they had intel to share.
Indeed, Kouji didn’t expect to hear that the enemy’s HQ would be in Japan itself – that explains why the drones didn’t attack the place.

Setsuko, nearby, bumps into Rand who gives her props for pulling the Dimensional Repair. He’s also decided to get in with ZEUTH, having come in along with Banjou. He was already in touch with Jiron and Gain.
Toby’s surprised Setsuko’s a friend of a guy like him but, indeed, she confirms all the times he’s helped her. Denzel thanks him for that and, inwardly, Setsuko is glad she could finally see Rand smile now that Asakim is off their hair… though his radiating HEAT makes her flinch a bit.
Mel is finally back with him and introduces herself to Setsuko – along with that fiancée business. “Dang, guy, you just shot all the way to the top of my ‘respect’ list with this one”, Toby jokes.

Rand says it’s a complicated story but that’ll have to wait until this mess is sorted out. Still, Setsuko figures Mel was the one he was looking for and is glad to see that he’s back with his “beloved”.
Rand groans that he might need to set things straight right now, but Mel says there’s no need, what with them being engaged already. Setsuko wishes them all the happiness together and Rand decides to let this be for now. He’s also glad to see Setsuko smile – despite everything she went through, the girl seems to have gained something amidst it all.

Then Gainer and Loran exchange news of their respective units going crazy and Sandman calls everyone in for the briefing.