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Part 272: Special Disk Mission 5-3 - Leaving the Black History Behind - Part 1

Here we are at the Special Disk finale – the proper end to Z1!
The powers that be have seen fit to give us one extra slot to account for having both originals, so here’s how we’re going:

Over by Medayu’s home, Martina is telling Ana and her father of how she felt the OverDevil’s mind as she lay frozen within the Agate Crystal. She didn’t know what it was at the time but what she saw were actually the creature’s memories of when it was alive.
Medayu wants to know more about the demonic Overman but Martina relates how, before, it didn’t have that title – it was simply something created by humans to fight the Fallen Angels. Does that mean that it didn’t try to freeze the world, as it did with us? Indeed, Martina says it had its purposed twisted – same for that mustachioed machine. Everything changed after the Black History’s finale.
Medayu has heard of how it all culminated into a Break the World-class dimensional quake – the Cataclysm, as it is known in their world – and Martina thinks the fear born of such an event changed the minds of the surviving humans.
That, in turn, transformed the Turn A and OverDevil into demons. With their enemies gone, they would turn their OverFreeze and Moonlight Butterfly weapons into the means of recreating the dilapidated world.

As the remaining peoples fled to the moon and space in order to wait out the world’s recovery, the Turn A went into a deep slumber after its mission was complete. Ana asks what happened with Kids’ OverDevil, then. Did it put itself to sleep too?
No, that creature was something different. Bereft of control, it went on a rampage and only stopped after a dreadlocked Overman sealed it away in the Agate Crystal.
King Gainer? Not exactly. The Overman inside the OverDevil’s memories was quite similar but the color was different: it was black. “An Overman with a pure soul, that loved the righteousness of man.”

Special Disk 5-3 – Leaving the Black History Behind

: The Black Overman’s around here…?
: Brr, this place gives me the creeps. Figures a bunch of ghosts would live here.
: That’s… a colony from our world…

: Not just that – I can see things that were warped over from many different places.
: The fallout from the Break the World…
: An unhealable old wound… Those words take quite the literal meaning when you stand in such a place.
: Heads up! Incoming!

Not agaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

: There’re quite a lot of them…!
: Are these the Black Overman’s personal defenders…?!
: And of course they’d also have some OverDevils around!
: No worries, they’re a whole lot smaller than the one Kids had!
: I don’t see the Overman itself, though.
: We have him against the wall – he’ll likely come out if we destroy his troops.
: Then that’s what we’re gonna do! We’ll wreck his goons quick-like and flush him out!
: …
: (Gainer’s feeling something…?)
: (Is he aware of what that Black Overman truly is?)
: I suppose we must indulge the master’s servants if we’re to meet with him.
: Then these relics will all receive an ample sampling of our strength.
: All units, open fire! Bring down the Executor System!
: Time to go all out! These machines ain’t helping humanity, so it’s straight to the scrap heap with ‘em!
: Here we go, everyone…! Victory must be ours if we’re to bring an end to this battle!

Destroy everything, don’t lose a ship. This last battle is decent difficulty spike but not too much since you can take your time. The Executor System is pulling out all stops, bringing only top tier units: along with the usual Destroys, Bandits, Patoulias Aquarions, Zamza-zahs and Gells-ghes, the Black Domis make a return and bring along Hambrabis and Bound Docs.
They are pretty bulky so things will be a bit slower than usual (small mooks have about 10k HP, the special enemies are in the 30-40k range). Still, your morale will go up pretty quickly since we’re not in hard mode. On that note, the Black Domis can still reduce your morale so make sure you engage them with people who can avoid that.
Finally, we’ve a final pair of OverDevils to deal with. Standard tactics apply: keep an eye on their MAPW and OverSkill range, goad them in and destroy them at a distance ASAP.
Don’t be afraid to use your SP at the start – you’ll be fine until a certain point.

Kill enough things and the meat of the mission begins.

: He’s coming…!

: The Black Overman!
: He’s finally shown himself!
: Ain’t nowhere you to run, freak! You better come clean right now about what you’re all about!
: Answer us, pilot of the Black Overman.


: That prick is ignoring us?!
: He’s not…
: Huh? What do you mean?
: I’m not sensing the presence of any human mind within it…!
: So it is also another drone equipped with the Executor System?
: Maybe not… I’m definitely feeling some sort of mind…

: This is…
: It is not only human beings that possess a soul.
: Is this that Overman’s mind…?
: That’s right.
: Gainer…
: That Overman has a will of his own – he has a soul.
: Gainer, you…
: King Gainer told me that Overman was calling it… Or, rather, they were calling each other.
: Come again?
: King Gainer and that Overman, by rights, shouldn’t exist side-by-side.
: Because that’s another King Gainer, from a parallel world.
: A King Gainer…
: From a parallel world?!
: Though I suppose, from his standpoint, King Gainer is the parallel version of himself…
: …

: What is this…? I can hear a voice speaking inside my head!
: The Black Overman’s trying to talk with us?
: This is the voice Gym Ghingnham heard…?
: …
: Huh…?
: “Is there a meaning to mankind…?”
: He’s questioning us…!
: The meaning of mankind… He’s asking about what merits there are to our kind?
: Piss off! You’re one of those guys who figure humans should just die off, ain’t ya!
: …
: The Overman is curious…
: About what meaning there is to mankind in the scope of this planet…
: … That is not an unreasonable thing to question.
: Lt…
: Not only do humans hate one another, we also pollute our environment and bring death onto other creatures…
: From the planet’s point of view, such creatures could only be considered as a blight.
: Is that your answer, Lt.?
: …I am merely stating facts.
: …
: And that is why you’re trying to destroy everything and build the world anew?
: …
: The world has stabilized, so you’ll now carry out your mission as the controller of the Executor System?
: Which means getting rid of all humans in this planet?!
: …
: Do you really mean that we cannot be allowed to live?! Are we all creatures that must be eliminated?! Answer me!
: …
: If you won’t give me an answer, then I…
: I’ll find one myself!

: Shinn…
: He’s right. That answer is something we… rather, all humans must figure out for themselves.
: You listen here, Black Overman! Just being alive gives something meaning!
: …
: It’s true that there are a whole bunch of stupid folks around but there’s no way that’s a good enough reason for us to let you tear it all down!
: Everywhere you look, people are working hard to make something out of their lives!
: Sure, there are good and bad people but they’re all part of the world as a whole!
: And this world has just started taking its first steps! It deserves better than you pulling the plug on it now!
: Humans are constantly changing for the better. By uprooting that potential, you may well plunge our future into the dark!
: Humans are guilty of tainting nature, but it is those same people who can undo their mistakes.
: But we’ll never get the chance to do any of that if you wreck everything!
: Humans are working just as hard to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past! Why can’t you let us do that?!
: …
: Lt… I’m sure you, too, fought to this day because you had faith in the future of humanity.
: Amuro…
: If humanity is foolish, then it will change by its own power. It must, if it’s to create a better tomorrow.
: You’re right.
: …
: You have our answer, Executor.
: And, so, we shall oppose your mission.
: We all have faith in mankind! That’s what pushes us to stand and fight!
: Humans can still fly higher! You have to understand that!
: …

: You’re set on fighting us, still…?!
: …
: (Such is the way of a samurai, hm…?)
: We will not back down, though! Everyone is counting on us!

Everyone maxes out on morale and SP!

: If you insist on denying humanity, then the strength of those very people will end you! All in the name of defending our future!
: Such is our – ZEUTH’s – mission!
: We all believe in each other! And we’ll fight you in the name of our beloved planet and everyone that lives in it!
: Wrecking everything ain’t fixing stuff! You gotta trust in folks and work hard with ‘em!
: …
: XAN (pronounced zan – 斬)… Sever… That’s your name.
: Well, the King Gainer and I will also fight you! For our beloved mankind! And so we can leave the Black History behind and find a better tomorrow!!