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Part 27: Mission 8 (Rand) - Angel Memories

Atop a nearby building, a man is observing everything and, on the Iron Gear, Tifa senses the angel’s descent.
What comes, however, quickly strikes Jiron as a monster and Rand tries to have everyone run as the thing makes a beeline for them.

There’s no time, however, and Baron is quickly absorbed by the monster.
It’s not just him, as Gain sees it absorb people from all over the ruined city and Jiron tells Apollo to run or he’ll be eaten as well. He’s not about to leave Baron inside that thing, though.
He jumps onto the monster, which starts to fly around, yelling at it to let Baron go but Pierre and Silvia know that, if he sticks to the Harvest Beast like this, he’ll be taken by the Fallen Angels as well.
Gavane wants to stop it and calls for him teammates to show the power of Luzianna’s elite troops to the Moon Race rep.

Silvia tries to warn them to stay away as the mythological power is materializing.
It’s too late, though, as several skeleton-like creatures appear in the area. Both Tifa and Diana are concerned, the latter feeling like she’s seen such a sinister monster somewhere - a long time ago.

The skeletons take Gavane by surprise and easily wipe out his entire squad.
Even Harry’s aghast at the monstrous power they have and, while Pierre tells Silvia that they need to run away before they get wrecked, she says it’s going to be fine: her brother’s here!

Sirius, pilot of the Vector Mars, gets in touch and confirms that they’re safe. But when Silvia calls him “brother”, he reminds her that this is a mission and she should forget they’re brother and sister.

Glenn, pilot of the Vector Sol, asks if they shouldn’t brief them on the situation but Sirius vetoes the idea.
He says defeating the enemy takes precedence and, until that happens, any unnecessary communication would invite confusion.

Reika, pilot of the Vector Luna, cannot get in touch with HQ to confirm their orders and, thus, Sirius decides combine on their own initiative – that’s the reason why they’re piloting these Vector Machines.
Glenn confirms saying that, as the Top 3 students of the Element School, they should be able to pull it off and he offers his “first combination” to Reika. Sirius is amused and decides to honor Glenn’s passion but, of course, if Reika isn’t up to it, Sirius can form the head in her place.
She’s ready, though, and calls out for Formation LMS – Codename “Shape of Fate”.
As they start the maneuver, Silvia watches in shock as she realizes her brother’s going to combine with Reika as the head.

: Spiritual…
: Combination!!

: Aaa…Aaaaah!
: This is…the light of the Machine Angel Aquarion…!

As everyone watches the combination in awe, Sirius tells Reika to give the Cherubim Soldiers a taste of their strength.
Cotsett tells Elchi that they seem to be charging at the skeletons and, until Jiron and the others return, she says the Iron Gear will need to stay put. For the time being, they’ll have to depend on Harry and Gavane to hold the line.
Harry was going to fight anyway, in the interest of ascertaining the power of these monsters, and Gavane is all about getting revenge for his dead soldiers.
And, nearby…

: The combination was a success…
: However, will they be able to bring forth Aquarion’s full might…?

Victory Condition: All enemies shot down.
Mission Failure:Any ally unit shot down.
Skill Point:Clear the mission by the end of Turn 3.

Alright, before anything, let’s take a quick look at Gavane (don’t worry about Aquarion for now).

Borjanon (Gavane Goony)
Pilot Skills:
Spirit Commands:
Squad Leader Bonus: Critical Chance +20%
Gavane’s Voice Actor: Houchu Ohtsuka (other known works: Yazan in Zeta Gundam, Aragorn in Lord of the Rings dub, Beck in Big O and MANY others)

Yes, this thing is pretty much a UC Zaku with a different name which makes it crap.
Gavane is, once again, a somewhat decent pilot that will never amount to anything else other than a squaddie – he’s got decent range PLA attacks and Support Defend.
I never found much use for him but you can if you want – just get him something better to pilot.

Now, this Skill Point is easier than the last couple but it still requires you to rush the enemy a bit: if you want the Skill Point, you NEED to take one of the enemy Cherubims out by turn two or you won’t have enough time.
And, by the way, you cannot attack the Harvest Beast.

The Iron Gear is standing still while waiting for everyone to come back but, thankfully, the closest Cherubim is just in range and this is the one you want to focus on.

You’ll find that Fallen Angel enemies are bulky as fuck.

Cherubim Soldier

Fallen Angels might just be the most annoying type of mook in this game and it shows: they’ve decent stats all across the board while also sporting good specs as a unit.
The HP Regen paired with their usually high HP adds to their bulkiness and the pilot-affeting debuff immunity is the cherry on top.
Do keep in mind that their Claw attack carries a Morale Down debuff but it only has a 1-2 range so, if possible, attack from outside of that.

Gavane can’t go too far ahead as he’ll get wrecked if he’s swarmed but, from over here, he can take a quick shot at the Cherubim.
It’s very likely he’ll get hit, though…

: Damn! I wanted to get some practice but I didn’t think it’d be fighting some monsters!
: But it’ll surely mean danger for Luzianna if I leave these things be!
: I’ll do this for all my fallen comrades!


Harry could use Focus but I’d rather save SP. He only has 33% chance to be hit…right?

: To think such monsters emerged on Earth after our ancestors left…
: If such evil continues to exist, it can become a threat to Her Majesty! I’ll destroy it here and now!
: (Be careful, Harry…this is an ancient foe…)

Alright, we’re still good!

Now, take to put Aquarion to use. Glenn has just enough SP to cast Invincible once.

Aquarion’s BGM is set the Z’s generic theme, mind. It’s still pretty good, though!

: The Machine Angel Aquarion…left behind to fight the Fallen Angels as mankind’s last hope…!
: We’ve endured agonizing training to be capable of piloting it…!
: And now we’ll reap the fruits of that training!

Not bad, not bad.

Enemy Phase!

The Cherubim strikes a decent hit on Aquarion but nothing it can’t handle.

One other Cherubim starts closing in while the two farther away stay put.

Player Phase!

Seeing how the Cherubim stood still, Elchi is easily able to take it down.

Pierre is impressed that Reika’s doing so well and, while she’s getting tired, she insists on fighting for the people that were taken.
Their mysterious observer is less than impressed with what he’s seeing, though…

Location: Earth Restoration Organization DEAVA (Division of EArth Vitalization Advancement) – Control Room

At DEAVA HQ, Jerome is busily ordering the techs Chloe and Kurt to locate Sirius and the others, who have just vanished.
Furthermore, their satellites aren’t picking up anything in the entire region they were in – communications are nonexistent. Jerome wonders what the hell happened with that city.

Sofia asks him to calm down as panicking isn’t going to solve this situation and a nearby girl, Rena, says they’re somewhere very far away – maybe not even in this world.

That’s the mysterious observer’s cue to show up, agreeing with Rena’s.
Jerome freaks out, asking who he is and how he entered DEAVA’s control room. Sofia recognizes him, though, and is surprised to see him alive: “The magician of god-like speed…Fudou GEN!”
Jerome recognizes the name, the same Fudou responsible for discovering Aquarion in an underwater temple off the coast of Crete. As his greeting, Fudou snaps his fingers and restores DEAVA’s visual connection to the missing city.
They quickly see the combined Aquarion in the city and Jerome bursts with pride at the success of his strongest Element team – Fudou, however, has a lesson for him.

He recalls that a quote from a general of the “land of the rising sun”: “though a single arrow be weak, three laid together become an unbreakable arrow”. Jerome is aware of said General, Mouri Motonari, and recalls him teaching this “Unbreakable Three Arrows” lesson to his three sons.
Just like the general’s sons, by combining the heart, body and soul of three strong Elements into one, they can bring forth the three-in-one combination of Aquarion.
“However, even with three arrows, if an unexpectedly strong force is applied… THEY WILL BREAK!” yells Fudou.

Another Cherubim approaches Aquarion but, before Reika can fight it off, the Harvest Beast starts sending the negative thoughts of the captured people directly into her mind.

Reika’s subsequent loss of concentration and panic breaks Aquarion apart.
Pierre and Silvia run after Reika, the closest, and find her in shock and wounded – Pierre figures Glenn is probably in the same state. Silvia will leave their rescue to Pierre and jumps inside the Vector Luna.
She activates it and joins up with Sirius. meanwhile, Jiron and the others have finally made it back to the Iron Gear and Elchi orders everyone to deploy in order to protect that combinable machine.

Loran deploys and quickly checks in with Harry and Gavane to make sure they’re ok.
They’re both very confused that this kind of monster existed and asks what are they but Loran says this is our first time seeing these things as well. Seeing how the combined unit has fallen, Harry and Gavane join up with Loran as his squaddies.
Chil and Jiron start looking for Apollo, wondering if he got eaten by that flying monster. Soon, the Harvest Machine starts leaving with all the humans it’s captured.

It’s then that Apollo calls out to Aquarion, surprising Silvia that he knows the name.
Sirius gets in touch with Silvia and asks if that boy was the one she was sent after – she’s hesitant to answer.
Right then, the Vector Sol spits out Glenn and starts flying on its own towards Apollo.


*Apollo jumps off the Harvest Beast*


: That light…
: The Wings of…the Sun…!

*The Vector Sol reaches Apollo and brings him into the cockpit*

: Urgh…! The hell is this?!
: The Machine Angel…
: !
: Aquarion.
: Who are you...?!
: Recite this…Genesis Combination.
: Genesis Combination…?
: Recite it…Genesis Combination…!

: Genesis Combination…
: Genesis Combination?
: What is that?! Who are you…?
I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t warn that this video may be a bit NSFW...

: This is…

*Claps hands!*

: They combined again!
: But…it feels different from before!

*beep beep*

: The White Doll is responding…
: Machine Angel…Aquarion…? Why is it showing this…?!
: I don’t know what’s going on but this is our chance! Help the combined mech and take out those monsters!
: Roger that!
: Let us go, my friends! Lend me your power!
: “Friends”?
: Friends…

Yeah, son! Now we’re cooking with the REAL Aquarion, so let’s take a look at it:

Solar Aquarion (Apollo, Sirius d’Alicia, Silvia d’Alicia)
Pilot Skills - Apollo:

Pilot Skills - Sirius:
Pilot Skills - Silvia:
Spirit Commands – Apollo:
Spirit Commands – Sirius:
Spirit Commands – Silvia:
Squad Leader Bonus – Apollo: +40% damage done against Fallen Angels (!)
Squad Leader Bonus – Sirius: +10% Accuracy Rate
Squad Leader Bonus – Silvia: +10% Evasion Rate

Apollo’s Voice Actor: Takuma Terashima (other known works: Kouta/Fighter Roa in SRW OGs, Ashley Ashura in Code Geass: Akito The Exiled and many others)
Sirius’ Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita (other known works: Bullet in SRW OGs, Alvin in Tales of Xillia, Ragna the Bloodedge in Blaz Blue and MANY others)
Silvia’s Voice Actor: Yumi Kakazu (other known works: Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII stuff, Renée in Gaogaigar FINAL, Dita in Vandread and MANY others)

Oh, boy. What can I say about Aquarion? It is crazy powerful (especially against Fallen Angels), it is bulky, versatile and awesome all around!
This is, without a doubt, one of the strongest units in the game and it’s not just raw power: that Element System is ripe for abuse and I’ll tell you more during the intermission; as of right now, Aquarion only has its basic attacks but, like many other units, it’ll get more stuff during the game and then there’ll be no stopping it.
As evidenced by Reika’s combination, the Aquarion has three different forms depending on which Vector Machine forms the head but, for now, we’re stuck with Solar Aquarion.
Set it as a leader for the rest of the game and don’t you dare use him as a squaddie or you’ll answer to me!

There’s one thing that needs to be mentioned before we get back to wrecking Cherubins, though:

Secret Alert!

Time for yet another secret Unit Part and this requirement is simple: Apollo and Jiron EACH need to kill one of the remaining Cherubins.
Apollo can easily solo the NE-most one so that means Jiron needs to take one of the two closest to the Iron Gear.

Apollo would be immune to the Morale Down debuff but, still, no reason to eat a stronger attack.

: Behold the power of the Genesis Combined Machine Angel!
: This man…who is he…?
: No way…is he really the “Wings of the Sun”…?
No one can beat Apollo when it comes to fighting Fallen Angels.

We open up on the closest Cherubim with Gain’s TRI Attack.

Next in line is Garrod.

: Tifa’s aboard the Iron Gear! No way I’ll let you freaks get through!
: (Garrod, be careful…that’s…)

It seems that, lately, I’ve only been attacking with the Divider but it’s the game’s fault for making me rush through things!

Cherubins don’t have ALL attacks, so we’re clear to go Center Formation.

: I’ll have to figure out the connection between the White Doll and these skeletons later…!
: Right now, I can’t just let monsters that attack people run loose!

Ow…we’re still good, though.

Take him out, Gainer.

: …Ah…!
: What is it, Gainer?! Did you get hit?!
: It’s nothing! I’m alright, Sara!
: (When I looked at that monster, I felt my mind go somewhere very far away for a split second…)
: (But I wasn’t scared…it was like my consciousness was absorbed by King Gainer…)

One down, two to go and the next one has Jiron’s name on it.

Enemy Phase!

Aquarion and Cherubim trade blows but no kills yet.

The remaining Cherubim starts going towards our group.

Player Phase!

Garrod flies over and softens it up a bit.

Rand needs to get closer but he’s immune to debuffs as well.

: Don’t get scared, Mel! These guys ain’t normal, so make sure to take pictures of everything!
: Y-yes!
: Come'ere, bonehead! I’ll break ya down and make some broth!

Good man.

Just to be safe, Gainer also tenderizes the mook a bit.

Get to it, Jiron!

: We’ve fought a lot of things, but this is the first time I see anything like this…!
: Still, a man doesn’t hesitate! No monster's getting the better of me!


And Apollo easily wraps up his own Cherubim.

Skill Point and Secret Point get!

Victory is ours but Rand and Mel know that, if those monsters and this entire area was warped, we’ve no idea what else might come over.
Silvia is celebrating but Sirius tells her that it’s too soon for that as they’ve no idea where they are and won’t be able to return to DEAVA for the time being. Apollo isn’t paying attention, still focusing on the kidnapped Baron.

Location: Atlandia

We find Otoha welcoming Touma, who asks how long he’s been asleep.
For 12000 years, she says, and his next question is the status of Earth. She says the foolish, wingless people, having stolen the fruit of knowledge, are transforming the world into a hideous mess.
Touma is already annoyed, that even now the wingless people are disrupting their dream. On the other hand, Otoha says their souls are proving useful for making the Tree of Life blossom, and more are continuously arriving from other worlds.

Among those people who have been added to the Tree is Baron and there’s another issue at hand: the Wings of the Sun who betrayed Touma and the rest of them has reawakened too; Touma thinks a bit and decides he wants to see him again.
Otoha protests that he's in a far distant world, but Touma reminds her that time and space mean nothing…not since a hundred million, two thousand years ago when Paradise was destroyed. Indeed, Otoha remembers how the battle back then transformed Atlandia into an everlasting prison.
Touma wants to regain their world and, for that, he’ll meet with the Wings of the Sun…”the only one he’s ever loved…”
Otoha is silent at this.

Ready for yet another Bazaar exchange? If you’ve done the first step towards Rand’s Secret #2, there’ll be a scene waiting.

Jiron is very relieved to see that Apollo is fine after all that.
However, he can easily see that Apollo’s distraught over having to leave Baron behind – Apollo’s sure his friend isn’t dead, though. Chil is also present and, while there isn’t any lizard meat left, she offers him some tasty Donkey Bread from Inglessa.

Apollo, however, has his beast-like sense of smell which tells him there’s some lizard meat nearby.
Jiron is quite impressed as Apollo leads the way towards a shop and Chil offers to buy the meat as a way to raise his spirits.
If anything, Apollo is thankful.

Secret Alert!

A Smoked Lizard has shown up in the items section if you got one kill with Jiron and Apollo during the past mission, so buy it and we’re good for now.
There’s no epilogue to this scene like the previous Bazaar event, mind.

See you all soon!