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Part 33: Mission 9 - Epilogue

In Setsuko’s world…

: Screw this…! The Captain and the others sacrificed their lives to protect the Orbital Elevator!
: If these looters are just going to steal it during this mess, I’ll destroy it as ordered!

*Beep, beep, boop, boop.*

: Space-Time…Oscillation Bomb? How do I get this thing working…?
: Aah, to hell with it!

*Press random buttons! Twoooooooooooooooooop!*

: Alright…! Now, we just need to get away before it goes off!

Back in the battlefield by the Orbital Elevator…

: Olson, the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb is active! Get outta here, quick!
: Space-Time Oscillation Bomb?! That's what that thing’s called?!
: We’ll talk later! Glory Star, you guys also need bail!
: What’s going on, Chief?!
: No idea! That device looks like a WMD, though!
: So instead of letting the enemy steal it, they plan on destroying the Elevator themselves…?!
: There’s nothing we can do! Toby, Setsuko – follow me!

*The Glory Star starts running away.*

: Wha--!
: …
: …I will sin once more…so I can live on.
: Now…hunt, Shurouga.

: Toby……rry…….

: Ah…what a wonderful sound. It echoes all through my soul.
: This is just the opening. The beginning of your tragedy and, soon, you'll fall into a Hell without end.
: The same way I went once. Hmhmhm…hahahaha…

: That bastard! How could he?!
: Chief! CHIEF!!
: W-who was that?!
: Hurry, Kei! We’re gonna get caught in the explosion!!

*Olson moves by Toby and Setsuko.*

: Captain! The enemy defense troops are trying to leave the area!
: I’ll go after them! All units, secure the Orbital Elevator!

: Urgh! He dodged it?!
: The hell are you doing?!
: Hurry up, Kei! You’re taking too long!!
: I can't, Olson! There’s no ti—
Watch this.

: Wh-what is--?!


In Rand’s world…

Rand's path gets to see the Setsuko's route event but they skip over Denzel's death.

: What was that just now?! The hell's a Space-Time Oscillation Bomb?!
: Rand! Did you see something?!
: What’s going on?! Is another warp happening?!
: Now…Wings… Destroy the walls that separate the worlds…
: So that our new world may be born…

: This is the light born from darkness: the light of the Genesis of the Universe!!

On that day, the world was broken…