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Part 29: Mission 8 (Setsuko) - When The World Ends - Part 2

Setsuko Route Chapter 8 Part 2

Turn 3

Not a lot of terrorists left, best to handle the last couple soon. Especially that one close to the line.

I'll let Bright handle it.

Darn it Bright. I'm on a strict time limit here!

OK Quattro you handle it.

Or, like a true leader, delegate it to your underling.

I thought I'd be moving Shinn around a ton but he seems to be doing a fine job just sitting in the middle of everything shooting everyone.


ZAFT and AEUG may have been able to handle the terrorists, but between Bogey One and the aliens, they're properly overwhelmed.

Athrun goes to Cagalli in her room, and says she must have known people like Shinn existed. Her father surely did, and he made the decision to fight for Orb's "ideals" despite that.

Athrun tells Cagalli to go to the bridge and watch. And him? "I'll protect this world."

Also, the King Beal and its squad has arrived! Sandman promptly announces to all around that he and Earthgertz have come to stop the colony drop. Arthur is glad to see a friendly face, but Talia reminds him that just because they have the same immediate goal doesn't make them allies.

Earthgertz, meanwhile, has decided that ZAFT is trying to drop the colony and whoever's fighting them is trying to save it, but Juri's analysis reveals the truth: there are two separate factions of ZAFT at play here, one trying to stop the colony from being shattered and one protecting the breakers. As for the third human side, it looks like the Alliance, but Duke recognizes the Titans among them. Sandman says there's one thing clear here: that our enemies are the GINNs trying to keep the colony in one piece, as well as the aliens. We target them, as well as anyone that attacks us in self-defense. Meanwhile, Heizaemon tells Kappei they will target the Gaizock specifically, an order Kappei is all too happy to roll with.

Denzel, too, sees that the best route here is to fight with the "good ZAFT." Jamaican orders the Glory Star not to interfere with their mission. Really? You're still acting like priority one is to beat up the AEUG? Besides, as Toby rightly points out, they attacked us last time we met. Jamaican growls that if we're not with them, we're against them.

: A colony drop... I won't let it happen!

With that declaration we have Glory Star and company in action! These guys will be a big help, because now we have to deal with the second and third complications.

Deal with the alien enemies... and Butcher. Yeah, that's the third complication. Butcher himself. If you stay away from him he doesn't move from that spot for the stage, and dealing with him is completely optional. However...

SECRET ALERT: Defeat Butcher on this stage.

I, and you if you're playing along, really want to beat Butcher. It's tied to a secret. Getting said secret will be much, much easier if I beat him here. So that's what I'm going to do. While AEUG and ZAFT handle the terrorists, Earth Jerks, and Titans, Glory Star and company will be rushing to Butcher.

Of course, that doesn't mean they can't help along the way. Glory Star gives out a potshot at the nearest terrorist as they pass by.

: We have to... or this planet is...
: Don't overthink this, Setsuko! You'll just make it harder for yourself!
: Calm down, 1st. Lieutenant! When you're on a mission, you've gotta stay frosty!
: R-right!

Good job Toby.

Duke Fleed moves up this way, the Vegans actually have full Squads, so it's Wide Formation time!

: Come on! We've got the Alliance, ZAFT, and aliens all fighting each other!
: My head is spinning! I don't know what's going on!
: Tell you what, ladies, just start with whoever picks a fight first!
: He's right. Don't forget that we're here to stop the colony from falling!
: (A warrior from another world and a veteran from Jupiter sure know how to stay cool.)
: Toga! We can't let those guys outdo us! Let's go!
: Indeed! The Gran Knights are the fangs that defend the Earth!

Lousy Squad attack damage reduction.

I want the King Beal in position as soon as possible, it's basically the key to victory, so it's time to cast Accel!

That +2 movement is just what I needed.

Team Spazer gets to blast this one with Double Spazer's Tri Attack!

: The Gaizock and the Vegans! Are they trying to let the colony fall?
: It doesn't matter what they're doing! But they're in our way, and that's their mistake!
: Whatever's going on, we have to fight anyone that butts in!
: Okay, Kouji! Maria, be careful!
: Let's go! Wooaah!

Bam! Once again though, the two Vegan squadmates survive.

Well whatever. It's time to get Kappei up here. He needs to face his nemeses!

: Let's tangle, Gaizock! You and Zambot 3!
: So these are the Earthlings that dare challenge us. But have I seen that robot somewhere before...?
: Lord Butcher, I believe that is a mech of Bealian origin.
: Beal... didn't my Gaizock destroy that world a long time ago?
: Hey, Kappei, it looks like that clay doll ship is their boss!
: Okay! Then let's go for it!
: Hoh hoh hoh. You have pluck, kid. Let me introduce myself.
:: Ahhh... mic's working fine. Attention, pilots of the Beal mech, I am Killer the Butcher.
:: Servant of the Gaizock god, and ruler of the domain of this Bandock.
: So that's the Gaizock commander...
: Okay then! Butcher, pitcher, whoever you are, it's your fault our whole village hates us!
: I'll make you pay! We're going to send you Gaizock off in stitches!
: Hoh hoh hoh. See how far you can get with that pathetic little robot.
: You shut your face! I'll show you how strong us and Zambot are!

And Kappei's off to a great start.

Kamille should take care of this terrorist, it's the last one that's any real risk.

Everything is nice and secure now.

Lacking anything else to do, Talia's just going to shoot everything possible in range.

And just like that they're gone, and I end my turn.

The last terrorist dies.

With the last of the GINNs down, the Meteor Breakers can finally start up. But Quattro is suspicious that throughout this operation, there was no sign of an enemy commander.

Suddenly, Kamille senses some sort of dark force.

Tracing it to its source reveals another GINN, probably that missing leader.

Discovered, he dives for the Minerva, but Athrun deploys in a mech that it turns out Durandal supplied him, once again as an emergency measure. More to the point, why is this guy Sato trying to destroy the Earth? He says that this colony is his daughter's grave, and it must go down in purifying fire for the world to change. "ZAFT has been led astray by the followers of the coward Clyne! The only right path for us Coordinators is the one shown us by Patrick Zala!"

Shinn can't watch anymore. He flies up to Athrun and demands he move his butt a little. Athrun knows he's right: this is a battle he has to fight.

The other daggers immediately begin targeting Sato.

It generally goes poorly for them, especially as they trigger his Counter skill.

Of course, they still soften him up a bit, which is helpful. The stage ends once he's defeated.

The Extended kids start moving forward. They're basically going to beat their heads against Shinn

Well they can't all be winners, Shinn only has a 65% hit rate on them.

Darn it Luna he only had a 26% chance of hitting you!

Neo, of course, actually can hit Shinn and dodge his attack, so I evade this round.

: (It's really frightening that they would sacrifice this many lives for an excuse to fight the Coordinators...)
: (Whatever they're thinking, it's probably over my head.)
: But I'm a soldier. I carry out the mission I'm assigned! Just like this!

You continue to impress Shinn.

Ian moves down to Sato and takes aim with his vulcans.

Like most Gundam units, his basic vulcans inflict an accuracy down debuff. That's pretty handy for me, thanks Ian!

Back to other people, the Titans are swarming around the other Gundam, naturally.

These poor smucks didn't even get to attack thanks to Kamille's Counter.

Kamille vs Lila Round 2 goes better, no Shield Defense.

This is just sad.

They keep rushing towards us to their death.

Duke Fleed just strait up oneshots them.

This is incredibly lucky. I had been planning under the assumption that he'd never move.

Sato will only target "Alex", nicely enough. Thanks Ian! I'm so glad you hit him with that debuff.

: If you fight for ZAFT, why don't you see that Patrick Zala's path is the only way?
: Gh...
: Harmony with the Naturals is a pipe dream! They'll always turn on us Coordinators!
: It's us or them! We must destroy them for all who rest in peace here!
: You're wrong! Naturals and Coordinators can understand each other!
: I've fought because I believe that with all my heart!

Turn 4

Priority One, move the King Beal up near Butcher. Remember Heizaemon's Squad Leader Bonus? That extra 40% damage is going to be the key to beating Butcher.

First, get a few more kills. I want as much Will as possible before I finally break down Butcher.

Toga gets it with his PLA attack.

Team Spazer gets this one.

I can't wait to get Maria out of that.

I was worried for a minute when Zambot had gotten hit with a debuff, but it turned out to be an evasion debuff. Kappei does not care about evasion.

The game is nice enough to show you exactly what stat and how much it's lowered by.

Let the bombardment commence!

Oh yeah, he hits hard by the way. Don't let any Reals near him get hit.

Apolly uses Trust to heal Kappei up a little, just in case.

The process of putting the grunts out of their misery is important though.

Focus goes up on Kamille for safety.

That shield is annoyingly effective at keeping her alive.

I move Shinn over here..

...and '"Alex" here.

With that done, Talia casts Strike... she can hit everything here with her MAP Attack! MAP Attacks are special attacks that hit multiple units on the field, and the enemies can't counterattack. Their downsides are generally pretty heavy though. They're often fairly weak, inaccurate, and very few are post movement. Note that I said "units on the field", the vast majority of MAP attacks have Friendly Fire. If I hadn't moved "Alex" and Shinn they would have been hit too.

: Enemy Detected. Distance, 3000!
: Tannhäuser - FIRE!!

MAP Attacks are pretty great in this game regardless, as the Squad System means that a lot of the time you're blasting triple the number of enemies that you see. Onto the enemy phase!

Darn it Sato I wanted that kill.

Stella breaks her mech trying to hit Shinn. Again.

I'm seriously considering that Shinn may in fact be immortal.

If it came down to a ship slugfest, I'd bet on Talia.

OK, there's no way that she won't go down this time.

SECRET ALERT: Defeat Lila with Kamille.

Kamille even gets a level of Counter from it, while Reccoa gets a new Spirit Command

*Guard(30) - The caster takes 1/4 damage from all attacks for one turn.

Lila refuses to stay down; she's determined to take down the Mk.2, because there's something dangerous about its pilot.
Kamille drops his bomb on her Galbaldy Her last words indicate that he is, as she thought, a Newtype.

Jerid sees her mech crash, and roars. Camille thought that, for a moment, he could feel Jerid in his mind - "but what does that prove?"

Jerid, of course, immediately runs to Kamille to try and take revenge for his crush.

Secret Found!
By beating Lila with Kamille this stage, we unlocked the Gundam Mk II's Flying Armor Crash attack. It should be noted that this secret is pretty minor, if I hadn't gotten it, the Mk II would have still unlocked the attack after this stage. This just lets me smack Jerid with it a little earlier.

Of course he uses Shield Defense.

Back to Butcher, he targets the King Beal.
I'm grateful for that, as it's the tankiest thing there.

Sato can actually hit things now. That's bad.

Turn 5

If Emma wants to keep being Kamille's meat shield then she needs to stay healthy, a cast of Vigor helps with that.

Setsuko casts Attune on Talia, she lacks the SP to cast Strike herself now.

"Alex" cast Sense, and we're ready for this.

Very good.

Shinn switches to the Blast Impulse

Meanwhile Talia blows away Neo, giving her another level of Prevail.

Kamille uses up his last Focus cast.

But you know, I figure this guy could be handled first.

: Titans... I knew you were power-hungry, but this is ridiculous!
: You're so out of touch with reality that you're helping people carry out this atrocity?
Quattro that is hilarious coming from you.

Bam! Team Quattro just shreds things now and forever.

Butcher here is nasty, to say the least. With a bevy of powerful skills and good stats it's easy to see why most people would ignore him. But we can't do that, can we?

It's time to bust out the big guns, Toga casts Spirit, so he can transform into God Gravion. The turn limit isn't a concern. Toshiya and Duke Fleed cast Invincible because Butcher has an ALL attack and it hurts.
Only 19k to go!

And then I learned that Combination Attacks only work when all involved are either in the same Squad or all Squad leaders, so my plans of blasting with a Spazer combo were ruined. Oh well, I'll deal.

Defensive Spirits are cast all on Glory Star, ready to join in.

It wasn't a ton of damage, but it contributed.

Not wanting to risk it, I just have the Spazers heal Zambot, ready to blast Butcher with its strongest attack!

Now we're really starting to wear him down.

The King Beal may be tough, but I still don't want it taking a bunch of full power boss attacks. A cast of Invincible helps there.

Yeah I'm pretty sure I have this in the bag now.

I move Kamille into Quattro's Command range, ready to shoot at Jerid.

He'll be heading down on the enemy phase.

Shinn aims for this punk

Onto the enemy phase.

Holy crap something actually hurt Shinn.

I feel better now.

Bye Jerid, may your legacy of uselessness, jackassery, and dead girlfriends be an inspiration to us all.

And with 2987 HP left, Butcher is absolutely falling next turn!

Oh yeah here's the part I get absurdly lucky.

Yeah. "Alex" survived by a hair. A mere 344 HP.

Turn 6

A cast of Gain, and it's time to to finish this fatty off. With style.

Kappei learns a new Spirit Command from the wondrous event.

*Spirit(25) - Increases the caster's Will by 10

Butcher is shocked that the humans have this kind of power. "We'll fall back for today. We'll start killing all the Earthlings tomorrow."

Kappei seriously wants to go after him, but Ichitaro stops him. We've got to stop Junius Seven. (Luckily, having defeated Butcher here will be good for him in the long run, though he doesn't know how yet.)

"Alex" casts Sense again. Because I can finally finish this stage and beat Sato, and he has to be the one to do it, because...

SECRET ALERT: Ale- No that's stupid. Athrun has to be the one to defeat Sato.

Sato goes out cursing the Naturals, as Athrun laments that he was haunted by the ghost of Patrick Zala, his own father.

Anyway, the Meteor Drivers are all set up; now we just have to get clear of the blast. The King Beal moves away, too, but...

The blast goes off...

There's a high-pitched noise, and the Virgolas vanish in the chaos.

Meanwhile, in an Undisclosed LocationTM, Lord Djibril meets with his friends from the party, known only as LOGOS, and he has a plan. People the world over know what's going on, and they also know that Durandal has cleverly released a public message pledging Plant's support. But Djibril is clever too. He knows the people will be looking for answers, for causes, for someone to blame.

And he has the footage showing that it was the Coordinators who tried to drop that colony. He hardly has to explain how they'll react once it falls. A LOGOS points out that they'll be in no position to strike back after the colony hits, but Djibril has a plan for that, too, and it should be child's play to convince the citizens to accept it. They'll be blinded by their hatred for the Coordinators.

He has another bit of data, too - this one about Klein Sandman. Believe it or not (and "not" seems to be the trend,) it seems that he's left behind traces throughout history, for at least the past several hundred years. He may be human, or not; Djibril intends to continue his investigations. They will have to find out, and reveal, his identity in order to steal his forces.

Anyway, it seems the first step is that thing in South America. "For a pure blue world..."

The Meteor Breaker managed to cleave the colony in half, but no more than that. Those terrorists kept us from setting up enough Breakers to do the job right. Also, Alex and Shinn have stayed on the falling colony to try to help break it apart.

Talia makes her decision: she wants to have Durandal transferred to Yzak's Voltaire so she can use the Minerva's cannons on Junius Seven. The Argama and King Beal seem to already be doing the same. Now that aliens and sliders are fighting to stop that fall, there's no way she can sit and do nothing.

Durandal prepares to disembark, and the entire Minerva prepares to enter atmosphere...