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Part 271: Special Disk Mission 5-2 - The Executor - Part 2

Turn X (Gym Ghingnham)
Pilot Skills:
Squad Leader Bonus: Accuracy Rate and Critical Rate +30%

I guess Banpresto figured Gym didn’t get the finale he deserved back on mission 57, so they brought him back and gave him a major HP boost, along with some added stats. He now has 224k HP and can be as deadly as ever (thankfully, he doesn’t auto-cast Strike) if you let his morale get going. Which is why you shouldn’t let it.
As soon as he pops out, keep Daunt casts handy and avoid killing as many mooks as you can – you’re not on a timer anyway. Gym will ALWAYS go after Loran unless he’s surrounded, so use the kid as bait and gather all your folks around to intercept.
Take him out in one turn because not only will he regen nearly 70k HP a turn, you really don’t want him getting a chance to MAP you. Even without Strike, his squad bonus plus Perfection pretty much equals a guaranteed hit against anyone without Alert.

So, insert a few turns of me dangling the Turn A outside Gym’s range like carrot-on-stick!

Before we start the montage, however, I’d like to bring to you the single luckiest thing I've ever seen happen to me in SRW:

: Don’t you understand? The desire for war will eventually lead this world to its death!
: No… it will drive us to greater heights! War is what propels history!
: Into destruction! That’s what happened to S-1!
: And I won’t let that happen! This beautiful world can’t disappear!
I could have used this luck to win the lottery but, no, I spent it here. Y’all better appreciate it!

Now, I finally have my chance of post the Turn A Turn Vocal!

: Leave the past in the past! How could we ever let some ghosts of the Black History do their thing with our world?!
: History always repeats itself! Battle is part of humanity, no matter what you do!
: Okay then! I guess history is repeating itself... the part where you go down!
: You won't stay in your graves, you ghost? Then I'll bury you even deeper!

: I’m getting sick of that crack on your chest. Let’s wipe it off…
: I like your pluck! But you haven’t the might to destroy me!
: Maybe I’ll just put my name on top of that X, then... as your epitaph.
: The Black Cross is coming for you, Gym Ghingnham!

: You fight well, warrior! A fine match for me!
: Are you still drowsy from your nap in the crypt?
: Eh?
: Because you sound like you forgot that we beat you already, so we'll do it again!
: And this time, you're not coming back to wreck our peace again!

: Char Aznable! The psychic wave that touched the Turn X showed me your sins!
: My sins?
: Indeed! Your deeds at the conclusion of the Black History!
: There’s no point in my hearing any of that.
: What?
: I am Quattro Bajeena. There is no reason for me to learn of Char Aznable’s sins!

: You will regret wandering into combat so brazenly, boy!
: Well, you're gonna regret trying to start a war again!
: Do not make promises you cannot keep, boy!
: Maybe I can't keep them myself, but I'm not by myself, and I've got Eureka!
: Renton...
: Once again you call a woman's name in battle! Such immaturity!
: I may be still a kid, but I can't let a selfish man like you beat me!
: I just can't!

: So the big bad moon general takes orders from some ghost now, is that it?
: The voice that called to me is one which shares my ideals… a comrade!
: You will see how many in this world desire battle!
: That’s just a few selfish freaks! Don’t decide for the whole world!
: We’re not going give people like you control of our future!

: Is he... more powerful than when we previously crossed blades?
: You'd never understand... I'm strong because I've got something to lean on!
: And what is that? Tell me!
: Mothers are strong, they say... well, so are dads. I'm fighting for my family and for the world!

: I see... we're alike, you and I!
: My darling may grow his hair out, but he hasn't permed it or anything!
: As usual, that's not what he’s talking about!
: Destruction is in your blood! Truly a fitting opponent!
: Look, I don't wanna be here fighting! I'm a repairman, darn it!
: You're gonna pay hard for turning me back into The Crusher!
: I'm gonna crush you to bits so little there won't be anything left to put back together!
: Excellent! Indeed, you are as worthy a rival as I thought!
: Just! Stop! Talking!

: Those who desire peace and those who desire war, both breaking the bonds of time...
: Peace is a fleeting illusion. And it means true life ends... a living death!
: Gym Ghingnham... it is you who Thanatos will take today!
: Ye ignorant of the meaning of peace! Learn it with your very life!

: I see ghosts really do prefer dark, spooky places.
: No matter. The whole world will be one great, glorious battlefield soon enough! The ghosts and I will make it so!
: Don't you get it, Gym Ghingnham? Nobody wants a world like that!
: Daitarn 3's sun will light the way to banish the ghosts back into the darkness!

: Hahahah! Are you're shaking, boy?! How precious!
: !
: Kappei, are you...
: That dude's psyching him out!
: Shaddup! I'm Kappei Jin! He's not gonna pull one over me!
: Ah, a fiery spirit. But that spirit is--
: I said shut up! I can't let you beat me if you don't value peace!
: Aki, Michi, Kouzuki! I'm gonna beat him! I won't let him take our peace!

: How far the Newtype soldier has fallen! Allow me to show you the way!
: I have something to protect now... that's what gives me power!
: A man like you, who can only take and destroy, would never understand that!
: Enough prattle! Show me this power if it exists!
: I will accept its existence if you can defeat my Turn X and I!

: Give it a rest already! Go back to your graves with the Executor and the other ghosts!
: I’m afraid not! We are all here to transform the world!
: The world will burn down to ash in the flames of war!
: What’s the point? How many lives have to go before you realize war doesn’t get us anything?
: I’m done with you! Our world doesn’t need any more war!

: A woman? You think you can stand against me?
: You better not let your guard down around our ace, guy...
: We've got your back, Setsuko! Show him the spirit of the Glory Star!
: Yes, sir! Setsuko Ohara moving in!
: A frontal assault? She doesn't fear my Turn X?
: I will overcome my fear and my sorrow by the duty and the pride within me!
: I am a Glory Star!

: We meet again, boy! I am pleased to see the Machine Angel again, as well!
: You wanna beat me that bad, huh?
: Or do you want me to give you a ride back to the moon on my Infinity Punch?
: An amusing quip, that! In repayment, I will grant you passage to Hell!
: A dumbass quip, that! Go back to your grave, ghost!

: Master of the Black Giant! Show me your true power!
: I'm a Negotiator by trade, so my true power is words and wit.
: Though I don't expect they'll have any effect on a brute like yourself.
: Hah…! Making excuses already?
: I'll play on your terms if you wish...
: Return to your grave, phantom of the Black History!

: A mech that burns scarlet like a flame! The flame of combat!
: Yeah, sure! But Sol Gravion's flame is going to roast you up!
: The Gran Knights ride to strike down evil that preys on the innocent!
: Gym Ghingnham! You stand against us!
: A fine spirit! Let us pit your flame against the hellfire of the Turn X and see which consumes the other!

: So, Mr. Moon General, remember what you said about calling a woman's name in battle?
: What of it?
: Well, I figured out why you love to fight so much.
: It's all because you don't know how good ladies are, right?
: What?
: So in your next life, you ought to try a nice relationship! I promise it's way more fun than war!

: Why do you want war? Do you enjoy seeing innocent lives end?!
: Lives are brilliant because they are finite! And it is war that heightens that radiance!
: In that sense, it is the meaning of life itself!
: Are you joking?! All you do is kill!
: A man who does only fights has no right to talk about the meaning of human life!

: We meet again, boy… and I see you’ve cast away your naiveté!
: I’m fighting the same fight I was before… but now I’ve committed myself to it!
: Committed? Very lofty language, coming from you!!
: Laugh if you want… but I’m going to press on through my doubts…
: And the first step is defeating you! So I can protect people with my own hands!

: Are you kidding me? Why don’t you understand that this war is pointless?
: It is you who does not understand, boy!
: Without battle, humans will forget what it means to live! I will fight to remind them!
: You’re full of it! I’m sick of watching people die for the pointless battles of some jerks!
: If you want a fight so bad, fight me! I’ll make it your last one!

: Well fought, Amuro Ray! A performance worthy of a warrior who will bring the Black History to its conclusion!
: The battle between me and Char that Gwen foretold…?
: Indeed! We’re alike at our core, you and I! Men who live for war!
: Maybe you’re right - fighting is the only way I can change anything…
: But when I fight, it’s because I believe that it’s because something better will come after!
: Don’t you dare think I’m doing it for a fleeting moment of satisfaction like you!

: The Turn X is telling me about the fate you and the black Overman share!
: And what about it?
: Come with me, silver-haired one! Join my legions and we can bring forth the Black History together!
: No thanks! We’ve already had too much war for me!
: King Gainer and I, together, are going to get past you and run down that black Overman!

: He's working for the ghosts of the Black History now?
: Not quite, boy! If the Black History is an era of endless war, then I am its very incarnation!
: Now I raise the signal to battle in order to bring that Black History about!
: Not a chance! We'll fight and stop you!
: This world has a future now! We don't have time for ghosts of the past!

: I am glad! As long as I live, I will fight to my heart's content!
: You're the only one happy here, buddy! If you’re in with those ghosts, then go hang out with them inside those ruins!
: I shall not! For mine and the Turn X’s age begins here!

: This world is trying to achieve peace... There's no place in it for men like you or ghosts of the Black History!
: To live is to battle! If there is no place for us, we will claw one out!
: War comes from those who try to force their desires on others! We'll nip that evil in the bud right here!

: You’re misusing all your strength! We can’t entrust the world to you!
: That Moon Race boy! We who have forgotten the fight within us were living a living death!
: But I have rediscovered the radiance of battle and, thus, lived life as it should be!
: There are other ways to be happy in life! You have to see that!
: And if you refuse, then I’ll defeat you myself!

: The Turn X and I were beaten not once but twice?! Inconceivable!
: Those who live by the sword, die by the sword…! Accept your end, Gym Ghingnham!
: Still, this is precisely what I sought! A world that has the essence of combat at its core!
: AHAHAHAHAHA! It is now that my age comes to fruition!

: He refused to change his mind, even at the end…
: He was a man who believed solely on strength… An empty shell possessed by the ghosts of the Black History…
: While I refused to accept the world he desired – one that would lead to the death of so many lives.
: And, so, I’ll fight on in order to protect the world I put my faith in.

Once everything is dead, Quattro calls everyone back to the ships so we can chase after the Black Overman. We’ve received intel from various labs and they’ve pinpointed its location: the Japanese Alps.
Ryouma relates how the Break the World dumped pieces of ruins from various different worlds in the area. No one in Japan has gone to that inhospitable region since. A perfect home for ghosts of the Black History, Holland thinks.
Still, we know where it is now so all that is left is going there and taking that Overman out.
Meanwhile, Diana inwardly tells Gym that we aren’t headed for a future of destruction. And since she bears responsibility for him losing his way, she’ll atone for it all by helping end this forbidden power that twists the hearts of man.

Only one mission to go, folks, and then we’ll be done!

And it’s just an Overman, right? We’ve dealt with loads of those before. How tough could he possibly be…?