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Part 36: Mission 11 - Paradigm Shift

Unified Route Chapter 11

Last time on Super Robot Wars Z, the universe kind of broke, things are pretty bad all around. To make things worse a familiar sounding jackass killed Denzel. On Rand's side of things they're going a little better. Not much, but better. Not much point in going over the Top Aces. It's Kei obviously with the other ladies behind him.

I give them all a little upgrade for the next time I use them. Anyways, both Rand and Setsuko's stories merge here, and the bulk of the plot in the stage is mostly identical. Since I'm playing Setsuko's side, that'll be the one that's shown, but you'll be told the differences that happen on Rand's side as well. Note that Rand and Setsuko's stories do not actually take place together, you never get to control Rand on Setsuko's route and vice-versa.

We open up to a completely dark area…

: Chief! Where are you going, Chief?!

: …

: Please don’t go, Chief! The Glory Star and the Virgolas…they need you!


: Good bye, Setsuko…

: Chief! 1st Lt.!!

: Don’t…don’t leave me…

: Please…don’t go…

Rand’s route opens up amidst some rocky plains…

*Warp noise.*


: Rand! Get off the Gunleon!!

: B-but!

: I’ll deal with this! You’re too green, so get outta here!!

: I…I…!

: : Leave the rest to me but you better get ready! When I get home, we’re gonna redo your training from scratch!

*: B-Boss!

: Drop that wimpy attitude or you ain’t gonna be worthy of the name of “THE HEAT”, ya oaf!

: The Gunleon’s yours but you better keep your hands off Mel until I get back!!

: She’ll be a fine woman, that one.

: BOSS!!


Setsuko (and Rand) wakes up in a bed, observed by Dorothy and Norman.
She asks where she is Norman tells it’s Paradigm City (not Paradise, as Rand mishears) and introduces himself as the butler of this mansion; he tells her she’s been unconscious for days, ever since his master found her lying in the rain and brought her home.
Setsuko knows her name but that’s pretty much it (while Rand stops before completing his “people know me as…” routine) – she can’t remember anything else, including who she was or what she did.
(Rand starts bashing his head against the table but Dorothy fails to see what good that’ll do to him and Norman figures he’ll likely break it before he fixes his head (which gives Rand a bit of deja-vu))
Regardless, their amnesia isn’t something rare in this town, Dorothy says, as everyone in Paradigm City has lost their memories as well.

Some time later, Norman finds Setsuko in the living room and asks how she is.
She thanks him for his concern but says she’s fully recovered; (Rand, meanwhile, has spent his time doing 300 pushups, showing that he’s in good physical shape.)
She’s still confused, though, and Norman suggests that she stop worrying about her memories; the people of this town are proof that, though you may forget the past, you can still make a living (Rand skips the confusion and decides that, since he’s still healthy, he can always find something to do here).
When she asks, Norman says it’s the same for him and how he, eventually came to work in this house – living without memories of their past is pretty much par-for-the-course in the city; speaking of, Setsuko is curious if Norman knows how this city came to be.
He doesn’t and, in fact, no one knows when the city was founded or even who were the first people that lived here; however, most believe it was around 40 years ago, after a mysterious event destroyed the world and, the people who could, came here.
Of course, if it was 40 years ago, Norman would’ve been alive to see what happened but, there’s not a single person in town that remembers anything prior to that time; no one has tried to leave either: those born in the city tend to stay in the city.
That’s simply their nature, it seems.

Dorothy then enters, telling Norman she’s going out and Norman tells her to ask Roger, when she finds him, if he’ll be coming home for dinner.
Setsuko has noticed that Dorothy has been leaving oftenly these past days and wonders where she could be going and Norman says she’s been looking for Roger, the lord of this manor; Setsuko would like to meet him but he does have the habit of leaving every now and then.
Of course, his current absence has been longer than most but such is the life of someone with his job; when Setsuko asks, he says Roger’s a Negotiator.
Essentially, he’s an arbiter that helps concerned parties work out a solution to a problem that mutually beneficial and Roger’s has a good reputation for this work; however, this time, he's been called in by the first victim in a string of killings…

Chapter 11 - Paradigm Shift

Setsuko finally gets a good look at Paradigm City but Dorothy wonders what she’s doing here.
Setsuko was worried about Dorothy (while Rand wants to work to pay them back for the food and shelter; since she’s searching for Roger, there’s no telling what she could get tangled up on, so he’ll be her bodyguard (making Dorothy sigh at his "stifling" attitude).)
Regardless, Dorothy says not to worry but wonders if Setsuko did this sort of work before; of course, she doesn’t know but says she couldn’t stay in bed after talking to Norman (Rand, meanwhile, can only remember that he’s pretty good at breaking stuff), so Dorothy lets her help out.
Setsuko agrees, calling her Chief and Dorothy doesn’t mind (Rand calls her Boss and, afterwards, wonders if she could call him “Darling” – THAT, Dorothy won’t do) ; following that, Setsuko asks about that huge Dome in town, which she says belongs to the rulers of this town: the Paradigm Corporation.
With that, Dorothy beckons Setsuko over so they can continue their search on another part of town and, while Setsuko readily agrees, Rand wishes that there are some thugs hiding nearby so he can kick their asses.
(Dorothy sighs yet again, saying he’s just as bad as Roger (though in a different way).)

Elsewhere, Setsuko asks if Dorothy has any details of this case Roger’s working on but, sadly, she doesn’t.
All that she knows if that there’s a serial killer in town who’s made several victims already; the first victim actually contacted Roger by phone but he was killed before they could meet.
Setsuko wonders if he’s investigating out of revenge but Dorothy doesn’t understand what goes on in his head, adding that he’s a weird man; Setsuko finds it weird that she works as his maid but doesn’t understand her master and Dorothy says she’s only working as a way to pay off a Negotiation Roger did for her.
That sounds like the work of a pretty nice guy, but Dorothy is adamant that Roger is one rotten dude, especially when it comes to fashion sense.
The conversation is interrupted with Dorothy tells her to step back…

That’d be because there’s trouble in the form of two thugs and, while Dorothy doesn’t know who they are, Dav and T-Bone say they’re here to take Dorothy as bait to lure her boss out of hiding.
She refuses as she’s looking for Roger herself and throws a punch that crushes a nearby street light; Dav realizes that she’s not a human and T-Bone realizes that she’s the one their boss told them to watch out for.
With no other choice, they’re forced to run away; Setsuko is a bit shocked but Dorothy thought that Norman had told that she’s an android.

Her display has impressed a nearby woman who, when asked, introduces herself as Angel and figures Setsuko as the person Roger found.
Dorothy asks if she’s met with Roger but it was three days ago; regardless, since we’re looking for him, she has a message for us to pass along: mind your own business.
In exchange, Dorothy wants Angel to pass this message along if she meets Roger: Norman wants to know what you want for dinner; of course, Angel isn’t even sure she’s going to meet him again.
As she leaves, Setsuko asks who was that but Dorothy has no clue. Either way, another of Roger’s contacts is nearby, so they’ll be going after him next.

Said contact, Big Ear, says he hasn't seen Roger in a week.
Dorothy isn’t about to press but Setsuko intervenes, saying they think Roger might be in danger and asks for anything that can point us in the right direction; Big Ear only gives us a name: Michael Seebach.
“A job from the Paradigm Corporation from a month ago…Schwarzwald…”, Dorothy murmurs; Big Ear remembers, as Roger was pursuing an unpublished article by a reporter with that name.
When Michael appeared before him, it was as a strange man with his face wrapped in bandages, calling himself Schwarzwald; that was the last time he was seen, as he vanished along with his article amidst a sea of fire.
Setsuko asks if this has something to do with the serial murders and, while he isn’t sure, he wonders if that didn’t unlock something dangerous inside Roger.

Setsuko doesn’t know what to make of all these clues and neither does Dorothy but they’re soon approached by a policeman asking if Roger’s been found.
He doesn’t recognize Setsuko and they exchange introductions: he’s Major Dan Dastun of the military police and an old acquaintance of Roger; Setsuko freaks out as she thinks she’s being disrespectful to a superior officer (while Rand gives him a thumbs-up, adding that he doesn’t think he has any problem with the cops.)
Dan quickly notices how they’re both different from the people he deals with usually; regardless, Setsuko asks if he’s searching for Roger but, unfortunately, he can’t do anything until an official missing-person’s report is filed: his office has its hands full chasing escaped prisoners.
However, he's heard reports of a man answering to Roger's description towards the agricultural region of Islesberry; furthermore, he doesn't have much info about the serial killings, other than that the culprit is described as a small woman...

Setsuko and Dorothy arrive in Islesberry and meet Gordon Rosewater but he tells us we’re a bit late as Roger has left in pursuit of another lead.
Setsuko is dejected at this, despite our efforts to track him down, but Gordon tells her not to hurry as it’s all according to fate – both our and Roger’s visit has been preordained; as for why Roger came over, it was to hear about the continuation of a novel Gordon's been working on.
Gordon figures Roger was interested in the illusion known as “the truth” – not just about Paradigm City but of the entire world; Setsuko doesn’t understand but Gordon doesn’t expect a wild tomato like her to be able to.
All a plucked tomato knows is that it's together with others, all it knows is “I am there”, and that becomes its truth; Roger may be a tomato too, but at least he stopped to think about who picked him off the vine-- just like the serial killer's victims.

Setsuko asks what he knows about the murders and Gordon will tell her what he told Roger: don't get picked at the wrong time.
Still, he thinks we can always find our answer without his help…or, rather, we should be able to do so; following that, he heads back home wishing for us to give his best to Roger.

Angel soon arrives on the scene and she's come as an emissary of Paradigm Corporation's president, with orders to lead them to corporate HQ.

It seems Angel is, secretly, the secretary to the president: Alex Rosewater.
And, yes, Gordon Rosewater is his father and the former president of the corporation; Dorothy quickly asks if he knows where Roger is but, despite being the de facto mayor of the city, he doesn’t.
He does mention that he wouldn’t be surprised if Roger had simply “disappeared” for knowing too much; regardless, Setsuko asks if he called us here to simply talk about Roger.
No, actually, his interest is in something Setsuko and Dorothy have: their memories; Setsuko says she doesn’t have any memories that would be worth handing over and Alex has been briefed about it by Angel but he’s more than willing to make a long-term deposit.
All he asks if for them to promise to hand them over should they recover those memories; Dorothy asks what would happen if we refused and Alex coyly says “I wonder…”.
Either way, Setsuko can’t make promises over something she doesn’t have and Alex decides to let it go, as he has another meeting soon and asks Angel to take us home; Setsuko says they can find their own way but Alex warns them to be careful.
After all, there’s a serial killer on the loose and, from what he’s heard, his targets are all people on the verge of recovering their 40-year old memories…

Back in town, Setsuko doesn’t understand why he’d want her memories.
When Dorothy asks if something’s wrong, she just says that they’ve met a lot of people in just one day, almost as if they were introducing new characters in a story, one after another; if it’s like that, Dorothy hopes the climax of the story, where Roger appears, is happening soon…..
Either way, Dorothy figures this is enough for today and heads off to try to find a taxi; meanwhile, Setsuko gets a strange feeling, like she was together with someone and she was protected by him (Rand gets the same feeling but in reverse: he remembers there being someone he had to protect at all costs).
Maybe it has to do with the reason why she called Dorothy “Chief”- whenever she thinks about that, she feels so much pain in her heart…

Just then, “Dorothy” returns but there’s no taxi and she’s wearing this weird coat (which, Rand adds, isn’t her color); it doesn’t answer, merely commanding Setsuko to die before starting to attack.
Setsuko dodges as she realizes it’s not Dorothy and the person introduces herself as “R.D.” and tells Setsuko it’s her destiny to die; it seems she’s the serial killer but Setsuko doesn’t understand why she’s a target.
R.D. means to kill her before her memories return completely but a voice tells her to stop right there.

It’s Roger Smith, who’s pleased to see that Setsuko’s doing well.
He knows that the killer has been going after those who are on the verge of recovering their memories, and thinks it's rather unfair that the victims died without even knowing the reason.
An android cannot commit murder, though, or is she a special model? No, she’s just doing as ordered.
Who, then? Who’s trying to stop the memories of 40 years ago from surfacing? Furthermore, why does she look so much like Dorothy?
All R.D. herself knows is that she heard the order to kill at the moment she came into being, and to her killing is as natural as extending an umbrella to another person in the rain; Roger starts thinking and figures the “R” stands for “Red” but what about the “D”? Death, Devil, Dark…?
“Destiny”, she answers.

She asks Roger if he’s also following someone’s orders. He denies it and she, then, asks why it is that he pilots a Megadeus.
Such vehicles are the seat of God, and all who pilot them must do so on someone's orders. And, if Roger can't say the same, then he’s going to die, too!
Setsuko’s getting real scared and Roger tells her to run – where to, though? Roger has a plan and tells her to follow him to a rendezvous point with Dorothy (Rand asks if he doesn’t have a weapon but Roger’s a Negotiator and doesn’t carry those sort of things).
Before that can happen, though, a robot busts through a nearby building and Roger quickly recognizes its tasteless color scheme

Controlling said robot is a man who’s having a laugh at seeing Roger get chased around by such a small girl.
Still, the man says it’s been too long and Roger quickly recognizes Jason Beck’s voice; Setsuko asks who it is and Roger says he doesn’t know much aside from his name, face and the fact that he’s a rather dishonest character.
Not worthy to be called an actual professional criminal, this guy is essentially a regular hoodlum but, of course, Beck takes offense at being called that; R.D. is still following but Beck easily swats her away as he’s not about to let anyone take his revenge away from him.

Furthermore, he decides to celebrate his prison break with a bang and starts blasting the whole city.
Dav and T-Bone are also with him and they’re very excited to have their boss back; Beck thanks them and remembers that it’s only thanks to Roger that he was sent to the joint in the first place.
But, thanks to his most excellent underlings, he’s now free and ready for some payback!

: Roger isn’t here anymore.
: What?! Where’d he run off to?!
: Over there.

: No way, is he--!


: There it is...the Megadeus...

: Stepping up to the plate, are ya, crow-boy? But I got this BECK VICTORY DELUXE here with me today!
: Still with this pointless opposition, hm? And I see that your sense of aesthetics is as poor as ever.
: Hrr! I can’t stand that smug attitude of yours
: Very well. I’ve a debt with you for, accidentally, saving my life, so I’ll play your little game.
: Shut it! Today’s curtains for you and that Megadeus!
: I don’t think so…!

Our objective is simple, defeat Beck Victory Deluxe! That's... not that difficult. Especially with this guy on our side:

The Big O
Roger Smith - Big O
Voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto (Japanese), Steve Blum (English)

* Negotiator - Enemy pilots lose two Will upon entering combat with this pilot. Furthermore if any allied pilots are shot down, the player will not have to pay repair fees at the end of the stage if this pilot is on the field.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.
* Guard - At 130 Will the character will take 20% less damage

Spirit Commands:
* Strike(20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.
* Invincible(15) - The next attack that hits the caster will do 10 damage.

Squad Leader Bonus
* +30% Critical Rate

Roger in the Big O here is one of the best Super Robots in the game, flat out. It hits hard, is incredibly tanky, and with Roger's high Skill and Squad Leader Bonus he's going to do even more damage then usual due to an absurd Critical Hit rate. Big O's main weakness is its low movement range and most of it's weapon's can't hit flying enemies. Both of these can be fixed with parts, however.

Now, as tempting as it is to just rush Beck and punch his face in, I'm not moving this turn. It makes getting the Battle Mastery a ton easier.

Beck immediately gets up in Roger's face. Good.

: Let’s go, crow-boy! Our annoying little relationship will end right here, right now!
: Beck…Do not create connections where there are none. You’re the only one that’s been chasing after me!
: Shut up! Just listening to your nit-picking makes me sick!
: I'm only expressing myself such that even a man of your meager intellect and character can understand. In essence, I'm calling you out.
: I won’t tolerate someone who would break the law I believe in! Prepare yourself, Beck!

Yeah. This isn't going to last another attack.

On my turn I move Roger as far away from Beck while still being able to attack as possible. OK time for Round 2.

: Couldn’t you have done something about that tasteless preference for the color gold, though?
: The hell are you talking about?! You’re covered in black from head to toe and I’m the one with bad taste?!
: It seems our asthetic senses are fated to be directly opposed to each other…
: So, I’ll fight…for the law I believe in AND for my asthetic sense!

Yes. If Roger had critted on this attack he could have oneshotted Beck.

Beck’s unit can’t take any more punishment and, despite his efforts to escape from jail, all he’s got was another defeat.
Still, he runs off promising to remember this and, as his mech explodes, Dastun sends his men to try and catch him; Roger is a bit sad after all this, though, seeing how he, a Negotiator, had to resort to brute strength.
“Indeed…! You are unworthy! Unworthy of existing in this world!”, a hidden voice yells right then.

A mummified unit comes forth and Roger recognizes the pilot as Michael Seebach or, rather, Schwarzwald.
Despite Roger seeing him vanish in a fire, he’s still alive and Schwarzwald says he couldn’t allow himself to die before he uncovered THE TRUTH; he’s just a reporter, uncovering the facts and writing articles, however, he understood that a mere reporter can’t ever reach the truth in this city.
Furthermore, there’s not a single person in this city that’s even interested in learning the truth but HE wants to know – he wants to learn that must be known!
Roger remembers those words as coming from the draft of his final article and asks if he has found that truth; he has, which is why he’s returned and he wanted Roger, the lapdog of this rotten city, to be the first to see what he’s uncovered!
If this is a joke, Roger is not laughing and sneers that, for a reporter, Schwarzwald’s sense of humor is sorely lacking; still, he says he’s only telling the truth and thinks there’s only one way to settle this.

He summons several of the Megadeus archetypes that Roger saw in the city’s underground.
It seems these were some of the things Schwarzwald found while searching for the truth and Roger figures it’s just like a mummy to go digging up a graveyard.
Setsuko is worried that Roger is too badly outmatched, so Dorothy points out that, if she wants to fight she can use her “megadeus” which is just arriving.

Setsuko’s Virgola enters the area and, seeing how Roger found her next to it, Dorothy assumes she can pilot it.
Setsuko starts hesitating, saying she doesn’t know what that thing is, (while Rand feels pain throughout his body at the sight of Gunleon,) and Schwarzwald says they’re averting their eyes from the truth, just like the other fools.

: You haven’t forgotten anything! Reclaim the memories inside of you with your own strength!
: But…
(: Shut up! Don’t talk about stuff you don’t understand! )
: It’s useless! It’s human nature to want to forget the pain!
: However, I am different! I’ve surpassed it to grasp the truth! I’ve embraced the pain of this world!
/(): Surpass…the pain…?
: No matter how sad or painful, I cannot forget…
(: Don’t underestimate me, old man! I’ve been fighting for my life ever since I was a kid…!)
: Because that would mean I’d be abandoning the Chief and the 1st Lt...and our Glory Star!
(: Pain like this is nothing compared to the Boss’ punches!!)

: System Check…All green. Gunnery Carver, active!
(: I kept you waiting, pal, but your current master is finally back!)

: Virgola, Battle Function: standby!

: Roar, Gunleon! It’s our time now! )

: She/he recovered her/his lost memories by her/himself?!
: Does this mean there’s another person that can transcend the world’s rules and arrive at the truth?!
: You’re…
: I am 2nd Lieutenant Setsuko Ohara.
: I'm a member of the Lunar Military Tactical Research Division, Glory Star!
(: I’ll introduce myself again! I’m Rand Travis, Wandering Repairman and Beater Services vice leader…
: People know me as: THE HEAT!!)

Schwarzwald is impressed, but figures the world doesn’t need two Bigs and two seekers of the truth.
Roger never liked reporters who try to make themselves larger than their readership, but Schwarzwald is determined to end his and Setsuko's life before they learn the truth.
Setsuko is ready to fight once again and Roger tells her it’s time to return this mummy to whence it came!

And with that our Battle Mastery comes up. Destroy all the Archetypes, and then the Mummy within three turns of their arrival. That's why we didn't want to attack Beck on the first turn, moving towards him would have moved Roger away from where the Archetypes spawn, and we wouldn't have had a full turn if we had beaten Beck on the enemy phase.

Also, Roger's turn is reset, so he can take another action!

First, however, Setsuko moves up. She's in the Virgola 1 now and for the rest of the game. It was pretty obvious this was going to be her main unit since this was the mech appearing when you selected her. I just wish it hadn't come at such a price. OK enough moping, time to smash this Archetype. Z continues the proud SRW tradition of reusing Monsters of the Week as grunts.

They're pretty tough and getting 40% hit chances on her. Oh well, she can handle it.

Roger meanwhile sets up an Invincible,

Because he's heading straight for Schwarzwald!

: Schwarz! I’ll expose what’s beneath those bandages!
: Very well, Roger Smith! You’ll see the truth that’s hidden there!
: I don’t intend to hear about the truth from a man that’s lost his way…!
: If what you say is real, I’ll find it with my own eyes!
The Mummy's attack inflicts an evasion debuff, but that's not much of a concern for Roger, with that my turn's up.

The Archetype Setsuko weakened runs to Roger.

That turned out to be a mistake.

A Full HP one rushed it and Roger still oneshot it. Big O is pretty powerful if you couldn't tell.

This one attacks Setsuko.

Ouch. 45% Hit rates bite me. Oh well, this guy will be gone next round.

This guy think's he's smart by staying out of the range of Big O's fists.

Didn't work though.

Roger probably could beat Schwarzwald this round, but I don't want him to for the Battle Mastery. So he's going to use Big O's weakest attack.

Yeah, such is the power of the Megadeus. Even a boss didn't top 2000 damage and its weakest attack did over 3000. Anything else and Schwarzwald would have been beaten this turn, costing us the Battle Mastery.

On my turn Setsuko finishes off the last Archetype, leaving Roger free to beat the Mummy.

Schwarzwald is defeated and Roger says that, while he admires his curiosity he won’t allow him to destroy the town.
Schwarzwald warns Roger that this isn't the end as he’s only shown him a fragment of the whole truth; still, Roger thinks there’s a misunderstanding as he’s just a Negotiator and not a guard dog as Schwarzwald accuses.
Still, Schwarzwald has another piece of truth to drop on him.

He starts burning away the bandages that cover his mech and commands Roger to observe as he reveals something like a red Big O.
Schwarzwald revels in Roger’s surprised expression but tells him it isn’t time for their final battle just yet; he starts flying, telling Roger that this false sky called Dome is unnecessary to this world and he means to show everyone in this town the truth about what happened forty years ago.
THAT is what he’s going to do with his Big Duo and, with that, he flies away; Roger thinks about those words and imagines that, whatever it is, Schwarzwald’s truth is outside the city’s dome and Setsuko figures she can’t stay in here either.
Roger understands, having known from the start that she’s not originally from here; Dorothy passes along a message from Norman, apologizing for taking so long to repair her “megadeus” but Setsuko’s thankful regardless.
Setsuko thanks Dorothy, too, for all her help (Rand adds that, while she’s not his type, he still had fun).
She can’t call her “Chief” anymore, though, as she’s remembered that there’s was only one person that she could call that (Rand, meanwhile, has remembered his “fiancée” and now needs to figure out where she is); Roger is sure they’ll see each other again and, should she need a negotiation done when that time comes, she needs only ask him.

Roger wishes her safe travels and she, inwardly, she tells Denzel that she’ll carry on her duty of perfecting the Virgola but, first, she needs to look for Toby – that is her purpose in life now.
(As Rand leaves, he makes it a point to tell Dorothy that he really likes those black clothes of them, which makes Roger happy that there’s at least someone out there that appreciates his fashion sense (that’s because Rand’s just as bad as Roger, Dorothy says); )furthermore, Roger also comments on how he saw Setsuko’s eyes filled with determination.
Either way, Roger’s glad that this current case has been solved but Dorothy thinks it's a shame that all of Roger's hard work over the last few weeks has gone to waste; Roger figures that if you want to break an omelet, a few broken eggs go with the territory and, luckily, Setsuko was around to provide the final piece to the puzzle.

When Norman calls about dinner, Roger tells him that the three of them are going to be going on a bit of a trip tomorrow.
He means to leave the city, or as he puts it, "widen the scope of his operations" a bit; Dorothy asks if he’s worried about Schwarzwald but Roger’s not about to let that man’s words weaken his resolve.
He makes sure that all the clothes Dorothy brings are black, though: that's one rule anyone who wants to live with him has to follow and Dorothy’s already getting tired of having to say how he’s the worst.

In his office, Alex reckons Roger also means to break one of Paradigm City's rules.
It’s now clear to him that, as he expected, he’s unfit as a Dominus; Angel, observing from another place, wonders what Roger’s looking for outside the city.
Roger muses to himself that it's okay if some people walking in the rain won't extend their umbrella to others - that's part of what it means to be free; and, if there actually is some “truth” to be found outside of the city, Roger wants to see it with his own eyes.

We have come to terms...
Extra Dialogue

Setsuko Vs. Schwarzwald
: Seeker of Truth! Without your memories, you would’ve been happy to die in this city!
: But there’s something I have to do and, for that, I cannot stay here!
: You wish for the truth, but you’ll find only pain waiting for you! Yet, you still intend to go?
: ...I won’t hesitate…as long as the Chief’s words are within me!

Rand Vs. Schwarzwald
: Come on, mummy-man! I’ll yank those bandages right off and use them to make one of those Yapanese sumo belts!
:Yapan? That’s the name of the land outside the City?
: You used to be a reporter and you don’t even know this?!
: That’s right, I don’t know anything…or, rather, I didn’t care to know. That’s why I want to know – ALL OF IT!
: And I’ll reveal that truth to the world! At that moment, the purpose of this city will become clear!
: Normally I'd let you go ahead and do whatever you want...but now that you've picked a fight, I'll make an exception!
: No need for a Big Dismantling today: your bandages are gonna be getting a Big Cutting!