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Part 40: Mission 13 - Rise, Space Warrior!

Chapter 13 - Rise, Space Warrior!

The UFO is approaching and Quinstein wonders what it could be as, whatever it is, didn’t descend from Space – it simply materialized inside their radar.
Kazami wonders if it could be something that was jumped over by a small Space-Time Quake but we’ll find out real soon.

A flying machine enters the area and, while Rie tries to search in various databases for an ID, she doesn’t find anything corresponding to it and the pilot’s not answering our call.
However, from the way the machine’s moving, Kazami quickly figures it seems to be on auto-pilot, so Tsukikage sends Oliver and Raita over to tow it into Trinity City; Quinstein isn’t able to confirm whether the pilot’s alive or not, so she tells them to be careful.
Raita figures there’s no problem since it’s only one unit and Oliver says Toshiya and the others don’t need to deploy for this; as they approach, Raita confirms the thing really is adrift but, as soon as they start towing it, the alarm sounds and, this time, there are many objects incoming.
Tsukikage quickly tells Oliver and Raita to return and they do, bringing the derelict unit along.

A bevy of alien units appear and Kiraken recognizes them as the same group that attacked Io.
Julie is baffled that they easily broke through the Rivalry Zones when descending into Earth and, worst yet, they’re a completely new kind of enemy; Kazami realizes they’re here to attack but the rest of our team is already deploying.

Gengoroh tells everyone to be careful since these aliens were able to destroy an entire colony.
Toga confirms and, like before, Eiji doesn’t understand why he gets to damn serious whenever he gets on the Gran Kaiser; either way, Mizuki tells the Gran Divas to follow Toga’s lead until Sandman gives the order to combine.
Eiji tells Toga that they’ll let him lead the charge but he says he’s aware of their duties while telling Eiji not to worry so much.
As for Kouji, he tells Maria that they need to fight extra-hard for Daisuke and Hikaru and she’s ready to protect her brother’s beloved planet with her own hands

Setsuko deploys right then and Kappei asks if they’re also going to fight.
She couldn’t just stand still while her friends are fighting and Rand was pumped to fight after hearing their story; as for Toshiya, he’s either eager to fight by Setsuko’s side again or to see what the Gunleon can do.
Kiraken tells him that these were the aliens that destroyed Io and Toshiya’s goal is now clear: he’ll defeat these guys and put the souls of his friends and his father to rest!

: Come on, aliens! Feel my wrath!!

OK we're ready with the stage itself. We have to beat all the enemies, and with four turns to do it.

This mission isn't particularly complex. The most annoying part is that the Virgola does terribly in the water, so Setsuko's going to be confined on the corner of land. The rest of the units can fly so it's not a major problem for anyone else.

The King Beal and Zambot 3 move over this way.

Since this stage is so short, I'm going to try and get the Gravion ready to go as soon as possible.

Look at that crippled movement. You want Setsuko to be in the water as little as possible, it also kills her hit rate and evasion as well.

: Earth will never be able to find peace if we ignore these alien invaders!
: I’ll also fight…! Not for anyone else, but for myself...and for everything I lost!

So is it just me or do these grunts look like MSG era Char recolors?

Toga can handle this one here.

: All Grand Divas: we’ll begin with the Gran Kaiser.
: Roger that! We’ll let you decide the time to combine into God Gravion!
: Still, I gotta give it to Sandman... Japan's blocked off but he still manages to give the order to combine.
: Such is Master Sandman’s greatness.
: That’s enough idle chatter. Beginning the attack.
: Yeesh, this guy... It's like he's a totally different person when he gets on the Gran Kaiser.

The extra 10 Will helps out in handling these guys. Not that they're that big a threat.

Next, Toshiya!

: I’ve no idea who the hell you are but if you killed the people of Io like Kiraken said…
: Then, I’ll never forgive any of you bastards!!

Team Spazer (Missing Hikaru though) will target this guy.

: (Daisuke…no, Duke Fleed…a new group of Space Invaders has shown up…)
: (We’ll wait, Duke Fleed…for you to return to us…)
: (Until then, I’ll keep Maria safe…! So, hurry up and come back!)

Oh come on. I targeted it because it had a high hit rate. Why do I want to actually get it you may ask?

SECRET ALERT: The Double Spazer needs to get hit at least once on this stage.

On the plus side Kouji learns Strike, and so comes the Enemy Phase.

Mission accomplished in this case. Yeah this isn't a very hard secret, though the second step is a bit tricky.

Blowing up that guy got Maria a level as well, giving her another level of ESP and getting her to learn Attune.

Toshiya dodging a 80% hit chances.

Setsuko blowing up this one triggers the next wave of enemies.

As the battle proceeds, a group of transparent UFOs appears out of nowhere and didn’t even show up on our radar’s until they were already here.
Kazami and Quinstein realize that their sudden appearance is just the same as the derelict UFO we rescued just now, which would mean our “guest” is connected to these transparent UFOs.

There’s no time to discuss, though, as the UFOs start attacking Trinity City.
Seems their reinforcements of the enemies we were fighting but Kouji thinks that’s not quite what’s going on as both groups look so different from each other; Kazami tells Rie to try opening a comm line to the new UFOs to try and determine what they want but they’re not answering back.
Seems they’re not interested in talking, so Heizaemon says we’ve no choice but to defend ourselves – we have to protect Trinity City; Kappei, meanwhile, is very annoyed at bumping into two new alien forces during this awful day.

Incidentally, the new enemies are placed right next to where I moved Zambot 3 and the King Beal. Gee what luck!

Of course, they're considered a third side in this little fight, so the first wave of guys move up to get beaten.

These new guys are actually in squads, which is kind of a pain.

: Don't matter if we're dealing with the Gaizock or whatever! Anyone that attacks Earth's gonna have to deal with the amazing Kappei!
: Think before you attack, Kappei! We still have no idea of what they're capable of!
: She's right! You're not piloting the Zambot alone, you know!
: Shaddup! I'm gonna make them pay!
: Because of freaks like them, our town got wrecked and Aki, Michi, Kouzuki and others lost their homes and families!
: Kappei…
: And to make things worse, they now think we're the same as them just 'cause our ancestors are from Beal!
: How can I not get angry at all this?! DAMN IT!!

However, they're also very weak.

: After the Gaizock destroyed our home planet, Beal, our ancestors fled to Earth…
: And, fearing this very situation, they left behind the King Beal and Zambot 3!
: To honor our ancestors, we, the Jin Family, will persevere and fight on.
: Bah, what a troublesome heirloom…!
: However, without this power, Earth would be overwhelmed by the invaders! Ichitaro, return fire!
: Yes, father! King Beal, initiating attack!

This continues on until I get the Will to use the Ion Cannon.

In all honesty it was probably a waste of energy, they're weak enough to get oneshotted with other attacks but the squadmates can take ALL attacks due to being in Wide Formation.

On my turn I send Team Spazer, the only "squad" I have, to help out.

That's two more gone.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Setsuko is using the Virgola Custom now, a modified Virgola 1. The main difference is that it can use the Virgola 3's Jack Carver attack.

Still, I think this hydra thing could use a taste of Ray Straight Turret.

Darn it. If she had crit it'd be down.

Oh well, I give Toga the kill.

Toshiya's a bit injured so I use Invincible for some padding before finishing off the last Blue Char

Rie soon detects another wave incoming and, this time, it seems to be of the first group of aliens: they’re led by Leets, who’s detecting the signal of Trinity Energy coming from this area.
He notices that we’ve destroyed so much of his advanced party and figures Earthlings are, indeed, terrifying; Kouji figures that battleship is the commander and Toshiya notices that they’ve brought another one of those fiendish-looking mechs.
Leets tags the Kuuraioh as the source of that Trinity Energy signal and sics his Jerogiras Cosmosaurus on him.

Toshiya is taken by surprise and isn’t able to run in time to avoid it.
Kazami tells Toshiya to retreat back to the City but he’s unable to shake off the Cosmosaurus.

It’s then that Raita and Oliver deploy, telling him to leave it to them.
They start attacking but Kouji yells that it’s crazy as their mechs were still being upgraded; even so, Oliver says they can still hold it at bay and Raita adds that, while they may not be strong enough, they are still Blue Fixer members and will fight with all they have.
Toshiya says he owes them one and runs into Trinity City.

Kazami then turns to Julie and Kiraken, saying they also need to get ready.
He says they have no choice but to do it – we’ll need the power of their science if we’re to turn this around – and both Julie and Kiraken are ready.

Inside Trinity City’s hangar…

: Julie, Kiraken! Those suits…!
: Did you forget, Toshiya? Kuuraioh’s only the first robot!
: And, when all three robots are together, the true power of the Trinity Energy can be unleashed.
: So you finished the Kaimeioh and Rikushin'oh?
: Yup! The real fight begins right now!
: Let’s go, Toshiya! We’ll give these aliens a show of what the Trinity Energy can do!
: Yeah!

: Afro bro! Crew-cut bro!
: Damn it! Toshiya got away just fine but now we’re the ones in trouble!
:: Ichitaro! Shield those two with the King Beal!
: Hold on, father! There’s movement in Trinity City!
:: At last, it’s here…!
: They did it! They really did it, Professor!
: Success! Very well done, you three!
: The Space Emperor?!
: Oliver, Raita! We’re coming!

: Whoa! That's some awesome power you got there, God Sigma!
: Naturally. Professor Kazami and I put our heart and soul into creating this Super Robot.
: With it, the full force of the Trinity Energy can be manifested.
: Julie and Prof. Kazami's dream is finally real!
: Alright! Now that’s a reassuring reinforcement!
: Oliver, Raita! You go and get some rest – we’ll take care of things from here!
: Heh...sounds good.
: We’ll take you on your offer! The rest is up to you, God Sigma!

Leets is getting a big Trinity Energy reading from it and he realizes that God Sigma is what they need to destroy.
Julie quickly gives Toshiya the rundown on how God Sigma can use Trinity Charge to restore God Sigma’s energy once during combat; to Toshiya, that only mean he can go all-out during battle without any repercussions and Kiraken’s right behind him.
Julie can only mumble, wondering if these two actually understand the value of something like Trinity Energy but Toshiya’s not listening: he’ll be using God Sigma to get revenge for Io!

All right! We have a new big Super Robot!

Space Emperor God Sigma
Toshiya Dan - God Sigma
Voiced by Kei Tomiyama(Original show), Tomokazu Seki(In this game)
Julie Noguchi - God Sigma Subpilot
Voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara
Kira Kensaku - God Sigma Subpilot
Voiced by Genda Tesshouo

* Prevail(Level 2) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Blocking - If the mech is equipped with a shield and/or sword, can use Sword Block and Shield Block. Sword Block will neutralize melee and missile attacks, while Shield Block will reduce damage taken. Activation rate is based off the skill stat.
* Will +(Damaged) - Pilot gains 2 Will every time they are hit by an attack.

Spirit Commands(Toshiya):
* Invincible(10) - The next attack that hits the caster will do 10 damage.
* Strike(20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.

Sprit Commands(Julie):
* Scan(1) - Reveals an enemy squad's stats without having to fight them

Spirit Commands(Kiraken)
* Guts(35): The caster regains all HP.

Squad Leader Bonus
*+40% to Blocking activation rate.

So here we are, God Sigma. It can best be compared to Zambot 3, they're both three pilot Super Robot. However, God Sigma is much more survivable. Toshiya's Squad Leader Bonus means it'll be Sword and Shield blocking a ton. And of course, God Sigma has the Trinity Charge trick. Once a stage it can fully restore it's EN bar, as such you can blast away early on with good EN draining attacks, while still having enough for the boss. Overall it's a strong, reliable unit that will come in handy simply due to being able to use its stronger attacks more freely.

But enough about that, Zambot needs to move down here to meet the reinforcements.

Cosmosaurus aren't really that hard hitting, though they have a fair amount of HP.

Toshiya gets to finish off this one

With that the second turn is over.

Yeah these guys fight to.

Basically a whole lot of them suicide on this Cosmosaur.

The enemies seem more interested in fighting each other then me. My EXP and Money.

At last a single enemy targets one of my units. Wonderful.

Of course, it fails to actually hurt Toshiya in any way. But it's the thought that counts.

Leets snipes at God Sigma out of its range.

: Here you are at last, Trinity Energy Robot! I'll be ending you here and now!
: He's coming straight after the God Sigma...?
: Doesn't matter! Time to get payback for everyone in Io!
: Here we go, Julie, Kiraken! His ship doesn't have anything on the God Sigma's raw power!

Oh yeah, Toshiya still had that Invincible on him.

This is the last turn to take care of the basic enemies, next round I'll need to handle Leets.

Toga's really frail before being able to combine into the Gravion. It makes using him pretty hard.

A cast of Trust helps out a ton in that regard.-

Team Spazer moves to attack this Cosmosaur with King Beal assisting

Bam! From full HP to blown up.

Kappei, meanwhile, handles this one.

Wow, he's been on a roll with unlikely dodges.

Another Cosmosaur falls, to the King Beal this time.

Darn it Sandman, can't you be a little earlier?

Toshiya casts Invincible and gets ready to deliver the smack down.

On the enemy phase the little blue guy dies an ignoble death by attacking the Cosmosaur.

Which then gets its own ignoble death by attacking Kouji.

Spamming the Musoken is not a problem, I'll just Trinity Charge next turn.

As shown here. The Trinity Charge option appears here once God Sigma has spent any energy.

Selecting it instantly fills up God Sigma's energy meter, and it doesn't count as a turn so Toshiya can still attack!

Now to finish off the remaining Cosmosaur, which was foolish enough to get into Ion Cannon range.

That problem is solved.

Now it's time to bring on the Super Robot Pain. With Alert cast Gravion is in no danger.

: Do it, Toga! Take these mooks out with God Gravion!
: You needn’t tell me. However, I will not fight emotionally like you.
: Wh-what?!
: He means that he calmly analyzes the enemy’s tricks and, then, he fights.
: That makes sense.
: Fine, fine…too much talking is bad...
: Not quite, Eiji. Your words of encouragement did get through to Toga.
: Then, Master Toga…if you would.
: We’ll end this battle before the Graviton Limit is reached! Let’s go!

Toga; still hits like a truck.

Team Spazer does their part, Alert makes sure they aren't scratched, leaving Leets ready for Toshiya to smack.

Once defeated, Leets confirms that the Earthlings’ power is as dangerous as expected.
He quickly retreats to report his findings to Lord Teral, while Kiraken and Toshiya taunt that he and his buddies better give up on their attack on Earth; of course, Julie thinks that’d be too easy.
Julie also figures this is only the first wave of the attack but it seems their target wasn’t, so to speak, Trinity City – rather, it seemed to be Trinity Energy itself.

Battle Mastery Acquired.

Regardless, victory is ours and Minako couldn’t be happier for Toshiya and the others.
Tsukikage is also impressed and Kazami says that, whatever enemy may come, God Sigma and the Trinity Energy will not be defeated – that’s how confident he is in his creation; Tsukikage certainly admits that its power is very reliable.
Rie comes over, saying that they intercepted a transmission from the fleeing battleships and, among those, they found the world “Eldar” repeated several times – perhaps the name of their organization or their planet, Quinstein thinks; the transparent UFOs were unmanned, though, so Rie couldn’t find anything useful from them.
But, maybe, we can find something once we talk to the pilot of the derelict UFO as, according to what Oliver and Raita said, they found an unconscious man inside it.
Kouji thinks about this new Eldar enemy we’ve found but Kiraken tells him to relax since, as long as they have God Sigma, they won’t lose; Toshiya thinks to his father, telling him the attackers from Io have set their sights on Earth.
He promises him to defeat them and to keep Earth safe from whatever they throw at us, so he asks him to watch over us…

In a dream, we find Marin being faced with a hidden woman, asking who is she.
Furthermore, he sees her staring at a lifeless ocean and he asks what she’s looking at…

Marin wakes up in the hospital, with Jamie telling Quinstein about it.
Raita quickly gets in his face for being an ally of those transparent invaders and Oliver is quite surprised, as Marin looks exactly like any other Earthling; Marin seems surprised when he hears “Earth” and Quinstein says it’s our planet, asking if he’s not aware of that.
He’s never heard of the planet, so she asks if he knows who he is or where he came from and that he does: he’s Marin Raygun, from the planet S-1; Oliver assumes the transparent UFOs were from there and, when he hears about them, Marin panics at the idea that the Aldebaron Army came to this planet as well.
The fact that he knows them is all the proof Raita and Oliver need to accuse him of being one of the invaders and Raita says he’s a P.O.W. now and shouldn’t expect any mercy; Quinstein is particularly interested in his machine and, unless he answers her questions, he might not be released.

Aboard the Eldar command ship, Jeela is passing Leets’ report to Teral, stating he’s found both the Trinity Energy and the robot that uses it, however he was defeated by the Earthlings’ resistance.
Teral is suitably impressed that we were able to defeat them, taking it as proof of how dangerous we are; when Jeela asks, Teral says he doesn’t want to send reinforcements, considering how many unknowns are in the area (the transparent UFOs, too).
Instead, he wants to solidify their footing and figure out what to do with the prisoner they captured aboard "that" satellite; he orders his ship to head to the moon to rendezvous with the Gaizock - a force that could, potentially, prove even more dangerous than the Earthlings, Jeela thinks.
Teral tells Jeela that if they're to have any future at all, they'll have to fight fire with fire, or poison with poison; he commands all the Eldar forces to join the flagship in the bid to either obtain or neutralize all Trinity Energy in the area.

Inwardly, Teral thinks to his “beloved Teral” (a different one), saying the terrified Lira died together with him on that day.
Now he's a proud warrior, bequeathed of the pride of the motherland, and implores the other Teral to watch over him.

From San German Castle, Sandman congratulates Kazami on his success in completing God Sigma.
Kazami thanks him in kind, saying it’s all thanks to his assistance; still, Sandman is also concerned with the news that two new groups of aliens have decided to invade Earth and he supposes that the Feds will leave cleaning up the mess to Blue Fixer.
Regardless, Kazami is pushing their strategy to the next phase, with the King Beal going on the offensive, and Sandman approves; still, he regrets not being able to do much with Japan being, essentially, cut-off from the outside world.
All he can do, for now, is to keep forwarding whatever useful data he finds on the aliens but Kazami appreciates the info he provides – we’ve got a good handle on the combat front; and, before he leaves, Sandman tells Kazami that he’s taken care of paying the God Sigma investment money back to Marchino.
Kazami is blown away but Sandman confirms that he won’t need to worry about keeping the investors happy – Kazami is certainly happy to have someone like Sandman as an ally; he ends the call, wishing the professor good luck.
Nearby, Tuile and Marinia are both impressed at how cool Sandman is for taking care of that huge debt out of admiration for Kazami’s enthusiasm; Tesera, however, says the things may be a little different from now on now…

The reason is something that has Raven a bit miffed but Sandman is well aware that the castle’s finances are, essentially, ruined after all that.
It seems Marchino demanded twice the return of investment to keep quiet about the research and, to top it off, there’s the promised financial aid to “The Storm”; regardless, Sandman doesn’t like loans between friends – all he wanted was to see God Sigma gracefully run through space.
Raven can’t really say anything against this and Tuile now understands what Tesera meant; she wonders if they’ll be eating rice on top of rice now that they’re broke…
Marinia does say that it's not like there's much in Japan for them to buy, anyway; still, the girls have to wonder what Sandman will do now that they’re completely alone inside Japan and with no means of contact…

Setsuko’s going to be taking her leave, though; she understands that this battle needs to be fought but she needs to look for Toby and Kouji understands that that should be her first priority.
Eiji understands the feeling, having been searching for his sister all this time; Maria would like to ask her to keep an eye out for her brother or Hikaru, though, and, should she meet them, to say that they’re all fine and want to hear from them.
As for Rand, he self-proclaims himself to be a drifter, never staying in one place for too long; this disappoints Toshiya, who had hoped to invite someone of his skills to join the King Beal team.
Rand, however, is a repairman through and through – fighting isn’t his preferred life-style; Kappei thinks he’s lying, considering the gusto he showed during battle but Rand says that he just got too much into the mood of battle – he is THE HEAT, after all.
Julie figures that’s not the whole thing but they don’t press the subject, instead asking if he’ll be looking for that Mel he mentioned earlier and he is; sadly, he didn’t find any clues in here and he does apologize but, unlike them who fight for the world, he’ll fight for that one girl.
Maria makes the same request of him (not a farewell kiss, as Rand hoped) and also promises to tell him if they find Mel.

All this talk about mission people has gotten Julie thinking and Minako asks what’s up.
Julie doesn’t think she’d understand if he told her, though, and thinks to his sister, Jane, hoping she’s safe in whatever world she’s in.
Regardless, Kappei tells Setsuko that the King Beal can give her a ride to wherever she wants to go; the Gran Knights have been told to leave Trinity City and expand their activities to the rest of the world, so they’ll also be going.
Runa is a bit worried if they’ll do this on their own if Heizaemon’s not OK with it but Eiji figures the old man also cares about doing justice, so it should be fine; plus, Kappei says Setsuko’s an old friend so he should have no problems taking her aboard.
Setsuko figures she’ll be going to North America and, with that decided, King Beal will be departing immediately – the new fight of this team is also beginning.

: (Chief…until now, I was angry at being warped to such a strange world…)
: (But, I’m glad I got to know and fight beside people like them…)
: (Which is why I’ll find 1st Lt. Toby…I’ll find my comrade for sure.)
: (And, no matter where I am, I will carry out Glory Star’s mission…)


: (Boss…am I getting old…? The kindness of these people seems to mean more and more to me…)
: (I hope that, someday, Mel can smile from the bottom of her heart like them…)
: (Maybe that’s what I really have to repair…)

Thought we were done? Nope!

At the Bazaar, Maria is calling out to Kouji as the King Beal will be departing shortly.
He, however, tells her to hold on as he was to stop by the Junkmen for a sec; it seems these people scour through big battle sites and look for any parts and debris that are interesting enough to be sold.
Maria sees that Kouji seems to be very interested in tinkering with machines and whatnot but, of course, he’s the third generation of a line of big scientists and, before this mess started, he was busy studying at the space academy.
Kappei calls him over, saying the Junkmen have found something.

: We’ve a Fragment of SuperAlloy New-Z for sale today!
: It’s yours for only 10 Blue Stones. What do ya say?

SECRET ALERT: If you managed to get the Double Spazer hit, once the stage is over select the Bazaar option and buy the Fragment of SuperAlloy New-Z before heading to the next stage.

Julie recognizes the excavated part as a piece of Kouji’s own Double Spazer, which broke off from the battle damage.
Toshiya asks what he’ll do with it, seeing how the repairs to his Spazer are already close to being finished; Julie also recognizes the part as being made of SuperAlloy New-Z which would mean it could be sold at quite the profit.
Kiraken thinks Julie’s way too greedy, judging so many things by just their value but he’d rather be called a realist: despite the “Break the World”, the way our society revolves around money has changed.
Regardless, Eiji asks what he’ll use that part for and, while it can’t be used as an armor plate, Kouji can still use it as a component for something else; he tells them to wait as Kabuto Kouji, scientist extraordinaire, will show them his true skills!


Extra Dialogue

Rand vs Any Enemy

: I was pretty surprised when I found out that there were people living out in Space and on the Moon, but these things are from a planet even farther away…
: I appreciate you coming all the way out here but I can’t stand people who visit someone’s home and make a mess out of the place!
: It's been a long time since I could get pissed without holding anything back, so you're gonna get a small taste of the old me! You better be ready!!